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What All Do You Need For A Wedding

Curate Your Gift List


If youve decided to have a wedding gift list, now is the time to fill it this is because it needs to be ready in time for the posting of your wedding invitations . There are lots of advantages to creating a wedding gift list, including the fact that it saves guests the stress of deciding what to buy you and they wont waste money on gifts which you wont need or like. There are lots of online gift lists which will be a huge help, including Prezola and The Wedding Shop. If youre not too keen on the idea of a traditional gift list, there are other options: you can ask for money instead of gifts, set up a honeymoon fund or consider Prezolas Social Gifting scheme which wont cost your guests a penny.

Pay Your Vendors In Full

The last awkward situation you want to deal with right before your wedding day is a vendor chasing money. Avoid that by keeping careful track of when and how much you pay each vendor. If there are some vendors who must be paid the day-of, or youre distributing tips, give your most trusted bridesmaid or relative a heads-up that come wedding day, youll be counting on them to handle the labeled envelopes youre going to put together.

Your Complete Wedding Checklist

A big congratulations if you’re the owner of a brand spankin’ sparkly new engagement ring! Wedding planning is really exciting but there are times when it can be incredibly stressful as well which is why a handy wedding checklist will be the thing you turn to again and again . Before you get down to the nitty gritty, first things first, sign up to weddingsonline for all your supplier and inspiration needs and getyourself well acquainted with our galleries and .

After that, weve got a step-by-step wedding checklist to help you keep on top of everything. It’s based on a 12 month period but it will give you a really good idea of what to do and when. Tying the knot can be stressful, but step-by-step planning makes the entire process so much easier. Heres everything you need to do on your wedding planning journey…

12 months to go

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Book An Accommodation For Guests

Weâre sure that your guest list is ready by now, and you must be aware about which relatives and friends are coming from other towns. Itâs time to book a good and comfortable accommodation for them. Find out good hotels and guest houses that provide friendly hospitality and amenities to assure your guests get the maximum comfort. Also, make sure that the accommodation is in close proximity to the wedding venue.

Determine Your Bridal Style

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Find a few resources of bridal inspiration you like bestPinterest, Instagram, magazines, trusty bridal sites and start researching. Having a good sense of the type of wedding style you want helps immensely once you start meeting with potential vendors. Dont overwhelm yourself with all the wedding inspiration thats out there. Creating one or more Pinterest boardsor even a visual collage on a cork or poster boardwill help you to figure out what sort of look and feel you really want and keep you aligned with your larger vision.

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Provisionally Book A Venue And A Date

Choosing your wedding venue is probably the most important decision of your entire wedding planning process, and it is also the biggest cost. It determines everything from what your photographs will look like to which theme will work best. Wedding venues often get booked up well over a year in advance, so although you shouldnt make any rash decisions, youve got to act quickly. 18 months before your ideal wedding date, sit down and look through our venues directory which you can filter by venue style and location.

Book a handful of venue viewings for the spots which most appeal, then provisionally reserve a date at your favourite while you check on registrar availability . This is the time to hire a wedding planner if you’re getting one as they can help hugely with finding a venue.

Apply For A Marriage License

Did you know that getting married comes with paperwork? Before the wedding date, you’ll need to apply for a marriage licenseafter all, this is your ticket to becoming legally wed, and it’s one planning task not to leave until the last minute. Then, after the wedding day, you’ll need a marriage certificate, which proves you’re legally married. Both documents need to be notarized, but specific timing guidelines vary by state and county. “It’s important to do your research on the timelines and deadlines for the location or county where you’re getting married so you understand what you need and when,” says Pat Kinsel, Founder & CEO of digital notary site Notarize. “If you’re not sure, contact the city or town clerk where you are getting married to get confirmation on the timeline and deadlines for documentation.”

For more in-depth help, follow our guide on how to obtain your marriage license.

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When You Need Wedding Transportation

Chances are, you will need some type of wedding transport for your event. However, how many vehicles you will need depends on your guests and where you are holding your reception and ceremony. The first step in planning your transport is figuring out what you need and at what times throughout the day.

“Transportation is generally needed when you have a large wedding party and need to keep your group together for photos, arrival on time at the church or venue, and more depending on your needs,” says Goldberg.

“It is also important to offer attendees who are from out of town the option of a bus. You should keep in mind they don’t live at this location and it might give some angst on how to get around. Keeping your guests and bridal party safe is the key element to a successful wedding day.”

Essential Wedding Ceremony Checklist

MINTED WEDDING INVITATIONS: Everything You Need to Know! | This or That

As with all of our wedding planning checklists, what you need for your wedding ceremony will differ depending on the kind of vows you have. A Catholic wedding, will differ from a humanist outdoor ceremony, and registry office ‘I Dos’ may require a lot less detail than a self-plan ceremony. Your celebrant, ceremony style and setting will help you work out what applies to you!

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Start Thinking Big Picture

The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. In reality, though, you won’t be able to set an exact wedding date until other major decisionslike setting your budgetare made. But before you dive into the nitty-gritty details, we recommend thinking about the big picture vision you have for your wedding day. What time of year do you want to host your celebration? What wedding venue style sparks your interest? Are you drawn to intimate, outdoor boho parties, or would you rather have a glam formal affair at a chic city rooftop? How many people do you want to invite? These are key details to consider before you move forward with any decisions. “I always ask my couples to describe their perfect wedding day,” says Mary Thornton, founder of Connecticut-based stationery boutique and event planning company Party Party. “Is it casual? Formal? Large? Small? Do you prefer formal and elegant, or do you want a fun, casual dance party? Once that decision is made the other ones fall into place.”

