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What Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings

What Is The History And Meaning Behind The Ring Finger

How to choose a Wedding Band to suit your Engagement Ring

A: While rings have been worn on all fingers from pinkies to thumbs since the dawn of time, the idea of a ring finger dates back to Ancient Rome. The Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to a persons heart called Vena Amoris, meaning vein of love. It became popular to wear a ring that signified commitment to a spouse or lover on this finger because of its romantic and passionate symbolism.

The Tradition Behind The Ring Finger

Ever wonder why women where their wedding band and engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand? Ancient Romans called the fourth finger as the Vein of Love because it ran directly to the heart. Therefore, married couples were to wear their wedding bands on this finger as a symbol of their undying love.

Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt. Where the circle was symbol of eternity as it had no begging or no end. Today, it is usual for the couple to wear rings on the 4th finger to symbol their promise to wed.

Couples who are not ready for marriage yet, often exchange promise rings to show their commitment to each other. They may wear rings on the 4th finger of the left hand. Just like an egg magnet ring, but its really a matter of personal choice. Since its not an actual engagement ring, a lot of women chose to wear their promise ring on a different finger. Traditionally, if you have a promise ring, you would move it to the 4th finger of your right hand after the wedding.

The Wedding Ring Finger Meaning

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Wedding rings are a sweet symbol of eternal love throughout history. “The tradition of wedding rings came about in Egypt, about 4,800 years ago,” Ghanimian says. “The circle symbolizes eternity, with no beginning or end. What most people don’t know is that the hole in the center of the ring also has significanceâit’s not just space, but rather a gateway or door. When you give someone a ring, it signifies immortal love.”

Couples typically exchange rings during their wedding ceremony, placing the ring on each other’s wedding ring fingerâthe fourth finger of the left handâafter saying their vows. As for determining what hand does the wedding ring goes on, the choice is really up to you. Traditions are nice, but etiquette rules have softened through the years.

There are no rules on which metal your wedding rings must be made of, or whether or not they should match. You can opt for simple bands or more elaborate ones with stones or designs. Some couples choose to have their wedding date or a romantic phrase inscribed in their bands.

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Which Hand Do You Wear Wedding Rings On

Most people wear their rings on their left ring finger, as is traditional in many North American and European countries. The traditional ring finger is between your pinky and middle finger.

This is from an ancient tradition called Vena amoris, which is Latin for vein of love. The belief is that a vein runs directly through your heart into your left ring finger, indicating where the ring should be.

While this tradition is sweet, it is ultimately incorrect, even though the ring finger has stayed as the spot for engagement rings.

However, not all cultures follow this. For example, in Russia, Germany, Norway, and India, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the right hand, as the left hand is traditionally believed to be bad luck. Therefore, you can wear them on whatever hand you want.

Which Hand Should I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Ring On

How Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring Set

Which hand, and which finger, on which rings are worn changes radically around the world. Even in Europe, in which rings are almost always worn on the fourth finger the ring finger there are at least 3 common ways to wear a wedding set.

On The Right Hand

Catholic and eastern European tradition dictates that the wedding and engagement ring both be worn on the right hand. The engagement ring is removed before the wedding ceremony, and after the wedding ring is slipped on during the ceremony, the engagement ring is replaced on top of it. The custom of wearing the wedding set on the right hand comes from an ancient Roman belief that the left hand was untrustworthy. In fact, the Latin word for left hand shares the same root as the modern-day word sinister.

On The Left Hand

On the other hand *chuckle* the Anglican church started doing things a bit differently following their separation from the Catholic church. By wearing both rings on the left hand, they rang in a new era of reformation by eschewing old sinister traditions. And this custom continues in Protestant cultures today, where the wedding ring is placed on the left hand during the wedding ceremony, and then the engagement ring is slipped on after it. Many people enjoy the symbolism of wearing their wedding ring closest to their heart, since it highlights the importance of marriage.

On Different Hands

In the end, its all up to you. However you prefer to wear your wedding ring is the right way to wear it.

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Which Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings For Wedding Day

The tradition of wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring on your ring finger being the third finger on the left not including your thumb is known to have originated in Egypt as it was believed the vein in this finger lead directly to the heart. You would wear your rings n the order your record the fourth finger of your left hand. which order do you wear your wedding rings.

Which Order Do You Wear Your Wedding Rings, In other words it goes on first followed by the engagement ring on the outside. Therefore it is considered more appropriate to wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding band. The tradition of wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring on your ring finger being the third finger on the left not including your thumb is known to have originated in Egypt as it was believed the vein in this finger lead directly to the heart.

Wearing a wedding ring and an engagement ring. Your wedding ring finger is the same. According to American etiquette experts the brides wedding ring is worn on her left-hand ring finger first with her engagement ring placed on top of it.

Wear Engagement Ring On One Ring Finger And Wedding Band On The Other

Another option, though less traditional, is to wear the engagement ring on one ring finger on the left hand and the wedding band on the right hands ring finger. This way is good for those with short fingers, who dont like having so many rings on one finger. Also, some women do not have a wedding ring set that matches , and so, the wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring. Similarly, the ring may be so stunning that it is needed to be displayed on its own without distraction.

