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What Is A Good Price For A Wedding Dj

What Are The Benefits Of A Wedding Dj

How to Price Your Mobile DJ Services for Weddings

Besides helping you find more of the music you love for your wedding, a DJ can keep your wedding reception on schedule so that you can enjoy yourself. While the wedding planner and a few friends can help with itinerary management, the DJ can guide the whole crowd much more easily due to the additional attention they grab using their sound system. They can make announcements, such as the First Dance, at just the right times and change the moods of the crowd quickly according to the type of the music they play.

Average Djs $900 $1400

The DJs in the average, price range tend to have a bit more experience, education and better reviews.

Average Wedding DJs:
  • Are more reliable and consistent
  • Play music and make simple announcements
  • Are often one-person DJ company

These wedding DJs tend to take their businesses more seriously as most of them are full-time or on the way there. They show up on time , play music and offer standard MC services. Often these DJs entertain for all kinds of events, including weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, high school reunions, corporate events, proms, nightclubs, and karaoke events.

Keep in mind that these types of DJ companies are often one-person-DJ-company. This means that one single person is handling customer inquiries, responding to client emails, planning music and timelines, and going out to perform at weddings and events PLUS often working a full-time job throughout the week.

The result?

They are often slow to respond to your questions and lack depth in their customer service. It also means that if they are unable to make it to your wedding, you dont have a DJ for your wedding .

Average wedding DJs are like Dennys standard and mediocre food. You have more opportunities for customization however, its still not ever going to be anything close to a gourmet meal.

Live Stream Your Wedding

If you have had to resize your wedding to meet local guidelines for Covid-19 reopening maybe you should consider live streaming your wedding. Whether you do a DIY approach or have a professional handle it with multi-camera coverage, older guests or guests that cannot travel will be able to tune in and watch your wedding live. They will hear your exchange of vows and watch you do your first dance and your best mans speech. Whether it is Facebook Live, Zoom, or Youtube, your guests could tune in from anywhere to see and be a part of your wedding.Learn more about our ability to live stream your wedding by contacting Rob today.

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Why Should I Hire Someone Rather Than Do It Myself

91% of all couples in Australia will hire a professional wedding music supplier for their wedding day. This is a massive majority and shows that couples value having someone to manage that service for them. It not only takes time off you before the big day, but it also means youre not having to worry about it ON the day.

A major benefit of hiring a professional is that all the equipment is brought to you. Youre guaranteed to get good quality sound at the right level. Professionals will also vibe with your audience so you know theres no need to skip certain songs.

If youre on a budget chat with your music supplier about what services they can offer. They might be able to offer additional services like MCing or photo booths that can save you money in the long run.

The music at your wedding will help set that atmosphere that your guests will remember for years to come. So whatever it is, make sure you take the time out to enjoy it yourself!

Frequently Asked Wedding Dj Questions

Event DJs  Special Events DJ

We also created a frequently asked wedding DJ questions page on our website. These are the most frequently asked questions by couples who are getting married, and our answers. Feel free to use these questions to ask any DJ you may consider hiring for your wedding reception.

These questions and answers will help you get a sense of the DJs professionalism and policies. You can even start with your first question as: how much do wedding DJs cost from your company?Just copy and paste the questions or print them out and take them to your meeting. Here is the link: Frequently Asked Questions

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Have A Vast Musical Knowledge Of Multiple Styles

As a wedding DJ, youre not there to play the music youve written or even the music you like. If you do get to play stuff you enjoy, thats great! But your job is to play the music the people at the wedding want to hear.

Make sure to know about a lot of different genres, music from different eras, and music that will make them dance. A list of songs the wedding party wants to hear is very useful. A list of songs they dont want to hear is even more useful.

The Average Cost Of A Wedding Dj

Based on our research, it was more or less impossible to come to a true average cost for a wedding DJ if we factored in all of the variables. However, there were definitely patterns and trends that can be averaged to come up with some basic pricing averages:

  • The Average Cost of a Wedding DJ is $1600-$2200 in a major metropolitan area is for an experienced professional or a large company with a solid reputation. This only covers the DJ and equipment for 4-6 hours of music and does not included lighting or any other services.
  • The Average Cost of a DJ for a Wedding is $1400-$2000 in smaller cities for an experienced professional DJ or a large company with a solid reputation. Again, this was only for DJ services and nothing else.
  • The Average Price of a Wedding DJ in rural areas or less affluent cities with a low cost of living is $1000-$1600. As above, this was for DJ only and no other services.
  • The average cost of a DJ is lower if factoring in the free or nearly free bottom feeder DJs on sites like Craigslist or Thumbtack who serve low-expectation clients. We removed them from our data for our research because they arent a factor in any market, and there is no way to tell how many of them there are in a given area presumably because they are constantly going out of business, but we cant say for sure.
  • The cost of a wedding DJ is higher if they include additional services like lighting, photo booths, etc.

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What To Ask Wedding Djs

Ask the following questions to find the right DJ for your wedding.

  • What services do they offer? If you want special equipment, complex special effects, music festival-style lighting, or certain music production elements, make sure that they offer those services.
  • What styles of music would you like them to play? From slinky dinner jacket jazz to New York hip hop to Canadian pop , no genre is too obscure. Just make sure they’re a part of your DJ’s library or that they’re willing to include a few of your music files. Share a playlist or mp3 files of the songs you absolutely need to hear at the reception or when you jump on the dance floor.
  • Do they provide all of their own DJ equipment? Typically DJs provide the pa system, channel mixer, direct-drive turntables, CDJ and DJ headphones. It never hurts to double-check if they need any additional items before the big day.
  • How much do you charge? Always ask the DJs you’re considering how much they will charge for your wedding. Ask them to provide a price breakdown so you understand exactly how the costs are determined.

