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How To Stack Wedding Bands

Why Do We Stack Wedding Rings

Transform Your Engagement Ring with Stackable Bands

One of the most popular modern ring-styling trends is the stacked wedding ring look. Ring stacking is a style of jewelry layering that combines multiple rings on one finger. Whether to celebrate an anniversary, milestone moment, or simply for the pleasure of owning a sparkling piece, building a ring stack is a great way to showcase your personal style and allows for endless styling combinations. Ring stacks most commonly start off with an engagement ring, a wedding band, and then finally additional anniversary or stacking rings. These stacking rings can be styled in any combination for a personalized look that is all your own.

The idea of stacking rings dates back to Ancient Roman times. Roman lore states that the fourth finger on your left hand contains the vein of love that leads directly to your heart. Wearing a ring on this finger signified your commitment to love and that your marriage was the closest to your heart. Although this belief isnt scientifically correct, the tradition of wearing rings on this ring finger continues to this day. Western culture has since adopted the idea of adding additional anniversary rings to your bridal set to hallmark milestone moments thus the modern-day ring stack was born. Today, the stacking ring trend is a symmetry between tradition and fashion.

Can You Mix Metals What About Stones

Absolutely! Now more than ever, its all about mixing metals, stone colors, and shapes to add excitement to your stack, says Emily Goldstein of EF Collection. Teichman agrees. Mixing metals and stones will add personality and make your stack different from anyone elses. Its all about buying and wearing things that make you happy, so if you want to pair a family heirloom yellow gold band with a platinum engagement ring, go for it!

Kaman recommends choosing a focal point to keep things cohesive. If you choose yellow gold as a common thread, mix textures and stone colors but keep the metal matching. If you prefer mixed metals, stick with a single stone color like white or champagne to pull it all together, she says.

What Are Wedding Ring Stacks

As the name suggests, wedding ring stacks are multiple rings worn together on the same finger. Besides wedding and engagement rings, some people tend to have rings to celebrate motherhood as well. Similarly, there can be numerous other occasions to celebrate with a ring.

But, how do you stack these rings along with the wedding and engagement rings? This is the fun part. You can mix and match and really play while stacking wedding rings till you get a combination you like. Whatever best shows your individual style or your commitment to your partner, you should go with that.

Besides that, here are some tips to help you stack all your motherhood, wedding, and engagement rings together.

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How To Get Started With Your Ring Stack

When it’s time to choose the bands to create your stack, there are a few things Sheffield suggests keeping in mind. The size and shape of your engagement ring will affect which bands you can stack, which is why she created her specialty Ceremonial Suites with ring stacking in mind. “For example, you could layer a marquise or pear-shaped ring with a compatible, pointy-shaped band, but those bands are also really interesting layered with a classic round diamond.” She also notes that with ring stacks, it’s best to try them on in person. If this isn’t possible, her printable stacking guide makes it super easy to see how one of her nesting bands will look next to your engagement ring.

From adding bling to telling a story, layering multiple bands around your engagement ring really serves to put that milestone piece front and center.

Have questions about ring stacks? Here are answers to the most common ones.

Engagement Ring First Wedding Ring On Top

How to wear Stackable Rings

Another popular choice is to wear them other way around. Logically it might make sense to wear your rings in the order you received them . Symbolically, the idea that your engagement represents a promise and your wedding ring crystallizes that promise might really speak to you. Wearing your wedding ring on the outside gives your engagement story a sort of figurative bookendfirst, you’re engaged, now it’s official. Time to start stacking with anniversary rings .

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How Do You Stack An Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

We are talking about one of the newest ring design trends, and we absolutely love it: stackable wedding bands and engagement rings!

The multi-layered designs have become a part of engagement and bridal jewelry and add a twist to the concept of day-to-day accessories.

More than matching precious metals, this trend has been conquering hearts. The possibilities are endless and will depend on the design of the rings, your style, and the occasion.

In this article, we will cover how to wear stackable rings to create an aesthetic appeal and celebrate personal milestones in the most fashionable ways. Keep reading!

