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How To Fill Out Wedding Rsvp Card

Online Rsvp Card Wording

Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Reply to an RSVP for a Wedding Invitation

Its becoming more and more common to ask for online RSVPs. You can keep this card pretty simple. The first two lines will be the same as a mail-in RSVP card.

Example wording:

The favor of a response is requestedby the twenty-eighth of Mayvia our wedding

An RSVP card may be small, but it holds a lot of important information. Ultimately, include the info YOU need to get from your guests to make your wedding planning easier.

xo, Gracie

Without A Preprinted Response Card

Kentris calls this option a more free-form style, where a blank card is included to allow guests to write a personal message. Some couples may add a prompt at the top to guide guests on what they hope to receive back, be it well wishes, song requests, or attendance. Wiese Alexander states that this is actually the more traditional approach to the RSVPits a bit more old-school, but it is proper etiquette.

On these replies, you want to include your full name and how many are coming in a full sentence as if you were speaking directly back to the host, matching the hosts formality. If addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie, and Drew, an ideal reply could be: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie, and Drew will attend. The four of us wish everyone the best and look forward to joining you in May.

If allotted a plus one, write your name first, and then your guests full name. Never assume they know your boyfriend of seven years last name, says Wiese Alexander. Always include a full first and last name for your guest no matter who it is.”

Traditional Wording For Your Rsvp Cards

If you are hosting a traditional wedding then your RSVP card wording should also be in a traditional style. Along with your wedding invitations, your RSVP cards are a glimpse at the tone of your wedding day, so traditional RSVP card wording will let your guests know to expect a classic wedding. Traditional RSVP card wording is formal and uses classical response options. If you are struggling to give your RSVP cards a more traditional feel, then take a look at our RSVP card wording examples below.


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Dont Forget The Rsvp For Transportation

If you are providing transportation, Rothweiler recommends including an area for guests to select taking that transportation, be it a shuttle, bus or trolley, or declining it. This will help you determine how large of a vehicle you will need.

Chances are, you will have to book transportation in advance of even sending the invites because many good companies book out, but letting guests know that they have to make a decision in advance helps solidify their plans and reminds them that its not being provided for freeyou actually have to pay for it, Rothweiler says. Anything else you need a count for should also be included, such as a breakfast, welcome drinks, or any other activities.

What To Include In A Wedding Rsvp Card

6 Common Questions about Wedding RSVP Cards  ElisaAnne

A proper wedding RSVP card requires the following information:

  • A blank line for the guests to fill out their names. Your guest will use this space to write in their name as well as the name of a spouse, a date, or children who will also be attending the wedding. You will be relying on this information to create your final guest list and create table place cards.
  • The RSVP reply due date. Use a date three to four weeks before the wedding date.
  • The will attend line. Short and simple, this phrase can say anything along the lines of Yes, I will attend your wedding. These are the final people you add to your guest list.
  • The unable to attend line. Although disappointing, use this information to cut down your guest list and reduce your wedding expenses.
  • Choice of entrées. Entrée selections should be placed on response cards for weddings offering meal choices at the reception.
  • What not to include in a wedding response card? Information about the registry. Its never proper to include registry information in the main wedding invitation or on the wedding response card.

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    How To List Names On The Envelope So You Dont Sound Like A Clueless Sexist Jerk

    You also want to include an envelope along with the RSVP card so that your guests can mail it free of charge and with the address already included. You should write the guests names formally, for example Mr. John Smithor, if the person is married and you are addressing it to a couple, Mr. John Smith and Ms. Susan Smith. Avoid Mr. and Mrs. Smith since that reduces the woman to being a mere Mrs. to the manwithout even a name.

    If this old-school etiquette mixed with modern PC-correctness feels too stuffy, Smith suggests trying The Smiths or Susan and John Smith. If the guests you are inviting are medical doctors, its customary to honor their title: The Doctors Smith, Dr. & Dr. Smith, Doctor & Doctor Smith, or Doctor Deborah Smith & Doctor John Smith. If one is not a doctor, then Doctor Deborah Smith & Mr. John Smith is just fine.

    Regardless of gender, Smith suggests using the and or & to indicate that the guests are married. If they are not married, she suggests listing their names on separate lines. Not sure of their wedded or relationship status? Take a moment to reach out to ask what form of address the individual prefers.

    Wedding Rsvp Envelope Wording

    The envelopes for your RSVP cards should include your name and address on the front . Its also customary to include a stamp on the envelope.

    If youre handling the RSVPs, you may address the cards as follows:

    You may also choose to list your full names, or just your name, if you live separately. A cute alternative is The future Mr. and Mrs. Powers.

