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What To Say At A Wedding

More Wedding Speech Tips For Non

How to Start a Wedding Ceremony (What to Say and Do!)

Despite what the storybooks may tell you, not every wedding features a young bride and groom and two sets of happily married parents. Every wedding is a wonderful celebration of love, so for those of you celebrating a second marriage, same sex wedding or hosting a ceremony without parents, speech writing coach Lawrence Bernstein has some more wedding tips tailored to your big day.

Welcome Them To The Family

When its a family member getting marriedwhether its your sibling, your child, your dad, your cousin or even your grandmayou might want to add a welcome for the new spouse marrying into your family.

More casual

  • , welcome to our big, crazy family! , what a lucky guy you are. Congratulations and lots of love to you both,
  • , youve been like family for a long time, but now its official. , it means so much to see you marrying the love of your life. Im so overjoyed for both of you!
  • Today you officially become your very own family of . So glad to have you both as part of our bigger family, too!

More formal

  • Together, youre going to be such a blessing to our family. All our love to you both as you join your lives in marriage.
  • Your wedding is such a wonderful day for the two of you and for our family.
  • Today, our family grows by one new member and by so much love and happiness.

Wedding Card Messages For Friends

Your best friend is getting married? Wish him or her well on their new journey with their other half with the perfect greeting. When writing a wedding card message for friends you can choose to be very personal or keep things more general. Again, the key is to think about your relationship with him or her and their significant other. If you stick with this, your love for these newlyweds will shine through your greeting.


  • Im so happy to call you both my friends.
  • May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my lifeand more!
  • Heres to love and friendship.
  • We all need somebody to love, care about and trust. Im really happy that my best friend has found this special person. Congratulations on your wedding and may your life together be a continuous honeymoon.
  • Weve been friends since childhood and who would have thought that we all would be married one day. But it happened and today is your marriage! Wish you two trust and understanding, patience and love.
  • Were so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you both.
  • Of all the big life events weve celebrated over the years, today tops the list.
  • The fortune-teller we saw in Vegas was right. You did meet the man/woman of your dreams. Best wishes to you both.

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Wedding Best Man Speech

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Wedding speeches best man deliver are usually the most humorous of all the others. Thank yous are also appropriate, especially to the bridesmaids and fellow groomsmen. Some anecdotes about the groom would be also much anticipated. People expect wedding best man speeches to be memorable, funny, with well wishes to the couple. Humor is a must.

Take a look at this great example of a witty speech, presented by the best man.

There comes a time in everyones life when they meet their one true love, their soul mate, the person thats going to know and love them for the rest of their life. That moment came for the groom3 years ago when he met me.Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that dont know me my name, is Dan, What-would-you-like-to-drink. I hope youll come and say hello at the bar later, but pleasecall me by my full name.On behalf of the bride and groom, Id like to thank you all for coming. And I want to give special thanks to the parents of the bride and groom its amazing how far some people are willing to travel, just for some free food and drink.And finally, Id like to thank my best friend , for giving me the first EVER opportunity. to be able to speak for five minutes without him interrupting!

They say, in a good marriage the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. So let us drink to the fact that our young people did not know in life either headaches or heartaches!

Do You Say Congratulations For A Wedding

What To Say On A Wedding Card What To Say On A Wedding ...

You absolutely can say congratulations on a wedding card or in your wedding wishes.Saying congratulations is a way to celebrate the occasion and marking the importance of the day. It used to be a faux pas to use the word congratulations in wedding wishes since it signified you were congratulating the bride on finding and marrying someone but that is just not the case anymore.

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Wedding Invitation Wording If Both Sets Of Parents Are Hosting

The couple’s parents should each be listed on separate lines, starting with the bride’s or whoever’s name falls alphabetically first. Since both last names are included in the greeting, there’s no need to use last names for the to-be-wedsunless, again, if either of them has a different last name than their parents. In that case, list out their full name, in addition to the full names of their parents.

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Sample:

Sample 1:

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith &

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Franklin Kim

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their children

Jack Alexander

at 4:30 in the afternoon


Shes Your Wife So Feel Free To Mention It

Nothing gets more of heart-warming cheer than the line my wife and I. Yes its predicable and a little bit cheesy, but the novelty of hearing it for the first time never fails to please your new bride or your guests. And that cheer will relax a nervous speaker no end.

P.S. Weve also got an extensive list below, so you can choose the appropriate guide for you

Traditionally, speeches have always been made by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. Three blokes and only one of them was meant to be funny. The traditional etiquette can work a treat and may be a great fit for your wedding. However, its 2020 and who says you need to stick to tradition when it comes to your wedding.

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+ Wedding Quotes For Any Speech

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Looking for the right words to express your feelings on the big day? Turn to these funny, sentimental, or traditional quotes for your vows, toasts, speeches, or more. Whether you want to impart some wisdom or inject a little laughter into your bridal shower toast or best man speech, quotes will help you get there and sprinkling in sentiments from world-renowned poets, authors, philosophers, and even beloved movie characters can help take any speech to the next level. Below is a comprehensive list of short and sweet love and to inspire your own wedding day. Use them as a starting point for your wedding vows, sprinkle them throughout your heartwarming toast, or work them into your wedding decor and custom wedding invitations. Whichever sentiment you choose, its bound to hit home.

When You Can’t Make It

What to Say at a COVID Wedding [With Script!]

Even when you cant make the destination wedding in Hawaii , you can still make your presence felt by letting the couple know youre with them in spirit.

