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How To Do A Diy Wedding

Get Creative With Corks



After creatively upcycling all those wine bottles, you undoubtedly have a ton of corks laying around. Let’s put those babies to good use by cutting into them horizontally to create place card holders or a display stand for polaroids. Or, the perennial classic: Fill hurricane votives or jars with them for vino-themed decorative accents

Accent With Fresh Fruit

Tida Svy Floral Design by Shindig Chic

Another win for grocery store wedding décor finds. We love tablescapes and centerpieces that mix fresh fruit with classic florals. Go for seasonal picks like summery citruses for bursts of vibrant tones or autumnal harvests like pears, apples, persimmons, and pomegranates. Veggies are not to be cast aside either, we’ve seen some pretty creative usage for artichokes, too.

Sprinkle In Some Lavender

Chris & Ruth Photography

Lavender is such a wonderful sensory overload and so versatile that it requires its very own shout out. Fill bowls for an aromatic experience, add them to bouquets and boutonnieres, garnish cakes and cocktails with them, fill little sachets for guests to take home as favors, accent centerpiece displays, or drop a sprig on top of a place setting for a little French touch.

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Diy Wedding Flowers: 10 Simple Tips That Will Save You A Meltdown

How Do I DIY Wedding Flowers?

If youre contemplating DIY wedding flowers, its important to think about what, exactly, youre taking on. If you just want to DIY your bouquets, here is a tutorial, go knock it out of the park. But if youre thinking youre going to DIY all of your wedding flowers, now is the moment to take a timeout and contemplate the scope of the entire endeavor.

Because for real, putting together a centerpiece isnt actually all that hard. But the whole picture is a little more complex.

Here is how to DIY wedding flowers: figure out your design, buy vases and floral supplies, practice, buy your wedding flowers right before the wedding, put centerpieces together, and have enough space in a vehicle to transport them to the venue. All together its a project. Its a totally doable project, but if you take it on, either minimize it , or make it one of your only major projects.

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To help make your DIY florals as successfully as possible , Natalie Marvin, owner of Belle Flower, and Jessica Dixon, owner of The Petal Company, shared their best tips and tricks for making your florals awesome and painless.

Is A Diy Wedding Actually Cheaper

7 Country Wedding DIY Ideas

DIY weddings can save you money, but you need to be savvy about it and have a meticulous plan. Otherwise, a DIY wedding can actually cost more than you think.

Some couples choose to have a DIY wedding to express their creativity and pour their heart and soul into their day. Others are simply looking to cut costs or need to look for do-it-yourself options depending on the venue they choose.

If you are looking to save money plan your wedding budget! Then keep track of every penny to stay within it. I recommend planning your DIY elements too when planning your budget, try to cost them out and you can see if going homemade will save you money.

Otherwise, it may be worth contacting a professional wedding supplier to give you a helping hand here and there.

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Don’t Forget The Rehearsal Dinner Details

Tida Svy

Much like other pre-wedding festivities, the rehearsal dinner may or may not be hosted by someone other than you. Regardless of the fact, you will need to partake in the planning process. Much like for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner will need a venue, guest list, catering selection, and invitations. If you are having a destination wedding or wedding weekend, this can either be tied into the welcome party or remain completely separate.

Diy Tissue Paper Flowers

Learn how to make paper wedding flowers with this easy tissue paper garland tutorial. Match the paper flowers to your wedding colors for an effect that guests love, and these decorations look amazing in photos. Your photographer will thank you for making their job all the easier when you provide DIY decor ideas like this backdrop of hanging tissue paper flowers. You can also make the round tissue paper flowers for wedding centerpieces. Make both for enchanting wedding decor that looks like you paid an expensive wedding stylist to create it.

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The Wide World Of Diy Wedding Invitations

When it comes to DIY wedding invitations, there are two basic levels of DIY.

The first is purchasing a template that you fill in, print and embellish yourself.

The other is doing everything from scratch: You create the design, then print, cut and package the invitations yourself.

When Katie Nathey couldnt find invitations she liked within her budget, she decided to go this route and handcraft her own rustic wedding invitations.

Although she spent $150 on supplies for her 50 invitations, she used the leftover materials to create drink tags, wedding wands and smore kits.

This amount was around $100-$150 less than purchasing pre-made invitations, and those didnt include any embellishments, she says. Designing our invitations was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Before deciding how DIY you want to go with your invites, do your research and think about your preferences .

Do you enjoy crafting? Or are you just trying to save a little money? How much time can you devote to the project? Would you rather spend time on your invites, or, say, custom centerpieces?

Ready to take the plunge? Here are your options for DIY wedding invitations.

How To Create A Diy Wedding Photo Booth

How To Make Glamorous DIY Wedding Invitations – DIY Invitations with Ribbon and Embellishment

Want to set up a DIY wedding photo booth? Check out this guide with ideas, tips, product suggestions, and important logistics to consider!

Not long ago photo booths were only found at arcades and the movie theater. You had to have cash on hand and 15 seconds to cram all your friends into a tiny space. Now photo booths still evoke our nostalgia but are so much more thanks to props, backdrops, and lighting! Best of all, they are easy to create with a small budget for your own wedding!

Your photographer or videographer cant be everywhere at the reception and may miss capturing some of your BFFs celebrating. Building a photo booth is a great way to seize those candid moments and have fun with your loved ones. Several companies have started renting photo booths that are easy to transport. However, if your budget doesnt allow for one learn how to make your own in this article.

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Will You Provide Props For Your Photo Booth

This is where you can really have fun! Photo booth props are some of the easiest things to round up. You can make your own signs, purchase some from Etsy, grab items around your house, old Halloween costumes, glow sticks, hats, wigs, or even grab a couple of tiaras and crowns. You could buy a small dry erase board, chalkboard, or changeable letter board and let guests make their own signs! Props usually encourage guests to have fun and embrace their goofy side. They arent necessary but they sure make for a good laugh!

