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What Is A Wedding Shower

Find Bridal Shower Decor

Attending a Bridal Shower? Here’s What to Wear As a Guest | Bridal Shower Etiquette

To keep things feeling elevated and elegant, youâll want to determine your decor strategy. If youâre going with a French-inspired wine and cheese theme, you might opt for decor that conjures the feeling of being in a rustic countryside chateau. Think of things like candles, lace, and rosesâand donât underestimate the .

Whatever theme or vibe youâre going for, donât forget that the main objective is to make the bride-to-be feel special and loved. Professional flower arrangements and gold or silver tableware can make any bride feel like royalty at a tea party fit for a queen. Remember, too, to designate an area for guests to place their gifts as they enter the party.

For more decor inspo and bridal shower ideas, see our post on classic bridal shower decor, supplies, gifts, and party favors.

Wedding Shower & Bridal Shower Gifts

With so many couples today living established, independent lives before marriage, many couples dont need traditional items and gifts. If gardening equipment for your first yard or wine for your nascent wine cellar is more in line with your lifestyle, by all means reflect that in your wedding registry and bridal-shower theme. Some couples who truly dont need anything forgo traditional gifts altogether, opting instead for each wedding-shower guest to share a recipe, piece of marital advice, or favorite photo or memory of the bride or couple in a collected album.

Gift themes, such as cooking, gardening, or lingerie gifts, can be mentioned on the bridal-shower invitation. For themes such as: hour-of-the-day, month-of-the-year, letter-of-the-alphabet, or room-of-the-house, the host should make those particular assignments on each guests invitation. For lingerie showers, give the brides sizes when a guest RSVPs.

Photo by Frances Iacuzzi Photography From Real Event: Bridal Shower with Bright & Cheerful Color Palette in Beverly Hills

Who Arranges The Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is traditionally the responsibility of the maid of honour, and traditional etiquette suggests that it should not be hosted by a member of the brides family. However, things are different in modern society, and anyone can arrange a bridal shower including the bride herself.

Whilst many brides mothers, sisters or friends may host a bridal shower, it is still considered polite for the host to liaise with the maid of honour throughout the planning process too.

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Purchase The Bridal Shower Decor

Now it’s time for the fun part: decorations! Once you’ve chosen your bridal shower theme, it’s time to kick your bridal shower decor shopping into high gear. You don’t have to go all out unless you want tolook for items such as mylar letter balloons, customized posters, tassel garlands, and photo backdrops that will instantly make the space feel personal for the bride. Fresh flowers and candles are great options, too! Check out the WeddingWire Shop for affordable decor ideas, bridal shower favors, plates, and more.

Game Prize Ideas For Wedding Shower Or Couples Shower Jack And Jill Party

Beautiful And Romantic Bridal Shower Ideas

Many of the items above are targeted at women, so what do you do if you are having a wedding shower or a couples shower ? Sometimes a coed party is referred to as a Jack and Jill party.

You can have game prizes specifically targeted towards winners who are female or male, or you can choose prizes that are a little more neutral.

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What Is A Couples Shower For A Wedding

What Is A Couples Shower For A Wedding. I got a dollar store plate, cleaned it with alcohol, and wrote the couples names and date of their upcoming wedding with a sharpie.the guests then added their personal messages and i gave the bride instructions for baking the plate to preserve (hopefully, as long as the plate stayed pretty. A couples wedding shower allows the soon to be married pair to celebrate with friends and family together.

Traditionally, baby and wedding showers have involved a female guest of honor and her female guests. The couples shower is also sometimes called a jack and jill shower. Outside of simply celebrating the couple, couples showers represent a wonderful opportunity for your closest friends and family to gather together in advance of your wedding.


With the continually changing roles of men and women in society and in the family structure, however, the couples shower is becoming increasingly popular. At the shower, read their responses aloud and see who knows who best!


A couples shower is a baby shower or a wedding shower that involves both male and female guests. Couples showers, wedding showers, jack and jill showers.


Traditionally guests give the bride gifts that will help establish her newly married life. From the beginning of their relationship, babys first tooth till they grow old.

