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Where To Sell My Wedding Dress

Tips For Selling Online

Wedding Dresses : How to Sell Your Wedding Gown

Selling online offers many benefits and can be a lot easier than selling in person. You have access to a nationwide audience, which increases the chance of someone liking your dress and buying it for the price you want.

Online sites also offer selling and shipping assistance and seller protection. Some sites even handle any refunds that may happen if the dress is returned and let you keep the money you earned from the sale.

The disadvantage of selling online is that competition is stronger. Because there are more dresses for people to choose from, it may take longer to sell your dress. You also usually wont meet your buyer in person, so they are more likely to return your dress and request a refund if it doesnt fit or look right.

The Top Sites To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

If youre looking to make some money by selling your wedding dress, check out the websites below. Many of them are specifically targeted toward brides looking to buy secondhand wedding-related items and save cash.

Some of these websites also offer wedding dress consignment options if thats something youre considering.

Why Do Brides Typically Sell Their Wedding Dresses

There are many reasons why someone may decide to sell their wedding dress. Some brides feel sentimental about their dress and want to save it for themselves or their future daughter. But if you dont want it to sit in a box in your closet, then selling your wedding dress is a great option. Ultimately, every bride is different, so it comes down to what personal decision is best for you.

Selling your dress is a great way to recoup some of the money that you spent on your wedding day. Many brides find that theyd love to use the extra money for a honeymoon trip, new home, wedding day debts, or even future children.

Some women look to sell their wedding dress because of a broken engagement or a divorce. They may also have a change of heart about their dress before their special day and decide they want to wear something else. Selling the gown can help ease the financial burden of a never-worn wedding dress.

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Why Consign With Blue Sky Bridal

  • Its Easy!We make the consignment process effortless for you! There are no phone calls, emails, time consuming online dress listing submissions or random meet-ups with potential buyers! We do all the work for you!
  • Its Simple! Simply qualify your dress, fill out the inquiry form, ship your dress and get paid!
  • Its Free! Theres $0 listing fee and $ upfront charges! You will receive 50% of the final selling price once it sells!
  • Its Safe! We have been consigning dresses for over 10 years! We will take good care of your dress and will work hard to find it a new home! You will remain the owner of the dress until the dress sells.
  • It Works! Most brides need to try on a dress before they buy it. Your dress will be shipped to our boutique and available for brides to try on, which increases the likelihood of finding it a new home!

Give A Detailed Description

Sell my wedding dress

Make sure the description which accompanies the photos of your wedding dress is as detailed and thorough as possible.

Give the correct measurements , and make sure you name the designer, the dress number or style, the fabrics and describe any details. You will also want to mention how many times your wedding dress has been worn, dry cleaning instructions , and whether there are any marks or stains on it.

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Tips For Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

When looking to sell your wedding dress, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, make sure your dress is in good condition without any tears, stains, or other damage. Since youve likely only worn the dress once, its probably still in good condition.

Also, keep in mind that photos sell. The more photos you can include from all different angles, the better.

You can include both photos of you in the dress and the dress on a hanger, but make sure to show any important details such as beadwork or a special lace design up close.

Provide all relevant information such as size, exact color , petticoats, and so on. If the dress was altered in any way, try to describe the alterations with as much detail as possible.

The Best Resale Platforms

Photo by Christine Grace Photography via Bridal Musings

Using a platform will protect you against any sort of fraud or internet scams. It also ensures that you and the buyer abide by the policies of the site, eliminating any sort of confusion. Sites like Nearly Newlywed will handle all buyer questions and only notify you once your dress sells, and most sites have the buyer pay for shipping, providing you with shipping labels to make your life a little easier.

Perhaps the easiest site for sellers, you simply upload photos, measurements, and a description of your gown, and they handle the rest. That includes answering buyer questions and handling shipping. You pay a $20 listing fee and receive 70% of the listing price.

