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How To Have A Low Cost Wedding

Fake Your Wedding Cake


Tiered wedding cakes cost hundreds of pounds and often go to waste.

  • Some savvy couples in America have started faking a big wedding cake for their wedding party by using cardboard to create the lower layers
  • Another cost-cutting tip is buying a basic cake and decorating it yourself
  • Opting for a cheese wheel means it can be cut up for evening snacks

Minimize The Size Of Your Guest List

A smaller guest list means a lower-cost wedding for so many reasons. You book a smaller venue . You also have a more modest cost for food, beverages, service, tables and table settings, linens, and invitations.

There are positives to big and small weddings, but because youre opting for a small one, lets focus on those! Smaller weddings allow you to relax and enjoy the day with your nearest and dearest, rather than a sprawling guest list that includes your mothers book club besties. And while you love your friends from work, theyll understand that you are keeping the event intimate.

Some experts suggest making a guest list and cutting it by 20 percent, and then cutting it by another 20 percent. Others start at zero, add parents, siblings, grandparents, and then a couple of close friends apieceand then shut down the list to new additions without exceptions.

Youll probably need to talk with friends and extended family who arent on the guest list no matter where you draw the line. Most people will understand if you dont have the budget for a large wedding.

Look Ravishing With Free Makeovers

While some brides go DIY, it may save a lot of stress if you get make-up done by a pro. Before you start wincing at the fees, there are sneaky ways around this.

Get your make-up done at a beauty counter in a department store, then simply buy the lipstick to ‘touch up’ .

Department stores also run beauty courses that you could attend. You can learn a new skill, do your own make-up on the day, and even help out at your friends’ weddings.

Alternatively, check out local beauty training schools. They may do your hair and make-up free on the day as part of their training. Check Beautyfinder for a directory of training schools and colleges in your area.

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Make It A Family Affair

The next step towards learning how to plan a wedding on a budget of $1,000 relates to the getting help from your family. There are numerous tasks that your family members can perform and help you save a considerable amount. For instance, you can use your own music system and ask your family member to be the DJ for your wedding night.

While planning your wedding, assign different tasks to your close family members. They can help you while decorating the venue and making other necessary arrangements. For instance, you can use family vehicles for transportation purpose and making other arrangements. This will allow you to cut the cost of your wedding to a great extent.

Ceremony And Reception Venue

Low Cost Wedding Venues Los Angeles # ...

Having a wedding in Southern California is pricey! I will admit that the ceremony venue was my splurge item because I wanted a beautiful landscape for our wedding pictures. The ceremony took place at a vineyard in a valley surrounded by hills. The ceremony at the vineyard cost $800 for two hours of use.

Unfortunately, it would have been too expensive and restrictive to have the reception at the same venue so my husband and I decided to split the ceremony and reception into two locations. I researched reception venues that were within a 1 2 mile radius of the vineyard and almost settled on a park. Fortunately, we lucked out! Family friends offered their home to use for our party. The house was on top of one of the hills overlooking the vineyard! This was a generous gift by our family friends that my husband and I deeply appreciated!

Total: $800

Locations we also considered:

  • Rent a mansion we considered renting a private home with a huge backyard for 5 10 days. To find big homes you can start at or If you are considering this option, let the owner know your plans up front and make sure there is enough room for a ceremony and a reception to take place.
  • Parks If you go this route be sure to consider what the rental fee includes. Many parks in our area didnt include a liquor license which would have been an extra fee.

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Whats The Average Cost Of A Wedding Abroad

The average wedding cost for the one in six couples get married abroad, according to foreign exchange experts moneycorp, is

  • £6,585, according to a survey by Mintel.

Many places cost a lot less than this. Weddings Abroad Guide found the cheapest places to have weddings abroad on average were:

  • Mauritius
  • USA

Realistically, it will depend on the number of guests, the wedding venue and exchange rates.

