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When To Send Out Wedding Invitations

Dont Include The Registry Information

Wedding Invitations : When Do You Send out Wedding Invitations?

While proper wedding invitation etiquette suggests that attire information is included for your guests, you will want to be sure not to include any information regarding your wedding registry.

When it comes to wedding registry information, you will want to include this information somewhere separate from the invite itself such as on a separate invitation. It is considered impolite to include the registry on your invitation as it may come off that you and your significant other are more focused on the gifts as opposed to your guestsâ presence.

That said, a link to a wedding website is a great option to include your wedding registry. On a wedding website, access to the registry list itself is much more convenient and easy-to-use. Further, your guests can find any and all of the information they need regarding your wedding all in one place.

Elizabeth And Eric 10/10/20

Richmond, Virginia

Elizabeth and Eric were due to get married on 10/10/20. I remember during our initial conversations how excited Elizabeth was to display their wedding date on their invitations. We sent out their beautiful deep emerald save the dates with gold foil, showcasing their date in a bold yet elegant way, and we were due to start working on their main invitation suite in May.

During the beginning stages of lockdown, they were moving ahead as planned with their original date. Luckily as Im a designer and print studio, I have more control over my production timelines. Usually I allow up to 4 weeks to print and produce a suite, however during these times flexibility is key. Therefore we decided to begin designing their invitations, get the artwork signed off, and have their suite ready to put into production when they felt comfortable to give me the green light. This gave them more time to decide whether to move ahead or postpone, and allowed me to create their invitations without any creative sacrifices .

This week they had announced they were postponing their wedding . Their new plan is to wed/elope on their original date, and push the full party to 2021. Were now working together on some gorgeous printed change the dates to send out to their guests. Im also offering and supplying my couples with free digital change the dates in the style of their suite.

When To Send Out Invitations

When should the invitations be sent if you havent sent save the dates? It depends in part on whether you have given people an informal heads up i.e. telling them in person, via phone or email or through social media. Of course, even if you have informally let people know, the arrival of the formal invitation is when most people will make their plans, book their leave, and buy a dress/suit. Its only fair to your loved ones to give them plenty of notice. So if youre deciding when to mail out your invitations, think about how much time you would need to get ready if you were a guest. Then add a little time some people will likely need even longer than you would!

So when do you send invitations out if there was no save the date? Ultimately it depends on your situation, but we recommend six weeks as a minimum. A few months before your big day is ideal. If people will need longer than that to prepare, we highly recommend you consider a save the date as well, or that you take the time to let them all know the details informally ahead of time.

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Do Tell Your Guests About Your Wedding Website Do Tell Your Guests If No Kids Will Be Allowed Do Tell Your Guests A Formal Invitation Will Follow Dont Include Your Wedding Registry

This is by far one of the most asked wedding planning questions: when should I send my save-the-dates and formal invitations?

Theres actually a strategy behind both: you dont want to send them too early or too late.

Several factors come in to play when deciding on a timeframe to send save-the-dates and invitations, including where you have your wedding. Lets explore them.


The typical rule for sending your family and friends an announcement of your wedding date is 6 to 9 months prior to the official day.

Your save-the-dates should include your wedding date and city you plan to get married in even if you havent yet booked the venue. It gives your guests enough time to rearrange their schedule to attend your wedding day or allows them to make travel plans if they live far away.

If youre having a destination wedding then youll want to send your save-the-dates about 9 to 12 months in advance of your wedding day. That will give your guests plenty of time to save money, book plane tickets and find accommodations as well as take time off work, if necessary.

Sending your save-the-dates more than a year before your Big Day creates the likelihood your guests may forget about your wedding day since its typically too early for them to start booking hotels or plane tickets and requesting vacation days from work.

When To Ask For Rsvps

When to Send Out Wedding Invitations Timeline &  Tips ...

Short Answer: 1 Month from Wedding Date

Your wedding invitation must include a way for guests to respond. Whether you choose to have guests RSVP online via your wedding website, or you send an RSVP card and pre-addressed envelope as part of your invitation suite, be sure to indicate an RSVP deadline so that guests know when they need to alert you to their decision. The rule of wedding invitation etiquette says that one month before your wedding date is the perfect amount of time: it offers a brief window for guests to receive the invitation and consider their decision, while also providing your wedding vendors enough advance notice to order and prepare supplies. The sooner you’re able to get an accurate guest count, the sooner you’re able to finalize your wedding planning details .

A one-month-prior deadline also adds some timeline padding for those stragglers who wont get their RSVP card in on time…because you know there will be those!

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When To Send Save The Date Cards

Design: National Park Foundation

After completing your guest list, the first step in any wedding plan is to send out a save the date card. The purpose of a save the date is exactly what the name entails to tell friends, family members, and other loved ones to reserve that particular day for your wedding.

When To Send Out Wedding Invitations If No Save The Dates

When are you supposed to mail invitations to wedding guests if youre not sending save the dates?

If youre not sending save the dates, the best time to send out wedding invitations is 9 to 10 weeks before the wedding. Just two weeks more gives a little more of an indication. If you prefer to stick with the 6- to 8-week timeline, that is still acceptable per etiquette, but save the dates are very encouraged for destination weddings.

TIP: You should send out save the date cards no later than 6 months before the wedding. For destination weddings, you can send them out 6 to 8 months before the big day.

