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What Is Involved In Planning A Wedding

Involve Your Significant Other

How To Get The Groom Involved In The Wedding Planning

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Don’t feel like you’re in this wedding planning process alone. Consult with your partner along the way their opinion is bound to be invaluable andeven if they’re only involved in some aspectsit makes wedding planning that much more fun when you can make decisions together. Working towards a common goal not only further bonds you and your partner but also helps you grow as a couple with every issue you tackle as a team.

Dont: Lose Track Of Your Spending

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the wedding planning process is losing track of your spending. There are so many different costs involved in planning a wedding, and it can be all too easy to lose track of deposits paid and due dates for final invoices.

The last thing you want to deal with after your wedding day is a mountain of unexpected debt while youre trying to relax on your honeymoon! Instead, create a spreadsheet or utilise a budget tracking app to record every deposit payment and wedding-related expense.

Make sure you clearly outline your due dates for each invoice, so you can plan and prepare for upcoming payments. Youll also want to make note of any additional costs you may need to budget for after the day. For example, some furniture hire companies may have a cleaning fee for dirty items, or your venue might charge extra for rubbish removal.

Its best to ask all of your suppliers upfront regarding additional costs to look out for, to help you track your budget accordingly.

Research Vendorsand Ask The Right Questions

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. And if you want to take engagement photos, now’s the time to find a photographer! We’ve pre-screened all our vendors, but you’ll want to do your own research and ask all the important questions.

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Who Throws A Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor, close friends, bridal attendants, or bridesmaids. No matter who is hosting, be sure to communicate clearly to make sure you aren’t planning two separate showers. Traditional etiquette says the mother or mother-in-law should steer clear from hosting as it can appear that they are directly asking for gifts. However, today it’s become much more common and perfectly acceptable for anyone to host who wants to.

If family members aren’t available to help plan, the bridesmaids should step in to help take care of some of the arrangements.

Dont: Feel Pressured By Outside Opinions

Why Both Spouses Should Be Involved in the Wedding Planning. P #2 ...

Something that nearly every bride-to-be will experience throughout the wedding planning process is the outside opinions of friends and family. Although they mean well, its important to remember that this is YOUR day so ultimately, the only opinion that matters is you and your fiances!

Whether you want to plan an adults-only reception, a destination wedding or an intimate elopement, your wedding day plans are completely up to you. Remember, youre only going to do this once, so try not to be influenced by outside opinions. When in doubt, keep referring back to your wedding vision to remind yourself of whats important!

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For Fab Invitations That Won’t Break The Bank: Minted


Minted works with indie artists and graphic designers to offer chic, ready-made invites, save-the-dates, ceremony programs, and escort cards. Templates can also be customizeddown to the card size and paper stock. On a tight budget? Print your suite at home or take the file to a local copy shop. Minted also offers a bespoke invitation design in case you don’t have an illustrator on speed dial but still want a hand-drawn map of Nantucket or a watercolor rendering of you and your fiancé.

Construct A List Of Wedding Day Priorities

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Sit down with your partner and determine what the three most important aspects of your wedding will be. Is it the venue or specific wedding date? Locking in a certain wedding photographer or live band? Prioritize those details and be willing to compromise on the rest. This will help you stay within your budget and help you focus your efforts on what really counts.

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A Guys Guide To Wedding Planning

From the moment you got down on your knee with the ring and the word YES! slipped through her lips, the wedding planning is already in motion. Actually for most brides the wedding planning probably started much earlier and if that is the case you are properly just going to tag alone for the ride.

So just how involved should the groom be with the wedding planning process? This really depends on what type of couple you are and what your lovely bride has already planned. Sit down and have a conversation first, before she runs out the door with her 5 inch thick bridal binder to meet up with her girlfriends to plan your wedding.

First thing first, regardless of how involved you want to be with the planning you want to set a budget and an invite list for your wedding. Remember, you will not be able to account for everything while you are making your budget, so its a good idea to budget for an additional 15%. I feel this is the most important step to begin the wedding planning process, unless money is not an issue for you.

There are 3 types of grooms when it comes to wedding planning:

In the end, regardless of which type of groom you are, make sure the communication line is open and that you hold up your end of responsibilities.

Find Your Venue & Set That Date

A Woman Wonders How to Get Her Fiance More Involved With Wedding Planning

We’ve got the inside scoop on thousands of fabulous wedding venues, from contemporary galleries to rolling vineyards to chic ballrooms and everything in between. We’ve also armed you with a list of questions to ask your wedding venue when you go on those site visits!

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Have Your Final Tasting With The Caterer

At this point, youve asked your caterer to talk through these questions. Now its time to taste what theyre really made of. The tasting has become increasingly important as more and more couples choose to customize everything from their signature cocktails to their desserts. If youre nervous about heart-eyes obstructing your taste buds judgment, bring your planner or consultant. Theyve likely attended dozens of tastings, and will be your clear-eyed troubleshooterpaying attention to the detailing of the food and the attentiveness of the service, while youre crying over crab cakes to bae about how Its just starting to feel so real, you know? Heres more info on what not to do.

Types Of Wedding Planners

A wedding planner, sometimes called a director, coordinator, ora bit archaicallybridal consultant, is basically a professional who organizes, oversees, and orchestrates either an entire wedding or specific aspects of it. Their duties can range from setting a budget to setting place cards, or from culling a list of florists to cueing the band.