Its worth remembering that a destination wedding is not just a cost for the bride and groom. It may exclude those loved ones who are too old to travel or who cant afford it.

Wed love to hear what you think about Times Money Mentor. Please with any thoughts or suggestions.

Budget Wedding Ideas For Your Food And Drink

  • If you have a Mum/Uncle/Cousin who loves baking then ask them to make you a cake, nine times out of ten they will be really flattered and accept your request with gusto.

  • Instead of having a wedding cake, have a Bake-Off style dessert table – ask people to bring cakes and desserts instead of presents or have a cake of cheese so you don’t need to provide an evening buffet.

  • Consider your menu choices. Opt for a BBQ or even a picnic if your venue will let you. Think grazing tables and sharing platters as these might come in at a lower price.

  • Buy booze in bulk throughout the year when it’s on offer at the supermarket or cash and carry and display in an old bathtub/wheelbarrow/bin.

  • Calculate exactly how much alcohol you need so that you don’t overspend. You can listen to Episode 16 of the podcast where we talk all about it.

  • Want ideas of how to make the most of your wedding menu too in order to get value for money? You can check out Episode 39 of the podcast where we interview Recommended Suppliers Caviar & Chips and talk all things wedding menus.

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Do Diy Projects To Save Money

If youre looking for a way to save money on your wedding, consider tackling some do-it-yourself projects! Make your own decor, bake your own wedding cake, put together a DIY photo booth complete with props, or create personal wedding details yourself for less than buying new!

Track Every Wedding Expense & Prioritize Whats Important To You

how to plan a low-budget wedding + how much our wedding cost

Perhaps I should have listed this first?

Just like with personal finance, you need to track all of your expenses if youre not going to break the bank. Here is everything that we spend on our wedding including special notes on how we were able to keep costs down with each:


  • Opera House : $500
  • Décor: $100


  • Catering: $350
  • Catering Fee : $50
  • Drinks: Free
  • Cakes: $80


  • Flowers: $100
  • GE Outfit: $150
  • Wife Outfit: $100
  • Videographer: Free


  • Master of Ceremony: $300
  • Flute Player: $75
  • Postage for Invitations/Thank-Yous: $20
  • Best Man/Maid of Honor Gifts: $60

Total Expenses: $2,563

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If I Have Already Paid For An All

Your all-inclusive plans will include all your food, and drinks . Events are extra. So when you are having a wedding, they are not charging for food and drink, they are charging for the setup, the extra staff to prepare the events, the wedding coordinator and team, the dismantling of the events once they have ended.

This is why a semi-private reception is often much less expensive since it will occur in one of the restaurants at the resort that is already open.

Keep Your Guest List Smalland Have Others Join Virtually

This one can be difficult, because weddings are often a time for friends and family to gather from all over.

However, not only are smaller weddings a bit safer during a pandemic, cutting your guest list down is one of the best ways to save money on your wedding overall. “Yes, it sounds harsh, but that’s one of the biggest ways to save money,” says Sese Cadmus, lead planner at Elevated Style Events.

Have a portion of your guests attend virtually, advises Coffie.

“While you might have to pay to set up the livestream, you’re cutting costs on food, drink, tables, chairs, and decor, because you’ll have less people there in person,” she advises.

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Plan Your Own Wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Its also a huge cost saver and incredibly rewarding.

Planning the wedding yourself allows you to find out what all vendor costs are and get comparisons. You control the budget 100% versus relying on the input of someone else. Thats key.

Its also very rewarding. Every aspect of the wedding one of the most special days of your life was decided on by you and your significant other, together. It means more to both of you.

We didnt even consider a wedding planner, to be honest. I dont know exactly what they cost, but I know they arent cheap.

Sign Up For A Credit Card To Earn Rewards Points

ideas for your low budget athens georgia wedding weddings ...

If youre able to be responsible with paying off the balance each month, signing up for a rewards credit card could be incredibly beneficial. You could put your wedding expenses on your card and earn points to put towards your honeymoon!

