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What Is Gift For 35th Wedding Anniversary

Carved Green Jade Slip

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy a 35th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Although its made of tough material, this stainless steel green Jade bracelet still feels lightweight on the hand. It will last for years and will never tarnish or change color. Its the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse because its quality made piece of jewelry that she will become obsessed with. Something that will make her proud of you and will warm up her heart for sure. Read More

Something Different & Unique

  • Really push the boat out by visiting the famous Great Barrier Reef off Australias northern Queensland coastline.
  • Or, closer to home, visit a coral reefs exhibition at a natural history museum.
  • Take scuba diving lessons so you can take full advantage of your coral reef holiday experience of a lifetime.
  • Arrange an excursion to Pembrokeshire , the home of coasteering.
  • Organise a celebration party at home or in a local restaurant, and theme the festivities with pearl colours and photos from the past.

Above all else, celebrate a beautiful 35th wedding anniversary that provides more poignant photo memories. And do it in appropriately grand style youve earned it.

She Will Absolutely Adore This Jade Rose Ring

If she has a sophisticated and refined taste in jewelry, she will absolutely adore this Jade rose ring. It has impeccable beauty thanks to the carved rose flower centered in the middle. Did you know that Jade symbolizes happiness, family and healing? Its also believed that it attracts wealth, positive energy and blocks out all the negativity from your life. Read More

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Rachael Ray Create Delicious Nonstick Cookware Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Upgrade your cooking staples with this 13-piece aluminum cookware set. Available in a variety of bold colors, its as pretty as it is functional. The pieces feature a nonstick surface for easy cleanup, flared rims for easy pouring, a stainless steel base for durability, and silicone handles that make for heat-free handling.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

35th Wedding Anniversary Cotton Print 35th Wedding Gift 35

Didnt like any of the 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for this years anniversary? Perhaps youre searching for 35th wedding anniversary gift for parents and you dont think your parents really want a gift, but more like an event. So, maybe this year the 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas really just dont speak to you and your partner.

Thats okay!

In that case, consider taking a trip with your partner or doing something out of the ordinary! Youve spent 35 years getting to know this person go on an adventure and do something that makes the both of you happy! No need for the standard status quo gift-swapping this year. What you and your partner really need is some time away from your daily responsibilities and a little time alone with the love of your life.

Check out these 35th wedding anniversary celebration ideas!

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Lennie Arifin Custom Portrait

A photograph speaks a thousand words, but so does a custom illustration. Send in images of you and your spouse, and the artist will color you both to life. Customize it down to every last detail, from the clothes you both wear to your hairstyles. Youll soon have a piece of art on your hands.

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Picnic Time Outdoor Portable Backpack Chair

Courtesy of Food52

Step up your outdoor game with a camping chair that has it all. Made of polyester and aluminum, it has the trademark X-crossed legs and a flat-panel seat. But it also includes two insulated beverage pockets, a storage pocket, and a fold-out side table for your food. Thats not to mention built-in backpack straps when youre on the go.

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Th Anniversary: Fruit Or Flowers

After four years your relationship is blossoming and ripening into maturity, just like the traditional gift of fruit or flowers. For something sweet and sentimental, have your florist recreate the same bouquet from your wedding day or carve out some time to plant a garden together. A more modern approach to the four-year wedding anniversary gift calls for appliances to simplify life at home and free up some time to spend loving one another.

This milestone is celebrated with tones of blue and green that mimic this year’s gemstone: blue topaz. Blue topaz has forever been considered the feeling stone, associated with deep emotions, communication, and compassionall the ingredients needed for a successful marriage. For floral finds, look to frilly geraniums for a vibrant pop of excitement.

Coin Jade Pendant Necklace For A Lady With Class

35th Wedding Anniversary gifts & card from Mr Doodle

If you want to gift her something simple but meaningful for your wedding anniversary, this is the perfect choice for you. If your spouse is obsessed with the symbolism of gemstones, she will find this gift exceptional. Made with real Jade, this necklace will attract harmony and love into her life.Read More

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What Is 35th Anniversary Called

35th Anniversary Coral / Jade


In this way, what do I get my husband for our 35th anniversary?

