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What Should A Groom Wear For A Beach Wedding

A Guide To The Best Mens Wedding Outfits For The Beach

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

One of the great things about modern weddings is that they can take you anywhere, from a stately home, to a hotel, to a converted barn.

Another trend emerging is weddings overseas, as couples seek out warmer climes and picturesque locations for when they decide to tie the knot.

And as couples search for that perfect setting, to help them capture the perfect photograph, a growing number are opting for a beach wedding.

But when this kind of invitation slides through your letterbox, its natural to have a couple of questions.

Its likely you have at least a couple of men’s suits that are perfect for the church, but fewer men will feel properly equipped for a wedding date at the beach.

But worry not, our guide to beach weddings will ensure you hit the right level of formality, while staying comfortable and stylish.

Groom Attire For A Semi

Most couples prefer a semi-formal or dressy-casual dress code for their beach wedding, so everyone still looks nice and would dress up for the occasion. Therefore, the groom can try different suits to see which will be appropriate for the wedding theme or compliment what the bride is wearing.

Since its semi-formal, you dont need to wear a full suit or tuxedo. Instead, wear a suit and combine it with a dress shirt.

You can also opt for a button-up shirt without a tie, then unbutton some of the top buttons for a more relaxed look. If its chilly, you can also add a jacket to your attire the key is ensuring that youre wearing tailored clothes to look extra dapper.

How Should I Accessorize My Outfit For A Beach Wedding

There are a few key accessories that you should consider when dressing for a beach wedding. Firstly, an Italian Silk pocket square is always a good idea – it will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Secondly, designer sunglasses are essential – not only will they protect your eyes from the sun, but they’ll also help you to look cool and stylish

Finally, don’t forget to wear a designer Italian belt – it’s an essential part of any man’s outfit. We recommend choosing a belt in a light brown or tan color, to match your shoes.

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Black And White Sheath

This dress is glamorous without being too formal, making it perfect for a beach wedding, especially if the bride is wearing white or ivory. The black fabric makes the look appropriate enough to share in the festivities after the ceremony, while a simple cut and small embellishments keep things from getting too fussy.

Wedding Etiquette For Grandmothers

Types of Wedding Suits for Grooms

Depending on the size and formality of the wedding, the couple may want to have a formal procession down the aisle. Going down the aisle to find your seat, for the wedding ceremony, means that all eyes will be watching you. Take this opportunity to show your family how much they mean to you by thoroughly preparing beforehand. Make sure to fix up your ensemble, whether it is a suit or a dress, so that the color best matches with the shade of your skin. For example, if you have a darker complexion, think about getting a cool, neutral shade to bring out your glow. Consider getting your makeup and hair done professionally and double check to make sure your ensemble is tailored perfectly.

The grandparents typically start the procession first, then the grooms parents and the brides mother. Then, comes the bridal procession, which consists of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls and the maid of honor, and finally the bride and father enter. During the wedding reception, you will be expected to sit close to the top table, so you can have a nice view of the married couple. Most importantly, this is a day for you to spend some time with your family and feel very proud of your granddaughter.

What color should the grandmother of the bride wear?

What does the grandmother of the bride do?

What does grandmother of the groom wear to wedding?

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How Guests Should Dress

As weve stated, beach weddings are inherently casual. Its reasonable to assume that your guests will want to look nice but also still be comfortable, so giving them some guidance is helpful.

Its wise to say beach formal on your invitations. This will indicate to guests that they should dress up but still keep in mind that theyll be contending with sun, sand, and water.

For men, this means a summer suit, with a tie being optional. It can also mean simple linen slacks and a button-down shirt. The best thing to do is think of what youd wear to a nice restaurant in the summertime and use that as a guide.

If the dress code is casual, then youre safe in slacks and a button-down or even a polo shirt. Dont wear jeans, t-shirts, or other street clothing to a wedding. Casual in this sense means, Hey, come celebrate with us and have a good time.

It doesnt mean, Come to my wedding looking like youre just rolling out of your house to run errands!

