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What Return Address Should Be On Wedding Invitations

Addressing Wedding Shower Invitations: Wording Examples

How To Address Your Wedding Invitations By Hand

Figuring out bridal shower invitation wording isn’t as daunting as it soundswe promise! And if you’re already at the stage of addressing envelopes, you’ve probably got the actual invitation wording nailed down already, from adding RSVP details to including the couple’s wedding website or wedding registry information.

As a general rule of thumb, the address on wedding shower invitation envelopes should have the same level of formality as the couple’s wedding invitations. Typically, this means writing each guest’s full name, including prefixes. You should also avoid common abbreviations in the street address, such as “Rd.” for “Road” or “Ave.” for “Avenue.” It’s considered more formal to spell these out in full. Numbers should still be written in numerical form for clarity and ease of delivery. Keep reading to find out the proper etiquette for addressing bridal shower invitation envelopes for married guests, unmarried guests, families and more.

Why Is The Return Address Important

Including return address in the wedding invitation envelope. It has been normal etiquette for a long time. The return address is of great help to the guests. They can communicate through the address and also can send their reply.

Some guests may be unable to attend the wedding ceremony due to problems. Return address will enable them to send good wishes and gifts to the newlywed couple. On the other hand, some prefer to send their gifts in advance they can also use that address to do so.

Etiquette For The Return Address

Not just any return address will do. Consider the return address on the wedding invitation envelope as the final resting stop for all the acceptances and regrets.

Wherever your guests are coming from to join your wedding celebration, a properly addressed invitation envelope will dazzle and delight and set the scene for your coming nuptials.

The host is usually in charge of collecting the RSVP cards, but the responsibility might be allocated to a different family member or friend. This is a pretty big responsibility and proper count is key to finalizing the final guest list.

The wedding invitation return address should also be the place you want your wedding gifts to go. Do you want your gifts to be sent to your house, or your parents house?

While the final decision is up to you, discuss these options with your planning team and make sure the person who lives at the return address understands the joyful duties that come with helping you plan your wedding day.

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Whose Name Should Be In The Return Address

Normally, you don’t mention names in the return address. Return address just contains an address that guests will mail or send their response.

As we said before it is your choice whether or not you will follow traditional ways. So, if you wish you can add names to the return address. You can use the bride’s parents’ name if they are the host. But if the couple is hosting then you can put their names. But you have to keep in mind that usually, you do not put couples’ names together anywhere before the marriage.

But your response envelope must have the couple’s name on it.

Start Gathering Wedding Guest Addresses With Free Digital Cards From Minted

Return Address Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations
  • Allow plenty of time for putting invitations together. Depending on the number of invites youre sending, this particular task could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days! Remember that wedding invitations need to be sent out 6-8 weeks before your wedding, so plan accordingly. Learn more about when to send wedding invitations.
  • Make sure that anyone who needs to approve the guest list has looked it over before you address your wedding invitation envelopes.
  • Double check the spelling of all names and addresses.
  • Make sure your workspace is cleanno dusty countertops or glasses of Diet Coke sitting nearby!

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When You Put Your Return Address On The Back Of Wedding Invitations You Run The Risk Of Receiving Them Back

Here’s why.

There are a million and one details to remember when planning a wedding. From boutonnieres to the correct time to send out your Save the Date cards, it’s easy to overlook aspects of the wedding that aren’t as pressing as the date, venue, flowers, cake, and of course, the dress. According to one Reddit thread, there’s more to worry about with your wedding invitations than the cardstock and font.

Although etiquette pros recommend the return address go on the back flap of the envelope , there’s one issue you should watch out for with this format. In some circumstances when the return address is on the back flap of the envelope, mail sorting machines have mistaken the back of the envelope for the front, resulting in wedding invitations returning to the sender.

After perusing multiple Internet forums and articles, it seems rare that this occurs, but there are several ways you can lessen the likelihood of it happening to you. Be sure the address on the front is larger and more prominent than the one on the back. One way to distinguish between the addresses and to save time while stuffing envelopes is to get a return address stamp in a fun shape. You can also hand-deliver the envelopes to the post office and express your concern to the postal worker, who can hopefully give you confirmation and peace of mind that you won’t be receiving any invitations back.

