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What To Give A Gay Couple For A Wedding Gift

Suede Pillow With Names And Date


A soft pillow is a really cool gift for grandparents on their third marriage! This understated pillow has the lyrics from their wedding songs along with their names and wedding date. The neutral color will match their blended decor and furniture and will become one of their favorite gifts.

+ Perfect Gay Wedding Gift Ideas

Hi there! You new here? We love that you found our gay little corner of the web. Here at Debt Free Guys, were all about helping queer people live lives they truly love inside and out. We think happiness is a 360-degree experience that you also deserve. After reading our article below, see how we can help you more here.

What Are Good Personalised Wedding Gifts

For a unique and personal wedding gift that will be treasured as a memento of the happy occasion, we recommend monogrammed gifts or bride and groom jewellery. Quality personalised leather luggage to send them off on their honeymoon is a gorgeous present. Or give matching his and hers monogrammed keyrings. Cufflinks and bracelets are more great ideas for popular bride and groom personalised wedding presents. Gifts Australia stocks a large range of jewellery for wedding gifts personalised with their initial and wedding date, or even the coordinates of their wedding venue. All our personalised wedding gifts Australia are available with fast delivery.

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Brightland The Artist Capsule

This beautiful gift set was designed to celebrate the merging of art and food, which your creative newlywed pals are bound to love. It includes a trio of special-blend olive oils, all of which come packaged in UV-coated glass bottles that feature the unique designs of artists and painters.

Engraved Glasses To Smile And Cheer For Years

Unique Gay Wedding Gift for Gay Couple Map Art FRAMED Heart

Nowadays, we have this great opportunity to choose a wide range of glasses with an unusual monograph. Depending on the kind of drink your gay friends likes the most, you should think about some suitable model. You can go for champagne, wine or cognac glasses and engrave some meaningful and romantic words for both of them. That way, even a long time after their wedding, they will be able to celebrate their loving marriage. It will also remind of the most important people who were celebrating that special day with them. They will surely appreciate and enjoy elegant glasses, specifically chosen for their favorite drink in a fancy package, prepared particularly for them. Remember, except type of the glasses, the monogram is also extremely important. Lets create something unique and intimate!

Drinking champagne from personalized glasses is much more pleasing. What do you think about them as a Wedding Gift for Gay Couple?

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Finding Gay Wedding Gifts Should Be A Piece Of Cake

But unfortunately it isnt always so. Aside from the fact that youre a little unsure what to give the happy couple, most gifts sites seem to be angled towards the more traditional style of marriage. The good news is that same sex marriages are on the increase, and gift sites seem to be coming around to the whole idea. But there is still a big need for ideas and suggestions. Which is why we felt the need to start awebsite of our own.

What Are The Top Wedding Gift Ideas For Same

If the couple have been living together for years before tying the knot, they may not be looking for gifts to begin their lives together. You could add a little luxury to their home to help them make a fresh start to their married life with stylish wall art, bar ware, or quality servingware if they love to entertain. Rather than homewares, guests at a same-sex wedding could think of gift ideas to spoil the happy couple. Luxury linens and crystal glassware are great ideas if it suits their decorating style. It doesnt hurt to check what they need if they havent made a wedding registry gift list. Pampering gift hampers or foodies gift baskets are also great gift ideas for a same-sex wedding. If you want to give an experience gift, then a gay couples massage or LGBT+ friendly tour to enjoy on their honeymoon are fun experience gift voucher ideas.

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Best Gift Of All Time

Give them a wedding gift that puts all the other gifts to shame! This handsome whiskey decanter set will blow the couple away because of how incredible it is! All other gifts will immediately be forgotten as they fill this decanter to the brim with their favorite liquor and use the glasses to toast to their lives together. Theyll love keeping mementos from the wedding in the customized box and looking back on it for years to come.

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics


Heres a perfect mix of modernism and nostalgia! Gift the bride and groom their first dance song lyrics on a vinyl-inspired print. Then, let the memories spin like their records used to. Theyll appreciate the recognition that being older doesnt mean missing out on fun wedding presents!

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What Are The Options

Considering the options is all part and parcel of the planning process. You can opt for a traditional gift list in which the gifts all come from one store. Or how about donations to your honeymoon fund, or a favorite charity? There are even gift list services that combine all three. Couples often say, well weve been living together for years already, and have everything we need. So whats the point of asking for anything? This is just a lame excuse for not making the effort, and bearing in mind the need for wedding guests to give the happy couple presents, itll be worth it in the end.

