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How Much To Clean A Wedding Dress

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost

How to Spot Clean a Wedding Dress

The average cost of dry cleaning is $12$15 per garment in a standard size load which includes two pairs of pants, three shirts or blouses, and one coat or blazer. When looking at particular garments, the cost of dry cleaning a shirt or pair of pants is below $10.

For dry cleaning larger items like comforters or draperies, you can probably expect to pay between $20 and $40. Finally, specialty items such as wedding dresses can cost over $450.

How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A Wedding Gown

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Pricing for this type of service can range anywhere between $300-$600, with an average cost for cleaning and preservation falling near $450 depending on your gown. Pricing can also vary slightly depending on the market you are in. There are certain factors that cause the price of cleaning and preservation to go up.

should I dry clean wedding dress? Every wedding gown should be cleaned before being stored away for more than a few weeks even if it doesnt look soiled. Perspiration, food and drink stains, and makeup stains can show up later and become much more difficult to remove. Look for a professional dry cleaner that specializes in wedding gown preservation.

how much does it cost to dry clean a dress?

Detailed Pricing


Can I clean my own wedding dress?

Depending on the fabric and embellishments, wedding dresses can be washed in a washer, a dryer, or by hand. If you have a sensitive fabric like silk, you can also put your dress in a garment bag and dry clean it at home or do it yourself at a laundromat if it is a large, voluptuous dress.

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How Much Is Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

A wedding gown has a special significance for every girl. When the wedding day is over, you just take it off and its most probably never wear it again. The majority of brides prefer to store their wedding dresses as a reminder about one of the most important days in their life.

The other girls prefer to sell their gowns. Selling and purchasing of pre-owned wedding dresses is rather popular nowadays as it helps to acquire a wedding dress at half-price for brides-to-be and to return some money, spent on the wedding gown, for already married women.

In both cases, you need to have the gown in good condition. Thats why, its important to dry clean it soon after the wedding. Wed like to provide you with some information on this topic, including how much wedding dress dry cleaning is, how long it takes to clean it and what to take into account while giving your wedding gown for dry clean.


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Make Every Detail Perfect With Professional Wedding Dress Steaming And Pressing

Weâll remove every last wrinkle from your wedding gown, so your dress is picture-perfect for your special day. Wedding dresses with satin, silk, chiffon, lace, and tulle require special attention, and our experts at Tide Cleaners know how to steam and press the most fragile fabrics to keep them looking their best.

Services vary by location.

What Should Be Included:

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost
  • The gown preservation specialist inspects the gown by hand and treats any visible stains, such as blood, grass, dirt or wine. The gown sometimes will be treated for non-visible sugar stains, which can damage the fabric over time. Then it will be professionally cleaned and pressed.
  • The gown will be fitted onto a bust or folded, and stored on acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin inside an heirloom-quality, acid-free box sometimes with a viewing window or hung in a cotton bag.

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Where To Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned

If your dress has more stubborn stains, or if cleaning your own wedding dress feels too daunting, then there are always professional services that can help. In this case, contacting dry cleaners to ask if they specialise in wedding dress cleaning is always a good option. You may even find that your wedding planner can give some advice on where to get your wedding dress cleaned or ask around at any wedding fayres you might attend before the big day.

How Much Does A Wedding Dress Cleaning Cost

On average, a professional wedding dress cleaning can vary anywhere from $85 locally to as much as $250 if you were to use an online service. Most dry cleaners and online preservation companies will charge a flat rate, and if any additional costs were involved, then it could be due to a stubborn stain such as grass or dirt.

If you were to want the dress cleaned and preserved, then the costs could be closer to $500 to $750, again, depending on the company, the insurance involved, accessories and how you want the dress preserved. For instance, proclaims if the dress were to be preserved in a quality acid-free chest, then you should expect to pay around $200 to $600. For a premium service, then the costs could inch closer to $1,000.

For example, Bridal Kare International, a company that offers wedding dress cleaning and preservation, charges $129, plus a $18 shipping fee.

Forum members on said they had paid anywhere from $150 to $200 to have their wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved inside a window box.

According to, you should expect to pay around $100 if you were to use a higher-end company, but this for a basic cleaning. The website claims if you were to have oil stains or its overly elaborate, then the costs could be more than $200.

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Pay Attention To The Label On Your Dress

This is one label you don’t want to ignore. Look for any specific dry cleaning directions it might have, such as “Dry Clean Only with Petroleum Solvent.” Whatever it says, listen to it, and make sure the preservationist or dry cleaner you choose has the appropriate cleaning solutions for your wedding dress.

The Preservation Box Should Be Sealed Airtight

Cleaning a 1952 Vintage Wedding Dress

A preserved dress is typically stored in an airtight box where the oxygen has been sucked out and replaced with nitrogen. This prevents oxidation , which can happen to clothes that have been stored for several years. Wedding gown specialists recommend that you never break the seal, and if you do, that you should have it preserved and sealed back up again.

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How To Clean A Vintage Wedding Gown And Make It Like New

by Bonnie

Is it easy to clean a vintage wedding dress? No. Is it possible? Yes! Thats exciting news if youve found the perfect tea-length dress-of-your-dreams from the 1950s, but its stained and yellowed. Here are the steps that you can take to restore your a second-hand dress to make it look like new.