How To Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Its time to address your wedding invitations. This is one of those wedding tasks that seems quite simple until you begin. Then suddenly, youre hit with all sorts of questions. No worries, weve got you.

A little advice before we get started dont simply dive right in to addressing those envelopes. Youll want to ask yourself a few questions before you begin the process of adding your guests names to those perfectly blank envelopes.

Featured Invitation: Just Love

First, think about the formality of your wedding. This will affect the way you address your invitation envelopes. A black-tie affair might call for one style of addressing while a casual country wedding will use a more informal approach. Weve included examples for both formal and informal addressing below.

And second, decide how youll address those envelopes. Hire a calligrapher, find a generous friend who has fantastic handwriting or create custom printed labels right from your computer.

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Write The Full Address

Though save the dates are less formal than invitations, its still widely accepted to feature the full address on envelopes.

Use the full versions of street names, towns, and cities you can abbreviate the state. Make sure you include the right zip code. For international guests, check their countrys address format in advance.

How To Address Save The Dates: Our Sweet And Simple Guide

How to Address Wedding Invitations

Save the dates are often the first wedding-related cards youll send. It seems simple enough, but you might be wondering how to address the save the dates. While 6 to 8 months before your wedding is the perfect time to send your save the dates, if youre planning a destination wedding, you might send them slightly earlier. This gives everyone ample time to make arrangements to join your celebration.

You enthusiastically told everyone about your upcoming celebration. You decided on a wedding date, location, and planned out your save the date cards. Now, its time to write and send them.

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Do You Need Return Address On Wedding Invitations References

Do You Need Return Address On Wedding Invitations. for outer and inner envelope. Allow plenty of time to address, assemble, and mail all invitations.

Also, the return address used should be that of the person whom youve designated to receive response cards, be it your parents or you . Although etiquette pros recommend the return address go on the back flap of the envelope , theres one issue you should watch out for with this format.

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My fiance and I live together and its destination so its not too formal But The addressing to people i am doing correctly with Mr. and Mrs. . And we have a couple of guests who are engaged so we are addressing it The Future Mr. and Mrs. . Would it be okay to address the return address the same wayThe Future Mr. and Mrs. (His Last Name with our address following it?

on June 22, 2018 at 5:56 PM

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For Married Doctors You Can Address Them As Such Together By Writing The Doctors Smith

If only one guest is a doctor and uses their maiden name professionally, the outer envelope could read as follows:

Doctor Margo Smith and Mr. Peter Underwood

If she uses her husbands name socially it could read:

Doctor Margo and Mr. Peter Underwood

If the husband is a doctor, the outer envelope would read:

Doctor and Mrs. Peter Underwood

The inner envelope would read:

Doctor and Mrs. Underwood

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How To Address Chinese Wedding Invitations

  • Invitations are traditionally issued from the grooms parents
  • Relatives and family friends are invited by the parents of the bridal couple
  • Bride and groom issue the invite to their own friends
  • Refer to an online chart if confused on specific Chinese titles to avoid disrespecting anyone
  • If inviting a whole family, follow up closer to the wedding date to clarify how many seats you will need for them

Where To Put The Return Address Of Wedding Invitation

Return Address Labels For Wedding Invitations Etiquette

The return address on a wedding card usually goes on the back flap of the envelope. It is seen in the envelope that contains the invitation card. In case you are using 2 envelopes for your invitation, the return address should be mentioned in the outermost envelope. It means you don’t have to provide your return address in the inner envelope.

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Return Address: 4 Ways To Step Up Your Wedding Envelope Game

Your wedding invitations are ready to be sent and soon your guests will get their first glimpse into your big day. But before you put them in the mailbox, have you thought of listing a return address at the back of your main envelope?

