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What Goes On The Wedding Invitation

Why Does The Brides Name Go First

What information to include in your Wedding Invitations

It has been thought that the practice of having the brides name first on the wedding invitation is from the ladies first mentality. This is even part of the Western etiquette for wedding invitations that are usually followed diligently by most brides and grooms.

Another reason why the brides name is first on the wedding invitation is that its also more traditional for the brides parents to host the event. In addition, because the brides family in some cultures has a higher share of expenses, theyll also earn the right to have the brides name preceding the groom.

How To Communicate Vaccination Requirements In Your Wedding Invitation

When you think back to the wedding invitations you received over the yearsfrom friends, from family, from coworkersthe odds are quite low that in any one of those invitations was it stated that youd have had to have received a vaccination in order to attend. Nope. RSVP yes or no. Choose chicken or fish. Done.

Today, its a bit more complicated.

Intimate ceremonies, large gatherings, and destination knot-tyings alike are now faced with the question of what to do about guests and COVID-19 vaccinations. Per your venues rulesor, per your ruleswill all guests be required to be vaccinated? Will unvaccinated guests be able to attend, but only if they agree to physically distance themselves from the ceremony and reception? Or, will unvaccinated guests be restricted from the ceremony , but be permitted to attend the reception ?

And, finally, how can you, the couple to be wed, respectfully and effectively communicate your wishes? From figuring out just what to say to how best to go about gathering replies, and everything in between, in this blog post well be taking a look at how to do just that.

But first, remember: its your day.

As important as it is to remember this, its just as easy to forget: your wedding day is your day. Not your moms, not your uncles, not your best friends. Yours. Its supposed to be a special day a really special day, one that youll look back upon fondly for years and years and years.

How To Present Your Contact Details On Your Wedding Invitations

  • If all of the elements of your address are separated by single lines then you do not need to add commas to the end of each line.
  • If your address is written across one line the commas are required between the house name, road, town and county.
  • No comma is required between the county and the postcode.

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Hosted By Divorced Parents

To include divorced parents on the invitationeither for the bride or the groominclude the mothers name first followed by the fathers name on a separate line without an and separating them.

  • For divorced mothers who are not remarried, use the courtesy title Ms. followed by whichever last name she prefers .
  • To include stepparents on the invitationfor either the bride or the groom list the mother and stepfathers names first, followed by the father and stepmothers names.
  • List the mother first regardless if the father is remarried and the mother is not.
  • The bride should consider including her last name if multiple sets of parents, with different last names, come before her on the invitation.

Formal Invitation Example

When To Send Destination Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Printable, Kraft,Wedding Invitation ...

As we hinted at earlier, the wedding invitation timeline varies a tad for non-local weddings. So when do you send destination wedding invitations?

The general rule of thumb is to give an extra month for destination wedding invites to be sent out. Why? It gives you guests ample time to sort out their travel plans. And if you have guests coming in from an international destination, we recommend adding on some additional time to account for lengthier mailing times.

How long will it take for your wedding invites to travel to your international guests homes? Double that time to account for mailing back an RSVP, and add that time to your wedding invitation timeline.

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Is A Year Too Early To Send Wedding Invitations

Once you have sent your save the dates out, for a locally held wedding, sending your wedding invitations out around 8 weeks in advance is fine. Deciding on when to send a wedding invitation requires striking a balance between spreading the word in good time and being close enough to the date itself.

Heres Everything You Must Have In Your Wedding Invitation Wording

The HostIts important to give your hosts – you know, the people footing the bill – some prime real estate on your invite card. Kick off your wedding invitation wording with something like Mr. and Mrs. invite you to celebrate the marriage of to give your hosts the recognition they deserve.

In many circumstances, several parties will split the bill. If this is your situation, lead with something like The families of Dylan and Jamie or Together with their families, Dylan and Jamie request the pleasure of your company. This will help you avoid offending your future in-laws or family.

The CoupleAfter youve given your hosts a well-deserved shout out, include the names of you and your significant other in a bolder, more exciting font – you are the main event, after all. While youre free to stray from tradition, there are some conventions that are usually followed in this portion of your wedding invitation wording. For opposite-sex weddings the brides name comes before the grooms and for same-sex weddings the names are included in alphabetical order.

The DateThe date is a key element to any invitation and you really dont want to get it wrong on your wedding invites! Make sure to include the day of the week, the month and the year so your guests know when to block off time.

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Creative And Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Invitation guidelines for you to follow , even in 2020

Figuring out your wedding invitation wording is all about figuring out what the rules are and then figuring out how you want to strategically break them . Now, figuring out your wedding invitation wording in 2020 thats just an added challenge.

Your job is to come up with wording that makes you and your partner happy and causes minimal family stress. Because for whatever reason, family sometimes use wedding invitations as a flashpoint to unpack allll the family drama.

Invitation Suite including Handmade Ornate Frame Invitation, Refined Save the Date, and Bad Dancing RSVP card. Photo by The Poffs.

In reality, wedding invitation wording is a place where you might want to get creative but not TOO creative. No matter what beautiful form they come in , they still need to convey some basic information. Who are you? What are you doing? When and where are you doing it? How you share that information can express anything from your values to the kind of wedding youre going to have to your artistic taste. But wedding invitation wording still is, in its most basic form, a simple means of passing along information. Nothing more, nothing less.

Vintage Floral Frame Invitation

Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa all set to tie the knot, wedding invitation goes viral

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This whimsical design features bold print with the happy couples names, surrounded by gold leaves and branches. The old-world feel has a slightly vintage, almost nostalgic pattern to it, making it the perfect invitation for a formal ceremony.

