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How To Get More Wedding Leads

Your Solution For Guiding Prospective Brides Into Happy Loyal Clients

How to Convert More Leads Into Sales | Wedding Photography

Lovingly Weddings is a lead-generation widget that integrates seamlessly into your floral website.

It does the heavy lifting for you, attracting brides and guiding them through a pre-consultation service. Ditch the directory listing, and the old school inquiry contact forms.

Say I do! to a modern conversational experience that gets you more leads and helps you grow your business.

70,000 happy couples and counting

Join thousands of florists helping make wedding dreams come true for their clients.

\\ Part : Restart Your Wedding Business In 2021 How To Get More Wedding Leads On Your Website

In Part 2 of our Restart Your Wedding Business in 2021 series,we’re talking about what happens once you bring in those leadsonline…and the six-second test that will make or break yourcouples’ impression of you. Let’s talk about how to bring in moreleads to your website, AND how to get them wanting exactly what youoffer!

About the Podcast

Hey wedding pro! Welcome to the Book More Brides Podcast, where we share all the best wedding business marketing and sales tips to help you bring in more of your perfect couples online and book more weddings. Im Kate Storey, one half of the Book More Brides team along with my wonderful husband Nick. We love helping amazing wedding pros like you – ones who love what they do, but could use a little help when it comes to getting more leads online AND turning them into clients.Whether youre a venue owner, DJ, photographer, planner, florist, or anything else – if you work in the wedding industry, this podcast is for you!If you want to learn how to write copy that converts, master your marketing, and supercharge your sales, you are in the right place. Let’s rock your wedding business!

Use Your Inexperience As An Asset

One of the trickiest questions to answer when youre just starting is, How many weddings have you done?

Eeek. You dont want to lie, but who wants to be your very first wedding?

First, dont tell them you havent done any weddings unless they ask. If they do ask, use your inexperience as an asset.

Explain any related experience and work references you have and then say, We can offer you an extreme discount because were still building our portfolio. Were just starting, so we work even harder to make sure youre happy!

Practice your answer to this question until its smooth and natural. That way you can relax during your meetings.

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How Do Wedding Photographers Get Leads

The lifeblood of any service business is its leads pipeline. This means the number of people you have contact with who have indicated an interest in your services. Despite this being the aspect that can make or break a business, the biggest struggle that photography business owners say they have is not getting enough leads.

If asked, a business owner usually describes a lead as someone who has reached out to book their service. However, if youre waiting for people to reach out to book you, its probably already too late. Unless you have an amazing steady stream of referrals from raving fans, youre missing out on an entire realm of prospects that you could nurture into leads. This means that you need to be able to reach people before they reach out to you to inquire.

Most of the time, when someone reaches out to ask about your services and has never had contact with your business before, they are just price shopping. Business owners hate this and lament the fact that their ads on Facebook or their SEO arent working because all they get are price shoppers. As we already discussed, if your content is created correctly and for your ideal client, youre already well on your way to dissuading the wrong types of prospects from reaching out to you.

Looking for a Wedding Photo Company? Look no further. Vines of the Yarra Valley has compiled an ultimate list of wedding photo companies to help you choose.

How Can I Get Leads When Im New To The Wedding Business

How to Get More Wedding Leads In 30 Days (Or Less!)

It can be a bit intimidating when youre passionate about your wedding business, but you have no idea how to get wedding leads.

We all start off brand new. No experience, no reputation, no referrals.

But no worries! Well show you exactly how to get wedding leads that will start your business off on the right foot.

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Create A Client Guide

A Client Guide can not only save you time on answering the same frequently asked questions over and over again via emails and social media but can also help you attract new, qualified leads with potential to be converted into clients. All you have to do is create a pdf guide with useful information, tips, vendor recommendations, planning insights . Then offer that pdf for free on your website in exchange for a users email.

  • This allows you to grow your mailing list
  • You know there are potential clients for your type of photography service, all you need to do is nurture those leads into happy & excited clients, through a series of relevant emails.
  • Contact Real Estate Developers

    Ever see a new building in the city and wonder what it will end up being? Wonder no more: Take it into your own hands and chat with the real estate developer. Ask what the space will be used for. Is it an event space? Will there be a kitchen on-site? Is it a mixed-use building where events could happen?

    In the best case scenario, the building is an event space. And its your cue to contact the tenets to figure out their catering needs. The lesson here is to be proactive in generating those catering sales leads!

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    Showcase Your Real Weddings

    Your potential couples will be looking at how your real wedding are conducted via photos on Facebook and Instagram. Ensure that you have a lot more positive reviews than unsightly ones! Partner with a photographer to submit your images to wedding directories and blogs such as Style Me Pretty and the Knot.

    Collaborate With Other Photographers

    Where I get my leads as a wedding photographer | #shorts

    If youre a wedding photographer youve surely heard of amazing Facebook Communities, such as LooksLikeFilm, LooksLikeLearn, Mentor Me, and many many more.

    If youre ignoring active Facebook groups where photographers from all around the world share inspiration, ideas, questions, and important news you are missing out on a HUGE ton of networking & potential partnerships.

    Apart from getting help & advice quite often posts about a job opening appear there, as the photographer is booked, or needs a second shooter, various fun opportunities are shared, which you can apply for. Do quick search for local and global photographer communities and join now!

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    Here Are Some Examples Of Opt In Offers:

    One member of The Wedding Business Collective created an invitation wording guide because as a stationer, she found that her potential clients were really unsure about how their invitations were supposed to or could be worded. She solves that problem for them with her guide.

    Another Wedding Business Collective member created an ebook called 7 Smart Ways To Keep Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding. As a planner, she helps people stay on track with their planning without losing their mind.

