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How To Do A Small Wedding

Planning A Small Wedding: Be Creative With The Venue


As celebrity wedding and event producer Stefanie Cove explains, you can actually get much more creative with your venue for a small wedding. âIt opens up a world of possibilities when you don’t have to find a venue to accommodate hundreds of people.â That, in turn, can allow you to make the day feel more unique to you as a couple, she continues, since youâre more able to choose a space thatâs personal and reflects who you are. âWe’ve planned intimate weddings at really special homes we’ve found online, beautiful ruins on islands, different art museums, beautiful gardens, etc.â In other words, donât be afraid to think outside the box.

Replace Formal Caterer With Food Truck

Want to skip the caterer and opt for something a bit more unique? Hire a food truck for your outdoor reception. Consider trucks that serve dishes such as fresh woodfired pizza, falafel, street tacos and even ice cream trucks. Just be sure to attain the proper licenses and legal paperwork from your vendor ahead of time.

Planning A Small Wedding: Get Non

That doesnât mean the rest of the people you love canât be a part of the day, though. Lee notes that Zoom or FaceTime attendance is an obvious option â but that she especially loves when couples hire a videographer so that they can share a beautifully edited recap with guests. âA professionally edited video with the right soundtrack can really capture the mood and tell the story of the day in a way that video conferencing can’t quite capture the romance!â

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Things To Consider When Planning A Micro Wedding

Bride and Grooms-to-be have had to get creative with their wedding plans in 2020. Since limits on large gatherings and physical contact were put in place in March, and the subsequent reduction in guest numbers announced in September, thats meant a big change of plan for lots of couples. While some have chosen to put their wedding plans on hold, others have adapted theirs to fit with the temporary restrictions and as a result, micro weddings are set to become the biggest wedding trend of the year.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings arent just a recent phenomenon – theyve been around for years as a more flexible and relaxed alternative for couples who arent totally sold on having a big white wedding. Theyre for no more than 20-30 people and celebrations are often shorter in length than a traditional wedding day. The beauty of a micro wedding is that there is no normal! Its completely down to the couple to decide how long, short, formal, informal or anything else theyd like their celebrations to be. With an already-growing desire by couples to host celebrations with a difference, micro weddings might be here to stay.

What to consider when planning a micro wedding

1. Who is going to make the guest list

2. Where you want to host it

3. How you want to run your day

4. What elements are a must-have

5. What your dress code will be

6. Whether to hire a photographer

7. Making it personal

Micro wedding venue in central London

Get Your Guests Involved In The Event

Two Nurses say " I do"  to Small Micro Backyard wedding ...


Most weddings only involve a select few guests . However, if you’re having a small wedding, you can involve more of your guests. Depending on the size of the event, you can have everyone read a line of a special reading at the ceremony, have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows, seat them at one big table at the wedding reception, or have everyone attend the rehearsal dinner.

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Elevate Your Small Wedding Reception Space With Decor

Remember to design the space, not just the tables and centerpieces! Consider lights, plants, fabrics, textures, and other playful ideas. Some small wedding ideas for your reception decor include:

  • Hang up a canopy of fabric over the space for an Instagram-worthy photo op.
  • Bring in orchids and other lively plants to fill a corner of the room.
  • Create small tables that are used as decorations for larger areas within your wedding venue. Take advantage of the space by utilizing it to your fullest.
  • Have different textures on every table: textured linens, marble floors, wood chairs, etc. for an eclectic look

The decoration ideas weve talked about are an excellent place to start, but you can run with them! The best thing you can do is brainstorm and have fun! Youll find that the more imaginative you get, the better small wedding reception youll end up having.

What Are Some Unique Small Wedding Venues In London

Discover some amazing small venues that are perfect for a small crowd of your nearest and dearest. With these venues you wont have to sacrifice any of your wedding day dreams just because you prefer a smaller and more intimate gathering.

