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Can You Make A Wedding Registry On Etsy

What Should I Add To Our Etsy Wedding Registry

WEDDING REGISTRY | what to register for & my favorite must haves!

Your regsitry is all set up on Etsy, it’s live and you’re ready to go. But, are you?? What should we put on our wedding registry!?

There are so many unique items, wedding gift ideas and great finds on Etsy. Take some time to use the search bar and homepage to browse through Etsy. You can also look around on other wedding planning websites for registry suggestions and gift ideas. We love this Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist from The Knot and this Complete Wedding Registry List from

Think about what items you’ll enjoy as newlyweds…and for years to come! New matching items for the couple? Items, art, decor, furniture for your new home? Accessories for traveling on your honeymoon? Cooking tools and utensils to outfit your kitchen? The options are truly endless.

But, of course, we’ve rounded up a list of some favorite items and ideas of what to add to your Etsy Wedding Registry. Enjoy!

Choose Your Gifts By Price Range

You cant really add only the highly priced, top-of-the-range kind of items to your wedding registry. Not everyone can afford it. You might get one of those items on your list, if youre lucky.

The best way to handle this is to add gifts by different price ranges: Decide on the number of gifts per price range, based on your total wedding guest count.

We have created the Price Range cheatsheet and added it to the wedding registry kit this will help you work out the right number of gifts to add to your list.

Le Creuset Signature Cast

For timeless, handcrafted dinnerwarefrom sleek and minimalist bowls and plates, to linens and flatwareHeath Ceramics is the place to go. Those looking for unique, ethically made homeware with a mid-century decor aesthetic will find just what they need.

Where to register: Online or at any of their California showroom locations.Return policy: Exchanges available on all unused merchandise via a store or by mail within 30 days of receipt.Registry will stay active for: Indefinitely.Gift-wrapping fee: N/ADiscounts to know about: A 15 percent completion discount is available for all unfulfilled registry items.

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Fabulous Things To Add To Your Wedding Gift Registry From Etsy

This page includes affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something. You can read my full disclosure here.

Setting up your wedding gift registry is one of the more fun things to do when youre planning your wedding.

And it is important that you actually do set one up. Purely because most of your wedding guests will have no clue what to get you, and possibly default to the usual gifts that you buy for a newlywed couple. Read: another set of serving tongs? Or a cute his & hers ? You know, those kind of things

Thats why we turn to Etsy! The opportunities to find something original, beautiful and unique are endless, and most items are handmade.

These include wedding items, home décor items, fashion things and gorgeous must-haves!

This is perfect for the bride who is a little clueless about what to add onto her wedding registry list + the bride who already owns everything.

Lets dive right in!

Add What You Really Need

Printable Wedding Gift Registry Template Wedding Insert

Its easy to get caught up in all the pretty things for your home / new lifestyle together. But think of the things you really need, not just the stuff that you want.

Rather add the kind of gifts that will be useful, such as a kitchen appliance or curtains for the guest bedroom. Of course you can add some luxuries too, if you really want to.

The challenge is to figure what it is that you really have a need for, and add it to the list. In the wedding registry kit, we have added a list of over30 common items you might need, as well as a list of unique wedding gift ideas.

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Share It Like A Registry

Another benefit of creating a wishlist is to share it with others like a baby registry! You can make your wishlists public or private, but if you choose public, you can send the link to your friends and family!

This can be a great option when you just cant find that perfect item in store anywhere or want to support small businesses.

How Many Items Can You Add To Your Etsy Wedding Registry

There is a limit of 100 items in your registry. You can add, edit, remove, or add special instructions , etc. at any time.

OK, so now you know how to create an Etsy wedding registry, how to use the registry, how to add and remove items, and more.

Its time to add to your list!

Here are our top picks for Etsy wedding registry items youll love to have on your list right now. Enjoy!

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Customize Your Gifts On Etsy

Being able to find customized items made to your exact needs is one of the best reasons to shop on Etsy for anything, but especially for your wedding. When is comes to your wedding planning, its all about personalization and making your wedding a unique experience to YOU. The same is true with your wedding registry.

But you might be wondering, how do I include a note to the Etsy shop on an item that I’d like personalized in my Etsy wedding registry list?

When you register for an item on Etsy, you can request the customizations that you’d like for your wedding gift.

For customized items or personalized gifts that require a note to the shop, you can do so on your registry! Here’s how…

1. Find the item in your registry list.

2. Click ‘+ Add Note To The Shop’ below the shop name.

3. Add your note and click ‘Save’

Made by: We Are Engaged

The Right Way To Share Your Wedding Registry

25 Digital Wedding Items You Can List On Etsy

Photo Credit: Etsy

Some sort of registry is a must for every engaged couple, whether you want to go the traditional route or shake it up with a honeymoon, experiential, or hobby-based version. But after you add all the gifts to your wedding wishlist, how are you supposed to spread the news to your nearest and dearest without seeming too, well, greedy? Like most wedding-related matters, the answer to this question comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. But with our little list of dos and donts, sharing your registry will be a piece of cake.

Do include information on your bridal shower invitations. Chances are, youre not throwing your own shower, so having if the host adds a link or note to the invitation, its totally fine. While a bride or groom asking for gifts directly can be taken as a little rude, your mom, aunt, or bestie can feel free to spread the word on your behalf. And, because bridal showers are actually all about the gift giving anyway , guests will want and need to know what youd like to receive.

