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Where To Buy Arras For Wedding

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Buy Best Wedding coins Arras BarongsRus | Filipino Wedding

Below are ceremony accessories to help you create the Filipino wedding ceremony of your dreams. All the pieces are designed and handcrafted in the Philippines.

When it comes to planning a Filipino wedding, there are plenty of beautiful traditions and customs to choose from and include in your ceremony. Don’t forget to get the guide to the Filipino candle, cord, coins, and veil ceremony

How To Incorporate Las Arras Matrimoniales

If couples decide to add this beautiful celebration into their wedding, make sure you have a sponsor , usually a couple who has been married for quite some time and can serve as an example of marriage, de Velasco says. Think long-term couple goals!

Once you have selected your padrinos, make sure to meet with your priest and make sure he incorporates this ceremony into your wedding mass. Talk to the priest about personalizing this tradition to represent you as a couple. There are many variations of this ancient custom, from incorporating coins from different countries to repeating promises in Spanish.

Although this tradition is typically incorporated into Catholic weddings, it can be taken and adapted by non-religious couples in their own non-secular weddings. At its essence, its a unity ritual that signifies unity, prosperity, commitment, and support. Rooted in Latin America and Spain, this celebration is highly visible in the Catholic church, but never limited, de Velasco says. Any couple who truly believes in this celebration is completely encouraged to incorporate into their wedding.

There are so many ways to express the sentiment of shared responsibility when it comes to financial and emotional support. Modern couples have an equal role in this commitment, and this symbolic tradition can be reimagined in many ways to communicate unity and prosperity in marriage.

Mexican Wedding Money Dance

The money dance is another Mexican wedding tradition that arrived from Spain. The specific origin of these dances, which are also common in Latin America and the Phillipines, isnt known, but theyve taken on the significance of wishing the couple luck in their marriage. For this tradition, guests at the wedding reception have bills ready to pin on the couple in exchange for a dance. Couples and their families can get creative about how to collect the notes, though. Some will simply throw the cash on the dance floor while others will designate someone to collect the cash so as not to ruin the wedding attire.

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What Happens During The Las Arras Ceremony

In Filipino and Hispanic weddings, there’s generally an arrhae-bearer or coin bearer that is included in the ceremony processional in addition to a ring bearer. Unlike the ring bearer, however, the arrhae-bearer’s role is to bring in the pouch or chest containing the gold arras wedding coins so they can be exchanged during the wedding ceremony. The exchange of arras coins can take place at any point during a Hispanic or Filipino wedding ceremony, but it typically occurs after the blessing and exchange of wedding rings. During the ritual, the priest blesses the coins before passing them to the couple. Historically, the groom would offer the coins to the bride. However, in more modern ceremonies couples will often exchange the gold or silver wedding arras back and forth as a symbol of their shared commitment to providing for their future. They will generally voice promises that may be some iteration of “all that I have is yours, and all that you have is mine.” Some couples may opt for more personalized promises to accompany the ritual.

Who Buys Las Arras

Silver Wedding Unity Coins, Bridal Arras, Jewelry Coin ...

Los padrinos y madrinas, or the couple’s wedding sponsors, historically take care of procuring las arras as a wedding gift to the couple. These wedding sponsors are similar to godparents and will generally work with the couple to select a set of las arras that everyone feels is fitting for the wedding ceremony. Many retailers will sell wedding arras box sets that include an ornate gift box in addition to the thirteen wedding unity coins as part of the gift set.

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The Meaning Of The Wedding Coins

This custom developed from the tradition of giving an arrabon, a Greek word for pledge. In essence, this was the dowry that represented the grooms commitment and ability to care for the material needs of the home. This tradition found its way into wedding ceremonies so that today we see Spanish wedding coins and Mexican weddings coins integrated into a wedding ceremony.

Today, many couples depend on two incomes in order to manage their financial needs. So the words that accompany the giving and receiving of the arras can express this contemporary reality as well as communicate the sacrifice that each of you will make for the other.

If the words you use are crafted well, they can also express your new sacramental role in the community. As a couple, you are now a new sign of Gods love to the world, especially for those in need. The arras can represent your sacrifice not just for each other but also for those who come to you seeking your care and kindness.

Everything You Need To Know About Las Arras Matrimoniales

Las arras matrimoniales, orwedding coinsin English, is a wedding tradition that has been passed down for generations in the Hispanic culture. Its a ritual that has its roots in the Catholic faith and is performed at Catholic weddings in Spain, across Latin America, and in other Hispanic cultures around the world.

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How Do You Buy The Best Arras Wedding Coins

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  • Major Mexican Wedding Traditions Explained


    Incorporate your Mexican heritage into your wedding with any of these symbolic Mexican wedding traditions.

    Modern Mexican weddings are a beautiful mezcla of ancient traditions and newfangled trends. But, even the most progressive couple might want to infuse some of these major Mexican wedding traditions into their ceremony or reception. When selecting wedding rituals, it always helps to have some backstory on their meanings, so you can choose ones that resonate with you as a couple.

