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How To Announce A Wedding

Add The Postponement Announcement To Your Wedding Website

How to Announce Your Elopement

Whether youre texting, calling, messaging, or sending out formal invitations, you should also include your postponement announcement on your wedding website. Once again, you dont have to be super formal with the language here, just be very clear with the information youre providing and dont hide it. It should be front and center, on your landing page if possible so that everyone gets the memo right away.

Wedding Announcement Templates And Styles

Todays stylish and customizable wedding announcement cards are available right along with the rest of your wedding stationery suite, allowing couples to stay consistent with their dream wedding scheme. Ideally, your wedding announcement card should reflect the same theme and design as the rest of your wedding stationery suite, says Russo. However, couples are free to think outside of the announcement card if they wish.

Ready to explore your options? Templates and styles abound on Shutterfly ranging from tri-folded photo wedding announcement cards to photo magnets making it easy and fun for couples to create memorable wedding announcement cards that share the joyous news. Here, an inspiration gallery our favorite wedding announcement templates and styles.

Potentially Offer Up A New Date

While you need to make it clear that your wedding plans are being put on hold, let your guests know that this doesnt mean your wedding is off. Unless you are canceling your wedding entirely and plan to elope or start from scratch later, remind your guests that there will be a wedding when things go back to normal . If youre comfortable with planning a wedding waaaay in advance, you can even offer up a new date in your wedding postponement announcement.

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The Timeline: When To Send Wedding Announcements

When is the best time to send a wedding announcement card? The day after the wedding is best, however within 30 days of the wedding ceremony is acceptable, especially if the couple wants to include a photo from the wedding day in their announcement design.

Sending out the cards immediately after the wedding day is easier said than done. Many couples are off to their honeymoons or simply too exhausted after the festivities to think about more wedding stationery. The solution? Enlist the help of a close friend or family member to do the honors and mail them out for you the day after your wedding day.

If youd like to use photos from your big day in the announcement, youre working with a modified timeline of two to four weeks after the wedding. We recommends picking a few wedding announcement designs and then selecting and ordering the one that goes best with your favorite images once you have them.

Advanced planning can make all the difference. One of the most important things here is to connect with your photographer before the wedding and let them know youd love to use a wedding day photo for these announcements, and ask if it would be possible to receive a few sneak peek images in advance of the full collection.

Heres a simple timeline for preparing and sending out wedding announcement cards:

  • Get married. Its true. You cant send them out before you tie the knot.
  • Throw A Reception Party To Celebrate Your Marriage

    CdotLove Design { by Kristin Clove }: Wedding Announcement ...

    We hinted at this before, but throwing a party is never a bad idea. We love it when couples throw a BBQ reception and surprise their family and friends with their elopement announcement. This is a great way to keep things casual and include everyone without the fear of not being able to afford to.

    Photo by Bekah Kay Creative

    Meghan from Baltimore, Maryland shares

    We decided to elope with our parents and siblings present. We both have large immediate families who are so important to us, so we also threw a BBQ at our house a few weeks after our wedding for 50 of our nearest and dearest. The same 50 who would have been present had we chosen to go the traditional wedding route. We sent invitations announcing the date of our elopement, and we would be having a party to celebrate. It was so fun, laid back, and exactly what we wanted. We also sent out announcements to the rest of our extended family and friends with pictures from our elopement, and a short explanation of our day. My advice is to not worry. Your family loves you, and you are going to worry way more than they will!

    Check out Meghans Misty Rocks State Park Elopement in Jarrettsville.

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    How To Write A Perfect Wedding Announcement

    Composing the wedding announcement is a pretty clear and straightforward task. As long as you include the four essential pieces of information, you should be ok, and those are:

    • Wedding hosts
    • Full name of the bride and groom
    • Wedding date
    • Wedding location

    However, before we go any further, know that different platforms can have additional information. For instance, along with the four essential pieces of information you are free to add the following if its for a newspaper:

    • Name of officiant
    • Names of parents and grandparents
    • Honeymoon destination
    • Where you plan to live
    • How you both met

    If this all seems a bit much, check with the newspaper, as many have a template for you to follow. Newspapers also use a writing format known as AP for titles and abbreviations. So, it cant hurt to visit their website or even call your wedding announcement in.

    Focus On The Positive

    At the end of the day, most friends and family will simply be happy for the newlyweds. While there may be some disappointment that they were unable to attend, that is not something that you or anyone else should carry guilt about. So remember that they love you, and let them share in the joy of your new and growing family!

    Weve included some covid wedding announcement wording examples below, but as with most wedding-related recommendations, feel free to use this as inspiration and adjust to be true to you and your situation.

    Caitlyn and Alex tied the knot in an intimate backyard wedding on November 15th, 2020. We were saddened to not be able to celebrate with all of our loved ones as planned but are looking forward to years of love and celebration shared with all of you.

    We are happy to announce the recent nuptials of Caitlyn Jones and Alex MacGregor. Although we were unable to share this moment with all of our loved ones, you were with us in our hearts and minds. Sending all of our love, and hope to celebrate together in the near future.

    Caitlyn Jones and Alex MacGregor were wed in an intimate ceremony on Orcas Island on November 15th, 2020. While our ceremony may have been different than we had planned, we still plan on celebrating with all of our friends and family in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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    How Do You Announce The Newlyweds During The Grand Entrance If They’re Both Keeping Their Last Name

    Sticking to first names is probably the simplest way to skirt around this introduction issue. Announcements could be: For the first time as husband and wife, John and Jane! or for gender-neutral versions: For the first time as a married couple, John and Joe! or even Now introducing the newlyweds, Jane and Joan!