They charge a one-time listing fee, and you get the full price of the gown when it sells. Buyers can make offers to negotiate price, ask for more photos, and you can decide how you want to go about finalizing the process. Some brides even meet in person! Gowns can be searched anywhere from price to condition, making it a straightforward experience for everyone. Chat safely on their messaging site and follow through with the sale however works best for you.

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Your wedding is likely the most expensive event youll throw in your lifetime. So once the vows have been said and the dance floor is cleared, wouldnt it be nice to recoup some of that cash? Of course it would.

Youll have memories that will last forever, so if youre willing to part with it, why not resell your once-worn dress? A plethora of wedding-centric online outlets exist to take your gown off your hands for a decent percentage of what you actually paid. Here are nine sites beyond eBay that will let someone else say yes to your dress.

Tradesy: A visually appealing resale site for the fashion crowd, Tradesy lets you choose your own price and boasts an easy, fast listing process. With options to resell in other fashion categories, too, Tradesy deducts a 14.9% commission from every sale and maintains a final sale policy on wedding gowns.

Nearly Newlywed: Nearly Newlywed handles the entire selling process, including fielding inquiries from customers, for a $25 listing fee. Once your listing is approved and your dress sells, youll receive a prepaid shipping label to send the gown for inspection and condition verification. Once the sale is confirmed, you receive payment via PayPal for 65% of the sale price. If your gown hasnt been cleaned, Nearly Newlywed also offers a cleaning service for a flat $249 fee.

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Best Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress

How to Sell your Second Wedding Dress | Wedding How To

There are a few different options you can consider when looking for a place to sell your gown. Many people sell their wedding dresses online on marketplaces that sell used wedding items, while others focus on selling locally. Wherever you decide to sell your gown, there are many tactics you can try to get the price you want.

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Give A Detailed Description Of The Dress

Be thorough in describing your dress – give the correct measurements , name the designer or brand, the model name or number, and the fabric, and mention whether it’s been worn and/or professionally cleaned. Keywords are important for anyone Googling and searching dress sights for particular dresses, so keep in mind what you’d be searching for in your description.

The Knot Editors’ Pick For Buying And Selling Used Wedding Dresses

Nearly Newlywed: Part used wedding dress boutique, part inspirational blog, Nearly Newlywed saves sellers time and stress by handling all buyer interactions and shipping. The application process is quick and easy: Sellers just submit their measurements with a wedding dress description and photos of their gown. If their listing is approved, Nearly Newlywed takes it from there, answering any buyer questions and shipping the dress directly. So, sellers can sit back and relax while the website’s experts do the grunt work. Bonus: The website also sells wedding-related jewelry and accessories.

Review: Why do we love Nearly Newlywed so much? This innovative marketplace makes putting used wedding dresses for sale as seamless as possible. If you’re purchasing a used wedding dress, the thorough authentication process ensures you’re paying for the real deal and not a counterfeit wedding dress. And if you’re selling, once your application is approved, your work is done. Be aware that this website charges a $25 listing fee, and once your dress is sold, you’ll earn 60 percent of the final price. But you’re paying for unparalleled convenience and a truly trusted customer service team.

Popova Tetiana/

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Other Websites To Buy And Sell Used Wedding Dresses

Tradesy: A fashion-forward website geared toward designer brands, Tradesy offers a streamlined interface with a quick listing process. The website is curated like a high-end retailer site . Users can search used wedding dresses by label, size, style and more.

Review: Tradesy takes roughly 20 percent commission on sales, and promises prompt payment. Be aware Tradesy covers shipping and returns for most fashion items, but used wedding dresses are not included. If you’re buying, Tradesy comes with a money back guarantee if wedding items are inauthentic, taking some of the worry out of the used wedding dress buying process.

Still White: A marketplace specifically for used wedding dresses, Still White may not look as fancy as other preowned wedding dress websites, but it offers a wide range of used wedding dresses, from Vera Wang and Pronovias to Essense of Australia and Maggie Sottero.