The contemporary theme for a 35 year wedding anniversary gift for your husband is jade

  • Jade gift ideas for your husband.
  • Jade cufflinks or tie pin.
  • Jade handled pocket knife.
  • Jade golf tees.
  • Jade pendant or bracelet.

Likewise, what is 20 years married called? Traditionally, the 20th anniversary was celebrated with china but in modern days, the official gift is platinum. If you’re looking to gift your loved one with a gemstone, look no further than the emerald.

Similarly, it is asked, what color is 35th wedding anniversary?


How do you celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary?

Decorating. The traditional gift for the 35th wedding anniversary is coral, and the modern gift is jade. Because coral and jade are both colors, incorporate those colors into the party. Look for coral- and jade-colored tablecloths and paper products.

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Natural Jade Teardrop Necklace Pendant

If youre looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your perfect lady, this is it. Jade teardrop necklace pendant that will make her jaws drop. Just imagine her wearing this every day, thinking of you every time she looks in the mirror. A traditional vibrant necklace that will make her feel special and loved.Read More

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Best 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Even though 35 is not one of the biggest milestone anniversaries, its still worth celebrating with a great gift. The traditional gift for 35 years of marriage is coral and the modern gift is jade. Both stones symbolize longevity and strength, two traits that are certainly present in a marriage that has lasted this long. The gemstone for this anniversary is emerald, another gorgeous stone found in many pieces of jewelry.

While jewelry is the first gift that comes to mind for women, weve also included several home decor and fashion items on this list. If youre lacking creativity, you can shop for something thats either coral or jade in color, rather than for the actual stone. If you really want to wow, think about planning a vacation with your spouse where you can check out some actual coral reefs. Not sure where to go? Gift a travel gift card and pick a place together.

Shop our 15 top picks for the best anniversary gifts below:

Unique Traditional Coral Gifts For Your 35th Anniversary

35th Wedding Anniversary Plate Gift

Thought to heal and protect against harm, coral is the traditional theme for 35th anniversary gifts, because it shares the same qualities as a good marriage. Bear that in mind when looking for a gift this list contains some truly unique and unusual offerings, from pretty in pink items to wear, to stunning jewelry, and even ornaments for your fish tank

Made from high quality resin, this pretty coral sculpture stands at 10.7 high and will add atmosphere and a cozy luminosity to the home as it gently glows in the dark.

Prices Vary

Whether she prefers sterling silver, gold-fill, or rose gold-fill, this bracelet will arrive in her choice of metal and adorned with beautiful raw red coral stones for a pretty 35th anniversary gift.

Prices vary

Couples who play together, stay together, and after 35 years youve mastered the art. This chess set screams style, from its coral and marble pieces, to its highly polished chess board.


Made from cashmere modal, this silky scarf will feel divine against her skin, while the unusual design features not only the pattern but the beautiful color of coral, too. Navy also available.


Caught in the fronds of a coral bed, this white natural freshwater pearl makes a fitting tribute to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary for any lady who loves the Mediterranean Sea.

Prices vary

Prices Vary

Prices Vary




Prices Vary





Prices Vary


Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Prices Vary

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Th Anniversary: Tin Or Aluminum

Look out, worldyou’ve tackled ten whole years of marriage. The decade-long anniversary gift is traditionally tin or aluminum, which symbolize the strength and resilience of your marriage. For a modern 10th-anniversary gift, turn to every girl’s best friend: diamonds. This rare gem reflects your 10-year marriage’s love and durability. If you and your partner have planned on upgrading an engagement ring, the 10th wedding anniversary is the perfect milestone to commemorate with such a gift. Silver and blue are associated with the big 10, and the daffodil, which symbolizes happiness, is the traditional 10-year flower.

The Best 35th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate In Style

Looking for gift ideas to celebrate the coral anniversary? We’ve got you covered with eco-friendly and alternative ideas.

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

If you’re celebrating a 35th wedding anniversary with your spouse, that means it’s been three and half decades since you said “I do.” That’s 12,775 days of sickness and health, richer and poor, better or for worse, and everything else you vowed to endure together. And endure you have! What better way to mark such a momentous marital milestone than with a special gift? Whether you’re looking for a 35th wedding anniversary gift for your spouse to celebrate all those years of marriage or you want to congratulate a special couple in your life, we’ve got 35th anniversary gift ideas galore.