Travel At Home With A House Swap

House-swap is wife swap with less drama. Thats a good thing. Best of all, house swapping has never been easier. Let your loves see how the locals live in other cities and countries by buying a membership to Love Home Swap.

Its super-simple. Your newlygays create their profile, including the types of housing, accommodations, cities and countries where they like to travel. Theyll include the details of the home or homes they can offer in swaps and start swiping left or right depending on where they want to go.

For as little as $10 a month, the world is their home away from home thanks to you.

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Nourish The Soul Nourish The Heart

After the hoo haa of the wedding has been and gone, you could help keep the romance alive by giving your couple a voucher for a posh night out at one of their favourite eating places perhaps a voucher for the degustation menu with matched wines? And you could go one step further: make a reservation at the eating place for their 6-month or twelve-month anniversary, when they can use your voucher.

Cutler and Cooffer one of Melbournes best degustation menus. We were given a voucher for this menu by one of the couples I married, and the food and service were outstanding. Its a very special experience, and youll come away feeling very much pampered.

Vue de Monde offers superlative food, enjoyed overlooking Melbournes skyline. Its an unforgettable experience and might be an option for you to join with another of the couples wedding guests to provide the newlyweds with a wonderful degustation sampling they will remember forever.

Ezardoffers a range of tasting menus, including vegetarian and vegan. Situated in trendy Flinders Lane, Ezard has been refining and evolving its degustation menu now for two decades. Superb!

Remember To Say Thank You

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Gay Couples Who Have Everything

When your big day is over, its time to organise thank you letters for all those guests that gave you gifts. This can be a little difficult if youre not organised when the gifts are unwrapped. Keeping the cards with the gift thats been given is one way round the problem, but there are also gift list services that will keep track of which guest gave each gift.

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Beautiful Gay Wedding Album

Special moments can be fleeting, and most of us want to hold on to them as long as we can.

How better to do that than to collect all the special moments shared at the wedding or throughout the couples dating life than with a customized wedding album?

The seller offers more than one design, so feel free to browse. You are able to personalize the template with words of well wishes, dates and names.

Allow the happy couple to chronicle their love with this thoughtful wedding gift.

This beautiful gift box for two grooms comes with a little bit of everything, including luggage tags, mugs and more.

The bestwedding or anniversary gifts are those than can be used even after the special day.

Whenever they use the mug they will be reminded of your love and their spectacular wedding day.

Includes A Personalized City Skyline Hand Poured Soy Candle, Completely personalized for the happy couple.. A Gold Foil “It’s A Match” Matchbox Set. Set of 2 Mr and Mr Gold Foil Mugs. “Mr and Mr” Luggage Tags. Congratulations Card.

Small little knick-knacks around the house are also thoughtful gifts. They last a lifetime and can be a part of everyday living.

These coasterscan be personalized with the initials and date of the union.

Very well-made, the coasters are engraved, not printed so it will never fade or rub off.

The leather surface and metal border are quality material you can feel. The coasters wont stick to glasses or damage tabletops.

Smile Youre Being Shot

Lots of same-sex couples are going without a professional wedding photographer on their special day, instead of making sure their guests take lots of great, informal shots of them. But you could treat them to a pre-wedding or post-wedding photographic shoot with someone like Harry from Love is Love Photography who specialises in same-sex wedding photography. Make sure the photographer has undergone LGBTI-sensitivity training.

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Why Experiences Make The Most Memorable Gifts

Heres why you should be thinking about experiences for gay wedding gifts. In recent years there has been a lot of research into why we give each other gifts, and what type of thing makes the best gifts emotionally. Experiences, it turns out, are better at strengthening bonds with people were close to, and they are also the type of gift that is likely to be the most satisfying. Thats because the anticipation before an experience can be intense, and the happy memories associated with it can last a lifetime.

So if you want to get something that will bring you emotionally closer, and one theyre going to really treasure for years, experiences make for unique gay wedding gifts ideas.

Fountain Gifts Champagne And Chocolate Pairing Deluxe Box

Courtesy of Fountain Gifts

There is almost never a time you can go wrong when you gift Champagne and chocolate. This deluxe gift set includes two small Champagne bottles, a box of delicious chocolates, and a set of glasses. It’s beautiful and so easy to gift.

Scrapbooks are an underrated way to display your photos together. This Artifact Uprising scrapbook album is perfect for the couple to put together their love story through photos and prompts and is made of great quality materials to give it a luxe look. This is a fun project for newlyweds that they’ll cherish forever.

