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How To Do Wedding Invitations With Divorced Parents

How To Make Address Labels

Wedding Invitation Wording – Divorced Parents

Wondering how to print address labels for the invitations, or even how to use a printer to address your wedding invitations? There are apps and programs you can use at home to print your own address labels, but make sure you count the cost of blank labels, ink and time. Sometimes DIY projects dont actually turn out cheaper and the risk is considerably higher. If you are wondering how to use a printer to address your invitations, you may want to consider following a tutorial.

Consider ordering professionally printed address labels when you order your invitations and other wedding stationery to save yourself the hassle of printing your own labels. This will ensure everything matches and looks great.

Wrap around labels are a practical way to save time and money because you dont need to use two labels and the different sides of the label display their relevant information.

Addressing Married Couple With Different Last Names

Write their names on the same line with the womans name first. If the combined names are too long, list them in separate lines.

O.E: Mr. and Mrs. Maria Latanya and Mr. David Myles

I.E: Ms. Latanya and Mr. Myles or Maria and David

Addressing a married couple with one hyphenated last name

There are couples who choose to hyphenate their last name they should be addressed using this order. Mrs. + her first name + maiden name + married name

O.E: Mr. Michael Crane and Mrs. Laura Diamond-Crane

I.E: Mr. Crane and Mrs. Diamond-Crane or Michael and Laura

Addressing an unmarried couple

A couple who are unmarried but live at the same address need an invitation addressed to both of them on one line. The name of the person you are closest to comes first.

O.E: Mr. Stanley George and Ms. Trish Ashley

I.E: Mr. George and Ms. Ashley or Stanley and Trish

Addressing the same sex couple

In this case, it is acceptable to put either guests name first. You may choose the person you are closer to first or address them in an alphabetical order

O.E: Ms. Diana Stevens and Ms. Lucy Thompson

I.E: Ms. Stevens and Ms. Thompson or Diana and Lucy

Addressing a single guest female

In this case, use Ms. if she is over 18 years and Miss if younger. The Miss in the younger one should be spelled out not used as abbreviations.

O.E: Ms. Stephanie McCarter or Miss Stephanie McCarter if younger than 18

I.E: Ms. McCarter or Miss McCarter or Stephanie

Addressing a single guest male

I.E: Mr. Ingram or James

How To Stuff The Envelopes

  • When two envelopes are used, insert the invitation , so that you see the printed side of the invitation when the envelope flap is opened.
  • When there are enclosuresreply card and envelope, map, printed directions, etc.they are placed on top of the printed side of the invitation, with their printed sides up, in size order with the smallest on top. Again, when the flap is opened, the printed side should be visible. If the invitation is folded, insertions are stacked in size ordersmallest on topbut within the fold. Tissues are optional. If used, they are placed on top of the invitation and below any enclosures. If the invitation is folded, they are inserted into the fold.
  • The inner envelope is then placed unsealed in the outer envelope, so when the outer envelope flap is lifted, the name of the guest is visible.
  • Before sealing the outer envelope, double- and triple-check that the names on the inner and outer envelopes match up.
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    Parents Don’t Have A Say In Ceremony Or Vows

    It doesn’t get more personal or intimate than the ceremony and vows. “The support of a couple’s family is of the utmost importance, however, at the end of the day, the couple should decide what they say in their vows,” says Lauren Chitwood, wedding and corporate event planner and owner of Lauren Chitwood Events in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Exceptions To Wedding Invitation Etiquette

    Wedding Invitations For Divorced Parents

    I have found there are several reasons to part ways with traditional wedding etiquette with respect to wedding invitation wording. Whether to list or omit a parents name is ultimately a personal choice, but the following reasons come up often 1) Parents who cannot afford to contribute to the wedding often want to be named or honored 2) those who cannot afford to contribute to the wedding are often embarrassed when omitted from the invitation, 3) mothers and fathers who are contributing, albeit a small amount, are offended by being omitted, 4) Step-parents who have been in their son or daughters lives for many years are hurt if not named and finally, 5) those parents that might be afraid their invitees will not recognize the name of a bride or groom and decline the invitation. Ultimately though every couple will decide what makes them most comfortable.

