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What Are Fall Flowers For Wedding

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Fall Wedding Bouquet Pairing Tips with Something Borrowed Blooms

From the bouquets to the buttonholes, there is nothing like the sight and scent of Wedding flower arrangements to compliment a Weddings asthetic. We hold firm to the philosophy that wedding flowers should be as unique and bespoke as the special day theyre to be featured in we take great pride in our individual consultation service, allowing you the freedom to express exactly what you want your Wedding Flowers to say. From the first conversation, our florists are excited to discuss your floral ambitions exactly as you picture them leave the heavy-lifting entirely to us!

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Consider Your Wedding Aesthetic Holistically

As you’re setting on a plan for your wedding floral arrangements, don’t make those design decisions in a vacuum. Consider all the elements that are going into your wedding decor so that you end up with a celebration that feels thematically cohesive. Eddie Zaratsian, the owner of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design, emphasizes how the venue you choose deserves particular attention. “Your venue will also play a major role in what your bouquet should look like. If you’re hosting your wedding at a gorgeous estate or a beautiful oceanside venue, it’s key that your flowers evoke that luxury, over-the-top feeling.”

Vivid And Elegant Fall Wedding Flowers

Photography by: With Love and Embers Photography | Florist: Little Big Farm, Blog

The elegant coral dahlia takes center stage in this bouquet. It is accented by the surrounding smaller blooms including classic roses, scabiosa flowers, amaranthus, and more dahlias. The deep reds and rich burgundy tones are complemented by soft corals and ashy pale greens that evoke a sense of vivacity and elegance.

  • Dahlia Dahlias are a classic fall wedding flower. Dahlias come in all shapes and sizes, and are popular for their densely layered petals. The focal point of this fall bouquet is a large dahlia, which creates a great foundation for adding complementary colors and textures. The smaller wine-colored dahlias complement the blush-colored center dahlia, adding just the right amount of drama.
  • Spray Roses Spray roses typically have much smaller blooms. They are widely popular as accent and filler flowers due to their size and wide variety of colors.
  • Amaranthus Amaranthus is an exotic plant with a rich history in Aztec culture. It has a deep red color that ranges from burgundy to rich magenta, and is popular as a dried flower.
  • Rosemary Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that is used as a fragrant herb, making it a unique choice for a fall wedding bouquet. Its hardy needles are great for adding texture and depth.
  • Dusty Miller Dusty miller is a plant thats known for its lacey and silvery foliage. It is popular as an accent in bouquets and centerpieces.

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Fall Wedding Bouquets Perfect For An Autumn Wedding

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There’s so much to love about fall weddings: crisp air, vibrant foliage and wedding bouquet ideas that are nothing short of jaw-dropping. As you’re starting to brainstorm fall bouquet ideas to complete your autumnal floral design plans, there are plenty of options for to-be-weds planning nuptials of all styles. For couples opting for a rustic wedding day atop a mountain, fill your fall wedding bouquet with plenty of greenery and an assortment of blooms that look like fresh-from-the-friend wildflowers. For the boho-minded duo, pampas grass looks right at home amid autumnal flower arrangements. And for those nearly-newlyweds who like a romantic aesthetic, don’t be afraid to pack your bouquet full of color with vibrant rose and ranunculus blooms. As you’ll see in the ideas ahead, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to designing a fall wedding bouquet that you’ll love and will leave your guests’ jaws on the floor.

Incorporate Subtle Nods To Traditional Fall Floral Decor

Textured, Rustic Fall Bridal Bouquet

Even if you dont want to include clusters of pumpkins into your big day, think about how to use them creatively. Scoop out the inside, pop in a vase, and use the hollowed-out pumpkin to hold flowers. Secure a vintage, wooden wheelbarrow or cart, and fill it with hay bales, mums, and wedding day signage. Even if you dont wish to go all out with fall decor, incorporating subtle hints is appropriate.

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Get Creative With Fall Wedding Bouquets With Succulents

Succulent plants pair well with fall colors, so use this to your advantage, as most are available in green tones. However, many varieties have accents of blue or red to compliment your wedding day florals. Floral designers often infuse succulents into fall wedding bouquets, floral arrangements, and boutonnieres. Adorable, tiny succulent plants also make excellent additions to reception tables. They can also be set at individual place settings as a wedding favor.

Mix Fall Wedding Flowers In Mason Jars

Freshly picked flowers look simple, yet stunning when placed along the length of a table in mason jars. Start collecting vintage mason jars for a handmade feel. Another budget-friendly option is to have water-filled vases available at the reception. Doing so ensures that bridal bouquets can double as decor on the head table and in other areas.

