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Can You Hire A Bartender For A Wedding

Speaking To An Actual Person To Hire A Cocktail Bartender For Your Wedding:

Wedding venues and vendors struggle to hire

As mentioned above, its critical to do this stage.

In our business, we absolutely ADORE this stage of the process, hearing all about the plans. Some people even tell us all about the Stag & Hens parties planned, its a great conversation to have & it helps you to understand the Bartender hire company that youre booking.

Do you like them as a person? do you trust them? Is your event in great hands to be set up right & the person on the phone giving you the confidence to know that theyve quoted you the right amount of bartenders? The correct shopping list for the ingredients.

You cant get this from an email. No matter how comprehensive the emails become, youll never know if that company is right for you unless you speak to them.

They Make Sense Economically

At first, it might appear that enlisting the help of professional cocktail making London experts is expensive. However, you could recoup this extra amount of money you pay them because of the drinks you will buy. That is because these bartenders know the right amount of drinks to order, and therefore avoid wastage. If you want to buy the drinks yourself, chances are that would order a lot more than you need, and therefore, waste.

So Ive Hired The Bartenders For My Wedding Now The Company Is Telling Me I Need Managers & Bar Backs

We also see this all the time too. We suggest that you require 1 bartender per 50 guests If the company has quality bartenders that have worked events full time & long term. They are more than capable of not only managing themselves, but managing stock levels, managing sources of glassware supply for the bar when it runs out, or ingredients. They have done it a thousand times.

Chances are, you have already paid for a Wedding planner. This IS the Bar manager, along with the catering manager & every other task you have paid a premium to receive from them. If a separate Manager is required, the Wedding planner would have factored it into their costs. So Dont accept a bar company trying to also charge you for the very same thing.

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Read These Tips And You Know You’ll Find The Perfect Wedding Bartender

Brittany Anderson

In recent years DIY catering and DIY bartending have become popular ways for couples on a budget to keep their wedding spending under control. This season, its more popular than ever to hire a wedding bartender if youre having a small, backyard style or outdoor wedding due to COVID-19.

If youre looking to hire bartenders for a wedding , you can do so easily on The Bash. Youll be able to submit requests for price quotes, see what bartenders charge, and determine if this will help save money.

Bar For Weddings With Delicious Cocktails

Bartenders for Hire  Tips For Your Milwaukee Wedding

There is not a cocktail we can not make for your wedding. With 13 years of experience and over 15,000 events, we have noticed that these cocktails are the biggest hits in the bar! Do they not quite hit your taste? Then, of course, we are open to hearing your ideas!

Depending on which package solution you choose, you are free to choose between 6-10 cocktails on your menu. That should ensure a party without equality among your wedding guests. Who doesnt just get a little excited when the wedding offers a free bar with a wealth of classic and new cocktails?

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Know Your Guest Count

75 guests per bartender is a general rule of thumb, so if you’re having a 200 guest wedding, you’ll probably want to play it safe and have three bartenders. Having too few bartenders can result in long lines, frustrated guests, and even delays in your reception .

Having too many bartenders is, well, a waste of the money you’re trying to save. It could be helpful to check and see if theres hourly fees and whether or not you can change the number of bartenders at different times throughout the event.

You May Need A Certified Event Bartender & Permits For Your Event

Our certified Event Bartenders understand and implement the laws surrounding the service of alcohol in the state of North Carolina. Some venues require a professional bartender and will not allow family or friends to volunteer. Check with your venue for rules and service requirements.

As a private client, if you contract us for a full bar , you will need to obtain a Limited Special Occasion Permit. You would get this from the ABC Board. Clients contracting an Event Bartender to serve beer and wine only, do not need this permit. Start this process early as it takes time to complete. Entries MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks before your event date. We would recommend beginning well before that. You can APPLY FOR THE PERMIT by following this link.


Kai was wonderful he was attentive, answered questions fully, and seemed to care deeply.

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Questions + Things To Consider

Are they insured?

Do they provide ice? I feel that ice is the most over looked item when dealing with bar service.

