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Do The Wedding Rings Have To Match

When Will My Order Be Delivered

6 Tips for ‘Matching but Different’ Wedding Rings

Each item would have displayed an estimated delivery date on the product page before you placed the order. A guide to delivery timescales can be found by following the link. If you are still unsure of when to expect the ring, or if your wedding date is approaching, please complete the contact form or give us a call.

Consider The Stone Shape

Along with innovative color ideas, you could also consider how youd match your shapes. The shape holds the stone so this is something to consider when crafting or choosing your rings.

Cuts of different stones are usually traditional. The most popular cuts are princess , round, cushion , marquise , emerald, radiant , pear shaped, heart, oval, and asscher .

The cuts listed above are all ways to shape the actual stone, but there are settings for diamonds and stones to fit into. If you go the setting route, then youll basically be able to choose any shape you want.

There are some beautiful options out there, and you can personalize them whether you choose to have matching rings or not.

For a wedding band, though, I would recommend keeping the shape simple. Most likely, the engagement ring has the most eye-catching details, and you dont want to overwhelm yourself. But, of course and as usual, the world is your oyster: do whatever you want!

A Boy Or A Girl: Who Should Be Your Ring Bearer

It doesnt matter if you choose a boy or a girl as your ring bearer. You probably picture the ring bearer as a boy, because at almost every wedding a boy takes this role. But if you prefer a girl or you cant find a boy suitable for the ring bearer role, dont worry! The tradition is flexible, so the ring bearer doesnt necessary need to be a boy – the important thing is for the role to be performed right. So, if you have a girl which meet the criteria of age, then you can pick her to be your ring bearer. She has to carry the rings exactly like the boy would. The only difference is the outfit, that can be a dress matching the flower girl or everything that fits in the wedding theme.

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How To Choose A Ring

Choosing a ring by yourself can be a daunting endeavor, and when two people are involved even harder.

Rings are works of art and no two are alike. The more you understand the components that make up a ring, the easier it will be to choose a quality piece.

Before you go to your jeweler it is good to have a good idea of what you are looking for.

What Does He Or She Wear Traditionally

1.05 Carat center Diamond modern engagement ring (matching ...

Usually, the boy is wearing a suit or a tuxedo, in gray, navy blue or ivory, according to the weddings theme. He also used to wear a white lace collar and sash, but obviously that trend is dead and buried. Today ring bearers sport a tuxedo just like those of the groomsmen and groom. When it comes to ring bearers clothes, the most popular outfit is a suit or a tuxedo for an elegant look, very suitable for this event. The colors are usually shades of black, white, gray, navy blue and tan, but of course, you can mix them up — just be sure that they are matching the wedding theme. There’s plenty of styles for the ring bearer, from the mini-groomsmen to more casual looks. So if your little one has the honor to be the chosen one, take some time and choose the right clothes for a perfect ring bearer look!Traditional ring bearer outfits are satin and velvet suits in dark colors like navy or black. For a unique ring bearer look, make sure you choose the right size and style. Here you can find lots of inspiration for outfits that are suitable for the ring bearer according to his age. For the girls in the role of ring bearer, you can choose an outfit similar to the flower girl. Have a look at our top flower girl dresses in 2017!

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What Should I Do If I Cant Wear My Wedding Ring The Traditional Way

Remember that tradition is a suggestion.

  • If you cant wear your wedding ring on the right finger, wear it on another one!
  • If you cant wear it on your hand, slip it onto a chain and wear it as a pendant necklace.
  • If your wedding ring doesnt fit with your engagement ring, wear them on separate fingers.
  • If you dont like rings, bracelets can be excellent substitutes.

The bottom line is its your wedding, your marriage, and your ring. You can choose to wear it in whatever way suits you!

Which Should I Choose

Same or Different? By Revolution BA. See this here.

Take a look at some opinions expressed by our readers:

Tilly: I think mismatched rings are more common than matched rings. We loved the contrast of our different rings and how it represented our totally unique styles!

Aubrey: Our rings were completely different because he needed something he could wear at his workshop and I loved rose gold. So he ended up with a silicone band and I bought my shiny rose gold set. Its an indication of how we work together to find solutions as a whole.

Jordan: Ive always been very traditional, so it was important to me that our rings matched perfectly. I wanted it to symbolize that we were one. I understand not everyone will see it that way, but for us it was a big deal.

As you can see, theres arguments that can be made forall three options listed above. At the end of the day, it comes down to whatmatters to you and your partner, what you value and what you prefer. Theresreally no right or wrong answer.

If youre looking to browse engagement and wedding rings, we recommend starting here.

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Are Your Rings With Wooden Inlays Suitable To Be Worn Every Day As Wedding Rings

The vast majority of our customers have worn their wooden inlay rings every day since their weddings with no problems. If you choose to wear a ring with a wooden inlay as a wedding ring, please follow the advice below. As we can not monitor whether or not people follow this advice, we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration in the wooden inlay after three months from when we dispatch the ring. We can, however, replace the inlay for a charge equivalent to the cost to us. We will not make any exceptions to this three-month limit.

Does The Wedding Band Come With The Engagement Ring

A wedding ring for every finger

Wedding bands and engagement rings, oh my. If youre getting married, you already know its a monumental life step, and it can be somewhat scary to contemplate too deeply.

