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How To Choose A Wedding Band To Match Engagement Ring

Explore Different Wedding Band Options

How to choose a Wedding Band to suit your Engagement Ring

Other than the ring cut, youll also need to consider the style of your wedding band and how it fits with your engagement ring. For instance, do you prefer having a small gap between your wedding band and your engagement ring? Perhaps you would like your band to sit underneath your engagement rings stone?

Your wedding band and engagement rings width will also play a role in the decision-making process. Its best to go for styles that look the same or similar when it comes to width. In other words, you want to pair a thin engagement ring band with a thin wedding band, and vice versa. Finally, make sure to factor in your personality and style preferences. Whether you go with classic, contoured, pointed, notched, curved, straight, or stacked wedding bands, make sure that your choice of the bands fits your lifestyle and that it resonates with both of you. After all, youll be the ones wearing them, so embrace the pieces that you two genuinely adore.

How To Wear Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

Traditionally, you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand. As far as how to stack them, tradition holds that you’ll wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring so that it’s closer to your heart .

That being said, some brides opt to wear their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band on the other, especially if they’re very diverse rings that can’t be easily stacked.

Same Width Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Looks Ideal

Heres an excellent tip for you, the more the engagement ring and the wedding band have width similarity, the higher is the chance that the combination will look visually appealing.

Nevertheless, this tip might not be helpful in case you have a very wide engagement ring. When both the engagement ring and the wedding ring is wide and big, the set might look too bulky and feel too heavy on your finger.

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The Ultimate Guide To Match Your Wedding Band With Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring that embodies your unique style, feels timeless, and fits in with your daily lifestyle can be challenging and when you find one, it feels like the hard part is over. But once youve found your sparkler, its time to choose a wedding band to go along with it. This can be especially difficult and confusing if your ring is unique or full of unusual details.

And since these two rings will be the pieces you wear and treasure for many years to come, it becomes even more important to pick a duo that youll love for a long time.

Here are all the things you need to know to match your engagement ring with your wedding band.

Not Wearing Any Wedding Band At All Is Also An Option

Choosing between these wedding bands to match a unique engagement ring

You might not be aware of the fact that wearing an engagement ring alone and using the same engagement ring during the wedding ceremony is also an option.

Some engagement rings are so special that they stand-out alone and command attention. Usually, these types of rings are heavy and wide. Whichever wedding band you pair these rings with, youll notice that they never fit perfectly.

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Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind

Many people choose to wear their wedding band every day. If this sounds like something you’ll do, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing the right ring. If you’re super active, go to the gym regularly, or use your hands for work, you may want to choose a more durable wedding band option to prevent damage and premature wear. This also means considering the maintenance. The more intricate your wedding band, the more time and care you’ll have to invest in keeping it in tip-top shape. If you’re not into the extra upkeep, a simple, fuss-free gold or platinum ring never goes out of style.

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

You could offset the bright vivaciousness of your coloured gemstone engagement with the white sparkle of diamonds in your wedding band. Or if you have a diamond engagement ring, why not add some more colour to your life by choosing a wedding band lined with your favourite coloured gemstones? Adding some colours to your bridal set will surely set you apart from the rest in all the right ways.

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Where To Find The Best Rings

When purchasing the chosen engagement ring, always ensure it’s from a certified retailer. Take time shopping for any significant investment such as a wedding or engagement ring. Ensuring the stone comes from an accredited laboratory and is a certified stone is vital. Purchasing from unaccredited labs can result in poor quality diamonds used in rings to give the illusion of a better grade.

Diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle for identification purposes. This inscribing helps match the imperfections of the diamond to the certificate’s map.

Final Tip Order Early

How to pick a perfect wedding band for your engagement ring?

Ideally, you should order your wedding rings about three months before your wedding. This is because most jewellers dont carry all their wedding ring sizes and styles in stock and you may have to place an order and wait for a few weeks. To get the wedding ring you want, start shopping early.

NOTE: Any prices quoted in this article are meant as guidelines, not offers, and may change any time after the publishing.

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Do You Want The Wedding Band And Engagement Ring To Match Exactly

One very common style is to have your wedding band matchyour engagement ring perfectly. Many companies will have their engagement ringspaired with a matching band. This way you can ensure that the diamond sizesmatch as well as how far down they go on the band. This is a classic optionthat many brides choose. If you have an engagement ring with a twist or curve,it ensures that there will not be any gaps between the engagement ring andband.

Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring Together

Most people wear their wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger, with the wedding ring being closer to the heart. Some people choose to wear their rings on separate fingers or only wear one of the rings.

The engagement ring symbolizes youre engaged, while a wedding ring signifies that youre already married.

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Choosing Wedding Rings That Are Timeless Is Always Recommended

Classic solitaire rings or plain wedding bands have been there for time immemorial. These styles and settings were often chosen for the comfort and convenience of the couple. However, when the two of you say I Do and commit loyalty towards each other for a lifetime, it would be good to buy wedding rings that display eternal love. Ring designs that tell the tale of timeless love are ideal for any couple, whether modern or traditional. Having said that a classic diamond ring can be customized with modern design and still made to look ageless. Selecting wedding rings that give away the permanence of the relationship but still look fresh and on-point in terms of fashion, is a tried and tested formula that has always done justice to all couples.