Do put your wedding website on your save the date. While you dont necessarily have to say, Hey, were registered at Target! on the save the date, the announcement can be a good way to spread the word about your website. Everyone invited to the wedding will get that info and be able to figure out the details for themselves if they want to buy you something in honor of your nuptials.

Kristin Doherty

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How Many Items Should I Register For

Consider how many of your friends and family will purchase from the registry. You should have more items than the number of shoppers to give choices for each person.

Also, take into consideration how large each item will be. If you need an item that will cost a large amount, multiple people should pitch in a little bit of money for that one item, which will decrease how many items you put on the registry.

Real Bride Wedding Registry Experience

How Did You Organize Your Registry Process?

The first thing I did was create a list of items we really wanted to round out our kitchen, dining, and living areas and then I followed it up with items such as a honeymoon fund, experiences, and a cash fund. I was very careful to have enough items on the registry but I also did not want to overload it with hundreds of items so I tried to make sure I had at least 10 items in each category for our guests to select from.

How Did You Decide With Your Partner What Should Include the registry list?

My partner and I did sit down together and go through several retail online shops to figure out what items and styles we both wanted to have in our new house together but after a while my partner let me take the lead.

Do you think its appropriate to ask for non-traditional gifts?

I do think guests are looking to give something non-traditional and one that could be meaningful to the couple. Non-traditional gifts are becoming more the norm than not so I feel most wedding guests are getting more comfortable giving them.

Wedding registries are filled with goodies to help you set up your new home and life together as a married couple and to celebrate your wedding. Many couples find the process of setting up their registry to be a fun one so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of online wedding registry companies you can work with now.

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More Wedding Registry Favorites For The Home

You will soon realize, as you pick items for your wedding registry, that it will consist mostly of things for your new home as a newlywed couple together.

With that being said, theres no such thing as an incorrect wedding registry list. If you feel you want to add mostly décor items do it!

Have a look at a few additional items weve added here, from the Etsy Design Awards Finalists!

How To Add Items To Your Registry On Etsy

Gift registry card template Wedding enclosure card ...

Now, you have the entire catalog of everyone on Etsy at your fingertips! Heres how to add items to your Etsy registry.

-Search on Etsy to find an item you like

-Click the item to view its details

-Click on the heart

For an example, lets look at this It All Began At engagement dish by Magic Markings Art. All you have to do is click on the heart on the photo, like so:

The heart will turn red to show youve favorited it.

Then quickly! Click ADD TO LIST in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen and select your registry.

Then this will pop up:

Thats it! Youve just added your first item to your Etsy wedding registry. Congrats!

To add more items to your registry, simply repeat the steps. You can search anything in their search bar and start favoriting/adding to your registry.

And, at any time, be sure to:


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What Is A Wedding Registry

Before we get into how to create a registry on Etsy, let’s go over what a wedding registry is and isn’t. A wedding registry is a list of items that you’d like your friends and family to purchase you for your wedding. Most guests at your wedding will want to purchase you a gift to celebrate your wedding and your registry list helps them by providing a list of items that you’d like to have to start your married life together.

A wedding registry is not a list items that you’re guaranteed to get for your wedding. Your friends and family are not required to purchase you a wedding gift and they certainly don’t have to get something off of your registry list.

A wedding registry is merely a suggestion and helpful point in the right direction for those that want to purchase you a wedding gift.

How To Use Etsy Wedding Registry

for FREE to start your own registry

On their website, it will look like this:

Click Create Wedding Registry. It will then ask you for your wedding date. If youre not sure, just guesstimate. 🙂

Then, click Create. Youll see a screen like this telling you to start adding products. There are products separated by category to make it easy!

Once youve created your registry, its time to add products.

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How To Publish And Make Your Etsy Wedding Registry Searchable

Now, this is very important: for anyone to find your registry and, ya know, buy you gifts, you need to publish your Etsy wedding registry.

This is easy to do: simply click Share in your registry page here. You will see prompts to enter your name, your partners name, wedding date , then click Continue.

It will ask you for your shipping address, so guests can have gifts mailed directly to you.

Thats it! Congrats, youre all set. Now your mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, BFF, bridesmaids, grandmother, grandpa, etc. can ALL search your cool new Etsy wedding registry. And you can see which items are fulfilled at anytime by logging in to your list.

Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Wedding REGISTRY Guide // How To Build Your PERFECT Registry

Why not have a few unique items on your registry, no one says wedding registries all have to look the same.

If you are planning on having some unique wedding registry items on your registry you should also try to balance it out with some traditional ones as some guests will prefer to purchase a more traditional gift.


Do you love different flavors of rum, gin, whiskey, or vodka? Put them down on your wedding registry list, indicating what flavor, type, and product you love the most. A shot or two after a stressful day will leave you invigorated. Dark Jamaican rum which comes in many variants retails for $23.48 on Walmart.

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Cake And Knife Server

iSave to

A vital accessory for your wedding cake, Luvax wedding cake and knife server set on goes for $18.99. This set also comes in handy during the holidays and adds some chic to your dining table. One of the vital things to add to your registry, and a piece of art that cannot be overlooked.


Many may think butter dishes are out of fashion, but I dare say theyre not. What better way to hold butter at the dining table? They are also decorative as they come to China, crystal, or silverware. Inexpensive , yet classy.

Use Handmade Wedding Decorations

Decorating your wedding venue is such a memorable time! This wedding category on Etsy will help you find the perfect aisle runner, reception napkins, bows and ribbons, and more.

You probably didnt even realize you needed handmade decorations. However, with all of the Etsy wedding ideas for decor, its hard to resist.

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