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How To Put Together Wedding Invitations

To A Married Couple Both Of Whom Are Doctors

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitation Suite

In the case of married doctors, it is proper to use: “The Doctors.”

  • Outer envelope: “The Doctors Smith” or “Drs. Matthew and Angela Smith”
  • Inner envelope: “The Doctors Smith” or “Matthew and Angela”

In the case of married doctors and one has chosen to hyphenate: If both titles don’t fit on one line, indent the second line.

  • Outer envelope: “Doctor Matthew Smith and Doctor Angela Griggs-Smith”
  • Inner envelope: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Griggs-Smith” or “Matthew and Angela”

Wedding Invitation Wording To Include A Deceased Parent

You can absolutely switch up your wedding invitation script to include the name of a deceased loved one. One tactful and meaningful way to do this is to change the format slightly to accommodate the word “late” in front of your family member’s name.

Together with their families,

son of John Smith and the late Eliza Smith,

and Mason Jacob Kim,

son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Franklin Kim,

request the honor of your presence at their marriage

Saturday, the seventeenth of May

two thousand twenty-three

At six o’clock in the evening

Plaza Hotel

Invite you to join in the celebration of the wedding of

Jack Alexander

Mason Jacob Kim

Wedding Invitation Assembly Invitations Only

Invitations should be inserted into the envelope facing upwards so that invitees should be able to read the invitation immediately upon removal from the envelope. In the past this was thought to mean that a right hander would be thought to be opening the envelope, however this is not a hard and fast rule in modern times.

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How Do You Word Dress Code Information

Stuck on wedding invitation verbiage etiquette for requesting a specific dress code? As we mentioned earlier, this should be stated at the bottom of your invitations or on a separate insert card or your wedding website. There are a few different ways to phrase this information. Try using one of these simple wedding invitation wording ideas:

Black tie optional.

Dress casual.

Weddings Planning Ideas : How To Put Wedding Invitations Together


StaffUsing A Credit Card For Your Wedding? Watch Out! Wedding Videography Trends

Wedding videos dont have to be dull and boring. More couples are finding the right value in hiring the right videographers that are capable to produce an entertaining wedding video that will satisfy even the most demanding expectations.

Best Tips To Choosing The Perfect Bridal Gown

Preparing for your wedding day is an exciting time, from planning the location for the ceremony to the guest invitations, but the most spectacular thing is the dress. Most women dream of their big day and style, color and fit of the gown they will be walking down the aisle in. The following tips can assist in easing the process when choosing your dress and ensure that it best complements the theme, destination, and personal appeal.

Wedding Cars for Your Guests

When planning your wedding day, you have to take every detail into consideration, this includes your guests. If you are having a destination wedding or a large volume of your guests are travelling long distances to spend this special day with you, then you are going to want to focus on wedding cars hired for your guests to ensure that your wedding is a convenience to them and also ensure that they get to the ceremony and reception with complete ease and confidence. In order to ascertain what wedding cars is going to best suit your needs,

Tips to an Effective Wedding Car HireTop Wedding Cars

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When To Send Wedding Invitations

Youre likely wondering most about the all-important when? We know youre eager to get the information out about your big day, but the timeline you should stick to is as follows: order your wedding invitations four to six months in advance to allow ample time for any mistakes that could be made, and send the finished products out six to eight weeks before your big day. This is enough time to give enough notice to your guests, but not so long that the date might slip peoples minds.

Of course, these are generalizations and may change based on where your wedding is being held as well as other personalized circumstances. Be sure to check with your wedding planner or ask your invitation designer for their advice. Either way, you should set your RSVP date to be about three weeks before your ceremony: this is also something that needs to be discussed with your venue and caterer for head-count purposes, so go along with their recommendation.

How Do You Assemble Wedding Invitations With Ribbon

Adding ribbon is a lovely finishing touch to your wedding invitation assembly, especially when the ribbon color complements your wedding invite design. Heres our guide to assembling your paper suite with ribbon:

  • Use a piece of string and wrap it around your fully assembled wedding invitation stack. Tie it however youd likea wraparound band, knot, or bowand then cut the ends measure that length of string and use it as a template so you know how much ribbon youll need to cut for each invite.
  • When cutting the ribbon to your desired length, we recommend using fabric shears for a crisp, clean cut and to prevent fraying. Cut the ribbon ends at a sharp angle or dovetail both ends for an elegant, polished look.
  • For portrait-oriented wedding invitations, we recommend using the following ribbon lengths:
  • Ribbon band: 13 inches
  • For landscape-oriented wedding invitations, we recommend using the following ribbon lengths:
  • Ribbon band: 16 inches
  • Simple ribbon knot: 31 inches
  • Ribbon bow: 39 inches
  • If youre doing a wraparound ribbon band, we suggest using double-sided tape instead of glue, which lays flat and is less messy.
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    More Helpful Assembly Tips

    Have an assembly party.A wedding invitation assembly party can include however many friends and family members you want to invite. Get a few bottles of wine, some snacks and give everyone a job theyll do well. Your invites will be assembled in no time, and youll enjoy the process a whole lot more than being at home by yourself.

