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How To Choose Wedding Colors

Consult The Color Wheel

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

You don’t need a degree from art school to pick your palette, but there are some basic principles to follow. Typically, colors that go well together are ones that are opposites because they pair a cool and warm . Other color pairings that work are “neighbors”they’re similar to each other and share a primary color . A classic way to build your color palette is by pairing a bright, saturated color with a neutral, like violet and gray or blush and gold.

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Think About The Setting And The Venue

If you have booked your wedding venue, think about how you would like it to look when it is decorated and the colors that are going to suit your vision. If you are still searching for the perfect venue, having an idea of the colors that you are likely to choose will provide you with a useful guide.

The venue may boost certain features that you can accentuate with your color palette. If your chosen venue is rather neutral, you essentially have a blank canvas and can choose whatever colors you like, however, if the venue has an existing color theme e.g colored/ patterned wallpaper, likely, you will want to work with that. If you find a venue but it doesnt compliment the color scheme that you had in mind, you may want to opt for shades that are less likely to clash instead.

Yellow + Coral + Purple + Cranberry = Sunset

Bold jewel tones make for a fun and fiery sunset palette. These saturated colors have more depth than their primary counterparts, creating a happy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. For a traditional or modern look, use jewel tones sparingly and with clean lines, or generously layer them together with more organic shapes for a brilliant bohemian palette. Desert or city, these dynamic colors set the tone for a cheerful party.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Colors

Youre probably thinking that picking wedding colors shouldnt be this difficult. Im guessing if you landed on this article, youre having a hard time choosing and youre looking for a little guidance. To be completely honest, I had the same struggle when thinking about what colors I would like for my wedding.

Im hoping Prince Charming has good taste and ideas!

I compiled some research that I think will really help in choosing the perfect wedding colors. I hope it inspires you too!

  • Get Inspiration
  • Think Palette Not Colors

    How to choose your wedding colors using the color ...

    Not even the definitive voice in color, Pantone, could pick just one color for its Color of the Year 2021.

    Wedding decor has evolved quite a bit over time. Couples no longer choose only two wedding colors and match every linen, flower and gown to those two colors .

    For a truly beautiful and unique wedding, youll want to consider a color scheme.

    Start with a single color that is calling your name. Maybe youve just bought a pair of shoes or clutch in a color that inspires you. Or your home shows an affection for dark blues. Pull away from the computer and instead visit a home decor store to get color inspiration in person.

    Once you have a color chosen, consider adding a metallic that works with your first choice. Look through paint or linen swatches to see how the colors feel alongside each other. Gunmetal Gray evokes a very different vibe when paired with burgundy than it does than say, a blush pink.

    Add a third color to bring your color palette to life. Try using a color wheel to experiment with different combinations. Whether you pair complementary colors or contrasting colors will change the mood evoked.

    A neutral color can round out your overall palette. Fall palettes can be warmed up with a deep, dark brown. A spring color scheme can be balanced with a dusky tan.

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    Get Advice From The Pros

    If youre still feeling lost in a sea of color, talk to a wedding planner or designer about interesting and beautiful color palettes theyd recommend. Many planners offer design consultation services that allow you to pay for their expertise by the hour, rather than having to fully hire them for your event.

    Get Inspiration From Your Venue

    Its best to choose your wedding venue before deciding on wedding color. Youll likely need to book your venue months ahead of time so itll probably be one of the first things you do anyway.

    Youll want to make sure that you dont pick colors that completely clash with your venue. For example, if your venue has large crimson red curtains, lavender and mint green would probably not work so well. Instead, you might want to pick a blush or beige color that will accent well with red.

    Here are some examples of wedding colors based on venue:

    • Mint Green, light blue, salmon pink
    • Turquoise, gray, peach
    • Peach, gray, ivory

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    How To Pick Wedding Colors

    Selecting your WeddingColors can seem like quite a challenge. The colors you choose should conform to the vibe and aesthetic that you want to emulate, whilst complimenting your taste and style as a couple. You will need to think about when these colors are going to be used and where. Choosing the wrong colors is likely to lead to some disappointment.

    If you are unsure as to how you should go about picking your wedding colors, this article provides you with all of the answers.

    Ready To Go Use This How To Pick Your Wedding Colors Quiz To Discover The Best Palette For Your Nuptials

    How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

    Samantha Iacia

    Samantha Iacia has been writing about weddings for more than eight years, beginning with a weekly… wedding column for her hometown newspaper. She specializes in bridal fashion and jewelry, wedding decor, wedding flowers, and all things aesthetic. As the WeddingWire Editor, she can be found bookmarking new wedding trends, helping out on set at a photo shoot, or working on the teams Digital Editorial Style Guide. Twice a year, she attends and reports on New York Bridal Fashion Week. Originally from Catonsville, Maryland, Samantha now lives in Washington, D.C., where youll usually catch her on her way to get a chai latte, rewatching Harry Potter for the zillionth time, or looking at pictures of other peoples cats.

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    What Is The Most Popular Wedding Color

    The most popular wedding color of all time is the white, champagne, and ivory combo. Almost every wedding has a touch of these colors either as a base, supporting colors or accents. They are classic neutrals and pair perfectly with every theme, style, and venue. They also represent peace, life, and class.