How Many Rings Should Be In A Stack

The short answer is the more, the merrier. Start with three and build a well-curated stack until you run out of room between your hand and your knuckle, says Sofia Kaman. Then move on to another finger! Adds Alysa Teichman of Ylang 23, Im definitely partial to odd numbersthree looks better than two, and five looks better than four.

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What Stacked Rings Can Represent

We all know why we wear an engagement ring and wedding band. But there are also other milestones that you may want to remember with rings. This is a good thing to consider when choosing your first two rings would you like to build on them in the future?

  • Anniversaries: big milestone anniversaries offer a perfect opportunity to gift more rings to your significant other and can include stones to match milestones or dates and messages engraved in rings
  • Reaching a goal: if you share some mutual dreams, such as building a business or traveling, you can add rings when you achieve these together.
  • Growing the family: one of the most popular options to stack rings is the birth of children, which can be a ring per child or a stone per child on a single ring.
  • Celebrations: a special birthday, a romantic holiday, any of these can be an opportunity to add to stacked wedding rings.
  • Personal milestone: you may wish to remember and celebrate certain things within your journey that has nothing to do with reaching a goal or milestone and only with cherished memories.

We all know why we wear an engagement ring and wedding band. But there are also other milestones that you may want to remember with rings. This is a good thing to consider when choosing your first two rings would you like to build on them in the future?

  • Reaching a goal: if you share some mutual dreams, such as building a business or traveling, you can add rings when you achieve these together.

Wear Engagement Ring On One Ring Finger And Wedding Band On The Other

Learn How to Make the Perfect Ring Stack With a Jewelry Specialist

Another option, though less traditional, is to wear the engagement ring on one ring finger on the left hand and the wedding band on the right hands ring finger. This way is good for those with short fingers, who dont like having so many rings on one finger. Also, some women do not have a wedding ring set that matches , and so, the wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring. Similarly, the ring may be so stunning that it is needed to be displayed on its own without distraction.

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Where To Shop For Your Wedding Ring Stack

Now you know how to create a stacked wedding band and engagement ring lookso where’s the best place to shop for your set? We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for wedding ring stack ideas, we’ve rounded up the best retailers to help you create a wedding stack that highlights your engagement ring and shows off your personal style too.

Whats So Appealing About Stacked Wedding Rings

Many brides like the idea of wearing two wedding rings around their engagement ring for symmetry. To others, the symbolism of the engagement ring being sealed in with two bands is appealing. However, sometimes its simply a question of wanting more sparkle. Many women are also given gift rings during the course of their marriage to mark big occasions like anniversaries or the birth of a baby. In these cases, stacked rings are a reminder of cherished moments.

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Add Elements Of Personalization

Experts also recommend including personal touches to your stacked wedding bands for added sentimental value. “While you don’t want additional pieces to overshadow your engagement ring, a wedding stack is a great way to add a modern touch and mark significant milestones,” says Yoon. Consider adding additional rings that represent milestone anniversaries, or bands that include birthstones for your partner or your children. If you’re planning an anniversary reception due to the coronavirus pandemic, you and your S.O. might want to swap new bands to commemorate the day.

You can also work with a jeweler to recast family heirloom pieces to add to your stacked engagement ring. “We love to incorporate gemstones from a loved one’s heirloom piece,” says Sassone. “It creates a design that’s special.”

When it comes to personalizing a stacked engagement ring and wedding band set, it’s most important to trust your instincts and invest in pieces that you love. “The best way to figure out your style is to try on different bands with your engagement ring,” advises Sassone. “It’s hard to have a definitive formula, but go with styles that light you up.”

What Is A Ring Stack

Pin by Bridget Brady

A ring stack is a set of multiple rings that sit or nest together in a grouping. This can include the engagement ring, wedding band, and other additional rings. The wearer can add or switch bands to express personal style or mark special occasions.

Ring stacks are like the modern-day insert, but with the option to switch out different rings. Jewelry designer Anna Sheffield loves creating unique ring stacks for her clients, “I liken the nesting and stacking bands to tree ringsit’s the kind of thing where collecting them over time makes for a beautiful layered look that marks important moments in time.” She has clients who add to stacks to celebrate things like anniversaries, the birth of a new child, Mother’s Day, a new job or promotion, or any other milestone to commemorate with a ring.