The Average Costs Of A Wedding

Here are the average price tags for common wedding expenses, according to a 2019 survey by The Knot and WeddingWire’s Wedding Cost Guide:

At the very least, youll need a marriage license. Application fees vary by state, county, city or other conditions. The standard license fee is $27.50 in New Orleans, $50 in Boston and $100 in Santa Barbara, California.

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A Note On Diy Decorations

Were also a big proponent of using Cricut to further personalize your decor. Something as plain as a chalkboard purchased from Michaels or a piece of scrap wood can end up looking beautiful with a bit of Cricut-ing. Check out some of the Cricut projects weve created in the past.

Lastly, labels can be easily created and printed via your home computer and printer. I personally recommend the brand Avery for labels and this fantabulous all-in-one Canon inkjet printer for your home printing needs.

One important thing to remember: signs can be inexpensive and easy to make, but these little touches can really make an impact on your big day!

Heres our list of some potential signs, labels, and printables you may need for your wedding, depending on your venue and setup:

  • road signs
  • direction markers for within venue
  • welcome sign
  • Choose a Seat, Not a Side sign
  • banners and buntings
  • Here Comes the Bride sign
  • no cell phones sign
  • gift table sign

Set Your Wedding Budgetand Stick To It

How to change your last name and all the places you need ...

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Your wedding budget will be the driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions, so this should be one of the first things you tackle. If any family members will be contributing, chat with them about what theyre comfortable spending. If youre footing the bill yourself, its time to take a hard look at your finances. Be prepared for a reality check when it comes to actually budgeting for your wedding day as many couples dont realize the full scope of costs involved. Once youve got that magic number, stick to it!

Don’t forget to build in a 10 percent splurge cushion for those unexpected costs or urges that inevitably arise.

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What Is A Hotel Room Block

A hotel block is a set of hotel rooms that has been set aside for a group or event at an agreed upon rate. The smallest block typically starts at ten rooms.

By pre-negotiating rates at a pre-chosen hotel, youll save loved ones time and money while they attend your weddingand ensure theyll be surrounded by other attendees so the good times can extend before and after the reception. While youll definitely want to coordinate a hotel block if a large segment of guests are coming from out-of-town or youre planning a destination wedding, its also a good idea even if most guests are local.

Everyone today is looking to further their experiences, says Victoria Ayers of Cescaphe Event Group. Sometimes people want to stay overnight and make the wedding weekend an extended getaway.

Meet the Expert

Victoria Ayers is the Director of Client Services at Philadelphias Cescaphe Event Group. Victoria and her team help couples navigate the wedding planning process and book over 800 room blocks annually on behalf of their couples.

Ready to start coordinating a hotel block for your wedding? Read on for everything you need to know, including how to get the best rates and tips for scoring upgrades.

Decide On Your Ceremony Details

Your registrar should have sent a form to fill in with your ceremony details, so if you havent already, you should start to think about filling it in. Dont panic though you can send it off as close to up to six weeks before your wedding date!

Youll need to know everything from what song youre walking down the aisle to, to whos in your wedding party, whos giving you away, who your photographer is, what readings you want and whether youre writing your own vows or using the traditional ones. Weve got lots of inspiration for all of those things, so dont feel overwhelmed. Take a look at our favourite non-religious wedding readings and our guide to writing your wedding vows.

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Unity Candle Broom Or Other Unity Ceremony Accessories

A tradition that started in Christian wedding ceremonies, the unity candle is a ritual now performed by people of many faiths. There are many other rituals to express unity, such as jumping the broom in African-American weddings. These are certainly optional, but if you’re having one, you’ll want to make sure you have all the accessories you need.

Sit At A Sweetheart Table


If you dont like the idea of having a sweetheart table for you and your new spouse at your reception, feel free to ditch that idea and sit with whomever you want on the big day. Whether you want to sit with your whole wedding party, your parents, or a mix of people, dont hesitate to do what youre more comfortable with.

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Have Your Final Menu Tasting

Your venue will invite you to a menu tasting when you make your booking, but its usually around this time. If youre using external caterers, ask them for a menu tasting at the four-month mark. You might be invited to a menu tasting evening with lots of other couples, or you may be invited to something more private. Either way, trying all of the delicious menu choices which the chefs have on offer will enable you to make your final wedding breakfast choices. Just remember if you dont want a traditional sit-down three-course dinner, you dont have to have one! Hog roasts, sharing platters and BBQs are all fabulous options.

Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

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The friends and family you ask to join your wedding party are there for emotional and tactical support throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day. Consult with your partner to decide what size wedding party works best for the two of youkeeping in mind the expenses that come along with this special responsibility. Consider who you really want standing next to you during this monumental occasion and if they are capable of performing the duties required of their position throughout the planning process.

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Have Your Final Tasting With The Caterer

At this point, youve asked your caterer to talk through these questions. Now its time to taste what theyre really made of. The tasting has become increasingly important as more and more couples choose to customize everything from their signature cocktails to their desserts. If youre nervous about heart-eyes obstructing your taste buds judgment, bring your planner or consultant. Theyve likely attended dozens of tastings, and will be your clear-eyed troubleshooterpaying attention to the detailing of the food and the attentiveness of the service, while youre crying over crab cakes to bae about how Its just starting to feel so real, you know? Heres more info on what not to do.

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