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How To Make Acrylic Wedding Signs

Midcentury Modern Curvilinear Welcome Sign

DIY Acrylic Welcome Sign | Cream & Copper | Cricut Wedding Custom Sign w/ Vinyl

Danielle Coons Photography,Stationery: StoneFawx Studios

Couples looking for creative wedding decoration ideas should take note of this display as it was successful for multiple reasons. Placing the setup near a highly-trafficked area like the stairs was a smart move because it ensured more people saw the display. Also, the couple seamlessly blended a boho aesthetic with a midcentury-modern look for this display welcoming people to their special day.

Circular Welcome Sign With Greenery

Alicia Lacey Photography,Stationery: Dea and Bean

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding decorations and signage feel unique, play with shapes. Instead of going with a standard rectangular plaque, this couple welcomed guests to their outdoor wedding day with a round wood sign which was painted white.

Choose The Size And Colour Of Your Wedding Welcome Sign

In our webshop, youll find a comprehensive range of acrylic, ranging from opal white and tinted acrylic to clear and coloured perspex. Matte acrylic is also very suitable to make an attractive welcome sign. The thickness required depends on the size you choose. Use our free thickness aid to select the right thickness.

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Decide On The Type Of Frame For Your Wedding Welcome Board

Before you start to make your wedding welcome sign, its important to decide how you want to present your sign. Do you want the text to read horizontally or vertically? And are you going to hang it or place it on a stand? If you decide to stand it on the floor or a table, you can easily make a frame yourself using pipes and connections available at any hardware store. Spray the frame with gold, silver or copper spray for an extra chic look. For a simpler effect, just use an easel as a frame. Suspending the sign from the ceiling is very easy with our special hanging system for acrylic.

Products & photos: Studio Naokies

Modern Wedding Trend Alert: Acrylic Wedding Signs Seating Charts Stationery & More

Wedding Welcome Sign Clear Acrylic Glass Look Sign Acrylic ...

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex is a lightweight glass alternative that can take your wedding signage, stationery and styling from boring to booyah! Equally perfect for a luxe modern wedding look, acrylic decor also pairs beautifully with pampas grass or boho macrame decor to soften bohemian vibes.

Whether you want to buy or get crafty and diy, below is a little inspiration here for every style. To source perspex or acrylic in NZ or Aus, you can either shop for smaller bits and bobs at places like Warehouse Stationery or Storage Box or head straight to your local sign writing companies who will either be able to cut you some to size or point you in the direction of someone who can! Enjoy these ideas and all the best with wedding planning xox

Wedding Cocktail Sign by Wonder Love Press Co

Rustic Wedding Trends Meets Modern Acrylic by MV Creative Maison

wedding card box by Save The Date Designs Co.

Neon Sign & Wedding Decor by Ashdown & Bee

Wedding Table Numbers by Jack & Ginger

NZ Made Escort Cards but could DIY with a steady hand. By Inkberry Calligraphy

Wedding Table Numbers by Z Create Design

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of my links I may get a small commission. This commission helps keep my blog alive . Thank you for your support! xox

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Creating Beautiful Acrylic Signs With Rachel Kendall Events

A step-by-step DIY from Rachel Kendall Events that will have you creating gorgeous acrylic signs to decorate your home, wedding, or office space in no time!

There is no hiding our excitement over this week’s post, because it features a Maryland local event coordinator AND a DIY! Seriously, our dream post!

We absolutely adore Rachel from Rachel Kendall Events. She’s a super talented event coordinator that incorporates DIY into her business. For Rachel’s full planning wedding clients, she even offers the ability to hangout with her and create. You get to be taught by a pro AND have a handcrafted element to your wedding day. Like we said: DREAM!

Below, Rachel breaks down her process to creating unique signs that can be used in your wedding, your home, or even as gifts! We love how much fun Rachel had with this post and we now want to go grab a bottle of wine and sit down with her to craft!

Be sure to check out her website for more information and to have her plan your wedding OR next event. We don’t want to waste any more time gushing, we’ll let Rachel and her amazing Arcylic Sign DIY speak for itself.