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Wedding Ring First Engagement Ring On Top

Some people like to stack their wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. In this case, you wear your wedding ring first, followed by your engagement ring. So how do you wear your engagement ring and wedding band at your wedding? If you go this route, remove your engagement ring before the ceremony so that you don’t have to deal with potentially losing it or awkwardly fumbling with it at the altar. Wear it on your right hand or keep it in a very safe place. Once you’ve said “I do,” you can slip your sparkler back on for the reception or wait a little bit to admire your new band on its own.

But Thats Where The Fun Begins

What Is the Correct Way to Wear Wedding Rings? : Wedding Dresses & Bridal Fashion

If you bought a channel-set anniversary ring , then youre in luck. Most channel-set anniversary bands will fit flush up against your wedding set and will look awesome.

That is, as long as you have a flat side for the band to fit flush against.

If you have a solitaire engagement ring and a channel set diamond wedding band , youll have no problems. These are the best types of rings to add onto.

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Wedding Ring Vs Wedding Band

Wedding rings and wedding bands are the same: a ring given at the wedding ceremony that symbolizes the marriage. Some people call it a wedding ring while others say wedding band. The two terms are interchangeable. Wedding bands are worn by both men and women.

Most male wedding bands are a simple metal ring, like this tungsten carbide ring from Blue Nile, while other styles are more intricate like this diamond channel-set ring from Blue Nile. Female wedding bands range in style from classic bands like a low dome comfort ring like this one from Blue Nile to detailed rings like this trellis diamond eternity band from James Allen.

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring When You Walk Down The Aisle

There are so many small details to consider when planning the big day. After carefully selecting the perfect engagement ring or being surprised with the gem of your dreams, it seems difficult to leave it behind at the ceremony. On the other hand, the exchange of wedding rings is a beautiful and traditional part of weddings in many cultures.

Well clear up some misconceptions about engagement rings and help you make the best choice for your wedding.

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Integrate It Into Your Bouquet

Looking for a creative way to carry your engagement ring with you without wearing it during the ceremony or entrusting someone else to wear it? Have your florist leave a bit of ribbon or twine out of the wrap of your bouquet. This way, you can tie it onto your flowers during the ceremony and then put it back on your finger once youve exchanged wedding rings. This is also a trendy and stylish way to incorporate heirloom rings that you dont want to wear.

What Is The Ring Finger

Married ladies  what hand do you wear your engagement ...

In many Western cultures, the ring finger is designated as the fourth finger on the left hand. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on this digit originated from the belief that this finger has a vein running directly to the heart.

“Historically, wedding rings have been documented to be worn on every finger, even the thumb,” says jeweler Stephanie Selle. “Today, wedding rings are most commonly worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But some countries including India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia traditionally wear their wedding rings on their right hand.” Overall, it seems cultural traditions and norms set the standard for this custom. “It’s interesting that with all of the wedding traditions and trends that people decide to make their own in some way, the ring finger is one that most people keep,” notes Selle.

Meet the Expert

Stephanie Selle is a jeweler and jewelry history aficionado with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She is the owner of Washington-based With These Rings, a workshop specialized in helping couples forge their own rings.

Below, we delve into the intriguing story behind traditional ring finger placement and why you might choose to follow this custom. Plus, uncover other commonly asked questions and traditions behind engagement and promise rings.

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Alternate Between The Rings

There is no set rule that the rings have to be worn together at the same time. Besides, some rings can be heavy and uncomfortable to wear together daily.

Its okay if you choose to wear your wedding ring on some days and your engagement ring on others.

Alternatively, you could wear your wedding ring daily and keep your engagement ring for special occasions or vice versa. What matters is the meaning youve attached to the rings.

Origin Of Engagement And Wedding Rings

Wedding, engagement and eternity ring sets have a detailed heritage going back to the middle ages. Diamond engagement rings or betrothal ring is a symbol of commitment and the man giving a ring shows intent to marry the woman. The church in later years made betrothal rings a requirement as a show of fidelity and commitment.

The rings also proved the man had a good financial standing to support the bride and a family. The engagement rings were plain bands until 1477 when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a brilliant diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. Wedding rings have a similar history to the engagement rings. In modern times, the materials and styles used for both wedding and engagement rings have increased.

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Follow Tradition Or Become A Trailblazer

Years ago, it was tradition for a man to purchase an engagement ring with a diamond setting. However, times have changed. Other precious stones are also acceptable on an engagement ring.

Another tradition is for you and your spouse to have matching wedding bands. For instance, if you have a gold wedding band, then his would be gold as well.

Many couples are choosing to incorporate their unique style with traditional ring etiquette.There are no rules for most faiths on how to wear wedding rings. Whether you want to become an engagement band trailblazer or stick with tradition is up to you.

Engagement and wedding rings are more than beautiful, sparkling pieces of jewelry. They are symbols of your love and future and should be treated with care and respect.

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  • Wear it on your right hand: While tradition suggests the ring should be worn on the left, placing it on your other hand wont be a big problem. This means you get all eyes on your wedding ring and after the ceremony, you can pop your engagement ring back onto the wedding finger.
  • Leave it be: While the wedding ring should be placed before the engagement ring, this doesnt have to happen right away. The new ring can be simply placed on top of the engagement ring and you can change them round later.
  • Have it soldered to your wedding ring: If you want your engagement ring to be worn on the big day, you could have it soldered together with your wedding ring so you can wear both on your finger during your ceremony.
  • Wear it as a pendant: If you want to wear a necklace on your wedding day, you could always wear your engagement ring on a chain around your neck. That way it’s still visable but doesn’t take the attention away from your wedding ring.

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