How Much Does A Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost

Civil liberties tend to have a more compelling sway over strict social conventions. Even the most sacred of these traditions tend to bend a little to the preferences of couples whether driven by practicality and/or personal touch. However, there is one particular occasion wherein certain traditions appeal to modern convenience.

Just like in the old days, there are soon-to-be-brides that opt to wear heirloom wedding gowns than buy one from luxury couture shops. By the middle of 2018, the average cost of a wedding gown is roughly $1,300. However, just consider the fact that this is just a grossly conservative figure. There is no shortage of outrageous spending over a ceremonial wardrobe.

Unfortunately, an outfit that has been imparted from one or several generations would accumulate its own share of blemishes. For this, American couples spend an average of $200 to more than $500 in order to dry clean a wedding dress. Two main factors affect both ends of the price spectrum.


One of the key factors affecting the wedding dress dry cleaning cost is the material being used in the process. On the part of paying customers, this means the type of fabric worn by the bride. On the part of the laundry service providers, this pertains to the chemical substance being used.

  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Wool


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Why Do You Need To Dry Clean A Wedding Gown Before Storing It

Download How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Wedding Dress ...

You might not notice the stains or dirt on the hem of your dress during your wedding day. These are the common things you will find on your wedding dress after the big day food particles, food stains, and dirt or grime on the hem.

There are several ways to clean a wedding gown. You can hand wash, laundry clean, or dry clean them. Hand washing uses water and detergent you remove the stains by rubbing the dress together with your hands. Laundry clean, use hot water, and detergent in a washing machine to remove stain and dirt.

Meanwhile, dry cleaning does not use water to remove stains and dirt. Instead, it uses tetrachloroethylene and a dry cleaning machine. Among the three ways to clean your wedding dress, dry cleaning is the best method.

Dry cleaning removes stains, grimes and kills any possible insect or microorganism thats on your garment. It ensures the quality of your wedding dress is intact because its machine is not abrasive. It ensures no wear and tear or color fade.

The chemical, tetrachloroethylene, strengthens the gowns fabric, making it look better. Moreover, since it does not use water, your wedding dress is safe from shrinking.

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The Most Common Wedding Dress Stains

Makeup stains: Among the many ways that your wedding dress can become stained, makeup is easily one of the main causes. Spray tan residue, foundation and lipstick etc can easily find their way onto your dress, and not just from you. Guests who will be passing on their well wishes to the bride can often transfer their makeup on to your wedding dress. To avoid the stain spreading, you can remove any excess amount by dabbing a dry cloth on the stained area, however it is highly recommended to avoid rubbing the stain as this may cause the stain to move deeper into the material.

Perfume & oil stains: To avoid any overspray and/or mist potentially staining your dress, we recommend applying your perfume, body oils and deodorants well before getting dressed on the day. However, stains can still occur and are often one of the main stains that you wont realise you have on your dress. This is especially common under the arms and on the bodice of your wedding dress.

Food & beverage stains: The combination of a white garment and the free flowing drinks at your reception heighten the risk of staining your wedding dress. But that doesnt mean we recommend avoiding the enjoyment of your favourite drop of wine. While some stains are barely noticeable, others like red wine and coffee are more obvious. However, no matter what type of food or beverage has been spilt on your dress, youll be relieved to know that these stains are easy to remove.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost Average Prices For The Us

Dry cleaning is a great way to extend the life of your clothes without having to worry about ironing or washing them. It can also be an affordable option for those who want their clothes cleaned and pressed but dont have the time, energy, or desire to do it themselves. However, how much youll spend on dry cleaning will vary by location and company, so you may want to call around before deciding on one place in particular.

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How Do I Spice Up My Ball Gown

Add a belt to the waist of your dress. A belt defines the waist and makes the dress more formal. Tie the tie with a loose knot on the back of the dress and secure it with a small seam to make it look more beautiful. Your frames should be a color that contrasts with your dress, such as white or pink on a black dress.

Wedding Dress Cleaning + Preservation

I washed my wedding dress in the washing machine!

*Due to the national cardboard shortage, the processing time for preservation is currently running about 8-10 weeks from the time of receipt.

Utilizing the Prestige Preservation Program, we understand the professionalism required to care for your treasured wedding dress. Using the safest and most trusted methods available, Happily Ever After Preservation provides wedding dress cleaning and preservation that is trusted by retail outlets, customers and dry cleaners all over the country. Send your dress today and have it last for a lifetime.

Package Includes:

  • Minor repairs are included in the package .
  • Gowns are steamed and pressed prior to packaging.
  • Professional folding techniques used.
  • Shipping and handling are included in the package.
  • All packages come with $1000 of shipping insurance. More shipping insurance can be added for a fee . Send us a message and we will setup a custom order for you.
  • Only acid free packaging materials are used, including the archival box.
  • The preservation box measures 30x20x10.
  • The shipping kit box measures 30x20x8.
  • Custom return shipping options available upon request.
  • Family owned and operated business
  • Updates and emails throughout the process

When your order is completed through our online checkout, a wedding dress shipping kit will be sent to your address. The kit contains instructions and materials for sending the dress to our company for the service. Shipping, handling and insurance are all included with the package.

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