More casual

  • Congratulations on your big day, ! Wish we could be there to see it.
  • So sorry I couldnt be there to celebrate with you. But even though Ill miss the dress, the bouquet and the first dance, I would never miss the chance to wish you all the very best in life as you begin this amazing journey together!
  • I wish I could be at your wedding to give you both a hug and tell you how happy I am for you.

More formal

  • With you in spirit as you join hands and hearts and lives for always.
  • As you lift your glasses to each other tonight, I lift mine to you both from afar. Heres to a truly amazing couple and to a marriage filled with every happiness.
  • Thinking of you both with love on your wedding day.
  • Our warmest thoughts and wishes are with you as you celebrate your marriage.

Writing tip: When you cant make the wedding, you dont have to include an apology in your personal message. Just the act of sending the card lets the couple know youre thinking of them.

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Dont Procrastinate On Writing Your Vows

If you decide to write your own vows, make sure you dedicate plenty of time to not only writing your vows but practicing your delivery as well. Your vows are a lifetime promise that youre making to your partner in front of your closest friends and family, so they should be meaningful and personal, but without being too revealing. Choose your words carefully, and rehearse until you feel confident and comfortable saying them aloud.

Who Gives A Toast At A Wedding

Your parents/parent figures, wedding party members, best friends, or close relatives are generally the ones who give speeches or readings throughout your wedding celebration, but ultimately, you can ask whoever you want if it will mean something to you. Keep in mind that speeches are traditionally given at the rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, and sometimes during the ceremony, such as readings or blessings. Here are all the wedding speeches you’ll need to plan for and who traditionally gives them at each eventbut remember this can change depending on your personal preferences and what does or doesn’t apply to you as a couple.

Rehearsal dinner speeches

Since fewer people will be in attendance, these rehearsal dinner toasts can be longer and more involved than wedding day speeches. Say hello and introduce yourself, then welcome everyone and say how excited you are for the wedding. Tell a sweet, hilarious, or intriguing story thats related to the couple or the wedding. For example, give your first impression of meeting the bride or groom talk about how the couple met or got engaged or share a childhood memory, like how the bride used to try on her mothers wedding gown when she was a teenager. End with something sentimental and heartfelt about the couple or a quote about marriage, then wish the couple well.

Wedding ceremony speeches and readings

Wedding reception speeches

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Qualities Of A Wedding Mc

Most receptions that have an MC have someone who is known to the bride and groom rather than a professional Master of Ceremonies.

In some cases this is a budget consideration. In other cases, the bride and groom dont feel its necessary which generally is true if your MC has the right guidance.

However, it should be remembered that the success or failure of the newlyweds special day rests primarily with how well the MC organizes the reception and its events.

Thats why its important to pick the right person for the job.

Here are several qualities that a Master of Ceremonies should have:

1. Outgoing personality4. Cool under pressure someone who doesnt get flustered easily

From Sacred Ceremony Book:

Wedding wishes things to say about the couple

_______, today we begin our lives together. I promise before our families and our friends to be your faithful . I choose to live with you, as your lover, companion and friend, loving you when life is peaceful, and when it is painful, during our successes, and during our failures, supported by your strengths, and accepting your weaknesses. I will honor your goals and dreams, trying always, to encourage your fulfillment. I will strive to be honest, and open with you, sharing my thoughts, and my life with you. I promise to love and cherish you from this day forward.

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What To Write On A Wedding Card To A Friend

It’s just as good of a choice to go classic with wedding wording on a friend’s wedding card as it is to get specific and personal. Before you write, consider your relationship and how funny, serious, personal or sentimental you want to get with your wedding wishes. Then go from there.


  • “I’m so happy to call you both my friends. Congratulations!”
  • “That fortune-teller we saw in Vegas was right. You did meet the man/woman of your dreams. Best wishes to you both!”
  • “Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated over the years, today tops the list. Congrats!”
  • “Thank you for inviting me to share in this day with you and your family. Best wishes.”
  • “I’m/we’re so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you both.”
  • “Best wishes for a long and happy life together.”
  • “May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my lifeâand more!”
  • “We’ve had so many laughs together! May you always make each other laugh!”
  • “Here’s to love and friendship!”
  • “Congratulations to a wonderful friend and his/her new husband/wife.”

Wedding Wishes For Your Son Or Daughter And Son

It’s a big deal when your son or daughter marries. And when you’re the mother or father of the bride or groom, you’ll most likely feel a flurry of emotions that are extra tricky to get down on paper. What’s most important is that you wish the couple well. From there, add in some personal touches to the otherwise standard wedding wishes quote to give your wedding card message meaning. If you’re happily married, you could even add some of your own marriage advice.


  • “We are/I am so happy to welcome a new son/daughter to the family.”
  • “What a wonderful day for our family, and especially you two. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime.”
  • “Today, we add one more member to our family, and we couldn’t be happier. Best wishes to you both.”
  • “Best wishes to my son/daughter and son-in-law/daughter-in-law as you start your life together.”
  • “We/I love you both. We/I couldn’t be happier!”
  • “Lots of love and happiness to you both on this exciting and joyful day for our family.”
  • “My/our deepest love and very best wishes to you both.”
  • “Son/daughter, I/we feel many emotions on this day. Most of all, I’m/we’re happy you’ve found someone wonderful to share your life with. Best wishes to you both.”
  • “We/I know we’re/I’m not losing a son/daughter. We’re/I’m gaining a son/daughter. Much happiness to you.”

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