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So How Can You Stretch Your Wedding Budget And What Are Our Best Cheap Wedding Ideas

Before we get started on your cheap wedding ideas, we wanted you to take the time to like our Follow us on as well for a chance to win gifts and see more cool things. We also use affiliate links in our blog post which means we can make a commission if you use any of our affiliate links.

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Dont forget to visit our wedding printable shop for freebies, checklists and wedding printables for planning your wedding The Wedding Printable Shop.

How To Make Your Cheap Wedding Look Expensive

Although most of us who are planning a wedding on a budget, dont want their wedding to look cheap at all. This means that you need to act wisely while giving an expensive look to your cheap wedding. This requires you to manage all the things in a perfect way.

Especially, when you are taking help from your family and friends, make sure that they know what you are expecting them to do. For instance, while decorating the venue, use good materials that fit within your budget.

In addition, the food you prepare should be on par with one that you experience at different weddings. Although the dress should be inexpensive, it should not look cheap.

After all, appearance is what counts the most at your wedding. So choose a dress that gives you a perfect look.

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Preparing Food By Yourself

A wedding that costs less than $1000 might sound weird, especially since the food alone can easily break the budget. However, saving money by preparing the food is possible, and no one will mind!

Moreover, if you have some excellent cooks in the family, dont hesitate to ask them. Theyll likely be happy to help you out! When discussing the menu, ask the friends and family members what they would love to cook. You can then build the menu accordingly, all while splitting up the work among the family members.

The wedding cake will also be something to consider. While you might have to buy one, consider visiting your local bakery and be upfront about what you want to spend if you have a small budget. Its a certainty that the bakery will work with you!

Preparing food can be among the easiest frugal wedding ideas for a budget event. The good thing is that food prepared at home tends to be healthy and delicious. You only thing you have to worry about is the cost of purchasing food that gets cooked.

Cheap Wedding Venue Ideas For An Affordable Ceremony Or Reception

How Much Our Low Budget Backyard Wedding Cost

You know what they say: Location, location, location. And it matters for your wedding as much as real estate. The venue you pick influences everything else about the wedding, including the price tag.

But a unique wedding venue doesnt have to break the bank. If you want something special and affordable, you have plenty of options.

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A Welcoming Home In Michigan

Wedding planner Alicia Fritz wanted to evoke the feeling of a welcoming atmosphere when it came to her wedding. What better way to fill a house with love and laughter than to invite all of your closest friends and family to celebrate your big day? Alicia and Matt’s wedding kicked off with lawn games at their Michigan home, followed by a ceremony by the property’s fern-covered forest, and a reception under a black tent on the lawn.

Can I Have A Wedding Without Guests

Yes, you can. A wedding without guests is the perfect excuse to have a romantic or destination wedding. However, you will need about two to three witnesses for the event. Explain to the people in your life that you are not fit for huge events right now. You can choose to hold a party to celebrate with them at your convenience.

Couples often overlook the small details which make the day unique. See some ideas on how to handle this part.

  • Make wedding favors or skip themYou have given your guests the best time, it is okay to skip the wedding favor and send them home happy. If you feel like giving out favors, prepare homemade treats and bag them for them to snack on the road. This will save more money than ordering them.
  • Do your own hair, nails, and makeupAttend a consultation with a hair, nail, and makeup technician. Document all the items that match you best and purchase them yourself. Fix your hair by yourself or have your maid of honor work on it. Use press on nails and do simple everyday makeup with a little flair. Lastly, dont wait until the wedding day. Practice in advance no matter how good you are. This way, you save money
  • Create Your Own PlaylistGet together with your partner and curate a wedding playlist. Choose songs that are meaningful to you. Start with some for the ceremony and then choose the mood appropriate ones for the reception. Hand the playlist over to the organist and DJ before your wedding starts.
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