Source: Source: www.uniqueideas.siteSource:

New Beginnings Historic Farm

Location: Rutherfordton, North Carolina

This unique, open-air barn adds the perfect rustic flair to any bridal shower. This restored farm grows all kinds of fresh vegetables and flowers you may be able to pick while youre there. Bonus: The antique furniture and original molding inside the farmhouse does all the decorating for you.

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Paperless Post: Celebrate Lifes Special Moments In Style

While youâre busy getting the table settings and appetizers just right, donât forget to find the perfect invitations to match your bridal showerâwhether youâre sticking to a theme, or just going with your gut.

With Paperless Postâs stationery-inspired online bridal shower invitations, you can choose from customizable options that fit any genre of bridal shower style, and even add some sweet pictures of the bride-to-be, herself.

Plus, with seamless RSVP tracking, youâll be able to spend less time figuring out the guest list, and more time making toasts to the happy couple.

Hero image: Youre Invited Ring by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post

Who Should Be Invited To A Bridal Shower

DIY – HOW TO HOST A BRIDAL SHOWER | Planning A Wedding In Ghana – Tips

Traditionally bridal showers were small events, with around ten to twenty guests. The female members of the wedding party, such as the maid of honour, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls would be included, along with the mothers and sisters of the bride and groom. Additional invitations would be sent to close female friends and work colleagues.

There is a current trend for larger bridal showers, with every female wedding guest getting an invite. Although this is perfectly acceptable, it is not always necessary. Just because you are inviting someone to the wedding, they shouldnt expect and invite to the shower, although if you invite someone to the shower they can expect an invite to the wedding. The exception to this is an office shower, as it is usually difficult to invite all of your work colleagues to the wedding.

The essential guests for a traditional bridal shower are the mothers and sisters of the couple, and these should always be invited to take part in the organisation of the bridal shower. Perhaps one could be asked to assist with the catering while another is asked to keep track of any gifts and another is asked to help with decorations.

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What Do You Do At A Bridal Shower

A bridal or wedding shower is a lot like any other party: guests mingle and chat, eat and drink, and sometimes come together as a group to do a focused activity. Here are the basic elements of a successful bridal shower:

  • A comfortable, semi-private location
  • Food, including anything from light bites, to dessert, to a full meal
  • Drinks, both with and without alcohol
  • Light background music
  • Unstructured time for guests to talk
  • Easy-going activities for guests to participate in, including:
  • Watching the bride and/or groom open gifts
  • Playing wedding or relationship-themed word games, puzzles, or trivia
  • A simple craft or hands-on activity
  • Small, inexpensive party favors

Wedding Catch Phrase Wedding Shower Game

Guests will need to think quickly on their feet as they try to get through as many wedding words as possible before time runs out. The team with the most words at the end of two minutes wins. Before the shower,

Its likely that many of the brides guests will be visiting from out of town. To help everyone break the ice, have a few activities prepared that will get people talking, laughing and smiling from ear-to-ear. Some of our favorite games include trivia about the bride and groom, as well as purse-style scavenger hunts.

Michelle Kim Photography

Before the bride-to-be unwraps her gifts, make sure you have a copy of the guest list or a notebook on hand. As she goes through each present, jot down who brought what, which will help the bride keep track later while sending thank-you notes.

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Hen Party Vs Bachelorette Party

The difference between hen party vs bachelorette party is pretty simple. A hen night is what its called in the UK and Ireland. A bachelorette party is the common phrase in the United States. Either party is a celebratory night or a weekend trip for the bride and her side of the wedding party. This commonly takes place at least one week before the main event. It can range from spa visits and outdoor activities to wild nights out and clubbing. The maid of honor typically handles most of the planning. And, the invite list is the bridesmaids and any other close friends of similar age to the bride. The celebration is a fantastic way for the bridal party to relax and celebrate before the wedding. If youre planning for a destination bachelorette, check out our planning template!