    One of my former clients created a little black book of recommended vendors in the area because as a photographer, he was getting hired early on in the planning process and his couples were asking him for recommendations. Thats perfect for a couple in the research phase!

    In The Wedding Business Collective we have a course called Selling With Email Marketing and the very first lesson digs into figuring out what to offer for free, because it can be difficult to decide and difficult to guess at what people want. Screw guessing, you can figure out what people want and just give that to them.

    Close Deals Faster With Real Conversations

    We all know that its easier to seal the deal with a potential client when you can have an actual conversation with them, rather than play phone tag or send them long emails.

    Two-way conversations flourish on text messaging whereas they flounder on email. Thats simply because email isnt made to facilitate conversations its purpose is simply to send and receive information. Texting on the other hand, is about building relationships and creating engaging dialogue. You can quickly exchange photos, video, links, emojis and more. This fast, back and forth format of communication opens the door for more ways to infuse your personality into the interaction, like humor.

    Having the opportunity to know your lead and really share your story with them person-to-person allows for a much stronger connection and increases your chances of landing them as a client. With something as personal and meaningful as a wedding, the vendors that acknowledge this and operate on a more human level will be more successful in landing clients.

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    How Email Marketing Works

    For legal reasons you need to have people opt in via an email marketing service

    The website visitor signs up via a form you create with the email marketing service. Dont worry, its simple to create and simple to embed or integrate with your website.

    Thats the technical aspect. Now how do you actually get people to take action and sign up for your email list?

    Unfortunately, they dont do it just because you want them to. Whats in it for them? Offering something for free in exchange for the email address gives them a reason to sign up. Make sure what you decide to offer is targeted and valuable to your ideal client.

    Other Ways To Book Wedding Photography Clients

    010 \\ Part 2: Restart Your Wedding Business in 2021! How ...

    The question how to get more wedding photography clients doesnt have just one simple answer. For example. becoming a preferred vendor at a venue is also a great option for those looking to connect to their community. Going to bridal exhibitions and shows is also a common networking activity that puts a face to your brand in the mind of the consumer.

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    Learn The Way That Best Suits You

    Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple trainingformats.Wedding Leads Accelerator comes with online, physical, social, live and simulated material.

    Online e-learning platform

    Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD, listen tomp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Accessthe training online from any desktop or mobiledevice, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Get personalized mentorship from experts who cantroubleshoot your problems and provide direction. Allcourses include weekly Q& A calls, recordings, studentinterviews, livestream sessions and 24/7/365 support.

    Level 2

    Email Your Past Clients And Prospects

    Your next catering client could already be on your email list. They could be someone whos hired you before! Dont forget, repeat business is the golden ticket in the catering world.

    In your next email to your subscribers, you can try a few different things to surface your next catering sales lead.

    • We know that word-of-mouth marketing works. So in your next email, ask your subscribers for referrals and combine it with a special deal.
    • Another idea is to highlight new catering trends. If your catering company is on the cutting edge of trends, show off your know-how to spark interest in prospective clients.
    • Showcase stunning catering diagrams to prove your level of service, using the easy seating chart maker.

    How do you find catering clients? Have you used any of these tactics to get new sales leads? Sound off on .

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    Be Consistent On Social Media

    Social media marketing is an effective way to increase your business visibilitywhen you have a plan to help keep you consistent. We know it can be a struggle to find the time to curate photos, create videos, and write compelling captions but, if you are wanting to do everything you can to book more business, this is a piece of the puzzle. If you are looking for a way to be more consistent, try blocking off one day a month to batch your content creation. Since it often can be hard to get into the writing groove, having content planning and prep days will help you consistently show up to your followers. The key is to make sure you are putting effort into the platforms your potential clients are on and define a plan that is realistic for you to keep up with.

    Pro-tip: Knowing the difference between Millennials and Gen Z is important to figuring out which platforms you should be on and, once you do, this piece with social media tips will help you create a plan.

    Run A Facebook Campaign

    How to Get Wedding Photography Clients TODAY

    This is probably the best lead generation method. At FASTARTUP, we have successfully generated more than 1500+ leads for well-known wedding venues in Singapore. The ease of setting up and managing a Facebook campaign is exactly why we recommended it. Its a good place to start for pay per click campaigns. You can control who sees your ads through targeting demographics such as Relationship Status, Interests, Age, Gender. This way you reach out to your prospective clients much faster.

    If you are looking to get more wedding enquiries for your business, look no further! Not only are we based in Singapore, but our experience in serving the international market will ensure that we use the best methods to generate more leads for your wedding venue. Getting in touch with us is just a phone call away.

    Our crazy guarantee to you:

    • 100% Warm Legit Leads
    • Every Lead Includes: Name, Email and Contact Number
    • Customisable Lead Opt-in

    Now all you have to do is to get your sales to do the closing say goodbye to empty ballrooms on weekends!

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    S To Get More Wedding Leads And Bookings

    There are 12 steps to take to get more wedding leads and bookings for your wedding business. As a wedding business coach and marketing specialist Ive had the chance to work with a variety of wedding professionals from all over the world, including wedding venues, wedding photographers, bridal boutiques, wedding planners, and artisans.

    Get Listed In Online Venue Directories

    Wedding Spot, for example, processes more than 200,000 request each year, giving venues a streamlined way to attract business. The venue-only directory makes it easy for couples to find you, and gives couples everything they need to move forward.

    “I was getting frustrated using other sites,” said Sally Phung, a bride who booked her venue using Wedding Spot. “Through Wedding Spot, I found our perfect venue … which I had never heard of before, and within one week I had it booked.”

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