    Stamp the response cards.Stamping the response cards is always proper etiquette when assembling your wedding invitations. Its a simple courtesy your guests will appreciate.

    Have an ensemble weighed.Once youve assembled one wedding invitation ensemble, take it to your post office to have it weighed. Then youll know exactly how much postage youll need .

    Save yourself the hassle of licking 100s of envelopes. Envelope moisteners are easy to use and youll be happy you did.

    Consider address labels or stamps.Some etiquette experts say wedding invitation envelopes should be hand addressed only. We disagree. A beautifully printed label or charming address stamp will complement your invitation nicely and youll save lots of time.

    As you learn how to assemble your invitations, you may start to have questions about addressing them. Read our helpful article, How to Address Wedding Invitations, for helpful tips and advice.

    Assembling Your Wedding Invitations How It All Goes Together

    How To Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

    So, youve got all your wedding invitations together with your new double envelopes, response cards, and any other information or enclosures youll be sending to your guests. Now how do you put it all together?

    What follows are some brief guidelines to help you construct a traditional wedding invitation mailing ensemble. These are merely generally accepted methods feel free to deviate from them if you want.

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    Professional Looking Invitation Complete

    The reason for this whole elaborate process is to ensure that your guests are greeted with a professional-looking invitation, and so that all the information is presented in a logical manner. A little preparation and work will go a long way toward helping make your special day all the more manageable and enjoyable.

    Why Is Brides Name First On Wedding Invitations

    Tradition says that the brides name always comes first, whether on save the date cards, wedding invitations or anything else. The brides parents pay a bigger share of the cost of a wedding than the grooms family. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if a couple has a child together, the childs first name will always come first on the wedding invitation, even if the couples names are different.

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    What To Put On Your Wedding Invitations

    So what are wedding invitations supposed to say, exactly? Of course, you’ll want to include the date, time and location, but how do you word it? There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a wedding invitation format. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve broken it down for you into a few simple steps.

    Stationery: The Knot Invitations

    What Does M Mean On An Rsvp

    Assembling Wedding Invitations

    The M begins the title of the line where guests will write their names. Mr. Mrs. Ms. and they proceed writing their names on the line after the name of the host. The N is a noun, and the n is an adjective. For example, if you were to say, Im going to the movies, you would say Movies and not The Movies.

    If you wanted to use the word movie instead of the movies you could say something like Mr. Movies or Ms. Movie. The n is also used as an adverb, meaning that it can be used in conjunction with other words to make a sentence longer or shorter.

    In the example below, you can see that the sentence is lengthened by the use of a word that is not a verb, such as is and will .

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    Addressing Wedding Invitations For A Casual Wedding

    You might be wondering, “What if my wedding isn’t going to be that formal? Do I still have to make the wedding invitations formal?” Well, when it comes to addressing wedding invitations for a more casual event, we understand the temptation to just use first names, or first and last names without titles. While this isn’t traditional, if the vibe is really backyard barbecue or picnic in the park, you may be able to get away with it.

    But this is definitely the right time to use more formal wording for older or more conservative gueststhey may not notice that you were being particularly respectful, but they definitely will if they feel that you were too informal!

    Do You Put Rsvp Card Inside Envelope

    You put the RSVP card inside the envelope and the rest of the wedding invitation suite. However, you wont stuff it in the included RSVP envelope so the guest can easily find and read the reply card.

    The guest will be the one putting the RSVP card in its envelope after theyve replied to it. So make sure that youll also include the postage for easier replying on the guests part.

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    A Wedding Invitation Can Have Many Types Of Enclosure Or Inserts All Of Which Need To Go Inside The Invitation

    Not sure how to word your wedding invitations? Properly address your wedding invitations to ensure your wedding guests understand fully who what you expect on below, we provide guidelines for how to address invitations with a single envelope vs. * the wedding invitation comes first and the rsvp have with your bi fold wedding invitations However, keep one of the invitations to put in your wedding photo album. My wedding invitations finally came in the mail and im working on them.