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    Etiquette Rules To Consider When Your Parents Are Divorced

    • 1. Divorced parents names never appear on the same line even if they both remain unmarried.
    • 2. The mothers name goes first unless the mother is not contributing financially to the wedding. If this is the case, the fathers name goes first.
    • 3. Traditionally, only the parents names appear on the invitation, but it is completely acceptable to include step-parents.

    Here are some examples to follow when writing the final wording:

    How To Address To Military Personnel

    Knowing how to address military the invitations can be complicated. First tip: when a member of the military are on active duty, never address them as Mr/Mrs/Ms. When wanting to know how to address wedding invitations to navy corpsman or other branches of the military, you can divide it into senior and junior officers.

    For senior, the title is listed before the name, for junior , the title is written on the line below. The branch of service is on the line below for senior officers and on appears on the same line for junior officers.

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    How Will You Write Your Names

    Your names will be on the wedding invitation somewhere, but there are a few choices to be made about how they are displayed.

    Traditionally, the brides name comes first without her surname, followed the grooms full name. However, if there are two brides or two grooms you will need to decide whose name should be first. Perhaps alphabetical order will work for you? Also, think about whether you want to include both your full names or keep it informal with just first names.

    Some couples make their names the feature of the invitation, which can look very effective when printed in foil.

    There are many ways of wording the part that makes it clear this is an invitation. If youve chosen a more formal tone, something like request the honour of your presence, or request the pleasure of your company may be suitable phrasing. Alternatively, keep it simple with invite you to our wedding, or would be delighted if you could join us.

    Whether to include the names of your guests on the wedding invitation or not is a hot topic.

    If you do, you will need to decide whether to write their full names, first names or even nicknames. Youll also need to consider how to present them. Many people include a line where they can hand-write the name. However, this can take away from the invitation design and, lets face it, not everyone likes their own handwriting. We can provide a calligraphy service to get around this if you would like to include guests names.

    Bride’s Other Family Members Host:

    How to Handle Your Divorced Parents at Your Wedding

    Mr. Henry Stuart Evans requests the pleasure of your company at the marriage of his sisterMary Ann to Mr. Drew Randolph MorrisSaturday, the fourth of June two thousand nineteen at one o’clockThe Ritz-Carlton St. Louis, Missouri

    Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Winstead request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their nieceMs. Mary Ann Cole to Mr. Drew Randolph MorrisSaturday, the fourth of June two thousand nineteen at one o’clockThe Ritz-Carlton St. Louis, Missouri

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    Inviting The Whole Family:

    There are a few ways to address the family based on your formality preference and whether or not you are using an inner envelope. Options here:

    If using only an outer envelope:

    Address the invite to The Armstrong Family. This implies that you will be inviting the whole family and that all family members are invited to both the ceremony and reception.

    If using an outer and an inner envelope!

    You only need to address the adults on the outer mailing envelope. Then, utilize your inner envelope to spell out exactly who is invited.

    On the inner envelope, include the name of the parents with the children listed below. The formal Emily Post etiquette suggests using Miss for young girls and Master for boys under the age of thirteen. ????

    Formal Wedding Breakfast Or A Knees Up Party

    Its a good idea to let guests have a hint of what to expect on the day, so they can prepare. The wording could include something like followed by a wedding breakfast and evening reception or followed by a dinner reception and dancing, depending on the type of wedding youre planning. If you wont be serving food, you can imply this on the invitation by specifying that it will be followed by drinks and dancing. Plus, if you have a dress code, its helpful to make this clear.

    The invitation will usually include the time, date and location of the wedding. A separate information card can give your guests the finer details of the day.

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    How To Address To Singles

    While single guests at a wedding can be a little tricky, we dont want to make them feel like they are problematic! This section is for if you want to know how to address wedding invitations with a plus one and what to do when addressing a divorcee or someone widowed also what to do if you dont want to offer a plus one.

    How To List Divorced Parents On The Wedding Program

    Wedding Invitation Wording

    DearPolite One,

    Formy weddingprogram, how should I list my parents who are divorced and my fatherhas remarried?