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Who Should You Send Your Wedding Invitations

should go out to all your wedding guests at the same time. It is not a wedding invitation etiquette to send a batch of invitations and wait to see if there are any nos before sending the next batch. Those who have already received the invitations could tell those without. This situation could make it awkward when they receive theirs late. Be sure you complete your guest count first before sending out any invitations.

Once you have finished all the wedding invitations details, settle down with the countdown to your big day. You will have done half the work in your wedding planning. Remember, if you hire a wedding planner, they will help you put all the invitations together and send them out. This will make it easier for you!

Which Guests Do I Give A Plus One

Design Your Own Seal and Send Wedding Invitation

You can give plus ones to some guests and choose not to give them to others. If one of your guests is married, has been in a serious committed with someone for some time, or if they wouldnt know anyone at the wedding and would enjoy the company of someone else, give them a plus one.

If a guest isnt married or in a serious relationship and would be fine coming to the wedding alone, its acceptable to invite them solo.

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Wedding Invitations Should Be Received At Least Six Weeks Before The Big Day

It seems like the advent of Save the Dates gave brides internal permission to be lazy about wedding invites. Our staff have received official wedding invites from family and friends as little as one or two weeks before the wedding day. This isnt a good idea. Most specifically, it can make guests wonder if they really are invited. Like, what if the Save the Date was a fluke? Theres nothing more awkward than calling a bride or groom to inquire, am I really invited to your wedding? Because I got a Save the Date, but Avoid placing invited guests in a compromising or awkward position by sending out invites ahead of time.

The good news is that the same vendors who make Save the Dates also make wedding invitations, so a package deal will streamline colors, themes, and the information provided on each one. If you order them all together, youll have months to work on hand-addressing each envelope so theyre all ready to go a couple of months ahead of time.

If you do your job well, all of the guests will receive their official wedding invitations in the mail, complete with accurate Where/When/What information, a link to your website , and a SASE with the RSVP card between six and eight weeks before your wedding date.

How Far In Advance Should I Start Looking At Wedding Invitation Styles

Lets backtrack just a bit. Youll want to give yourself ample time to check out the huge selection of invitations available and find the style that best fits your weddings theme and color scheme. Starting about six months before your big day, we recommend browsing online stationers or reading reviews of local stationers on a site like WeddingWire, then visiting a few to see their offerings. This will give you enough time to proofread and order your invitations, as well as enlist a calligrapher to address the envelopes, if desired. Calligraphers do tend to book up quickly, so its best to hire one sooner rather than later.

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How To Address Online Wedding Invitations

When its time to send, it can be a little nerve wracking thinking about how to word online wedding invitations. When sending a Paperless Post wedding invitation its only slightly different than addressing printed wedding stationery. We suggest you use the email and the envelope to make it clear whos invited, especially if youre sending an invitation to a household with multiple guests. Include the guests titles and last names. Traditionally with the womans name precedes a mans, but that rule is fine to break nowadays. The only exception is with a Dr. title, they will always be listed first.

What To Include On A Save The Date Card

How Early To Send Out Wedding Invitations

Surprisingly, a save the date card may have more information on it than your actual wedding invitations. Include a link to your wedding website or wedding registry, and provide suggestions for hotel accommodations. Yes, this means youll have to get a jump start on getting hotel rooms blocked off, fine tuning the guest list, and other details, but your guests will appreciate it in the long run.

Now, if youre reading this thinking, I dont have that much time! I wont even be engaged a full year before my wedding!, dont worry. First, these timeframes are only suggestions. Second, with Greenvelope, you can design, address, and send out all your save the dates in as little as 30 minutes. Skipping the snail mail route is one strategy to give your guests plenty of time to make arrangements.

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Should I Bother With Rsvp Cards

RSVP is a French abbreviation for respondez, sil vous plat, which means respond, if you please. Although that might be the literal translation, it really means respond please.

You need a response to know how many people need food and rooms and who is coming to the event. However, that doesnt mean you need to send a card. You can add the RSVP information on your invite and ask your friends and family to respond by email.

Really you can use whatever method makes the most sense to you. Older guests might prefer a mail-in option, and younger guests might prefer an online method. Either way, give your invitees the ability to respond to you, so you can feel confident in your wedding numbers and possible dietary restrictions that need to be sent to the chef.

When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Now you know what your wedding invitations should say and how they should say it. So when should you mail your wedding invitations? Sending them too early or too late can likewise be impolite, so here are basic wedding invite timeline rules:

  • Save the date cards can be sent out as early as a year from your wedding date
  • Invitations should be sent to your guests six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding.
  • Invitations for destination weddings should be sent to your guests three months in advance of your wedding.

Designing your wedding invitations and sending them out can be a wonderfully exciting part of wedding planning. If you follow the basic rules of wedding invitation etiquette, they will succeed in fostering your guests excitement in anticipation of your special day.

Want more advice about your wedding stationery? Check out our post on wedding thank you etiquette!

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I Invited My Friend And Their So To The Wedding But They Recently Broke Up Now They Want To Bring A Friend I Don’t Likecan I Tell Them No

If you worded the invitation by having their partner’s name on the envelope , you have every right to say no. As a rule, invitations are nontransferable when people are invited by name. Explain that you’re not friendly with their proposed guest and you’d prefer the wedding be limited to close friends and family. If you invited all of your single friends sans dates, let them know they won’t be the only one coming solo .

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