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Must Have Wedding Pictures List

Wedding Photo Ideas That You Definitely Need To Capture

The Must-Get Wedding Photo List as a Wedding Photographer in 2020

Once your big day has passed, your wedding album will hold all of your memories. Make sure you don’t forget to capture these precious moments…

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Your wedding photographs are such an important part of your wedding day. Once all the fun has passed, theyre the thing that youll be able to treasure forever.

After booking your wedding photographer, you might think theres nothing else to be done on the snaps front. But if you really want to get the most out of the photographer youve hired, its a good idea to provide them with a checklist of the pictures you definitely want to see in your wedding album.

To give you some ideas of the photographs you might like to capture, weve compiled a list of 82 wedding photo ideas. Theyre giving us all the wedding inspo

How Do You Come Up With A Family Photo Shot List For Your Wedding

Making your family portrait list may seem like a daunting task. But, as youre thinking about which groupings to include, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which photos will you likely frame and want to see in your wedding album?
  • Which groupings are truly important to you, not simply expected by others?
  • Will you be disappointed if a group isnt on the list?
  • How much time are you willing to set aside for family photos?
  • Whats more important to you: taking lots of family photos or getting to spend time with your friends and family at your reception?
  • How Long Should We Plan For Wedding Family Photos

    Every photographer is different. I recommend 30-45 minutes for bridal party photos and about 30 minutes for family photos. I recommend about 3-4 minutes per grouping, so if only have 6 groupings this will be done in under 20 minutes. This time estimate includes buffering time if any family members are missing.

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    How Much Do I Charge For Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography prices depend on many factors like location, coverage length , number of shooters, products included in the package, brand name of the photography, experience, and marketing skills.

    In general, according to Wedding Wire, prices in the US tend to range from $1150 and $3000, with the average wedding photography cost being around $2000. This will likely compromise of 12 percent of the overall wedding budget. This is a significant percentage of the average wedding budget, which makes sense because of the investment in the future.

    Tips For Photographing Real Moments In Weddings

    Weddingwire The Paseo all Day Of Wedding Day Timeline ...

    Make sure you take photographs of the real moments happening during a wedding. Remember, you only get one chance when it comes to wedding photos, and after it is all over, the photos are the one thing that will stay with your client forever.

    Its important to capture the myriad of feelings at play in the wedding. When focusing in on these feelings it is helpful to capture moments when your subjects are not looking directly at the camera. Especially if you are planning on submitting any of your wedding photography for Licensing. Buyers prefer to see the bride, groom, or other attendees interacting with their loved ones in those in-between moments .

    Check out these 25 beautiful wedding photos have been submitted for Licensing. From wedding rings, to happy couples, to the ever-adorable flower girl, there is something in this collection to inspire your next shoot.

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    Meet With The Bride And Groom

    If an in-person meeting or consultation isnt possible, have a detailed phone call instead. Discuss the bride and grooms plans for the day and the style of their wedding.

    Also, make sure you know what wedding traditions the couple is following. These vary by location, culture, and religion.

    Discuss anything that might be outside the typical wedding. Add it to the wedding photo checklist pdf that you have.

    Maybe the couple made their own ceremony decor. Or maybe theres a family friend whos not a blood relative but is essential to get them in those family photos.

    Ask if the couple would like to do a first look shoot, or if they want the traditional first look walking down the aisle.

    During this discussion, its best to tell the couple how much time to plan for photos. Do this before the final schedule is ready.

    I recommend at least an hour for formals between the ceremony and reception. And youll need a few hours before the ceremony, excluding any travel and time for the receiving line.

    After you take the photos would be an excellent time to use your wedding photo checklist. Cross off the shot you have done.

    Before You Get Shooting

    If you havenât already, make sure to get an online portfolio set up so you can show off standout shots to potential wedding photography clients. Having a great wedding photography online portfolio is one of the best ways to promote your wedding photography business and show off what you can do, as well as providing prospective customers with useful details like a wedding photography price list.