    DearMultiple Parents,

    Listyour mother first as mother ofthe bride. If she has an escort, list his/her name next to hers asher escort. Your father is listed under the mother as the father ofthe bride with his wifes name listed next to his as his wife such as:

    Fatherof the bride: Mr. Frank Jones accompanied by his wife Mrs. JaneJones.


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    Be It Traditional Or Informal It’s A Second Marriage Or You Want To Include Your Children You’ll Find The Perfect Wedding Invitation Wording Below & How To Adapt Them For Your Own Wedding Invites

    The hard works not over once youve chosen your wedding invitations from hundreds of beautiful designs. Then comes the tricky task of your wedding invitation wording.

    Your wedding invites need to communicate the vital details of your big day, as well as give a sense of your theme and relationship. Formal or informal, evening-only or full-day, parents hosting or just you two whatever your wedding, weve got the wedding invitation wording templates to help you get it right.

    It may seem simple enough, but its actually quite easy to miss out some vital piece of information on your wedding invites. You dont want to embarrass your guests because you forgot to put down a dress code!

    Including The Grooms Parents Names On The Invitation // Formal // Secular Location

    Its most traditional to include the names of the grooms parents after the grooms name.

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lewis Manningrequest the pleasure of your companyat the marriage of their daughterAmelia Roseson of Mr. and Mrs. Riordan Timothy CullenSaturday, the fifth of Junetwo thousand twentyGilfillans West Hill Country ClubCamillus, New York

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    How To Address For Unmarried Couples

    How to address wedding invitations to unmarried couples can be tricky, but is determined primarily by the living situation. If you are posting the invitations and they dont live together, you can just send them separate invitations, addressed like you would a single person . If they dont live together but you are hand delivering invitations and want to address them together you can do either name first, but a good idea is to do so alphabetically.

    If the couple are not married but live together, place their names on separate lines with no and joining them. Traditionally the man is listed above the woman, but you could choose to go by alphabetical order or whichever guest you are the most familiar with.

    How To Hand Address

    My most COMMON DM | How to plan your wedding with DIVORCED PARENTS | How can we included EVERYONE

    Dont want to navigate printing fancy labels for your invites but arent sure how to neatly address the invitations for so many people? Or perhaps how to hand address wedding invitations with bad handwriting? If you dont want to hire a calligrapher, you could learn some basic calligraphy yourself, or enlist the services of a friend whose penmanship youve always admired.

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    Avoid Sitting Them Together At All Costs

    A simple rule that wedding planners recommend as a way to avoid unnecessary drama on the wedding day is to have the divorced parents sit far away from each other. Picture the typical church having two sides put mom on one side and dad on the other, Jimmy suggests. This allows them to have the best front row seats, yet separated. When it comes to picture time, Jimmy likes to place the couple in the middle between the parents or takes two group photos, for example mom with stepdad then dad with stepmom.

    Clue In Your Photographer And Videographer

    Family photos are a huge part of the wedding ceremony and reception. You want to capture all of the special moments, and many of those include family members. When dealing with divorced parents at your wedding, you should clue in the photographer or videographer who may automatically assume you would want a picture with the entire family together.

    Map out a plan of appropriate photos and get the opinions of your parents, if necessary. Be as detailed as possible with your photographer on how family photos should go down, and you should be in the clear.

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    The Walk Down The Aisle

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    Traditionally, a brides father walks her down the aisle and gives her away. However, if she is close to her stepfather as well, the bride may want to include him in some way in the big day. There are plenty of key father-daughter moments where she can make a diplomatic choice between who she asks, such as the ride to the ceremony, the walk down the aisle, and the father of the bride speech.

    However, there are some moments where etiquette can dictate who accompanies her, says William.

    It really should be the biological father who walks the bride down the aisle, if the biological father is still alive and relations are good. The stepfather can be involved by perhaps making the father of the brides speech at the reception. Having the stepfather escort the bride in the car is fine but it isnt a very visible role for the guests and so the stepfather may be a little put out about it.

    Image: La Belle Bella Photography

    The best solution is to talk about it with everyone ahead of time and try to come to an amicable and sensible solution that doesnt result in the stepfather leading the bride half way down the aisle and the biological father doing the remaining 50% of the aisle!

    Parents biological and step should remember that the day is not about them and their egos, it is about the bride and groom.

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