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Gift Ideas For Couples Who Love To Cook

If the couple loves to cook, grill or bake, surprise them with a wedding gift they can display and use in their kitchen. Consider a custom engraved wood cutting board or butcher block with a wedding or family design that incorporates their married name or titles, wedding date and other details. Personalize a wooden recipe box so they can start collecting their favorite family recipes. You can also surprise them with matching aprons that feature Mr. & Mr., Mrs. & Mrs., or Mx. & Mx. titles for nonbinary couples. you can also create a thoughtful wedding gift basket that includes a set of kitchen essentials you know theyll need, personalized just for them.

Beautiful Sign Gifts For Older Couples

Becoming Mr. and Mrs. is one of their favorite things theyve ever done. Get them this personalized wooden sign for a simple yet elegant piece of decor for their home to remind them of their love for each other. Theyll smile every time they see this beautiful reminder and be so thankful for the simple fact that theyre married.

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Uncommon Goods Major Scale Wine Glasses

These one-of-a-kind wine glasses are a gift and a party trick all in one! The front of each glass features notes that coincide with the major scale. But here’s the really cool part: All you have to do is fill the glass up to the line of your choosing. Then, take your finger and gently circle the rim of the glassâand prepare to hear a beautiful symphony.

Top 13 Gift Ideas For A Same

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for Gay Couples Who Have Everything

Now that marriage equality has finally arrived in Australia, its time to turn to things associated with same sex weddings such as what sort of gay wedding gift ideas that can make the same-sex couple happy.

Bear in mind that, just as it may be your first same-sex wedding youre attending as a guest, the couple probably wont have been in this situation before, either, where theyre planning their marriage to someone of the LGBTI+ Community.

So, as someone who has just taken more than 90 same-sex wedding bookings as a gay celebrant, and as someone who married his husband, Clint, in April 2019, here are my top 13 tips to help you through the process.

Lots of same-sex couples have been together for a reasonably long time. When they marry, its more a symbolic and legal process theyre going through, than the glittering soiree at a high profile wedding venue thats often associated with straight weddings. Many same-sex couples will have been living together for years and so perhaps are not looking for gifts from their guests. Many will be unlikely to set up a gay wedding gift registry.

Their wedding is an opportunity for guests to offer to provide them with something a little more attuned to the couple foregoing the risk of being given three toasters, when they already have one at home. The key is to get in sync with the couple and think creatively of what theyd like, rather than thinking about some random wedding gift ideas.

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Famiprints Custom Song Lyrics Personalized Canvas

If you already know the couple’s first dance song, paying tribute to that tune with a thoughtful and personalized gift might be the way to go. This company is able to take the lyrics from any song and turn them into a beautiful canvas print that looks like an old-school record. You can also add the couple’s names and wedding date to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

We love our men with muscle and hair, but sometimes that hair must be tamed and sometimes it must disappear. Help your groom and groom have the clean faces or scruff theyll love with this deluxe shave kit.

This deluxe shave kit, for $69.90, comes with a safety razor, badger hairbrush, canvas and leather Dopp kit, shave stand, alum block, stainless steel shave bowl, shave soap and Astra razor blades.

Thats a lot for a little all for the best.

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How To Save Money At Crate & Barrel Using Gift Cards And Cash

Whether youre giving the gay wedding couple more gift for less money or youre the gay newlyweds getting more mileage from your stash of wedding cash, buying discounted gift cards is a must.

Sites like GiftCardGranny and Raise sell discounted gift cards that will save you up to 40%+.

If the discounted gift card looks like theyve seen better days, exchange it at the issuing store for a newer, cleaner gift card.

As for gifting cash for your gay wedding present, studies show that using cash as opposed to debit and credit cards saves users up to 18%. Thats 18% more for your gay boys.

So you dont feel cheap or thoughtless, dress up your cash gift with a personalized note or handmade gift.

A Stylish Coffee Maker That Brews Delicious Coffee Year After Year Day After Day

A stylish and elegant coffee maker might be a wonderful gift for wedding of same-sex partners.

Not only should a coffee maker look elegant, high-end and good, but it should brew a cup of delicious, hot and rich coffee for many years after the wedding day.

When looking for a solid coffee maker, it may be a good idea to do some thorough research on the best coffee makers, or to reach out to experts in coffee makers.

We have found Owly Choice to be trustworthy and reliable. Owly Choice editors independently test coffee makers for performance, durability, value, price-to-value, and health and safety.

Unlike some other review sites, which get paid from corporations for reviews, Owly Choice is a home-run independent initiative to empower shoppers and educate consumers.

  • Their website is a great resource for many coffee makers!
  • We have personally been reaching out to Owly Choice editors for recommendations. They always responded promptly with the perfect coffee maker recommendations.

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