A ring stack also means you can experiment and style your rings with different metals and stones. “For example, if you have a classic white diamond and white gold ring set, but you want to go less traditional at times, you can mix in different metal colors or even colored stones,” says Sheffield.

Traditionally, there is one ring for the engagement and one for the wedding. “That would mean two rings foreverbut maybe that’s just not enough,” says Sheffield. “So there is stacking to be done!”

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Which Ring Goes On First

Tradition once dictated the order regarding which ring goes on first and it was always the wedding band. Etiquette still nods to this tradition, but brides dont have to follow this guideline. Whether you wear the band on top or on the bottom doesnt change the rings meaning and symbolism. Style your wedding set in a way that reflects your comfort and personal preference. There is no wrong way to display your love or your vows.

The answer is it depends on your style!

According to tradition, the wedding band should go on first, with the engagement ring stacked on top. Even etiquette experts agree that the way to wear a wedding set is by placing the wedding band on the bottom. However, while there may be a proper way to wear your rings, the choice is ultimately up to you!

When preparing to exchange wedding vows, brides often leave their left hand bare to make sliding on the wedding band easier during the ceremony. The engagement ring is typically worn on the right hand and moved back to the left hand after the ceremony. Some brides, however, have an engagement ring that has been designed to pair with multiple rings. Many solitaire diamond rings can be paired with a wedding band as well as with other sentimental ringslike a promise ring. How a bride wears, her ring may depend on the design and style of her engagement ring.

Cushion Halo Ring With Stack Wedding Bands

This cushion halo ring with stack wedding bands has been around for a while, a yellow gold vintage inspired multi band halo diamond ring with 1.32 ct. of round and marquise diamonds with 0.50 ct. cushion cut diamond place in the center. A favoring stacked or layered look in the jewelry fashion world.


Cushion Halo Eternity Diamond Ring


0.40 Ct. Bezel Channel Set Wedding Band



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Gorgeous Stacked Wedding Rings

Stacked wedding rings have been gracing the ring fingers of stylish brides for years, but were just now really catching on to the trend.

There are so many ways you can wear stacked wedding rings: You can wear two, three, or more bands on your left-hand ring finger with your engagement ring on the right, or you can combine all of your rings for a powerful, layered look that definitely makes a statement. .

I love the idea of stacked weddings rings because I personally dont wear my engagement ring everyday. My wedding band is very dainty, so being able to pair it with larger diamond bands of different sizes and styles would be a great way to add a little oomph without wearing the engagement ring. And then of course adding the engagement ring would just make it that much more awesome.

A super sweet way to add stacked wedding rings to your collection over the years is with the birth of a child or a big anniversary. Or you can opt for stacked wedding rings from the get-go, and pair it with an engagement ring or not. If youre on tight ring budget, stacked wedding rings are a great way to save money by not buying a larger center stone, too.

Below are a few stacked wedding rings we love . Let us know which ones are your favorite, and if you like the trend at all!

How To Stack A Wedding Band

Making Sterling Silver Stacking rings Gold Band Rings

There are no rules on how to stack your wedding bands because stacking is an art form and not a science. Some women even prefer to switch hands when stacking. If the engagement ring is to be worn continuously on the ring finger of the left hand, they may put it on the pointer finger of the right hand.

There is nothing wrong with stacking 3 mismatched rings together. If you love how it looks, just do it!

There is only one rule to stacking. You can only stack wedding rings based on the length of your fingers! Thats it.

If youre lucky enough to be blessed with long slender fingers, then go mad and stack away! You can put 10 bands on each finger.

Its true that some people like order and others like chaos, and the principles are applied with stacking. A common look is to have two similar bands either side of the original different wedding band. Also popular is a mismatch of colors, engravings, and even stones. In the past 20 years, fashion and style have often taken a back seat to substance, so dont be afraid to experiment and mix and match several designs.

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