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

When putting together your outfit, consider a semi-formal dress code. While beach wedding attire for guests likely doesn’t include full suits and floor-length gowns, it’s better to go with an outfit that’s slightly more elevated as opposed to a laid-back sundress or shorts . If you’re unsure of the formality of the wedding, use the couple’s invitation and wedding website for guidance. The time of day can sometimes help guide your outfit choices, as evening weddings tend to be more formal. The venue can also serve as a resource. A beach wedding at an upscale resort will likely require a more formal outfit than an intimate gathering right at the water. For even more help, use the couple’s wedding website for guidance. This is where the to-be-weds will expand on specific attire requests, so it can help you decide on an appropriate outfit.

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Mother Of The Bride Attire Tips

Lets begin with some rapid-fire attire tips. These are general recommendations, not rules.

  • Dont wear white or anything too close in color to the brides dress.
  • Avoid excess lace as it may resemble the wedding dress too much or look old-fashioned.
  • Do not wear a wedding dress or anything resembling one. There are too many stories of the mother of the bride showing up in her old wedding dress.
  • Keep it modest. Youre there for your daughter, so make sure all eyes are on her!
  • Start with a clear image of what is expected. This includes the level of formality, the brides preferences, and the donts.
  • Pick something comfortable. It will be a long night, and you never know what could happen at a wedding.

What Type Of Suit Jacket Should I Wear To A Beach Wedding

Tips on Choosing Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dresses : Wedding Dress Advice

The choice of fabrics is very obvious – either cotton, linen, Polyester, or a thin wool/wool composition.

These are the most breathable fabrics by far, we are actually of the opinion that a 60% wool blend with something softer is perfect for a beach wedding where there’s a bit more wind. It doesn’t seem like an obvious choice, but it is both light enough to allow you to stay cool, and yet thick enough to protect you from any wind.

This will also let you wear something light underneath, and if it does get to hot, you can simply take off your suit jacket. It’s hard to dress for a tropical beach wedding, but you just need a few things.

If your location is particularly hot, for example Sorrento in the middle of August, then you can definitely wear a pure linen suit blazer. We have a huge range of Kiton suits and blazers, Cesare Attolini suits and blazers, Fefè Glamour Pochette suits and blazers, Zilli suits and blazers, and many other brands.

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Points To Know About Grooms Attire:

  • The colors selected for the groom and groomsmen should match
  • All attire should complement the bridesmaids dresses
  • Formal wear should be rented a minimum of three months in advance and measurements at least three weeks in advance
  • Cufflinks make for a fantastic accessory present for the groom
  • Be sure arrangements are made to return rented attire the day after the wedding as to not incur extra rental fees PER DAY
  • Shirt and jacket sleeves should end at the wrist bone
  • Cummerbunds should be worn pleats up
  • Shirts should fit snug around the neck

Other Groom articles:

Formal Beach Wedding Attire

For a formal beach wedding, the attire may be somewhat difficult. For men, you have to wear black tie attire which means a full suit with a jacket. You may opt for a lighter fabric suit so that you are not too warm with the summer temperatures.

Formal beach wedding attire for women often means resort wear gowns in different color options and formal sandals. Oftentimes the most difficult part of finding what to wear is finding acceptable footwear options. Sand is hard to walk in when you have closed toe or high heel shoes.

Evening weddings are more likely to have formal attire than daytime weddings. A formal wedding will usually indicate on the invitation that guests should wear black tie attire or formal attire.

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What Is Beach Wedding Attire

Beach wedding attire is the same as any other wedding where you dress according to the formality of the event, but unlike a normal celebration, there are some small changes to accessories and fabrics that will make you much more comfortable, says Sweet Peach Planning owner Megan Papageorge.

First, do a quick search of the venue to check the level of formality. If the location simply overlooks the beach on a rooftop or patio, then just plan your outfit as usual, adds Papageorge. If, however, the ceremony and/or reception takes place in the sand, you can dress with confidence and adhere to the beachy vibes.

Michela Buttignol/Brides

Beach Wedding Groom Outfit Ideas For A Quirky Beach Wedding

Beach wedding groom attire SuitSupply NYC Wedding Location Aruba ...

The beach is the perfect wedding venue for a bold or unique wedding. Think of colors and patterns you wont usually expect at a traditional wedding ceremony.