  • The Council Chamber at the Museum of the Order of St John Dating back to the 16th century, this venue offers a sumptuous and historic feel on an intimate and small scale.
  • The Library at The Chesterfield Mayfair Enjoy a small wedding at this Regency era hotel in Mayfair. Enjoy the ambiance of an earlier age as you get hitched.
  • The Oratory at The Milestone Hotel and Residences Fitting only 8 guests, this is truly the most intimate venue you can find in London. Enjoy this Grade II listed venue in Londons posh borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

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How Can I Make A Small Wedding Reception Fun

Some wedding couples choose to forgo the traditional reception dance at their small wedding. A few cool small wedding ideas and activities for your wedding reception include the following:

  • Board games, like Wheres George?, Guess Who? or Candyland.
  • Set up a photo booth with props and fun backdrops. Many venues provide a photobooth, including Mountain House Estate.
  • You can display an artsy centerpiece at reception tables as people mingle before dinner is served. Consider a mix of fresh flowers, candles, small succulents , and other items.
  • Cupcake tower: stand up a tall, slim stack of cupcakes with thin cardboard circles on the bottom to help keep them standing
  • Hire a string quartet, live band, or another kind of small ensemble playing for guests during dinner. If youre bold, host an open mic!
  • Allow your guests to wear costumes at the reception for a more laid-back vibe.

Buy A Small Cake Or Cupcakes From A Grocery Store

How to do a small wedding decoration in Nigeria /DIY Nigerian wedding decoration

Brides Magazine reports that the average cost of a wedding cake is $350. This is an area where the cost can easily be trimmed by having something a bit more simple. Rather than heading straight to a wedding cake specialist, see what options are available for a smaller, simpler cake from a grocery store. In my area, the local grocery store chain, Hy-Vee, offered an enormous variety of cake options, ranging from very classy tiered wedding cakes that almost matched the $350 tag to much simpler options that would serve 50 guests for around $100.

Strategy: Look at grocery stores for cake options Savings: $250

Another option is to simply buy cupcakes. You can buy large numbers of cupcakes from many bakeries for as little as $1 each. Pair that with a $30 cake stand and you can provide 70 cupcakes with a beautiful display for just $100.

Strategy: Buy cupcakes and arrange them yourself Savings: $250

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Dont Forget About Zoom

Even when virtual weddings are no longer a necessity, you may want to consider live streaming the ceremony and allocating 20 minutes of computer time to share in the well-wishes from loved ones you werent able to accommodate IRL. Another idea: ask your videographer to create and share a same-day edit of the ceremony that others can watch on their own time.

Stock The Bar Yourself

A wedding bartender typically costs $35 per hour, but that doesnt include the cost of the alcohol, which adds up to $2,300, according to The Knot. You can save a lot of money here by simply hiring someone to bartend and providing the alcohol yourself, provided the venue is OK with that . You can save as much as 50% by sourcing your own alcohol.

Strategy: Source your own alcohol and hire a separate bartender Savings: $1,150

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Keep Track Of Your Spending

Creating the budget is the easy partsticking to the budget can be a bit harder as you start buying decor items and choosing between catering packages. After all, it can be hard to say no when your favorite flower arrangement or cake costs more than you budgeted for.

If you spend more money in one areaperhaps your attire or flowers come in higher than expectedtry to make adjustments to other wedding categories to balance the budget.

Each time you spend money, be sure to write down the expense or log it in your spreadsheet so you’re aware of what’s left in the budget to spend.

Remember How Special A Small Wedding Can Be

Small intimate wedding design. Do you plan to have a small ...

Whether you’ve always dreamed of having a small wedding or are planning one as a result of budgetary constraints or COVID-19 regulations, remember that a small wedding can be just as signficiant.

“For many couples, having a small wedding is ideal since it allows them to fully engage with each of their guests and allows them to select set a more intimate vibe for the day,” Lord said.

A smaller celebration usually takes a lot of pressure off the happy couple, too, so they can just enjoy their big day.

“Inviting only your closest friends and relatives to the wedding is a solution for to-be-weds who may feel overwhelmed by the thought of spending an entire day in the spotlight or impressing hundreds of people with a grand celebration,” Iacia said.