There are different types of wedding planners. The most common categories include:

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Plan Your Wedding Guest List Tactfully

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By now, you already have a general idea of how big your wedding will be thanks to the previous planning you’ve already completed. Once you have a ceremony or reception site booked, for instance, you’re going to be limited by how many people it can accommodate. But beyond that, consider what you want the flow of the day to look like. Would you rather have quality one-on-one time with each guest or throw a once-in-a-lifetime party for all your friends and family? This will affect the exact number of people you invite. Keep in mind that including more guests in your wedding plans means higher prices, as catering costs are generally calculated on a per-head basis. So, in addition to location, your budget will have a big influence on the size of your guest list.

If your parents will be contributing financially to the wedding, they have a say on the guest list. Work with them to determine exactly who will receive an invitation. And, if you’re not sure how to create your guest list without drama, use this helpful guide as a resource.

Purchase A Journal And Use It

Fun Ways To Get Your Bridesmaids Involved

This will be a time of ten thousand moments you won’t want to forget, as well as some frustrating times that you’ll need to vent about, and not necessarily to your partner. The journal/planner you keep while planning your wedding will not only help you through this time, but it will be something you cherish for the rest of your life. If you’re internet-savvy, consider doing some journaling online or starting a wedding blog.

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Order The Invitations And Hire A Calligrapher

There are a few ground rules when it comes to ordering your wedding invitations: Order enough of them and account for some mistakes, make sure they will arrive in time, set up a system for recording RSVP replies, and confirm all addresses and spelling. But when it comes to design and wording, the options are endless. Need a little advice to rein it all in? Keep reminding yourself that the theme of your invites should match the vibe of your wedding and express you as a couple. If you commission a calligrapher, heres everything you need to know about calligraphy. Make sure your calligrapher knows it, too, and can prove it before booking him or her.

Add Some Personal Touches

Erich McVey Event Planning by Alise Taggart

Whether it’s familial or cultural wedding customs that have a special meaning, or if there’s a tradition that the two of you want to start for future generations, don’t be afraid to incorporate some heartfelt, personal touches into your wedding day festivities. Remember, this is your day!

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Do: Create A Realistic Wedding Budget

The best way to stay on track with your spending is to create a realistic wedding budget in the first place. Remember, the key word here is realistic you want to figure out how much you can actually spend, not how much youd love to be able to spend in an alternate universe!

Try not to estimate or make guesses when it comes to your wedding budget. Sit down and go through your finances properly to create a wedding budget that you will both be able to stick to.

Its important to ensure your wedding vision is going to be achievable within this budget, too. If you can realistically spend $10,000 on your day but your wedding vision includes a 10-piece band and a helicopter entrance, you may need to rethink your plans!

Once youve determined a realistic wedding budget, you can then start allocating funds towards each element of your day, depending on your top priorities. Be wary of those expenses that are often overlooked, like dress alterations and hair and makeup trials. A good rule of thumb is to allocate 5% of your budget to cover these miscellaneous costs!

Stage 4 Of Planning A Wedding

Get Your FianceÌ? More Involved in Wedding Planning: The Engagement Session Edition

You are just a few weeks away from your wedding, and these are the final details that you need to confirm and arrange for before the big day.

Register for gifts

If you havent already, its time to register for gifts, so that your guests have the time to choose what gifts they can give you on your big day. When you register for gifts, you can make it easier on everyone and do this through an online store. Lucky for you, many of the big department stores offer their wedding gift registration services online.

Create a Timeline for the Wedding Day

With everything booked and in place, you must not forget this important factor when planning for a wedding. You and your wedding planner need to confirm the timeline of the entire event. You need to do this to be able to give this information to everyone involved.

The catering, the production team, the church, the venue, the host, the entertainers, the decorators, they all need to know the gist of the timing of everything at your wedding. This will help keep things organized and stress-free.

Plan for your rehearsal dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is really important as you need to give your entourage the chance to understand what will happen during the event. With a lot of people involved, organization and synchronization are important.

Finalize seating plan

Confirm all of your bookings

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Collect Rsvps And Create A Table Plan

You have sent your wedding invites and now you are awaiting your RSVPs. Although you will have given your guests a deadline, be prepared that there may be a few guests that you need to chase up!

Once you have your final numbers, you will be able to start working on your table plan.

The table plan may seem a daunting prospect, but the Hitched Table Planner will help make it feel more manageable. Put your wedding guests into family and friend groups and then play around with your tables to see who will fit where.

It may also be worth considering whether you have any guests that will need easier access in and out of the room, such as those with young children or the elderly, as you might want to seat those guests nearer the doors.

Once your table plan is complete then its time for the fun bit you can get creative and think about what table names you are going to use and how you are going to display your table plan.

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How To Plan A Wedding Step By Step

Just got engaged and not sure where to start? Here’s our how to plan a wedding step-by-step guide to make it as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can keep stress at a minimum.

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Your wedding will likely be the biggest party youll ever throwand figuring out how to plan a wedding can feel pretty daunting at first . But whether you want a small, simple wedding or a big, lavish affair, the steps remain the same: Set a budget , find inspiration, start your guest list… well, we break it all down one step at a time below. We recommend focusing on one task at a time so you dont get overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. And if youre in a time crunch, go ahead and delegate some of these responsibilities to family members and friendstheyll likely be glad to help you as you navigate this process.

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