Choose from a blush, plum, seafoam, or black color palette, or create a color palette of your own design.The corresponding save the date card matches the invitation perfectly, while the thank you note features a photo of the couple.

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Whose Name Goes First On Wedding Invitation

If youre unsure with whose name goes first on wedding invitation, its the brides. But before you go on with this information, continue reading this article for the dos and donts of making a wedding invitation.

Well go through the etiquette of wedding invitations as its something not to be stressed about. You can also browse our wedding blogs for other tips and guides for this important event.

Perhaps youre also in charge of the venue? Then read how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric.

What Will Fit Best On The Invitation Card

One thing that all couples should consider is the layout of the text on the invitation itself. If you are having a decorative edge around the text then it may just be that the names fit better one way or the other. If youre not fussed on standing by tradition then this could make your decision for you. You can also think ahead to your other stationery here too, things like your order of the day and table plan. What order will you be putting your names in on those?

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Details Cards You Probably Don’t Need

Attire Cards

If your wedding venue requires a strict dress code other than simply black-tie or cocktail attire, you may wish to include an attire card. This is especially important in the case where couples are married on military bases and a strict dress code is required for admittance.

What to Include: Brief attire suggestions, such as lawn-appropriate shoes or beach-casual.

What Not to Include: A long list of what they should not wear or too many attire suggestions. Keep it short and sweet by including only necessary details.

Ways to Save: You can skip this card by including all details on your wedding website. You may also notate black-tie or cocktail attire in the lower right hand corner of your invitation.

Registry Inserts

Traditional wedding etiquette states that you do not include wedding registry details on any of your wedding stationery. However, many brides may consider it necessary to share this information with loved ones, and for the most part, I agreethis insert can be especially useful for long-distance family and friends.

What to Include: Only list 2-3 stores that you are registered at.

What Not to Include: Any other information outside of your registry details, such as asking for monetary gifts or certain items off your registry.

Ways to Save: Skip this card and include wedding registry details on your website.

When Should You Send Wedding Invites Out Uk

Wedding Stationery Guide: What goes in your invitation ...

Timeline for Mailing Invitations

Local wedding invitations should be mailed, preferably, at least 8 weeks in advance of the wedding. Under no circumstances should they be posted later than 6 weeks in advance. Wedding invites to out-of-town guests should be mailed at least 10 weeks prior to the wedding.

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The Request To Attend

There are many ways to ask for the pleasure of your guests’ company. The British spelling of “honour” traditionally indicates the ceremony will be held in a church or another house of worship. Here are few options:

  • “the pleasure of your company”
  • “at the marriage of their children”
  • “would love for you to join them”
  • “invite you to celebrate with them”
  • “honor of your presence”

Include More Details In Your Invitation Suite

The design of the invitation itself is truly up to you to choose, though professional wedding planners often recommend that you tie it into your wedding theme in some waythrough colors or design embellishments.

Wedding etiquette demands that the invitation only contains the above key details of the event. However, the invitation suite can include other important details:

  • the appropriate attire for guests at the event
  • a map to the event location
  • accommodation details
  • information about any wedding-related activities.

It can also include an RSVP card, with a please respond by date that is roughly four weeks prior to your event. Dont forget a self-addressed, stamped envelope!

Wedding etiquette also demands that you leave gift or registry information out of your invitation suite. If you have prepared a wedding registry for your guests convenience, family members can help to spread this information. Additionally, you can include registry information on your wedding website, with easy links to follow.

Another important detail is the wedding invitation envelope, which should always be hand addressed in beautiful handwriting. Your guests names should be written out in full, preceded by social titles like Mr. and Ms.

All the words in the address should be written out in full, with house numbers under twenty spelled out. The return address should be written on the back flap.

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Invitation Do’s And Don’ts: What To Include On Your Invitations

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You’ve found the perfect invitation for your occasion, but what do you put on it? Below is a list of the details to check for when you compose and order your party invitations:

Purpose of the invitation:

A birthday party, a wedding, a holiday party, a graduation party open house.Include the occasion you are celebrating.

Name of honoree:

“Sally Smith” or “Ken and Jennifer”- the birthday person, the graduate, mother-to-be, the bride and groom

Day and Date

“Saturday, August 29th” or if it is formal, “Saturday, the twenty-ninth of August. Be sure to look at your calendar to make sure as in this example, the date is really on a Saturday.

Tip:When you include the year after the date:

Correct: August 29, 2025 Incorrect: August 29th, 2025 the “th” or “nd” is only used when a date is not followed by the year.


Informal invitations do not require the year.

For a formal event, include the year and spell it out: “two thousand and twenty-five” instead of “2025.”


“6:00 p.m.” with small letters and periods p.m.

For for formal events, spell out the time such as: eleven o’clock in the morning six o’clock in the evening with little “o” and “c” on the word “o’clock”

Tip:Before 6:00 p.m., use “in the afternoon”After 6:00 p.m., use “in the evening”

Name of Place

If the party is not in your home, you should include the name of the place: “Opah’s Restaurant”If the party is at a home, you can use: “at the home of Dan & Chris Robinson”

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Parents Names

Cricut wedding invitation: What paper do you need?

In addition to designing wedding invitations, I provide a lot of wedding invitation etiquette advicesuch as how to word the invitation properly, what phrases to use for a church verses a non-religious venue, whether to use the bride and grooms middle names, how to mention attire, whether to direct guests to a registry, where to list a wedding website, and the list goes on and on. With more and more couples paying for or contributing significantly to their own wedding budget, many couples are asking for my advice on when and where to list the couples parents names on their wedding invitation.

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