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Mix Shapes On Your Tablescape

Carlie Statsky

Perhaps flower arrangements aren’t enough for your ideal table decor setup. If you want tablescapes that wow, incorporate mismatched china shapes to add depth to place settings. Adding an angular plate to a round charger is a simple detail that will make an aesthetically pleasing impact.

What Are The Steps To Planning A Wedding

When it comes to how to plan a wedding, its a good idea to follow a checklistand tackle the listed steps in order. Theres a method to the madness here, and sticking to a wedding-planning checklist will ensure a smooth and relatively stress-free process. For example, theres a reason why you should set a date and book your venue before choosing your attireto make sure your look is comfortable for your events setting and season. And thats just one example of why following the steps to planning a wedding is so important youll find many more in the list below.

If you’re someone who finds a wedding checklist a bit overwhelming, heres a list of the basic steps youll need to complete to ensure your big day is a success. Of course, there are more tasks you may want to tackle, but were just talking the must-dos here. Ready to go into planning mode? Heres how to plan a wedding step by step.

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Consider A Restaurant Venue

Fewer people on the guest list means the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a nontraditional venue, and a restaurant may be the perfect fit. They’re unique spaces that have everything you need in one place, Meyer says. Consider a spot that you and your partner love to frequent. Just be sure you love everything about it, from the style and the menu to the existing décor, as restaurants often have restrictions on decorations.

Customize Your Micro Wedding Ideas Further With A Theme

How to Plan Your Intimate Wedding | Philippines

Now you know exactly what a micro wedding is, along with plenty of ideas to help you plan it. You also know how to customize it for each season, how much it costs, and how to plan a simple one. Now, personalize your micro wedding further with affordable outdoor themes such as a backyard wedding or even a beach wedding.

Find the perfect wedding venue for your budget!

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Why Do Couples Choose A Small Wedding

There are plenty of reasons why couples choose to have a small wedding. For example, some of them include

  • Lower the overall cost of their wedding ceremony
  • Spend money on bigger priorities and eliminate wedding planners costs
  • Create an intimate celebration with people who matter in your life
  • Avoid all the stress that comes with big weddings
  • Make wedding planning easy for the couple

Tips On Planning A Small Wedding

Planning a small wedding is definitely easier and much less stressful than a big wedding. A destination wedding with your closest family and friends is not just the ultimate trend. It is also highly recommended to enjoy a wedding, a honeymoon and a holiday at the same time.

Most of the couples who decided to have an intimate wedding have a very clear vision. The drive of cutting the guests list is not dictated by the number of seats. Instead, the idea is to share the day with the most important people in their life. Enjoy every little meaningful moment and have fun! From that vision to booking a destination wedding and sending out Save The Date notice is a very small step.

  • Pick a dateDespite big wedding planning, micro weddings allow couples to pick a date without a massive advance. Its almost like turning a wedding into an elopement with few guests. Short notice is absolutely doable, and you can definitely consider it. Keep in mind, your guests are the most important people in your life, and they will quickly respond with yes to travel with you to your destination wedding.
  • Set a budgetDo you want a full house with a basic wedding experience? Or a few numbers of people enjoying only the best you can offer? Decide on this and create a budget to suit.Tip: Determine the number of guests by the amount youre willing to spend and not the other way round.
  • Sara Bartolini, wedding planner and coordinator for SposiamoVi

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    Add Lots Of Personal Touches

    While we can’t get enough of personal touches in any kind of wedding, a little goes a long way with a small wedding. Think of details that are achievable and impactful, like writing a personalised note for each of your guests, including photos of everyone around the room, or having a menu that’s a little more curated than you might be able to pull off with a larger guest list. Add your personality to your day too your choice of venue, the music you play over dinner, the cocktail options, the decor. Having a small wedding means you can worry less about ‘pleasing a big crowd’, and make your day truly reflective of you and your other half.

    Photo by Kyrstin Healy Photography via One Fab Day

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