You can wear a velvet suit, colorful shirt, go barefoot, or add fun accessories to your grooms attire. But of course, you still want to look appropriate for the union.

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What Should The Groom Wear For A Beach Wedding

Those unsure of what should the groom wear for a beach wedding consider creating an outfit suitable for beach weddings based on the dress code. We will also share tips on the grooms style if its a classic or quirky beach wedding.

And if the brides mother also asks, refer her to this guide on what should the mother of the bride wear to a beach wedding. Understandably, this scenic outdoor wedding location can be confusing when knowing the appropriate guest outfit.

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding If You Are Plus Size

From waist-accentuating wrap dresses with sleeves to tiered midis and body-skimming tea length silhouettes, there are plenty of flattering styles for plus-size curves. Summer trends like one-shoulder necklines, puff sleeves, and ruffles make a strong showing in special occasion wear, too.15 jun. 2021


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Can The Mother Of Bride And Mother Of Groom Match

The mothers of the bride and groom can coordinate with what theyll wear to the wedding, but there is no rule that it should always be the case. However, it would prevent any potential misinterpretation if the couples mothers wear outfits at the same level of formality or elegance.

Consider talking with your partner, and some even have their parents come with them to the tailor. Then, the parents of both the bride and groom can choose what they want to wear.

What To Wear To Your Own Beach Wedding

Groomsman Attire – What Groomsmen Should Wear

It is still almost always required to be formal as the groom. It just gives off a good impression. Obviously it’s your wedding so have it as you want, but most men still want to get married while wearing a 3-piece suit.

A Micron Wool or A Super Thin Wool Italian Suit is almost always going to be the best option here. For example, Kiton and Cesare Attolini both make fantastic suits from wool, and they are often three-piece suits.

They also have some wonderful summer shades of blue, both light and dark, as well as a huge array of different patterns, shapes, and sizes.You can also go for a much less formal look. It’s your wedding, after all. If that is the case, then go for a linen shirt, a linen suit and you don’t really need much else. Here’s an example of a Beach Wedding Outfit for a Groom:

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Be Sure To Wear Bright Or Light Colors

To sport a perfect beach formal look, the beach part of beach formal can be expressed by wearing bright or light colors, especially by opting for details that are in these colors. The formal part will be conveyed by garments that are on the preppy side of the formality spectrum. The base of your outfit can be light think white, tan, khaki. Beside these colors, pastels work great pastel pink, pastel blue, etc. Furthermore, you can play around with details and introduce colored garments to the look. Here are our color and garment suggestions. Any of these colors works for any of these garments or accessories.

Beach Formal the dissection

Orange and red peach, corn rose, burgundy Brogues, loafers, shoelaces, socks

What A Groom Should Wear On His Wedding Day

In all reality, what the groom wears really depends upon the theme of the wedding. If the wedding is at an upscale five-star heel, then a tuxedo would be the most appropriate attire. However, if the wedding is a relaxed beach wedding, then sandals with dress pants and a shirt would be most appropriate for the wedding day. Although the decision may be made by the bride as to the wedding theme, the groom still has a very important decision as to what to wear.

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To Bare Your Feet Or Cover Them

Are your shoe choices a big deal when selecting your groom attire? It can be when it comes to a beach wedding. Because the most obvious worry would be sand in your shoes, right?

Well, one of the joys of having your wedding on the beach is the freedom to go barefoot. Thats right. Most grooms and groomsmen opt to roll up their pant bottoms and go barefoot to their ceremony.

It does take care of the sand-in-the-shoe conundrum quite nicely. But if you absolutely must have something on your feet, you have a couple of options:

  • Casual Loafers Or Moccasins

For beach weddings, keep your formal shoes at home. Not only will you destroy those expensive shoes, but you may also be miserable to boot. Instead, try for open-weave casual loafers or moccasins.

  • Leather Flip Flops

Some fashionistas may gasp at the idea of wearing slippers to your wedding, but there is one caveat to this: they have to be dressy.

Dressy slippers do exist. Think along the lines of pairing leather flip flops with your groom ensemble. And keep those foam and nylon ones for vacations instead.

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