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What Do You Do At A Wedding Shower Vs A Bridal Shower

An Antique Vermont Cabin Bridal Shower

There arent any rules anymore and both a wedding shower and a bridal shower can take any shape or form! From a daytime brunch to an evening of cosmic bowling really, you can celebrate any way you want!

Traditionally, a bridal shower would be a daytime thing and often still is. Many brides chose to have their celebrations at a restaurant, at home, or at some kind of event hall. Theres usually a light lunch, brunch, and/or desserts and maybe some alcoholic drinks. The all female guest list usually plays some games together during the bridal shower.

Some popular games that Ive played at bridal showers in the past include:

  • Trivia about the bride
  • Bingo of things that you hear or see at the event
  • A contest to make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper
  • Hot potato

Its a good idea to have several small prizes for the winners!

Some more modern wedding showersare not limited to activities such as trivia about the bride, but include more activities about the couple, such as a Newly Weds style question and answer game or the shoe game .

For a quick video explanation from my wedding YouTube channel, check this out:

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Bridal Shower Stationery And Signage

When planning out the theme of the bash, consider the stationery and day-of signage that will complement the aesthetic. “A seating chart can go a long way,” advises Lopez. “Not only can it act as a focal point for your theme, but it can also be interactive too.” For affordable bridal shower invitations you’re sure to love, check out these ideas.

Kiva Cowork Santa Barbara

Location: Santa Barbara, California

Although we normally dont recommend mixing work and leisure, this coworking space has some perfect vibes for a boho bride who loves neutral color schemes and plenty of house plants. The kitchen is perfect for storing your wine and sharing potluck foods. They also have a courtyard where theyve previously hosted food trucks for events.

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What Is A Bridal Shower

Traditionally, a bridal shower is a gathering to celebrate the bride-to-be. Although and venues have become more varied in recent years, there are a few common threads. They are typically daytime events held on a weekend afternoon and attended by women who are close to the bride. Traditionally, guests bring gifts to help the bride set up her new home. Personal gifts like lingerie, jewelry, and family heirlooms from close relatives are also common. Brunch or lunch is usually served, and oftentimes wedding-themed games are played.

Wedding Shower Vs Bridal Shower: 7 Differences To Consider

Wedding Showers : How to Host a Lingerie Bridal Shower

While planning for your wedding, the ceremony itself is not the only event to organize. You can look into pre-wedding events such as wedding showers and bridal showers and see if you want to include one in your celebrations.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between a wedding shower and a bridal shower. The seven key differences to consider are the guests, couples attendance, number of guests, host and planner, gifts, activities included, and history of the event.

The key differences are expounded below. The two events similarities are also discussed, followed by important points to keep in mind as you plan for one or the other.

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Be Considerate With The Guest List

Melissa Williams, wedding planner and owner of B. Astonished Events, advises that you “make sure that the guests you are extending invites to for your shower are included on your guest list for the wedding. It can get tricky when you begin to invite guests to the shower but exclude them from your wedding day.” Check out this advice about wedding shower invitations for more insight.

Prepping A Guest List For A Couples Shower

  • 1Invite both the bride’s and grooms attendants. Couples showers are co-ed, so youll need to invite all the attendants across both sides of the aisle. This should include the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer, any readers or ushers or any additional positions that have been assigned.XResearch source
  • If the person officiating the wedding is a close friend of the bride and/or groom, invite them as well.
  • Feel free to invite out of town attendants, but be aware they may not come.
  • 2Invite close friends of both the bride and groom. Similar to a traditional bridal shower, youll want to invite those who are closest to the couple, without going overboard. Just because youre celebrating both the bride and groom, doesnt mean the shower should be twice as big.XResearch source
  • Make sure guests know ahead of time that the shower is co-ed so they arent caught off guard.
  • Do not invite the bride or grooms work friends, unless the relationship is especially close.
  • 3 Couples showers are generally far less traditional than the typical bridal shower, and some older relatives may not be comfortable with that. Choose whether or not you want to include local relatives, but know that you are not required to do so.XResearch source
  • At the very least, invite parents and siblings on both sides.
  • If your list of attendants skews more towards family, you might want to err on the side of inviting more family, so no one feels excluded.
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