My Diy Wedding Saved Me Thousands: The Secrets To A Special Day On A Budget

When it comes to weddings, thinking imaginatively can save you thousands. Two DIY brides share their secrets to a homemade celebration

Half of us think we spend more on weddings than in the past, according to a poll by George Home.

Seven in ten of those asked blamed the soaring price of wedding venues.

Nearly four in five couples choose DIY weddings over a package, and one in three held the wedding in their own home. But not everyone can fit their family into a two-bed semi, so we asked two DIY brides, Alex and Katy, how they saved money on their homemade weddings.

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Involve Your Significant Other

Whitney Neal Studios

Don’t feel like you’re in this wedding planning process alone. Consult with your partner along the way their opinion is bound to be invaluable andeven if they’re only involved in some aspectsit makes wedding planning that much more fun when you can make decisions together. Working towards a common goal not only further bonds you and your partner but also helps you grow as a couple with every issue you tackle as a team.

Other Arrangements To Go With Your Diy Wedding Bouquet

Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations From Pinterest

Wedding bouquets aren’t the only arrangements you’ll need for your big day! At FiftyFlowers, we’re here to help you through every step of your DIY flowers. Our YouTube channel and DIY wedding flower blog are full of trends, tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you create your arrangements. We also share advice and ideas on , , and !

Consider checking out these links for more information on designing your wedding flowers from home:

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Bonus: Diy Bridal Shower Decorations

Now that youre all set on your DIY wedding decorations, how about your DIY bridal shower decorations?

71. Donut Wall

Get everyone at your bridal shower buzzing over your adorable, Instagramable donut wall. This dazzling donut display can be designed however you see fit, but at its most basic this craft involves adding pegs to a large board for the donuts to hang from.

72. Designated Chair

Let it be known whose chair is whose by creating some fun designated signs. Choose to carve your titles in cursive or even paint your names on a plaque. The design is up to you!

73. DIY Sign

Get crafty by creating your own sign welcoming your guests to your bridal party. Display your DIY sign on a wooden easel to complete the look.

74. Photo Wall

Create a corner of your venue designated for a photo op. Hang curtains or a tapestry along the wall with fun celebratory bridal shower balloons or garland. This will be the perfect spot for you and your bridal party to take all the memorable pictures you could ever want.

75. Photo Collection

Set up a fun display at the entrance of your party to commemorate your relationship. Add pictures to a wooden display and embellish it with some flowers for you and your guests to admire throughout the day.

What Not To Diy For Your Wedding

Some wedding DIY projects are just a no-go. For example, not booking a wedding photographer. You should really think about choosing a wedding photographer thats a professional, who knows what they are doing.

One of the biggest wedding pieces of advice out there is from couples saying that wished they booked a pro wedding photographer or wedding videographer.

Put simply, a professional has the experience, equipment and knowledge of taking good wedding photos. You just wont enjoy fuzzy shots, missed moments or badly lit images/videos after the day, and they cant be redone.

But does it matter if your wedding favours are a little on the rustic/wonky side? Not at all. That your decor is a little inconsistent? Not really. It all comes down to whats important to you. If you want a professional finish, hire a pro. Simple.

Photo: Naomi Jane Photography via Literary Wedding

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How To Make A Diy Wedding Bouquet

DIY doesnt save the world, and it isnt always cheaper. But when it comes to wedding flowers I personally feel that the latter of the two should be true. When you hire a florist you are not only price quoted for the flowers, but also the labor put into making your floral arrangements. So, if you can take the labor out of the cost by making your own bouquet, youll be spending a lot less money.

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We live in a world of many, many options and no one said that you had to go one place and one place only to get your flowers. With other aspects of your wedding, yes, you may have to be loyal to one particular supplier or vendor. But with your flowers, do what works for you and your budget. If you want to get your roses from Costco, but your greenery from the flower market, then go for it! There is no flower-buying etiquette to be followed here. Trust me: the flowers will understand.


Creative And Gorgeous Diy Wedding Invitation Ideas

How To: DIY Wedding Planning Binder: How to | Wedding Planning

Looking for an interesting and unique way to DIY your wedding invitations? We have 10 fabulous techniques that almost anyone can master…

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

If youre a hands-on couple who want to get creative with your wedding stationery, or just want to save money on your wedding invites, youll love our top tips and tricks for making DIY wedding invitations.

From making the wedding invitations yourself to smaller additions thatll give your professionally-made stationery a little DIY flair, we have a range of amazing ideas and unusual ways to create the most beautiful DIY wedding invitations.

Once youve made them, make sure to check out our guide to wedding invitation wording we cover everything from what to write if its a second marriage, to same-sex weddings, church services and more!


The great thing about watercolour is its easy to do and theres no right or wrong, its not meant to look perfect so even the most amateur DIY couples can do it we promise!

You Will Need:

  • A small paintbrush
  • Some water
  • Watercolours in the shade of your choice
  • Quality, professional-grade watercolour card


Step One

If youre using paint from the tube, squeeze a little of each colour out onto a piece of card this will make mixing a lot easier!

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

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Set Your Wedding Budgetand Stick To It

Whitney Neal Studios

Your wedding budget will be the driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions, so this should be one of the first things you tackle. If any family members will be contributing, chat with them about what theyre comfortable spending. If youre footing the bill yourself, its time to take a hard look at your finances. Be prepared for a reality check when it comes to actually budgeting for your wedding day as many couples dont realize the full scope of costs involved. Once youve got that magic number, stick to it!

Don’t forget to build in a 10 percent splurge cushion for those unexpected costs or urges that inevitably arise.

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