How Much Do You Budget For A Wedding Dj

Is There a Wedding DJ Price MarkUp & Why?

How much does your Wedding DJ cost? Words I dread hearing at the beginning of the converstation. But if you are like the average bride & groom, you probably dont know what else to ask, after all, theres a price tag on everything. A new car, a gallon of milk, your house.thats the way it is. Most couples dont have a clue how much they should expect to pay either. The average cost of Disc Jockey for a 4-hour wedding can vary depending on what kind of quality you want. I am sure you have heard the horror stories about the tacky DJ or the DJs that only play certain types of music. Generally, here is a breakdown of what you should expect to pay for certain kinds of DJs in Erie, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Lets help you out here:

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Average San Diego Wedding Dj Prices: $900

Are you researching San Diego wedding DJ prices? Youve come to the right place! Before we jump in with real prices from local San Diego wedding DJs, consider:

  • According to the American DJ Association, the average wedding DJ price for a four hour wedding is $1,200.
  • Every year The Knot compiles average amounts that knotties invested in their weddings. In 2017, according to The Knot, the average wedding DJ price was $1,231. Keep in mind that is a national average, so for a major city like San Diego, the average for Knot brides is probably more. In contrast, San Diego brides and grooms in 2015, who looked for their wedding DJs on Thumb Tack spend $611 on average . Big difference! I recommend avoiding Yelp, Craigslist, and so on for San Diego wedding DJ shopping.
  • also does detailed wedding price statistics. The report the average wedding budget in San Diego county is $36, 384. The Wedding Report notes that you should expect to pay $1,764 for a well-experienced professional in San Diego. However, the average couple they surveyed spent just $882 for a San Diego wedding DJ and $404 on entertainment lighting . Interestingly enough, $882 + $404 = $1,286, which puts the Wedding Reports numbers in line with The Knots. Finally, the Wedding Report also says that 30% of San Diego couples had a photo booth at their weddings for an average of $461.

Tim Altbaum Productions

  • How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?
  • $1,800 for a Wedding DJ is Dirt Cheap

Bargain Djs $400 $900

Of course, there may be exceptions in each of these categories, but in general bargain DJs:

  • Are Less Experienced
  • Focus On Quantity Not Quality
  • Are One-Person DJ Company

Most bargain DJs are amateurs or hobbyists that have a regular day job and provide wedding entertainment on weekends for fun. They may be genuinely passionate about what they do, but often arent as easy to reach and may not be available for all of the meetings and phone calls youd like to have when planning your big day. This lack of communication can add additional stress for you through the already hectic planning process.

Some of these lower-cost DJs are just starting out or are nightclub DJs who are inexperienced in the intricacies of announcing speeches, timing the music for a ceremony, reading a crowd and playing music for an audience of mixed ages and music tastes.

All that to say that they typically have less experience and knowledge of the specific skills that are required to ensure that your day is memorable and stress-free.

Its kind of like going to McDonalds they focus on feeding people as quickly and efficiently as possible. Get em in, get em out. Will you get what you order? Sure. Is it going to be a gourmet meal? Not a chance.


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How To Hire A Dj

Hiring a DJ is all about preparing to have fun. Start by reading customer reviews to get an idea of how long they have been in business and whether their other clients are satisfied. Look for someone who is professional and puts on a great show. Verify that the pro has the appropriate business licensing and that they hold liability insurance. Discuss pricing with the pro and be sure to get everything in writing. Have a contract that outlines date and exact hours of service, including what time they will arrive for setup and when they will be ready to perform. Clarify what will happen in case of emergency if the DJ gets sick or if they have an equipment failure. A little bit of planning makes for a smooth party.

How Much Does A Silent Disco Cost

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?


If your venue has noise restrictions, a silent disco is one solution. Guests will be given headphones where they can tune into different channels playing different genres of music.

Most companies offer dry hire of just the headphones and a transmitter , starting from around £120 for 25 pairs of headphones. However, wed recommend hiring a live DJ too to mix your channels, provide a PA system and lighting.

Most silent disco companies will be able to provide their own DJs for an additional cost per hour and offer you a bundle price on headphones and a DJ.

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When Should You Book Your Wedding Dj

As soon as you book your wedding venue, you need to find your wedding DJ. Ideally, you should reserve a wedding DJ at least eight months before your wedding day. Then after hiring them, you should meet them again between 2 to 6 weeks before your wedding to go over the final setup details, playlist options and any other concerns you might have. That way, they have time to prepare thoroughly.

How Much Does A Wedding Dj Cost In The Florida Keys

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from $500.00 to $5,000.00 with an US average of $900-1,600.00 for a 4-hour reception. We try to stay inline with the national average many things can reduce or increase prices such as additional time, additional equipment for ceremonies cocktail or cocktail hours, in addition many people choose additional options such as lighting or video.

Since every client we meet with has different needs and expectations, we have made it a practice to really get to know our clients first, their likes and dislikes, so that we can create an entertainment experience that fits them and their guests. It also gives our clients a chance to get to know us, before we discuss our planning process, service offerings and pricing.

Please call or email to schedule a consultation with us. During our meeting, we will be more than happy to provide you with an exact quote for your special event. There is NO pressure, and your price will be based on your specific needs.

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