    If someone else is receiving the cards, you may address them as:

    • Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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    How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp With Everything The Couple Needs

    For a standard 3×5 piece of paper, RSVP cards pack a lot of punch and must-have information for the wedding planning process. But, not all of it is necessarily spelled out. Here’s how to fill out a wedding RSVP card so that you hit all of the high notes a couple will need as they finalize the plans for their big day.

    Confirm Rsvp Reply Date

    Wedding Planning & Decorating Tips : How to Fill Out a Formal RSVP Card

    Before you make your wedding RSVP invitations, you need to establish and confirm a reply date.

    Guests should reply no less than 2 weeks before the reception. However, RSVP reply dates greatly vary and depend on a few things

    You need to confirm the RSVP reply date with your venue coordinators and caterers. They need a final headcount by a certain date so they can plan everything accordingly.

    Your florist and cake decorator may also need a final headcount. Florists need an idea of how your floor plan will be set up. Whoever is preparing your desserts needs to make sure there is plenty to go around.

    You also want to give yourself enough time with the RSVP reply date. Youll need a headcount if you plan to provide your guests with party favors, for example.

    If planning a destination wedding, invitees should get an RSVP card at least 2-3 months in advance.

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    What Is A Wedding Rsvp Card

    An RSVP card, also known as a response card, is an important piece of your wedding invitation suite. Although it might not get a lot of spotlight, this small card plays a critical role in facilitating guests responses to your invitation. RSVP cards are included in the same envelope as your wedding invitations, typically placed on top. Theyre accompanied by postmarked, addressed return envelopes so that guests can fill out the required info and send back the completed card to you with minimal effort. RSVP cards and envelopes are necessary unless you choose to include RSVP contact information on your invitation or to gather wedding RSVPs online.

    For The Wedding Guest: How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp Card

    If no ones ever walked you through it before, filling out wedding response cards can be confusing for guests.

    If youre perplexed by this small piece of stationery, dont worry. This list of dos and donts for an RSVP reply card will ensure that your card reaches its destination without breaching etiquette or missing key information.

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    What If Theres No Rsvp Card

    If the invitation doesnt have a response card included, look closely at the invitation for details about how to RSVP. Its likely that the wedding hosts have opted to take RSVPs online . Alternatively, the host has included other instructions, like a phone number or email address, for how to communicate your acceptance or your regrets.

    What Does The M Means On A Wedding Rsvp

    6 Common Questions about Wedding RSVP Cards  ElisaAnne Calligraphy

    On more formal wedding invitations, the name line is often preceded by a capital letter M. What does this mean, and more importantly, what is it for? Its actually pretty simple. The M indicates that guests should fill out the line for their names with their proper title: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss.

    • For example: M r. Shawn Jay-Z Carter & Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

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    Wedding Rsvp Wording For Limited Guests

    This wedding reply card wording helps notify the guests that theres a cap to guests attending.

    • A response by the end of June is perfect.Name _____For a party of 100 personsYes, lets get the party started No, and I dont like how I feel, not attending Pick your best food

    • To join the party, send in your response by June 20thName: _____

    • Pre-address and stamp envelopes

    An important etiquette that ensures your cards reach their destination. Also, stamped cards will make guests reply and send them in the mail on time. RSVP cards are a part of the invite suite, so they come in their own envelopes.

    • Make card wording cohesive with the wedding style

    If your wedding is formal, casual, or comedic, then it should reflect in your wording. This is a seamless flow of information that tells guests what to expect.

    • Include a proper return address

    The return address on the RSVP envelope should be that of the person in charge of collecting RSVP. This could be the bride, groom, wedding party or even designated family.

    • Ensure stamp uniformity with invitations

    The RSVP cards come in a different envelope from the wedding invite. We advise the stamps used for the main invite is the same on the RSVP envelope. This ensures uniformity.

    To A Married Couple With One Hyphenated Last Name

    In the instance of a spouse who has opted to hyphenate their last name, they should be addressed in the manner described below:

    • Mr. Marcus Craft and Mr. Brian Crosby-Craft are written on the outside of the envelope. Mr. Craft and Mr. Crosby-Craft or Marcus and Brian are written on the inside of the envelope.

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    Do You Put Return Address On Wedding Rsvp

    The return address indicates where guests should send replies and gifts when a specified RSVP address does not appear inside the invitation. Traditionally, guests mail responses to the parents of the bride, or the host of the wedding. The same rule applies for the RSVP card return address.

    Do you write names on RSVP cards?