    That said, if you would prefer to make it crystal clear that your last name is not changing, these same introductions could be used with both peoples full names instead of just their first, i.e. John Doe and Jane Smith. Consider: “For the first time as a married couple, John Doe and Jane Smith!” or “Now introducing the newlyweds, John Doe and Jane Smith!”

    As with any wedding ceremony or reception decisions, the important thing is to make sure your wedding choices represent who the two of you are as a couple and the wedding flow you hope to obtain after all, that is what the big day is all about.

    When You’re Resending Your Invitations:

    Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas – How to Announce Your Marriage

    We recommend this option if you are postponing your wedding by six months or less. If you’ve already sent out your save-the-dates but have not mailed formal invitations , you should personally notify your guests of the change, as well as include information about the wedding postponement with your invitations and on your wedding website. Ask your wedding stationer if it’s possible to include an envelope insert with the updated details, which you can write a few different ways.

    If you are hosting your own wedding:

    The marriage of Ms. Rachel Garcia and Mr. Joseph Craig Daniels has been postponed until Saturday, the tenth of March, Two Thousand and Twenty One at half past five oclock.

    Springfield Country Club

    Reception and dancing to follow

    OR when your parents/family are hosting your wedding:

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roberts announce that the wedding of their daughter Miss Elizabeth Michelle to Mr. Benjamin Jeffrey Brown, which was postponed, will now take place on Saturday, March 10th, 2021 at the Springfield Country Club.

    Half past five o’clock

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    Should You Get Wedding Cancellation Insurance

    Wedding Cancellation Insurance may help protect against not only the financial impact of unforeseen cancellation or postponement, but also against vendors who do not fulfill their obligations. For example, if one of your vendors goes out of business right before your wedding, youd be able to get your deposit back.

    The Right Way To Share Your Wedding Registry

    Photo Credit: Etsy

    Some sort of registry is a must for every engaged couple, whether you want to go the traditional route or shake it up with a honeymoon, experiential, or hobby-based version. But after you add all the gifts to your wedding wishlist, how are you supposed to spread the news to your nearest and dearest without seeming too, well, greedy? Like most wedding-related matters, the answer to this question comes with its own set of rules and etiquette. But with our little list of dos and donts, sharing your registry will be a piece of cake.

    Do include information on your bridal shower invitations. Chances are, youre not throwing your own shower, so having if the host adds a link or note to the invitation, its totally fine. While a bride or groom asking for gifts directly can be taken as a little rude, your mom, aunt, or bestie can feel free to spread the word on your behalf. And, because bridal showers are actually all about the gift giving anyway , guests will want and need to know what youd like to receive.

    Do put your wedding website on your save the date. While you dont necessarily have to say, Hey, were registered at Target! on the save the date, the announcement can be a good way to spread the word about your website. Everyone invited to the wedding will get that info and be able to figure out the details for themselves if they want to buy you something in honor of your nuptials.

    Kristin Doherty

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    Send Invited Announcing Your Elopement Or For A Reception

    A great way to announce your elopement is to print your favorite picture from your elopement day and send it to your family and friends with a personal note. At the end of the day, your loved ones will be happy for your unity, and there are more ways to celebrate than being present when you say I do. If you still want to dance the night away, add a reception date with your announcement invites.

    Photo by Brooke Shannon Photography

    Kaylie from Southern California shares

    We wanted family and friends to still feel like they were part of our special day, even though they couldnt be at the actual ceremony. Before our elopement, we sent out invitations that were worded, Join us for the celebration of our marriage. All of our guests knew that we would be getting married ahead of time in Yosemite.

    The party took place two weeks after we got married at my parents house and included most of what you would have at a wedding reception. We had an entrance, first dance, DJ, food, and drinks. Our vows were recorded, and we played it right before our grand entrance as a way to include everyone in the ceremony. We also had pictures from the wedding day at the party, which was really fun for our guests to see. Fortunately, we did not have a lot of push back, and I think people really admired the fact that we knew what we wanted and we were willing to go the distance to make it happen.

    Check out Kaylies Elopement in Yosemite National Park.

    Long Distance Engagement Announcement

    Wedding Announcements  Mike

    If your intended and your goodself are trudging somewhere up the deepest Zambezi in search of the elusive Great White Ape, it would be considered appropriate engagement etiquette to inform Mama and Papa by mobile phone . Jungle drums normally a good and reliable alternative, are not much understood beyond the lower reaches of the great grey Zambezi. Of course the preferred option is to make your engagement announcements in person. The groom should wait until he sees the whites of your parents’ eyes before he fires off the announcement. History is full of such lessons.

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    When You’re Postponing A Wedding And Sending Change

    This option is best recommended for the longest lead timesfor example, if your wedding was originally scheduled to take place anywhere from eight months to a year away , or if you are postponing your wedding until the following year. You can also follow this route if you’ve selected a new wedding date but are still finalizing your venue/location. Although you’re spreading the news about your wedding postponement via mail, you should also update your wedding website with a short message. Here are two examples for wedding postponement announcements:

    “We regret to inform you that the wedding of Gregory Williams to Michael Charles Jones will not take place as scheduled, due to . Please save the new date of March 10, 2021. Formal invitation to follow.”

    OR for a more casual feel:

    Due to , we have decided to reschedule our wedding to now take place on March, 10, 2021. Invitation and details to follow.

    + Best Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

    There is nothing better than the sheer joy of letting everyone else know that you are finally getting married to your sweetheart. It is a moment that people love to cherish forever and they want to ensure that they have the best time announcing it to people. This announcement shows a lot of emotions which is why people take every possible measure to present it in the best manner to the people.

    A wedding announcement is different from a Wedding Invitation because it is more of a piece of information that says that the couple is about to get hitched and plan to live a happy life hereafter.

    If you have such good news to say, we have got some of the most interesting wedding announcements for your reference! Read on to know

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