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Choosing The Right 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift

35 is a milestone year in any couples marriage, and so it is the ideal opportunity to pull out all the stops and hold a celebration for your loved ones. During the 1920s, the original gift lists were drawn up which associated a particular material with every significant marital year, with the 35th anniversary being one of those occasions. There is therefore a traditional present which you can give to your friends or relatives on their special day, although perhaps the recipients would prefer something a little more modern. There are many different options for you to choose from, so whatever your loved ones would appreciate, you can be sure that you will find inspirational suggestions here that they are sure to cherish.

The more thought and meaning is attached to your 35 year anniversary gift choice, the more it is certain to be loved, so take the time and effort to select something truly memorable that will make their 35th year of marriage and occasion to remember.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Give Them Butterflies All Over Again

Surprise 35th Anniversary Gift…

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Dont you remember when you were thirty-five years old? Perhaps you were chasing around kids in diapers or settling into your home and career, your spouse by your side. That may seem like ages ago. After thirty-five years with your spouse, the two of you have probably been through a lot. Moments of happiness, and sadness, and pure joy!

A commitment as strong and as loving as yours deserves to be honored. You dont need to throw a big party or print an announcement in the paper . Giving one another a sweet and sentimental 35th anniversary gift is just as romantic.

Show each other how much you still care with these funny, thoughtful, and alluring gifts that will help you keep the passion alive at anniversary 35 !

  • 35th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Either
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    What Are The Traditional & Modern 35th Anniversary Gifts

    Both traditional and modern gifts are used to symbolize the emotions and characteristics that come with 35 years of wedded bliss. Traditionally, coral was used to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Coral takes quite a long time to reach fruition and requires a delicately balanced ecosystem to do so, similar to a lasting marriage. Additionally, coral represents both protection and healing, wonderful characteristics for a union to have.

    But we dont suggest pilfering the oceans for any of this very precious resource. Thankfully, there are a lot of coral-themed, colored, and even true coral gifts you can choose from!

    The modern 35th anniversary gift is equally as unique jade. Its striking green hue is almost directly opposite the vibrant orangey-pinks of coral, yet it is every bit as beautiful. Jade is believed to represent love, good fortune, and wisdom very fitting for a marriage. The mineral has been highly prized for centuries and makes an impressive gift, whether you choose an actual jade item or something that is jade-hued.

    While there arent any specific flowers associated with the 35th wedding anniversary, were sure there are tons of arrangements with shades of jade and coral. If you wanted to really go all out and spoil one another, you could opt for a gift that includes the traditional 35th anniversary gem: the emerald.

    Now that you have an idea of what gifts are customarily appropriate, here are some amazing gift ideas that incorporate these themes!

    Natural Jade Drop Earrings With Diamonds In Sterling Silver

    If youre looking for something stunning that will catch her eye and blow her mind, this is the gift. A pair of Jade drops earrings with diamonds in sterling silver that will add class to her every outfit. Its the perfect piece of a jewel made to impress and make a statement. Crafted in sparkling 14K gold, they will become her new favorite earrings. Read More

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    The Contemporary Theme For A 35 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift For Your Husband Is Jade

    If your husband is a more modern thinking kind of guy, he might prefer the contemporary theme for his 35 year wedding anniversary gift. In which case, youll be looking for a gift relating to jade.

    Jade is a stunning gem that looks magnificent when made into jewelry. However, it is also very beautiful when made into various other items such as boxes, ornaments, and sculptures. Jade is actually an ornamental rock, rather than a gemstone, and there are two different types, both of which are metamorphic rocks made up of different silicate materials.

    • Jade gift ideas for your husband
    • Jade cufflinks or tie pin
    • Jade handled pocket knife
    • Jade golf tees
    • Jade pendant or bracelet

    Jade has special significance in China, so you could always take him for a vacation to China. Surprise him with the plane tickets, and take a few weeks away from work, and enjoy the mysteries and sights of the Orient.

    So weve looked at both the modern and contemporary theme for a 35 year anniversary gift for your husband. But you might be interested to know there is also a 35th anniversary gemstone.

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