Review: This straightforward website gets down to the nitty gritty and lets users browse by dress condition, taking the mystery out of the secondhand wedding dress buying process . Sellers can create a listing for $20 or upgrade to a premium listing for $30that means their dress will be promoted on the site. While it’s an initial fee to create a listing, the website takes no commission, meaning sellers keep pretty much all of their sales.

Want to buy or sell in-person? Search for local consignment salons in your area.

Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

Maggie Sottero

Another local option to sell your wedding dress is on Facebook Buy and Sell groups or through the Facebook Marketplace.

These groups will sell almost anything, so you wont be marketing to brides only. The upside is that the buyers are local, so you dont have to worry about shipping your dress.

Include lots of photos, a good description, and a competitive price when listing your dress. You may have to negotiate on the final price, so leave some bargaining room.

Itll probably take you longer to sell your dress via Facebook, but there are no fees to create a listing.


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Things To Consider Before Selling Your Wedding Dress

Often when brides ask us about selling a wedding dress, it’s because they’ve found a dress they love that’s outside of their budget, and they’re considering spending a little extra in the hope of making some of the money back after the wedding. It’s a good plan, in theory, but there are a few factors to bear in mind before you hand over that credit card.

  • The kind of wedding dress you’ve got in mind – is it a popular style and size?
  • The style of wedding you’re having – is the dress likely to be in good condition after the wedding? This is particularly important if you’re having your ceremony in a forest, taking your portraits on a beach etc.
  • Your plans for immediately after the wedding – is there time to get the dress dry cleaned and put it up for sale? Many’s the bride who tossed her dress in a bag as she headed off on honeymoon, only to forget all about it upon return!
  • How motivated you are to sell your wedding dress – are you an organisational marvel? Or the kind of person who tends to shove problems in the cupboard and hope they’ll go away

Before you buy an over-budget dress with the idea of selling it after the wedding, ask yourself if you afford to buy the dress if you don’t sell it afterwards? Things happen, red wine spills, dresses tear, dry cleaners mess up, dresses fail to sell. If, for whatever reason, you can’t sell your dress, can you take the hit for the full cost?

Photo by IG Studio via One Fab Day

Find Or Take Professional Pictures

The best way to make your gown stand out to potential buyers is with great photos. Professional, full-length shots of you in your dress are ideal, blurry photos of you trying on your gown in the salon less so. You can also provide photos of your dress on a hanger to show its current condition, but those shouldnt be the primary images for your listing. Buyers prefer to see how a dress looks on a human, not a hanger.

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How Long Will It Take To Sell

Again, depending on all the details, your dress may sell right away, or in a few months. This is because what brides are looking for changes seasonally, and can depend on the designer, price, size, and style of your gown. Most of the online platforms dont require that you re-list your gown, so you are free to wait as long as it takes to sell!

Determine Your Style Beforehand

Selling My New Wedding Gown?! & New Hair Colour!

The first step in selecting any wedding dress, whether second-hand or not, is to try on gowns. Head to your local boutique to narrow down styles, designers, and sizes. Once you know what youre looking for, sign up for alerts to be notified as soon as someone puts your dream dress up for sale or search for similar looks.

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How Can I Sell My Wedding Dress

Jul 20, 2021Wedding Dress, Wedding Tips

For something thats only being worn once, wedding dresses are expensive garments. Buying a wedding dress carries a heavy expense for any bride. Unless youre planning on holding onto it for sentimental reasons, you may be thinking of recovering some of these funds by selling your dress instead.

If youre looking to sell your wedding dress, you may be wondering where and how to do it. You could sell your dress on popular websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, but you may not get nearly as much money as you would like for it.

At Savvy Bridal, we want our clients to be aware of their options when looking to sell their wedding dresses. Here are some essential tips to follow and some places you should consider for selling your dress.

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