Are you considering a pre-cocktail hour before your ceremony?

If youre planning on having a passed champagne toast, is this included in the price? Will they have enough staff?

Do you want passed wine service at dinner?

What non-alcoholic options will your bartender provide? Water decanters or bottles, sodas, tea, coffee?

What glassware or plastic-ware is included? What does it look like?

Will they help you with suggestions on quantities and types of alcohol to order?

Will they prepare your alcohol order for you? Or is this something that you will be responsible for?

Do they provide clean up throughout the event, like removing empty and discarded glassware?

Do they provide trash removal at end of the night?

Does your bartending service company require an additional gratuity to their staff? If so, how much per staff member? Or will they allow or require a tip jar?

Who will deliver your alcohol order to the venue?

What happens with the leftover alcohol at the end of the night?

Cash bar yes or no?

Do we have to serve champagne?

What if we dont drink? Do we have to serve alcohol at our wedding?

With Alcohol Comes Liability

BUDDING WEDDING TREND: Couples starting to hire budtenders to serve marijuana to guest

Alcohol can be a hefty part of your wedding budget, and you may think you can save a few dollars by having a friend or family member bartend.

Typically, hiring a friend to work your wedding is never a good idea unless they happen to be a professional wedding vendor.

And hiring an unlicensed bartender is an even worse idea.

You need to make sure your bartender carries Liquor Liability Insurance and is TIPS Certified . You are hosting the biggest day of your life with your most beloved guests. Is your friend bartender going to stay sober? Are they comfortable and professional enough to cut off their own family and friends to prevent them from being overserved? Professional bartenders have the power to actually save lives.

If the bartender does not carry liability insurance and something were to happen, everyone involved could be sued , which is why venues require outside vendors to carry liability insurance

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Invitations For A Reception

Planning a reception only wedding has become more mainstream this year due to COVID, elopements, last-minute changes to guest list sizes, and more. As a result, many couples have been asking this question:

Is it rude to invite guests to a reception only wedding?

The answer is: no! Due to the recent changes couples have had to make, sudden closures, and abrupt changes to wedding plans, it is NOT rude to invite guests to a wedding without a ceremony.

If the ceremony already occurred, it makes sense to extend an invitation to celebrate your reception with loved ones who couldnt attend the marriage ceremony itself.

This no ceremony wedding is slated to rise in popularity throughout this year and slightly into next, as couples are bumped from original wedding dates, decided to elope and plan a party later, and make other last-minute changes. As such, the industry evolved, too, and now offers a new category for invitations to handle situations like this: reception invitations.

You should mail reception only invitations the same as any traditional invitations: approximately 8 weeks before the wedding.

How to word reception only invitations

Luckily for you, the guesswork is now taken out of invitations and so is additional paper! When you throw a wedding with a reception and no ceremony, youll no longer require a separate reception card enclosure. You may even decide to do online RSVP instead of the traditional rsvp card, envelope, and return postage, which will look like this:

How Many Wedding Bartenders Do You Need

Plan on having one bartender for every 35 guests if you want the bar to run smoothly. So a 150-person wedding will need four or five bartenders. Thats a good starting point, but staffing does depend on the level of service youre asking for.

Beer and wine can be poured quickly making craft cocktails from scratch, not so much. So Fasulo-Weinstein tries to prepare as much in advance as possible: Even in craft cocktails I try to have everything done for the bartender before the event, she says, batching drinks ahead of time. You might have different bartender skill levels, based on availability. So I try to simplify as much as possible, without compromising on quality, so everyone gets consistent drinks.

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Can The Bar Accept Credit Cards

For cash bars, check if the bar accepts credit cards and communicate this to guests. Theresa Farrage, wedding planner for Omaha, Nebraska’s Scoular Ballroom, has seen firsthand how not establishing payment options has caused a wedding to go awry. “I’ve seen events where a cash-only bar wasn’t communicated to guests and there were no ATM machines within walking distance, thus resulting in angry guests that departed the event early,” Farrage says.

