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How To Create Wedding Hashtag On Snapchat

How To Make A Snapchat Filter For Your Wedding

How to Create a Good Wedding Hashtag // What is a Wedding Hashtag? // Wedding Hashtag Ideas

Ready to learn how to make a wedding Snapchat filter? It doesn’t take a degree in graphic design to create your own wedding filterwe promise.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Open your Snapchat app to the camera screen

2. Head to your profile by hitting the icon in the upper left corner of your screen

3. Once you’re in your profile, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down to tap “Filters & Lenses”

4. Tap “Get Started!” then “Filter”

5. Choose the type of event you want to customizeeither create a custom design from scratch or select one of Snapchat’s available templates

6. From there, your screen is your canvas: Deck out your filter with text, images, stickers, borders and more

7. Satisfied with your filter? Hit the checkmark icon and select the timeframe during which you want it to be active

8. Then, select where you want the filter to be available

9. You’re almost doneamazing. Now it’s time to name your wedding Snapchat filter, confirm the details and submit it for approval

10. Once submitted, Snapchat will let you know when it’s been approved and ask you to confirm payment

If you’d rather use your desktop to create your Snapchat filter, you can do that through the app’s website. That’s also the easiest place to upload a design if you’ve purchased one from an outside sourcemore on that next.

Work With Your Vendors

Many wedding vendors have vibrant social media presences and followings, so if you really want your big day to blow up on social, enlist your vendors help. Your wedding pros will likely be thrilled to post about your event before, during, and after your big day, so be sure to let them know youre totally cool with itand its definitely fun to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of your big day on social. Your vendors may also be able to offer social media wedding ideas you havent already considered.

The Ultimate Guide To Having The Perfect Wedding Snapchat Filter

These days, every wedding couple has their own wedding hashtag for their guests to use. But if you want your big day to be truly unique and have all of your guests talking about how incredibly special it was, you absolutely must have your own wedding Snapchat Geofilter.

What Are Snapchat Geofilters? Snapchat Geofilters are photo overlays that are exclusive to a certain area. Geofilters are created for a specific area at a specific time frame, and only those within that area re able to use the geofilters for their photos or videos, or as Snapchat calls them, their “Snaps”.

Wedding filters are the latest trend and theyre here to stay. Not only does having your own Snapchat geofilter make for an awesome conversation piece, but its an activity that gets everyone at your wedding involved.

Everyone at your wedding can use your custom filter for an unlimited amount of times as long as your geofilter is active. Since your guests will likely post Snaps using your Geofilter to their Snapchat Story, your filter will be seen by many more people than just your wedding guests. So if youre wanting to have a private wedding you may want to rethink having your own wedding filter.

If you really want something unique, you can even send our agency a photograph that we can turn into a caricature as part of your geofilters design.

If you decide to go the DIY route, here are the four steps on how to set up your Wedding Snapchat Geofilter:

1. Upload Your Snapchat Geofilter’s Design

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Why You Should Set Up A Snapchat Geofilter For Your Wedding

The on-demand tags are a great way to give your event a more unique, personal touch in the big, bold world of social media. Sims points out that it’s also a great way to involve your guests. “People like to feel included in the experience, and Snapchat geofilters make the wedding experience even more personal and involve guests more,” she says. Sims calls the feature “custom filter magic!” and enjoys helping couples create something that reflects their personality.

“It’s really about listening to what they want,” adds designer Rebecca Navarre, who recommends designing geofilters around themes, shared jokes, or the proposal story.

If you’re worried about the temporary nature of Snapchat content when it comes to capturing your wedding day, don’t fret. Snapchatters can easily save their own Snaps and stories to their Memories, or simply download them to the phone’s camera roll and you’ll have permanent access.

Get In On The Hottest Social Media Trend

The New Wedding Hashtag: Custom Snapchat Filter

How to Have a Personalized Snapchat Filter for Your Wedding

Now that just about everyone has a wedding hashtag to see pictures from their big day on , its only natural that the next step in social media personalization are geofilters for Snapchat. If youre not familiar with the rapidly growing social media platform, its a social sharing service where you can send photos or videos to friends that last for only 10 seconds. Snapchat stories can also be shared with everyone who follows you and are only viewable for 24 hours. Most locations in the United States and the world have a geofilter, which is a graphic overlay for photos that shows which city you are in. Snapchat also has an On-Demand Geofilter program for both personal and business use. Personal geofilters are typically used for important events, and there are not many personal events more important than a wedding!

If you are interested in creating a geofilter for your celebration, here are the steps to take:

For more ways to use social media throughout your wedding, . If you’re planning on having a wedding hashtag, take a look at these ways to display it throughout your décor. Find additional wedding inspiration by following Inside Weddings on , , , , and !

Opening photo by Walters & Walters

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Four: Choose A Location

This is the biggie. The cost of your custom Snapchat filter is dependent on how long its available and where its available. You cant have it so that people can use it across the country. It is, after all, a geofilter. So you have to determine where people should be at in order to use it.

Using Google Maps, you have to draw a fence around the location you want people to be in when theyre using your filter. It was relatively easy, and fairly cheap too! Drawing my fence around Santa Monica Colleges entire Corsair Stadium, which was almost 180,000 square feet, for 1 hour was only $5.