    Pick Colors That Flatter You

    Don’t be afraid to be a little selfish when deciding how to pick your wedding colors! Depending on your attire, you may be wearing at least one of your wedding colors on the big day, so it can be helpful to think about the hues that are most flattering for your skin tone. For example, if you’re wearing a suit, accessorizing with a tie or pocket square that matches your color palette is tradition. If pale yellow isn’t doing you justice, it’s totally fine to knock it off the list of potential wedding colors. Even if you’re wearing a white dress, you’ll want to consider any colorful details of your ensemble, such as your wedding bouquet and accessories. Don’t forget about your wedding party members’ attire, either! Not only will you be standing next to them in pictures throughout the day, but there’s a chance that the people in your wedding party have a variety of skin tones, hair colors, etc. Consider universally-flattering colors medium and darker shades, such as eggplant, powder blue, navy, and red are some of the best options and try adding at least one to your palette to keep everyone looking their best.

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    How To Choose Yourwedding Colors

    Once your wedding date is announced and planning begins in earnest, youll frequently get asked one question many times What are your wedding colors?

    The question may be common, but can elicit stressful feelings. Your overall wedding design hinges on choosing the perfect color scheme.

    But dont stress. We have your step-by-step guide on how to choose your wedding colors.

    S To Choosing Your Wedding Colors

    How to Choose Your Wedding Colors
    • Simone Hill is a Technical Product Owner for Estée Lauder Companies.
    • A former editor for The Knot, Simone has experience in web development and editorial writing.
    • Simone has a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Business School.

    Picking your wedding palette isn’t exactly as easy as choosing your two favorite colors and making them the foundation for every wedding detail. You should start by nailing down your general aesthetic , and then follow the below tips to ultimately choose your hues.

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    How/where Do I Use Wedding Colors

    There are tons of ways you can weave your wedding colors into the details of your big day. While you probably dont want to use all of these suggestions at once , here are some places you can incorporate your wedding colors in subtle doses:

    • Wedding Attire:
    • Brides accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, and hair pieces
    • Grooms accessories, such as tie, vest or cummerbund, pocket square, suit jacket, socks, or shoes
    • Bridesmaids dresses and accessories
    • Flower girl or ring bearers clothing
    • Parents clothing
  • Escort cards, place cards, menu cards, bar signs
  • Linens:
  • Grab Your Wedding Color Palette From These Great Sites

    The Knot is the internets most visited one-stop wedding planning solution. Brides, planners, vendors and guests can all log on to get expert advice and etiquette tips. The Wedding Colors section guides brides in choosing their signature color scheme and provides them with an assortment of photos that can be saved and later shown to a planner. The Knot features an easy-to-use wedding colors page, with separate sections devoted to ideas for each color.

    The Perfect Palette wedding blog dedicates their site to planning nuptials through a colored lens. The site is full of fun creative ideas on how to use those colors, create inspiration boards and get color tips that you can share. The Perfect Palette can show both brides and grooms the many different ways they can use color to put their special touch on their wedding day. Their blog gives users the ability to search by color, or browse entire palettes that have already been curated.

    LuxeFinds helps you plan any fancy event, but weddings are their specialty. This lifestyle search engine can help anyone looking to style a high end event or to have it styled. Targeted at women with a sophisticated sartorial sense, LuxeFinds allows you to search and sort by color to get tips on fashion, beauty and home décor aggregated from blogs around the web. Here youll also find ideas for food recommendations, travel preparations, and even crafting ideas.

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    Hazelnut + Island Paradise + Lapis + Copper = Modern

    Hip, modern, and minimal, this palette of Palm Springs pastels is ready to party. It combines neutral desert hues, hazelnut and copper, with a few shades of blue to bring the minimal decor to life. Neutrals and metallic can be used liberally throughout, with bold strokes of lapis for a graphic punch.

    Photos by: Forever Photography | Jenni Grace Photography | Hartford Prints | Matthew William

    How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

    How to Choose a Wedding Veil? Color, Length, Style & Trims

    First up, you and your partner need to make some very basic decisions: What general colors are you going for? What is the general visual style and vibe that you want? I talked to one of APWs favorite wedding designers, Michelle Edgemont, and she suggested that instead of picking the traditional two colors, that you pick four colors, to create more of a palette. This can make decorating feel less restrictive and more organic. If youre organized, one or two of these colors can serve as your main color, and one or two can serve as your accent colors. If youre less, uh, focused, having a color palette can simply be a far more relaxing way to decorate.

    To bring you some kick-ass ideas for modern color palettes, and not just two of them , we asked another APW favorite, Tabitha Abercrombie of Winston & Main, to create some wedding color palettes, and give you inspiration for how to use them. These ten combinations of wedding colors will inspire you. We cant wait to see how you guys use them.

    Well break down the color combos in more detail below, but here are 10 super fresh and hip wedding color combos to make magic with.

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    How To Use It

    The great news is that light blue is one of the easiest wedding color trends to adapt for any season or style. While it looks elegant and whimsical with other pastel colors , it’s just as pretty when paired with burgundy, rust orange and other colors that are typically seen at fall or winter weddings. You can incorporate light blue into your 2021 wedding colors by using details like chinoiserie plates, silk bouquet ribbons, colored glassware and of course flowers, such as anemones, hydrangeas, sweet peas, forget-me-nots, delphinium, and scabiosa.

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    Get Inspired By Your Setting

    First things first: location. Have a color palette in mind as you start your venue search. Think about what colors you’d like to use, and whether you’d want to prioritize finding the perfect venue or having your perfect color palette. If you find a venue that you love, but it doesn’t work with your colors, you’ll want to switch up a hue or two so you don’t bust your budget on trying to cover up or distract from the fact that it doesn’t match. Venues like converted warehouses, lofts and tents are all blank slates, meaning you can really add as much or as little as you want to carry out your vision for color and style. If you’ve already found the perfect venue, use the space to help you come up with your color scheme. The colors of your reception space and its surroundings, whether it’s the vintage Persian rug in the dining room or the view of the ocean, can spark an idea. And that way, you won’t have to work against a clashing color palette and your colors will enhance what you love about your venue.

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