Do Bartenders Need A License For A Hyderabad Wedding

How to Hire a Wedding Bartender

Every provider of bartender services employs licensed and experienced bartenders. Therefore, you dont have to worry about permissions. Of course, you must know whether the venue that chose for the wedding has the necessary permits or not. If the manager or owner of the venue doesnt have the required license, then providers of the bar services for weddings can arrange for it. Even then, you have to be careful about the service provider that you choose. The right organizations of bartending services will procure the required licenses through legitimate means.

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Make Sure To Have Enough Bartenders

Lets say that youve decided to have an open bar. Youve paid your vendor, theyve stocked up on spirits, and theyre heading to your venuebut how many bartenders will you need? If you dont have enough staff, your wedding guests might end up standing in line all night, so its important to hire enough bartenders to keep the party going.

How many bartenders do you need? The general rule is one bar and two bartenders per 100 guests. If youre having an intimate event, you can get away with two guys serving drinks. If youre having a massive wedding with everyone youve ever met, youll have to call in the cavalry!

What You Need To Know About How To Hire A Wedding Caterer

Lets hear it for the people who make the food happen

Here is the thing about weddings these days: in most cases you have to serve food. And that often means hiring a wedding caterer. And that often means money. Because as it turns out, feeding a whole lot of people a meal, or something close to it, isnt cheap.

So, since Ive done zillions of hours of research on wedding caterers and general wedding planning in the years since my own wedding , Im here to walk you through all of your wedding catering questions.

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Decide On A Date And A Venue

Some people say to create a guest list first. While this may be helpful in determining some preliminary numbers, you need more information first, such as how much it will cost per person for meals, drinks, space It is helpful to have an estimate a small or a big wedding? but you should always find the venue BEFORE creating a guest list for a reception only wedding.

What do you envision?

Once you check out a few venues , itll be easier to envision what your reception only wedding will be like. You only need to figure out space for the reception, so thats very helpful .

Then, decide whether youd like a large, small, on in-between size based on space and budget.


The venue you select will also discuss catering options with you, so now is the time to get a proper per-person meal and bar price. If you plan to cater outside of the venue, find out what you can and cannot do research caterers in your area and get a price list of per person wedding meal rates.

Dessert only wedding reception?

Are you thinking about planning a dessert only wedding reception? If so, thats up to you, although most guests will expect a meal of some kind. Few couples decide to do so, typically if theyre looking to do a cheap reception for a wedding. However, if a dessert is the only thing on the menu, be sure to include a note about it on the invitations so guests dont arrive too hungry. 🙂

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How Much Does A Wedding Bartender Cost

Halloween Cocktails with J. Rose Bartending

Price depends on some degree to what the bar offerings are going to be, says Fasulo-Weinstein. Whether the bartenders are simply pouring wine and beer, or whether theyre going to be making signature cocktails. A starting point is $35/hour, she says, but you might pay someone with experience in craft cocktails significantly more. Remember that youre paying multiple bartenders, and not just for the time that theyre pouring wine.

A lot of people dont figure in the setup and breakdown time , according to Fasulo-Weinstein. They think the bartenders will walk in, pour drinks, and go. Bartenders are responsible for a lot more than that, including getting your bar set up for a successful event, and breaking down the whole apparatus afterward. Even for the simplest bar, theres a lot to set up. For a four-hour reception, youre probably looking at seven hours of paid work from your bartenders.

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Tips For Hiring A Wedding Bartender

Wedding planning can be daunting, and when it comes to finding and hiring wedding bartenders, its no different. The reception is one of the biggest wedding expenses, and keeping guests and the bridal party happy with beer, wine and drinks is usually high on the priority list. Finding the right bartender for your wedding depends on many factors like the size of your wedding, state liquor laws, your budget and the wedding theme. Generally speaking, there are some pretty standard guidelines for hiring wedding bartenders.

This article is written by Courtney Smith, Co-Owner and Founder of Chesapeake Bartenders, based in Maryland.

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