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Crisp Cool Air Leaves Changing Magnificent Colors With A Warm Touch Of The Sun

Just as exciting as the Fall Season are all of the perfect Wedding Flowers that Bloom throughout Fall giving you endless options for the Fall Wedding Centerpiece of your dreams.

-Here are my Top 10 Picks-

The Dahlia

Colors- Red, Orange, Yellow, White & Bi-Colored

The Magnolia

Colors- Yellow, Purple, White, Cream, & Bi-Colored

The Lily

Colors- Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Pink, & Bi-Colored

The Rose

Colors- Red, Orange, Yellow, Lavender, Pink, White & Bi-Colored

The Freesia

Colors- Red, Orange, Yellow, Lavender, Pink, White & Bi-Colored

The Lisianthus

Colors- Blue, Lavender, Pink, White & Bi-Colored

The Orchid

Colors- Red, Yellow, Pink, White, Bi-Colored & Dyed

The Iris

Colors- Red, Peach, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, & Black

The Gerbera
Bonus List- Top Five Favorite Fall Flower Fillers!

Burgundy Artichoke – Pomegranate – Cotton – Bells of Ireland – Succulents

With these 10 perfect Wedding Flowers the Bloom in Fall,

you’re bound to have some gorgeous eye-catching Fall Wedding Flowers!

More tips from The Imperia-

Romantic Fall Wedding Bouquets

FALL BOUQUET | Learn how to Design a Wedding Bouquet

If you’re planning a romantic autumn wedding, flower varieties like lisianthus, lily, ranunculus and rose deserve a spot in your designs. Depending on if your floral designer is able to procure them during this time of year, orchids, peonies and tulips would look right at home within your autumnal flower arrangements.

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Simple White With Greenery

This beautiful and understated fall wedding bouquet has grown in popularity and I can see why! Green is such a fresh, natural color, and white/off-white helps everything else in your decor to pop.

When paired with the natural fall colors and warm lighting, white and green help to enhance the natural beauty without being too harsh.

Combine Dried And Fresh Floral Elements Into Your Day

I love the idea of utilizing preserved elements and combining dried florals with freshly picked flowers, offers Hansboro. Given that autumn is associated with fallen leaves and greenery on its last leg of the year, incorporating dried, hanging installations above reception tables or using bundles of preserved botanicals as part of your place settings are perfect ways to evoke the feeling of the season. Pampas grass, billy balls, thistle, status, and bunny tail are all dried floral elements to consider.

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Late Fall Wedding Flower Types

Weather can be tricky towards the end of fall, which officially ends close to Christmas. Fluctuating temperatures and shorter days will impact what florals bloom in your local area however, some blooms thrive on chillier days.

  • Camellia – Although they originated in Asia, camellias have made their way to the US. In some species, the blooms are reminiscent of miniature roses and are available in various hues.
  • Rose – If you love roses, you are in luck any time of year. Depending on the type, roses are tolerant and have a long growing season. They also come in many colors, which makes them perfect for fall wedding flower arrangements.
  • Paperwhites – Paperwhiteor narcissusbulbs are often forced by placing the bulb in water indoors. The result is a lovely, fragrant collection of white blooms, which are beautiful in late fall wedding arrangements.
  • Eucalyptus – Although not technically a flower, eucalyptus is gorgeous on its own or when used as a filler. Eucalyptus is available in many varieties, including a flowing, seeded version and the more common, rigid types.Pansies – Pansies are particularly wonderful when used in wedding arrangements or bouquets, as they symbolize love and admiration, advises Hanson. Although pansies can come in a variety of yellows, purples, whites, reds, and blues, the meaning remains relatively the same. Its hard to go wrong with choosing white or blue pansies for your nuptials, for example, as they represent loyalty and honesty.

Beautiful Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

52 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Bouquets

When choosing the perfect fall wedding flowers, its important to consider the wedding colors and how the bouquet will compliment with your existing decor.

Some brides choose to use complementary colors instead of perfectly matching their bouquet to allow it to shine, and other brides want their bouquet to blend in a little more to not distract from them and their partner.

When choosing your autumn wedding flowers, be sure to consider your existing plans, or finalize your flowers first and let the rest fall into place!