    Fortunately, you can make a beautiful portfolio in a snap with an easy-to-use website builder. Choose one with attractive, customizable templates that work great on both desktop and mobile. A portfolio with built-in client proofing can be particularly useful to wedding photographers.

    Want a little bit of inspo to get started? Check out our roundup of 20 incredible wedding photography portfolios.

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    Are You Wedding Portrait Ready

    Now youve got the basics down to create the most successful Wedding Portrait Experience possible to tell your unique love story. Were waiting to talk with you about how one of our Professional Photographery teams can work alongside you to preserve the most exciting day of your life. You can contact us to find out more and feel free to visit our Wedding Portrait Photography page to learn more as well! Were looking forward to working with you!

    How Can I Help My Photographer With The Formal Photographs

    8 Critical Things For Wedding Photographers To Do Before The Ceremony

    I can only speak for myself, but I like to be very organised for the weddings I photograph. I usually request the exact number of groups from my clients a few weeks before the wedding with the full name of each person in each group. This will make it much easier for me to find the people on the day. I will also have prepared this as a printed list and ask the ushers to help me gather all people required for group photos before I ask the bride and groom to join us, giving you more time with your family and friends, enjoying the wedding reception.

    Provided I have everyone gathered ready to step in and out of different group combinations, I normally complete the formal photographs within 15-20 minutes.

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    Must Have Wedding Pictures

    As a wedding photographer Im a member of few Facebook Groups like:DIY brides UK Weddings, Brides, Dresses And More Original UK BRIDES 2020 WEDDING ADVICE and CHAT UK North West Weddings. I have noticed that a question that often comes up is what are the must have pictures on my wedding day. The answer to this question is different for everyone and depends on personal preference but Ill summarise some of the things to consider here.Of course, there are a few standards pictures that everyone enjoys like portraits of the bride, groom, couple and ceremony pictures, getting ready candid images and detail shots of the clothing, flowers and table decorations.

    The best practise is to sit down with your photographer before the big day and write a few ideas down on paper and make a list of whats important to both of you. In addition to these standard images, consider:

    Grandads picture who is no longer with us, a gift from family member from Australia who could not make it, or Grandmas bracelet handed down many generations.

    Have guests travelled a particularly long way to attend, or have guests made a particular effort due to illness.

    Are children playing a part in the ceremony or is the dog being the ring bearer?

    If youve answered yes to any of these then your list of pictures is taking shape.

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    Wedding Photo Checklist To Get Your Wheels Turning

    Now we know that your photos are yours to choose, whatever you want, you get, and it is part of your story! So lets take a look at some of the most important shots of your wedding day so you know exactly what to tell your photographer!

    Pre-Wedding Ceremony

    Getting Ready

    • Bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done
    • Dress hanging in a unique place
    • Bouquets, buttonholes, corsagesany important accessories or details
    • Bride putting on dress/veil with help from the mother of the bride or bridesmaids
    • The bridal party having fun
    • Close up of dress details
    • Putting on jewelry
    • Close up of bride holding bouquet
    • Mother and bride portrait
    • Bride spending a moment alone
    • Bridal party walking downstairs/leaving the house
    • Bride and father in wedding car/walking to the ceremony
    • Groom and groomsmen getting ready
    • Groom spending moment alone
    • Wedding ring shots

    The First Look

    For brides choosing to do the first look, it is such a beautiful moment and deserves some of the best photos! So here is a list of some beautiful shots to have your photographer snag.

    • Tap your groom on the shoulder
    • Remove a blindfold from your grooms eyes
    • Release balloons together
    • Stand on opposite sides of a door and hold hands

    During the Ceremony

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    Wedding Photos: The Ultimate List Of Must Have Shots For Your Big Day

    In a recent interview with award-winning photographer, Adria Lea, we discovered what brides need to know about their wedding photos and which shots are the most important.

    So if youre that bride who is wondering which photos to focus on during your wedding day, look no further, we have just the list for you!