Politely Tell Your Guests Your Expectations For Using Social Media And Tech

While having an interactive, social media friendly wedding can be a lot of fun, its not for every couple, and may not be appropriate for every moment of your wedding. For the bride, it may sound obvious, but make sure to communicate to bridesmaids and other members of your glam squad not to post photos of you in your gown before you walk down the aisle! The wedding ceremony is a special, intimate moment, and guests should understand if you want to have an unplugged ceremony, requesting to keep your nuptials free of electronic devices. You can politely convey this information on signs outside of the ceremony entrance, or with a small note in the ceremony programs. For guests, if the couple does allow photos during the ceremony, its important to keep a low profile and stay out of the way of the wedding photographer. Couples can mention that they will provide a link to the professional wedding photos for guests to view after the wedding ceremony.

Photos via Brittany Barclay Photography and Wedding Chicks

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How To Create A Snapchat Geofilter

1. To make a Snapchat geofilter, open up your web browser and go to . Press the yellow button that says Create Filter

From here, you have two options. You can either upload your own design or use Snapchats website to design a filter. When youve finished uploading or designing your filter, press Next.

  • To upload your own design that you made in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or any other design tool, click on the yellow Upload button in the top left corner. Keep in mind, your design needs to be a PNG file that is 1090px wide by 1920px tall, under 300KB, and have a transparent background.
  • To design your filter on Snapchats website, simply use the provided tool. You can use the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen to select the occasion youre celebrating, add your own text in different colors, fonts, and sizes, and more!
  • Dont forget! Your Snapchat filter cant contain information like URLs or social media handles.

2. At this point, youll select your dates and times, or the days and hours on which youll be able to access your custom geofilter. When youre finished selecting your time and dates, press Next.

  • To select the days, use the calendar on the left side of the screen and choose your desired start and end date.
  • To select the time, use the tool on the right and select your start and end time for each day that your Snapchat filter is live.

Remember To Be Present And Enjoy The Moment

DIY Snapchat Geofilters

Your wedding day will pass faster than you can ever imagine, so its important to know when to put your phone away and simply enjoy the moment. If you know this might be difficult for you, and you have a close friend who is particularly social media savvy, talk to them about being your go-to person for posting to your favorite social media channels on your wedding day. There are even services popping up where you can hire someone specifically to take care of social media and promotion on your wedding day!

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How To Make A Snapchat Filter In 3 Easy Steps

Snapchat filters add personality to your posts. Learn how to create your own Snapchat filter!

Snapchat remains one of the most popular multimedia messaging apps on the planet. And you can even make your own Snapchat filter.

With Snapchat geofilters, you can put artwork, names, and logos, etc. over messages in the app. Snapchat geofilters only work in specific locations and are often available for a limited time.

Do you want to make a Snapchat filter for a wedding, birthday party, or other social event? In this article, we’ll show you how to make a Snapchat filter using the geofilter feature.

Creating A Wedding Filter In The App

Thanks to an update introduced last year, Snapchat users can now create custom filters through the app itself. While this option is certainly convenient, there are less opportunities for customization-you can’t change the font or any colors built into the template itself, such as or flowers. That being said, it’s a fast, intuitive setup, and you could easily create your own Snapchat wedding filter in under 10 minutes.

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Snapchat Just Made It Super

The social app’s new tool makes the process a breeze.

Ever wanted to create your very own Snapchat filter for a party or wedding, but didn’t know where to start? Instead of paying someone on Fiverr or Etsy to do it for you, Snapchat’s new tool has filter templates you can create in minutes. You can go through the process on your computer, or use the Snapchat app on your phone.

One: Read Between The Lines

Wedding Snapchat Filter Sign Wedding Hashtag Sign Oh Snap ...

First off, youve gotta get through the intimidating part: knowing the rules. Snapchat has submission guidelines to follow before your filter is approved for use. Snapchat wants all filters to be in compliance with theirTerms of Service, Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Advertising Policies, and the On-Demand Geofilter Terms and Conditions.

But, no worries! It sounds like a lot, but it really isnt. All thats really in there is common sense: be respectful of copyright, know what information Snapchat gets from you using the app, and act like youve got some sense. See? Simple!

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Play Around With Words

Roll up your sleeve and get down and dirty with the puns. Puns can spice up your wedding hashtags and make it fun and special.

Any sort of wordplays such as alliterations, puns, rhymes, or synonyms can be a great source of memorable wedding hashtag.

If you arent very successful in wordplay, dont despair. This is where your friends and family members can step in and help out. We all have a Chandler in our group, that one friend whos mastered witty remarks. Ask that person to help you with this task. Two brains always work better than one.

Choose Date & Location

Once you’re satisfied with the look of your template, the next steps will be to select a date, time, and location for where and when your custom Snapchat filter will be visible in the app. There is a nominal fee involved with setting up the filter, but for a 12-hour period coinciding with a ceremony and reception being held at one venue, the cost might not even break $20-a nominal amount in relation to all of the gorgeous memories that will be made.

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Hire A Professional Hashtag Writer

If coming up with your own wedding pun or cute phrase is proving difficult, it might be time to turn to a professional. Wedding hashtag creators offer a bespoke service. All you need to do is enter a few details so the pros can get started. Once they’ve come up with a few custom options, they’ll send their ideas right to your inbox ASAP. While the service does cost a fee, you’ll have a memorable hashtag to show for it .

Of course, as with any investment in your big day, you’ll want to consider the cons as well as the pros. While trusting in professional writers to create some good wedding hashtags is a pretty safe bet, there’s always a chance you won’t like what they come up with. If you’re unsure, we recommend checking out some wedding hashtag examples from other couples who have tried the service.

It’s also worth noting that Wedding Hashers asks for your preferences during the onboarding quizoptions range from cute and funny wedding hashtags to simple and serious ones. You can also select how and where you want to use your hashtag, from bridal shower and bachelorette party merch to postwedding events.

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