    How to word wedding invitations is often one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. If youre using one envelope rather than an inner and outer envelope, you guest full name and address should go on the front of the envelope. Download, print or send online with rsvp for free. Wedding invitations are beautiful and announce to everyone the big news about your big day! Opening a wedding invitation is unlike opening any other piece of mail.

    Wedding invitation mistakes how to avoid them jamie lynne. Heres a rundown of the items you might have with your bi fold wedding invitations Wedding gifts and how to politely ask for money instead. So if youll be pulling together a chic, contemporary affairâthink lots of black and white, maybe some touches of gold, understated but elegant floral. Heres some wedding invitation wording examples to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

    A Complete Look At How To Assemble A Wedding Invitation Suite

    How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

    It is going to be a beautiful experience, especially with both sets of your loved ones there to celebrate all the joy and happiness with you. However, the planning of your dream wedding itself can feel a bit overwhelming. Many of us have been painting the picture-perfect wedding in our heads since we were little kids playing dress up and fantasizing in our own little worlds. Vision after vision, our tastes would change as we got older and grew nearer to the actual time to finally put everything together for the biggest day of our life. So, if youre wondering what details it will take to set the perfect tone we understand and were here for you.

    Assuming you probably pray for more hours in each day, because there seriously isnt ever enough time, we have created a resource to help make the assembling process that much easier. There are many nuances to creating a truly luxurious wedding invitation, which you know to be one of the most important details for establishing the overall look and feel of your wedding.

    That being said, we came up with a thorough guide on how to assemble your dream wedding invitations to perfection. We wholeheartedly believe that every invitation suite should perfectly match your signature style, while keeping tradition in mind.

    With any assembly process, the first step towards success is to create each piece that is needed for the final product. You cant bake a wedding cake without having the right ingredients and decorative pieces first, right?

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    How To Assemble Wedding Invitations

    Your invites are back from the printer, and you just got your stamps from the post office. Youre ready to get these things in the mail already! But then it dawns on youhow do you actually assemble your wedding invitations?! This guide will walk you through the proper order, as well as other invitation tips youll need to know!

    Fyi: The Navy Template I’m Using For This Tutorial Is Editable So You Can Change The Background Color To White If You Want To Save On Printing Costs At Home Try It Out For Free Here

    When deciding whether to print your belly bands at home or at a print shop, consider the ink heaviness and quantity you’ll be printing. Does your design have a full color background like the one above? If so, it will consume a lot of ink, which can get expensive. Printing at home is often a more cost-effective solution for DIY stationery, but if you need large quantities of an ink-heavy design, printing through a local print shop might be more budget-friendly. For more money-saving tips, check out The Complete Guide to DIY Stationery.

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    Bringing All The Pieces Together

    Let, the assembly process begin! Gathering up the wedding pieces can feel similar to rounding up groomsmen for a photo a little tricky, when they are so excited to be together, but absolutely glorious when all is said and done.

    Below is a list of the exact order for how to assemble your invitation suite. This step-by-step guide to success is so everything in your order is perfectly bound together for when youre ready to sign, seal, and deliver the invites. We recommend working your way from the bottom of the suite to the top. Youll start with the invitation and then after each piece is added on top, like another layer, youll be able to stuff it into your envelope for completion.

    The proper order for assembly is as follows:

    1. Invitation 2. Large enclosure 3. Response envelope 4. Response card 5. Small enclosure 6. Then, bound it together with a belly band

    Assembling Wedding Invitations: A Step

    The tie that binds: Ideas to tie your wedding invitation suite together ...

    Youve ordered your wedding invitations, purchased postage, and addressed the envelopesnow what? Once youve received your finished invites from the printer, its time to get everything out the door! The first step of understanding how to stuff wedding invitations is to make sure all of the various stationery pieces are in the proper order. Save time by following our guide to correctly assembling wedding invitations.

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    Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

    Whether you are planning a formal or informal affair, there are plenty of great wedding invitation wording options for your invites. Some weddings dont fall into the formal or informal category, but somewhere more down the middle. Many couples like to use a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional wording. On the more formal side, you could use classic wedding invitation wording such as, The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of or You are cordially invited to celebrate the marriage of, or We invite you to share in our joy and request your presence at the wedding of. For more informal wedding invitation greetings and phrases, try something simple and casual such as, You are invited to the wedding of, or Kindly join us at the wedding of, or Please come help us celebrate our love. If you as a couple are known for a specific phrase or motto, add that to your invitations if it makes sense.

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