Add The Text To Homemade Acrylic Wedding Signs

Once you have bought the frame and the acrylic sheet, its time to add stickers to your homemade welcome sign with, for example, the wedding date, your names and a beautiful quote. You can also use the sign to indicate the seating plan for your guests, as shown in the example below. Before you start adding the stickers, its advisable to clean the acrylic first with an anti-static cleaner. This will allow the stickers to adhere better and prevent the panel from attracting dust. Are you happy with the stickers? Then your welcome sign is ready! As the icing on the cake, you can complete the look with a lovely flower arrangement.

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Diy Acrylic Welcome Sign By Rachel Kendall Events

This month Im sharing with you a D.I.Y tutorial on how I make Acrylic Wedding Welcome Signs for some of my Full Planning couples!

Obviously, you can use this tutorial to make any type of signs, artwork for your home, presents for family/friends, etc. Below I will post some photos of artwork I recently made for my husband & my bedroom using the same process.

I hope you enjoy and please tag Rachel Kendall Events if you use this tutorial to make your own masterpieces. I would love to see them!

Materials Needed

  • Acrylic/Glass
  • Paint Pens
  • Printer
  • Paper Towels & newspaper
  • Frame
  • Easel

Step #1: Collecting Your Materials

The main material you will need is a piece of acrylic or glass any size you would like.. You can purchase a frame and use the glass that comes in it or you can do some vintage shopping to find a unique frame and order a piece of acrylic the perfect size on a site such as Professional Plastics.

You can also nix the frame and go with the ghost look of a stand-alone welcome sign on a beautiful easel . I will say that if you are going this route for a sign at your wedding, get the acrylic instead of using real glass. It will be easier for your planner to move around the day of your wedding without the fear of breaking it or getting cut.

Once you have your acrylic/glass, collect the rest of the items above and you will be ready to get crafting!

Step #2: Find/Create Your Image!

Step #3: Flip the Image!

Step #4: Break Up Your Image & Print!

Step #6: Trace Away!

Acrylic Wedding Invitations: Pros And Cons

DIY Painted Acrylic Welcome Sign | Cricut Wedding Custom Sign with Vinyl

If you are planning on hand delivering your invites, you should definitely consider acrylic wedding invitations. They are downright gorgeous and much less expensive than stamped gold foil or thermography. Often times, even less expensive than digital printing!

On the downside, they can easily shatter so you have to mail them in bubble wrap and they could be terribly heavy. Consider the cost of mailing them before you indulge in these beauties. Personally, we love acrylic wedding invitations with a box. Dont you?

Take a look at these acrylic wedding invitations for an immediate association with art. Screen printed enamel ink and hand painted acrylic for a pastel modern Miami art museum wedding. A perfect pairing of invite and venue.

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How To Frame An Acrylic Sign

Since my frame was to be hung on the wall, I wanted it to have a wooden frame to make it pop!

Sean built this frame from scrap poplar boards. Each side of the frame is 1 1/2 thick. In order to make the acrylic sign fit inside the frame, he ran to boards for the frame through the table saw to create a shallow groove.

He set the table saw at its lowest setting, then pushed each board through. Then each board was cut with a 45 degree mitered angle and glued together with the acrylic inside.

I hung the frame over my desk and I love how it turned out! The perfect pop of color, interest, and inspiration!

Four: Trace The Design With A Paint Marker

Prep your paint marker and begin by outlining the design. After youve outlined the entire design, go back and fill in the design space.

Using a paint marker on acrylic can be a little tricky. It is important to use a paint marker with a thicker paint consistency. Ive tried several different oil-based paint markers and for acrylic signs the Uni POSCA brand is my favorite.

Step Five: Remove the Acrylic Sheet Backing

After the paint has dried, remove the design and the backing from the acrylic sheet. At this point, your project is finished. You can also add paint to the back of the acrylic sheet to make the design pop in the front!

Trace Method Pros: Using the trace method for making an acrylic wedding sign doesnt require a cutting machine. Anyone with a home printer can do it!

Trace Method Cons: This technique takes a steady hand and a lot of patience.