    But first, lets take a look at some professional advice from Adria Lea.

    Why You Should Have A Wedding Photography Shot List

    Must have Wedding Pictures List!

    Before we share our wedding photography shot list with you, allow us to help you understand how this or any other sample shot list benefits you. A well-crafted wedding photos shot list will help you stay calm and organized on the wedding day. You wont have to stress about what you need to do next or whether you have taken all photographs that you had discussed with your couple. Also, if you plan to work with a second shooter, the wedding photography shot list will allow you to divide the shots between the two of you. This way, you will be able to give more attention to detail and quality.

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    Dreamy Wedding Photos In Epic Landscapes

    Help the couple remember the place where it all happened. Whether they are getting married in stunning Toronto or beautiful California, capturing an epic landscape photo of the bride and groom is essential. It makes for the perfect blown-up art print and looks amazing in a wedding album. Just imagine flipping through a beautiful wedding album and turning a page to an epic widespread from your wedding creative. Its a true jewel to cherish for generations to come.

    What Are The Must Have Photos To Make Your Wedding Album Complete

    Your Wedding Album is going to tell your love story in a way for you to look back on through the years. Its essesntial to capture those major moments to relive later on. But what are those moments youll regret missing? Weve talked with our previous couples to create a list of Top Ten Must Have Wedding Photos that will ensure youve got amazing memories to look back on with no regrets.

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    What Moments Are The Most Important To Capture On Camera

    Adria Lea Every brides priorities are different. I think we can all stand to agree that photos of the bride and groom together are going to be the most important pictures of the day.

    I always say, lets place those at top priority because those are the ones youre going to frame on your wall, that youre going to put in kitchen choose as your profile photo. So we want to make sure that were setting those photos in a place thats really comfortable in the wedding day timeline, where you dont feel rushed like you have a million guests waiting for you that you have to rush off to.

    But again, its important to remember that every bride is different. As your photographer, Im going to be there to capture the ceremony and the reception, and then we also discuss some of the other important parts of the day that are important to a bride. For example, some brides want to be photographed when the dad sees her for the first time and some dont really care, it ultimately comes down to the bride and what she wants.

    Items All Brides Should Consider Packing For The Wedding Detail Photos

    MUST HAVE Wedding Décor Checklist | ETC Events

    Many of these items will be present already, but a few items on this list take a little extra planning in order to include them in your wedding day detail photos. Here is a list of the details Ill photograph whenever theyre available to me. I recommend bringing all of these that are applicable, plus any other special touches that are important to you:

  • Dress and veil
  • Invitation suite
  • Shoes
  • Perfume
  • Something old, new, borrowed, blue
  • ALL 3 rings if all 3 are with you, your photo team will be able to photograph the full set. Well have time to get them to whoever will be holding them afterward.
  • Bouquet and/or loose florals many florists are great about including a few loose flowers/greenery for styled detail photos. Dont assume that they will automatically do this if you dont ask, though. Its also important to coordinate that these florals arrive by the designated time that these detail photos will happen.
  • Vow book
  • Any extra ribbon, accents, or items of significance that represent the day
  • Guest Welcome Bags or Favors
  • Any gifts or notes from one another
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    Bonus Tips On Nailing Your Wedding Photos:

    With your checklist now sorted, how can you nail your wedding photos on the day? Keep the following tips in mind to help you achieve the very best shots:

    • Book an engagement shoot. Think of it as a practice run before the real thing! Not only will you receive some beautiful shots of you and your partner to use across your wedding website, but youll also build your confidence in front of the camera.
    • Scout your photo locations in advance. With limited time between your ceremony and reception, make sure you choose a portrait location nearby you dont want to be late to your own party!
    • Consider your timeline. If possible, try to time your portraits just before sunset for the best natural light and a beautiful golden glow.
    • Request an unplugged ceremony. Asking guests to keep their phones off will help your photographer capture all of the important moments without distraction. Your celebrant will be able to communicate this to your guests, or you could include a custom sign at your ceremony entrance.

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