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    What Happens During The Las Arras Matrimoniales Ceremony

    Los padrinos y madrinas present las arras matrimoniales to the groom, who then gives it to the priest. The priest blesses the wedding coins and gives it back to the groom, who offers it to his bride. In a modern twist on this traditional ritual, some couples pass the coins back and forth, each promising to financially support one another.

    What Are Las Arras Matrimoniales

    Las arras matrimoniales are 13 coins often gifted from los padrinos y madrinas, or wedding godparents. After the blessing and exchange of rings, the priest blesses these 13 coins and the groom presents it to the bride as a symbol of his commitment to care for her and their home.

    Historically, the wedding coins were provided as a dowry, back when between families of the bride and groom. Today the ceremony is more symbolic than practical. The blessing and presentation of the wedding coins are incorporated into the marriage service as another unity ceremony that signifies the shared responsibility of managing household finances, and the sacrifices that might entail.

    Traditionally, the coins served as a dowry, as weddings were usually pre-arranged, says Claudia G. de Velasco, a wedding planner based in Houston. In todays modern world, the symbolism of the wedding coins represents a promise of prosperity in the couples marriage, as well as a promise to always protect each others wealth.

    Meet the Expert

    Claudia G. de Velasco is a wedding planner and owner of A Day To Remember, an award-winning event planning firm, and Intimate Celebrations, a wedding planning company. Shes based in Houston, TX, and has planned hundreds of Hispanic weddings in both Texas and Mexico.

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    What Kind Of Options Does A Couple Have In Choosing Las Arras Matrimoniales

    When it comes to purchasing las arras matrimoniales, the options are truly endless. The only requirement is that there are 13 coins, with 12 gold and one platinum. Their case can vary in structure and design, from a keepsake jewel box to a velvet drawstring purse. The coins can be authentic in gold and platinum, or simply gold-plated and silver-plated, de Velasco says. We have had couples visit with jewelers to create the coins or simply visit some local and/or online stores specializing in wedding details.

    Hispanic Wedding Tradition: Wedding Coins

    Rectangular Silver Rhinestones Wedding Arras Box &  Unity ...

    The Hispanic culture also gives us the tradition of wedding coins, arras. After the blessing and exchange of rings, the priest or deacon blesses a set of wedding coins. The groom then gives the coins to his new wife as he pledges to care for her and the home they will build together. The bride receives the coins and commits herself to working with her new husband to use the gifts they have to care for all in need.

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    Are There Different Styles Of Las Arras

    Traditionally, in Spain and Latin America, las arras is made up of thirteen gold coins, sometimes twelve gold and one platinum wedding arras coins, presented in an ornate box or chest. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, las arras are generally held in an ornate basket or pouch. For sets referred to as arras para boda, the collection of unity coins is made up of thirteen silver-plated coins. While many of the coins have a standard look and feel to them , the options are truly limitless when it comes to the ornate box they’re held in. From jeweled rose gold chests to heart-shaped rhinestone-covered boxes, many couples will select a keepsake container that can later be put on display in their home. Couples may choose to display their silver or gold wedding arras alongside the Bible they used during their wedding mass and other details from the day like a rosary or their wedding lasso.

    Gold Wedding Lassos Gold Wedding Lazos

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    The History And Meaning Of Las Arras Matrimoniales

    Historians can’t pin down exactly when this tradition began, but we know it originated in Spain and spread to other countries as Spaniards conquered foreign lands. The word arras in Spanish means “earnest money, and the coins represent the grooms promise to provide for the family. The brides acceptance of the coins symbolizes her trust in her soon-to-be husband to do so. Traditionally, there are 13 coins, 12 gold and one platinum, all the same size, de Velasco explains. Each gold coin represents the wealth shared between the couple for each month of the year, with the platinum coin designed to share with the less fortunate.

    The 13 coins carry multiple meanings 12 of the coins represent Jesus 12 apostles and the importance of putting God first in their marriage. The 12 coins also represent the 12 months of the year and prosperity for the newlyweds as they combine finances. The last coin symbolizes overabundance and reminds the couple that they should always try to give back to the less fortunate if they’re blessed with more than they need.

    The 13 coins are housed in an ornate gold box, chest, or velvet drawstring bag. The box is presented as a gift from the groom to his bride as a symbol of commitment and trust. Two become one in marriage, and this ritual serves as a symbol of the groom sharing his wealth with his bride. With this gesture, the groom is putting his trust in her to keep their money safe and maintain their household.

    Any Filipino Brides Out There Know Where To Get Veil/cord/coin

    DIY Canopy: Easy & Inexpensive

    Posted in Planning1

    Hi all! I am planning on doing the Filipino veil/cord/coin ceremony at my wedding. Does anyone know a good place to order those items from?

    • on March 23, 2015 at 1:47 AM

      Congrats on your upcoming marriage! I’m a half-Filipina having a traditional Filipino wedding. My fiance is all white, so it’s fun explaining everything to him. Here are some sites I’ve found that have pretty veils/cords/coins/coin holders. in_stock_scc=1

      My mom sent money to my family in the Philippines to get my wedding veil/cord/coins, so this is what they got me. Good luck!


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