Along with rational fears that accompany taking such a step, you might be stressed over more minor things, such as making sure you follow the proper etiquette when you send out wedding invitations or wondering how PC it is to skip cocktail hour and go right to the wedding ceremony.

You might even be mulling over questions like, do engagement rings come with wedding bands, or do wedding bands have to match? These questions seem like no brainers, but they are questions many couples have, and for a good reason. After all, there are so many choices in todays jewelry market, and it does feel like a wedding band should come with an engagement ring purchase, right?

The short answer is that even though it seems like the two should always come together, its entirely possible to buy an engagement ring and wedding ring separately. Though this is a great option for couples that highly value individuality, the only problem with this scenario is that you could accidentally buy rings that dont even complement each other, much less match.

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How Are The Rings Sent Out And Is The Service Safe

We send all our UK orders via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is an insured and trackable service. In the event that you have to return a ring to us, e.g. for a resize, please use the same service and keep hold of the tracking number until we have confirmed receipt of the package.

Parcels to ROI are sent via Royal Mail’s international service, which is also insured and trackable.

Packages to mainland Europe and the rest of the world are sent via FedEx’s International Priority service.

How Much Should We Budget For

There will be a number of factors to consider when coming up with a suitable budget. Some say an engagement ring should cost three months salary, but thats not written in stone. For an engagement ring, you have to balance what makes sense for your financially with the symbol of investment in your relationship that you want to show. When speaking about wedding bands, the budget is usually considered as part of the entire expense of the wedding, and it will be important to figure out the most important details to you and your partner before settling in on a budget for the jewelry. If you have a number to work with, shop around online to get an idea of rings that fit within your price range. If you find that your mate would prefer a pricier option consider adjusting the budget and snagging a side job or looking into financing to pay for the purchase.

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Consider The Meaning Of Your Decision To Match Or Not When Deciding Whether You Will

Consider the meaning of your decision to match or not when deciding whether you will. The most important thing when it comes to matching wedding rings is that both the bride and groom are on the same page. One person might want to wear something different than a traditional wedding ring, while the other may choose to not match their rings. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Your ring will be more noticeable if you don’t match it than if it was on another person’s finger. Sometimes, however, you might feel that your partner is not your true love because their ring style is different than yours. Even though they may not have meant it that way.

When it comes to matching wedding rings, practicality is key. Consider what your future plans are and how your rings will fit in. You’ll want something that can withstand rough times if you’re a strong person. A matching band might be more appealing to you if you don’t wear your ring much other than on special occasions.

Find The Perfect Wedding Ring To Match Your Engagement Ring

Anyone have wedding bands that do not " match

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

In this article, lets chat about how to find the perfect wedding ring to match your engagement ring.

Hint: Blue Nile has the perfect tool that I recommend you check out More about that down below.

He finally proposed and youre engaged! After a gasp, happy tears, and a massive smooch, you managed to say, YES!

The anticipation and buildup to the moment that you get to slip that lovely rock onto your finger for the first time is over. The wait may have been a long one, but who cares. Youre part of the recently engaged club, and a brilliant ring is proof of that!

I cant wait to see what my wedding band looks like, you proclaim to your fiance. A look of panic washes over his face. He asks hesitantly, Was that something I was supposed to buy too?

In reality, many guys may not realize that a woman actually gets two rings, not just the big rock engagement ring that we all fantasize over.

Once you firmly affix your engagement ring on your finger, dont forget to plan the purchase of matching wedding bands.

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When Does The Ring Bearer Walk Down The Aisle

The time when the ring bearer walks down the aisle is not always set in stone. He can walk down the aisle just before or just after the flower girl, or even alongside with her. When the ring bearer is very young, it is better to let him walk together with the flower girl. This way they can support each other and their role will become easier and more entertaining.

Whats The Difference Between A Wedding Ring And An Engagement Ring

Though there are a few key design differences, the main thing that sets these two types of rings apart is when theyre given. An engagement ring is typically given during the proposal , while wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony between both partners. And while an engagement ring typically features a prominent center stone, wedding rings dont have one focal point per se. They feature either rows of smaller stones or simply a clean solitaire band. In this, theyre more like the super-talented backup singer whose role is to gracefully point the attention to the star: your engagement ring.

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What If You Dont Want Matching Wedding Bands

In this day and age, traditions are meant to be broken. Some couples want to create their own tradition that fits both of their styles and personality. Its okay to depart from old customs, especially since many might seem outdated in our modern culture.

When couples choose different wedding bands, they are expressing their individuality and want their jewelry to match in a more thoughtful way.

Newlyweds with opposing styles or different skin tones might be better off choosing a ring that suits him/her perfectly. Mismatched wedding bands allow the couple to make more personal style choices while still getting the chance to do something fun together and commemorate the next step in their relationship.

Ring Bearer Outfits For Kids

Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?

Outfits with suits – for a classic look

Between 4 and 8 your ring bearer can wear a proper suit. That will add a classic touch to his look and will make him take hius role more seriously. Colors like black, navy or ivory are perfect for this outfit.

TIP: Be sure that the suit is not too large or too tight — that can feel really uncomfortable for the ring bearer or make him clumsy and ruin his moment. For sure you dont want that!

Black suit for boys – Get it here! In case you dont find a suitable suit for your ring bearer, dont forget a tuxedo is a special piece for a wedding that is never out of class.

Black Tuxedo suit – Get it here!

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