I know, it doesnt sound like a big deal and it is a detail often forgotten or overlooked. But I always encourage my couples to have the return address either printed or handwritten on the back-flap of their wedding envelopes. Now, I am not big on etiquette and I believe that your celebration can only be special if it is truly a reflection of you. And that includes your wedding stationery and the wording you use. So therell be no nonsense from me but only two reasons for writing the return address: one practical and one purely aesthetic because Im all about making your paper goods look exciting.

Why it is a good idea

The main purpose of a return address on the back of your wedding envelopes is that in the unfortunate event your mail doesnt get delivered to the intended recipient, it can then be returned to you. No more wondering if all your guests did get their invite or not, if nothing comes back to you, youre good!

What address you should use

Pretty post

Bold modern calligraphy for the names and for the address. The writing is covering most of the diamond flap, simple but efficient in style. Note that the postcode isnt in calligraphy to avoid any misreading from the post office and your invitation to be lost.

Mix it up

Addressing Wedding Shower Invitations: Return Address

Proper etiquette for addressing bridal shower invitations should also be followed when it comes to the return address. A return address should always be included on wedding shower invitations so that undelivered invites can be accounted for. It also lets guests know where they can send a shower gift if the RSVP information on the invitation includes an email address or phone number rather than a physical address.

Wondering whose return address you should put on the bridal shower invitations? It’s best to include the host’s name and address, since they’ll likely be keeping track of RSVPs. If another person has taken charge of guest responses , put that person’s full name and address instead. The main thing to keep in mind is that every invitation should have the same return address.

Finally, the return address should be centered on the back flap of the envelope. It’s acceptable to use labels or a custom stamp to ensure everything looks identical . Just make sure that your labels or stamp have a similar style, font and overall look to the address on the front of the envelope. It’s considered good etiquette for everything to look cohesive when addressing bridal shower invitations.

Petite Prints Calligraphy

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Where Do You Put The Return Address On A Wedding Invitation

  • There are just a few things to remember when it comes to writing your return address on the wedding invitation envelopes. The return address can be placed on the front of the envelope in the upper left corner or it can be centered on the back flap. Proper etiquette states that envelopes should be completely hand addressed.

The Outer Envelope For Mailing

How to Address Wedding Invitations & Examples : DIY Wedding Invitations

The outer envelope is where you print a guests physical address. Therefore, this is the envelope handled by your mail courier. Youll type your guests names on the first line, complete with titles, first names, and last names . While you can abbreviate a title, you should spell out first names.

Next, write the physical address of your guests home or post office box. Again, use full words here writing Street instead of St., Road instead of Rd, and so on and so forth.

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How To Address Save The Dates For Married Couples

When addressing save the dates to married couples, tradition suggests you list the man first, but this is completely up to you. Many couples choose to work alphabetically or list the person theyre closest to first, and youll need to decide this for same-sex couples.

As with invitations for single guests, you can include or leave off titles. You may wish to include some titles, as when a guest is a doctor or ranked in the military. This depends on how formal your save the dates are, which could reflect the formality of your wedding.


  • Mrs. Rebecca Palmer and Mrs. Samantha Young
  • Bradley and Hannah Thomas

Return Address With Beautiful Motif Wedding Invitations

For example, if the brideâs parents are hosting the wedding, the invitations should use the parentsâ address. How to address return labels for wedding invitations. The return address goes on the back flap of your invitation envelope and the front side of your response envelopes. for outer and inner envelope.

Do you need return address on wedding invitations. When to send save the dates and wedding invitations. How to address the outer envelope of a wedding invitation. Brian and alex williams 1708 5th avenue new york, ny 10010. April 8, 2021 4 views.

What address should be listed as the return address on the wedding invitations and response cards? There is no need for a return. âjane and john doeâ . The return address goes on the back flap of your invitation envelope and the front side of your response envelopes. Where should your return address go on your wedding invitations?

The return address is an important detail of the invitation envelope. The address will go on lines three thru five. What return address goes on wedding invitations. Also, the return address used should be that of the person whom youâve designated to receive response cards, be it your parents or you . On a formal return address, the names are.

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