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Dark Red Wedding Bouquet

But if you want something more daring, you can squeeze in a beige, blush, peach and dark red or even a plum. When you have your mind set on a palette of colours for your fall wedding flowers, be sure you also can find matching bows, ornaments, table and seat covers. Photo by Mia DiMare Photography | Bouquet by thewildthistle.co

Fresh Flowers For Wedding

We are also proud to participate in venue styling, ensuring everything comes together in the best way, and removing the additional stress from your shoulders. Our bespoke Wedding floral arrangement services allow for the utmost freedom on your part no request is too big or too small, as we love a challenge, and are keen to stay in close contact, regarding every step of the floristry and styling process.

Our vision for fresh flowers for your Wedding encompasses every style and tradition of Wedding and venue imaginable. From aisles to gardens, bouquets to boutonnieres, corsages, flowers crowns, garlands, chuppahs, and centrepieces, we are confident in our depth and breadth of services when it comes to serving you a perfectly decorated day.

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The 8 Best Fall Wedding Flowers For The Season According To Experts

Consider these seasonal fall wedding flowers if you’re saying ‘I do’ between September and November.

With the transition from summer to fall, theres no shortage of color inspiration. From the leaves changing on the trees, to the romantic sunsets, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches, rich, warm color palettes are seemingly everywhere as soon as September hits. That goes for your fall wedding flowers, toomany of the season’s most popular blooms can be found in dramatic orange, red, yellow, purple, and even brown hues. Whether your fall wedding theme is rustic chic, classic, boho, or something in between, we’re betting that your flowers will play a big role in the decor, which is why we asked wedding florists to give us the breakdown on some of the most desirable and colorful blooms for this time of year. Keep reading to brush up on the most common fall flowers and prep for the consultation with your own wedding florist when the time comes.

Ideas For Fall Wedding Flower Colors


For some couples, decisions about florals come down solely to their wedding day color palette. We have seen couples utilize purple roses, blue thistle, brunia silver, veronica white, baby blue eucalyptus, and seeded eucalyptus, all of which create a stunning muted color palette, perfect for autumn, reminisces Wyndrum. Alternatively, your perfect fall wedding arbor flowers may be in a color scheme of sunny, bright tones. But, no matter your palette, our fall wedding flowers list shows whats available in every color of the rainbow.

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Fall Wedding Flowers In Season: A Monthly Guide

What flowers are in season for a fall wedding? The answer comes down to what month you get married. Sourcing flowers that are blooming during the time of your wedding also ensures the freshest possible blooms. By selecting in-season flowers, you are often paying less overall, and youll have a better chance of getting them, advises CeCe Todd, owner of CeCe Designs in Birmingham, Alabama. Flowers are a natural resource, and its difficult for any florist to ever guarantee what they can get. In-season flowers are just easier to access and tend to be more affordable.

Although florists can source out-of-season blooms from other countries, sometimes there are no guarantees. Bad crops, shortages, and shipping delays can all add up to wedding day floral issues. When couples choose flowers that are out of season, they just need to have more flexibility and understanding that nothing is guaranteed, expands Todd. Theyll also need to plan to budget accordingly, as out-of-season flowers will be more expensive.

Where your wedding takes place can also factor into whats in bloom around the time of your wedding. The beauty of this is that your locales seasonality may differ from another wedding youve seen, offers Hansboro. So, there are no rules to which flowers youre limited to in terms of traditional autumn florals. For example, whats considered in season in southern California will be different for those located in northern Maine.

Stylish And Modern Fall Wedding Flowers

Photography by: Bird on the Wall Photography | Florist: Botanica Naturalis

This bouquet features two varieties of protea: king protea and blushing bride protea. The pale pink colors are accented by violet waxflowers and ashy blue tetra nuts, which add texture. The King protea is embellished with gold glitter for a fun and whimsical take on this majestic bloom. The overall effect is a bouquet that is both stylish and modern.

  • King Protea The king protea is one of the most spectacular species of protea and is the national flower of South Africa. With a massive bloom size that can reach almost 12 inches in width, the king protea is one of the largest protea species. It has long pink petals that surround a furry center, as well as large leathery leaves. Within a bouquet, it is typically the star of the show.
  • Blushing Bride Protea The blushing bride protea is another stunning species of protea. It is much smaller in size to the King protea. It has delicate white petals that are nearly transparent, and a soft pink center. It is said that these flowers got their name from men wearing them in their buttonholes on the way to propose, thus resulting in a blushing bride. Proteas are known for being fall-blooming flowers, making them the perfect choice for fall weddings.
  • Waxflower The waxflower has purple flowers with white centers. It is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to six feet. Due to its hardiness, it is a popular filler for floral arrangements.

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