    A proper wedding RSVP card requires the following information: A blank line for the guests to fill out their names. Your guest will use this space to write in their name as well as the name of a spouse, a date, or children who will also be attending the wedding.

    How To Fill Out Wedding Rsvp

    RSVP Cards for Wedding (Design with me!)

    HomeWedding Guides

    Many individuals are unaware of proper RSVP etiquette. Proper RSVP protocol practiced by both the host and the guests formalizes the guests list and ensures a smooth wedding process. The effort to optimize the procedure has made the traditional wedding RSVP of today a little confusing. Here, I will share how to fill out wedding RSVP and give you some ideas on what to do when things get complicated.

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    Wedding Rsvp Card Goals

    A well-crafted RSVP card should accomplish the following:

  • Provide a quick and easy way for guests to reply to your wedding invitations.
  • Communicate to you exactly who will be attending the wedding.
  • Give guests a clear deadline by which they need to send a reply.
  • Allow guests to pre-select their entree of choice, if you are serving a meal option.
  • Gather other helpful information from guests, such as whether they plan on using provided transportation.
  • Coordinate with your wedding invitation for a seamless, well-designed look.
  • Expert Wedding Planning Tip: How To Decode The Mystery Wedding Guest

    Many guests forget to write their names on the response cards, which leaves a couple wondering who the mystery guests is, says Tessa. Use an invisible black light ink marker to write the guests initials on the back of each RSVP card. In the event that a card comes back blank, use your black light to discover the mystery guest.

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    Specify The Number Of Guestsif You Were Given A Plus

    If you were given a plus one, then now’s the moment to make a decision. Indicate the number of people in your partypresumably one or twoand write in the full name of your guest. Couples need this information to correctly fill out seating charts and place cards, so they do need the name of your plus one by the RSVP date.

    And, in case you were wondering, no, the reply card isn’t your time to decide you should be given a plus one just because you had a great date last week!

    Without Any Response Card

    How To Fill Out A Wedding Invitation Reply Card

    Some wedding invitations forego the RSVP card entirely. Kentris says this is another common style he sees, and instead of a response card, they may include a details card with a wedding website.

    Wiese Alexander says this is where you follow the leader, and only respond in the manner that is asked. If an email is left as a method of reply, dont shoot your friend a text. Its daunting to host a party, and even more so when guests are sending info from all different directions.

    If a formal invitation says kindly reply with nothing more added, its time to break out your own stationery. Use the same approach as the pre-printed response card but add another line and make it more personal. This might seem uncommon or intimidating, but Wiese Alexander notes that it was once considered garish to include a reply card as the proper host would assume their sophisticated guests know how to RSVP, of course. This is hardly ever employed in 2021, she says. But you might come across a nostalgic host or twoand now you know what to do.

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    How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp Card

    In This Article

    Youre thumbing through your mail, bill after bill, when you see your name gracefully calligraphed across an envelope way too nice to be a credit card statementa wedding invitation! But before you start fantasizing about what to wear or stressing about a plus one, you need to RSVP. Whether you accept with pleasure or , it turns out there is a right way to respond.

    Below, weve gathered intel from Heather Wiese Alexander, a modern etiquette expert, and Jordan Kentris, a graphic designer, on how to decode RSVP etiquette and fill out an RSVP card properly.

    Meet the Expert

    • Heather Wiese Alexander is a Dallas-based modern etiquette expert who promotes contemporary etiquette. She is also the founder and creative director of the stationery brand BellINVITO.
    • Jordan Kentris is a graphic designer and founder of A Good Day He has worked with major brands like Pepsi, Visa, and Mercedes, and his passion for striking design and amazing user experience has brought him to the world of weddings and events.

    Bailey Mariner/Brides

    With A Preprinted Response Card

    The most traditional is where we have space for guests to write in their names…the second is a more restricted version where the hosts of the event will write in the guest names on the RSVP and how many guests they can bring , says Kentris. Another trend we are starting to see is including ‘attending in person’, ‘attending remotely’, and ‘unable to attend’ on a single card. This gives the guests options to choose how they participate in the event.

    On these cards, if there is an M preceding a blank space, your social title goes first followed by your full name. Wiese Alexander advises writing your name exactly as it was written on the envelope. This means if the envelope is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the response line should state, Mr. and Mrs. Smith but if the envelope is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie and Drew, then the response would include: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maggie and Drew…

    Use a number as opposed to a checkmark to confirm your response. For example, ___ accept and ___ regret would be filled out as _2_ accept and _2_ regret if the kids arent coming. Should an entree selection be included, the choices should be initialed by the guest, so the host knows exactly who is getting what.

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