To conclude, you can always get the best wedding rings provided you think, plan, and well execute the selection process. Every detail can be looked after when the couple has enough time for it and all aspects can be covered when you know what you want. Whether its about budget, type of ring settings, online purchase of rings, or choosing custom wedding ring designs, both partners need to discuss and agree to the individual as well as couple choices. Hope you find these tips for choosing wedding rings useful. For more tips on wedding jewelry, keep reading this space!!

Do You Need Both An Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

The Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring and matching solid metal ...

Whether you choose to wear an engagement ring and wedding band is totally up to personal preference. You can stick with tradition and wear both, or go your own way, making a choice that better suits your taste and priorities.

The traditional look is both an engagement ring and wedding band. This is a timeless combination usually an eye-catching diamond engagement ring next to a sleek and elegant wedding band.

Many, however, choose to wear just a single ring. If thats your preference, you should feel one hundred percent comfortable making that choice.

Some feel more comfortable wearing only one ring, rather than a stack of two rings. It also offers up less hassle in picking out an engagement ring and wedding ring that match.

Going with only one ring also makes sense for the budget-conscious. You and your partner can save money with only one purchase. You could even choose to put that money saved towards a more beautiful and expensive engagement ring.

Tradition dictates a bride wears two rings, but there is a growing trend towards single rings. Make the choice you are most comfortable with.

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If Your Engagement Ring Is A Simple Solitaire Design

Whether your elegant engagement ring is round, princess cut or a fancy shape, a solitaire engagement ring is best complemented with a thin and equally elegant pavè straight diamond band. A simple pavè band adds extra sparkle and complements your stunning engagement ring design without taking away from the centre piece.

W0003 in 1.22ct with W0168

Pair With: Twisted Or Beaded Wedding Band

We love a twisted wedding band for oval engagement rings because this style enhances the trendy vibe of the diamond shape. Pair your oval engagement ring with one wedding band, or take a cue from Blake Livelys stylebook and create a custom ring stack with multiple wedding bands for a non-traditional look.

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If You Have A Classic Solitaire Ring Go For An Attention

Theres nothing more classic than a solitaire ring. And while you can keep the classic look going with a simple wedding band, because this engagement ring is more understated, if you want to add some more oomph to your ring finger, you can also opt for a more attention-grabbing wedding band.

Bling out your wedding band with some additional diamonds or a contrasting metal . These details will add visual interest to your wedding band without detracting from your classic engagement ring.

Choosing The Right Metal

How to Design a Wedding Band to Match My Engagement Ring : Jewelry FAQs

Now this may seem an obvious decision, but youll want to make sure that the actual metal you choose is the same material, and not just the same colour. By choosing different metals, you may find that they start to wear at different rates, often leaving one ring looking more damaged than the other. Speak to your jeweller and let them know what theengagement ring is made of, theyll be able to point you in the right direction for the band.

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All Types Of Engagement Rings

Match With: Ring Guards

Ring guards create the illusion that you are wearing two wedding rings, one on top of and one under your engagement ring. In reality, a ring guard is one piece that has an opening in the middle that fits around your existing engagement ring.

Depending on which store you buy your engagement ring from, it may come with a ring guard as a bridal set. Your jeweler can also design a ring guard for you that fits your existing engagement ring, elevating its overall look.

What Is Your Favorite Stone Shape

Stone shape is another factor to consider when making your wedding band selection. Stone shape refers to the outline of your selected stone. There are plenty of stone shapes from which to choose including: round, cushion, princess, radiant, asscher, pear, oval, heart, marquise, emerald, and baguette.

You can match your wedding band stone shape with your engagement ring stone shape, use complementary shapes, or incorporate various stone shapes for unparalleled vibrance.

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Think Of Your Timeline

Wedding rings are crafted from scratch for you, so allow yourself time to make your choice and wait for them to arrive in the showroom. Classic wedding bands take less time to create than diamond set and intricate designs, so visit the showroom 3-6 months before your big day to allow yourself time to make the perfect choice and try the rings on when they arrive in the showroom.

Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

Do Wedding Rings Need To Match Engagement Rings? â Long

Your engagement ring and your wedding ring are two pieces that you will wear for the rest of your life . As such, it is vitally important for you to choose a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring and enhances its overall appearance.

With the above guide, matching your wedding band to your engagement ring will be a walk in the park, and you will create a combination that perfectly completes your bridal set.

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Matching Metals & Other Materials

We do not necessarily mean pairing two rings of the same alloy and color when we say matching metals. That said, you can unify the look of your bands by choosing bands made of the same metal. But, just like how your and your fiances differences highlight the beauty of each other, rings made of different metals can look even more striking than a set made entirely of the same materials.

If Your Engagement Ring Is Extravagant Go For A Simpler Wedding Band And Vice

Maintaining a balance between the engagement ring and your wedding band is essential.

If you have extravagant, heavy, or a bold piece of engagement ring, such as multiple-rowed halo rings or a wide crossed band ring, it might be a better decision to opt for simpler wedding bands.

Alternatively, if you have a very light and subtle engagement ring such light eternity rings, single rowed pave rings, you can go quite extra with the wedding bands.

Likewise, if your engagement ring is solely made up of clear diamonds, you might consider adding colors to your wedding band to make the set look modern and fancy. A thin-band solitaire ring also pairs perfectly with a significantly larger eternity wedding band.

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