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Paint Your Own Chalkboard

Im sure youve seen those cheap chalkboards in the craft store. Yucky. Or maybe you havent and you just want to turn some awesome surface into a chalkboard. Well heres how!

  • Use legit chalkboard paint. I like Marthas but there are lots of great ones out there.
  • If painting on wood, give it a good sanding with medium and then fine grit sandpaper. If using glass, metal or plastic this isnt necessary.
  • Using a roller , roll the chalkboard paint onto your surface. Youll need to do 2-5 coats depending on the surface. I did 4 for my chalkboard. The more the better!
  • Store your roller in a plastic bag in between coats.
  • Gently sand each coat after coat number two. This removes burs and impurities and gives you the most lovely and smooth chalkboard surface.
  • When your final coat has dried for 72 hours, prime your chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over. Then wipe away with a rag. This step will ensure a long writing life for your board. You can also do this in between new sign designs.
  • Use a chalk pencil, Chalk Ink Markers or chalk to make your sign! That way when you mess up, you can erase it!
  • Crafters Tip: Using a paint roller is my biggest tip for making your chalkboard look and work fabulously. Painting with a brush just leaves too many fine lines that will show up when you write!

    Amazing Ways To Diy Acrylic Wedding Signs

    Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign with Printed Names &  Brushed ...
    • 50

    Using acrylic sheets for wedding signs is a trend that has been around for a couple of years. This tutorial will outline three solid ways to DIY acrylic wedding signs both with and without a cutting machine!

    If you are anything like me, the first time you saw an acrylic wedding welcome sign or acrylic escort cards, you probably wondered how those Etsy artisans made them! Ive been playing around with different techniques over the past several months. In fact, my husband probably thinks I am a little crazy. Ive gone through a lot of acrylic trying to master my favorite technique.

    To get started youll need a few materials. Ill outline specific materials in each method below, but no matter what method you choose, youll need acrylic sheets.

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    How To Recycle Your Wedding Welcome Sign

    Its nice to be able to use your wedding welcome sign again after the big day, whether as a memento or just because you think its a shame to use it for just one day. In our blog section, you will find countless ideas and possibilities for recycling your wedding welcome sign. For example, you could turn it into a clock, a knife block or acrylic coasters.

    Diy Blog Acrylic Welcome Sign

    When I first started blogging I thought I would sprinkle in a bunch of D.I.Y tutorials between our weddings & events. Well, that only happened once so far with our String Art blog back in February of 2017. Now Im back in the groove and this month Im sharing with you a D.I.Y tutorial on how I make Acrylic Wedding Welcome Signs for some of my Full Planning couples!

    Obviously, you can use this tutorial to make any type of signs, artwork for your home, presents for family/friends, etc. Below I will post some photos of artwork I recently made for my husband & my bedroom using the same process.

    I hope you enjoy the post and please tag Rachel Kendall Events if you use this tutorial to make your own masterpieces. I would love to see them!

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

    Step #1: Collecting Your Materials

    Materials Needed:

    • Acrylic/Glass
    • Paint Pens
    • Printer
    • Paper Towels & Newspaper
    • Frame
    • Easel

    Step #2: Find/Create Your Image!

    I design my welcome signs in Photoshop, first making the file size the exact measurements of the acrylic I have purchased. For this project, the welcome sign was 22 x 18.

    Once I am happy with the design, and its been approved by my lovely couple, I flatten the image and save it as a PDF. Always make sure to save separate files each step of the way in case you have to go back.

    Step #3: Flip the Image!

    Step #4: Break Up Your Image & Print!

    This might be the hardest step of the whole process, so listen closely!

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    How To Make A Custom Acrylic Sign Engraved And Painted

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Acrylic signs are really trending right now especially for weddings! However, they can be really pricey to purchase on Etsy. So, here is how to make your own custom acrylic sign!

    Im not planning a wedding but instead wanted to make a sign to hang above my desk. But, you can use this same tutorial to make whatever design you prefer.

    Acrylic is also known as plexiglass and can be purchased at hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot or .

    If you plan to engrave your acrylic with a Cricut Maker, be sure that it is under 3mm thick.

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