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Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

Diy Wedding Invitation What You Need

DIY Wedding Invitations | How to make your own wedding invitation with a Swarovski crystal

Always start by purchasing the minimum amount or about 25 invitations so that you can experiment first without spending very much money and to find out if this is something you really want to do. Many DIY wedding invitations offer optional ribbon or bows, charms, stick on crystals or pearls as well as colorful backings to create a layered look as well as matching pockets to create your own Pocket Wedding Invitations.

Its a good idea to purchase some heavier white paper and have it cut down to the size of your invitations so that you can do a test run to make sure the printing is straight and the font is the right size and very legible. If you are using a darker colored invitations, black ink might not show up very well and most often metallic silver or gold ink is recommended for dark cards. Always allow your invitations to thoroughly dry for 24 hours before trying to add any embellishments.

Invitations printed in thermography are produced by using a heating process and this type of ink will never smear and looks very professional and formal. After spending so much time on making invitations, you dont want your guests to receive messy looking invitations that look homemade.

Beginner: Butterfly Silhouette Invite

This whimsical wedding invitation from Create and Babble was designed and put together by a mother of the bride for her daughter’s big day talk about a labor of love! The butterfly cutout and pink vellum wrap sets the tone for a springtime wedding but we also think this design would work for a bridal shower as well.

Photo Credit: Create and Babble

Design Wedding Invitations And Stationery That You Love

Keep in mind that although you are currently focused on your wedding invitation, you’ll still need beautiful and unique bridal shower invitations for the bridal party as well as stationery for your reception and ceremony. Even if you don’t intend to have a large ceremony, you can still invite your closest family and friends to your bridal shower and nuptials. With Shutterfly, you can customize all your wedding stationery for pre-wedding events, all your wedding ceremony needs, and post-wedding thank you cards. After your wedding, upload all your images and designs with unlimited photo storage so we can imprint them on unique and mounted wall art that commemorates your big day in a beautiful way.

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Beautiful Wedding Invitations You Can Make Yourself

Wedding invitations are one of the most popular DIY projects that brides take on, either to save money or create a one-of-a-kind design that guests won’t see anywhere else.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite do-it-yourself invitation tutorials. Whether you’re interested in personalizing a basic paper suite or want to design one from scratch, there’s something for every skill set. Happy DIYing!

Calligraphy Diy Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Do It Yourself #weddingring # ...


If the entire design of your wedding stationery isnt something youre comfortable doing yourself, why not take up calligraphy? Its the perfect way to add some DIY into your wedding invitations, especially if youre going for an elegant and sophisticated theme. Weve got a great tutorial on doing modern brush pen calligraphy for your day and it looks amazing on everything from invites to place cards.

You Will Need

  • Some modern calligraphy pens in the colour of your choice
  • High quality, bleedproof card


Step One

Head to the page for our beginners calligraphy tutorial. Watch it as many times as you need to before using a piece of scrap paper to begin writing the alphabet. Continue to practise until youve built up the muscle memory required to write each letter effortlessly and combine the tail of each letter to make the words appear joined up.

Step Two

Use a pencil to sketch out the rough outline of the placement of your letters.

Step Three

Carefully add your letters with your calligraphy pen, ensuring each letter is in proportion with the next. If youve practised each name or sentence before you begin writing, you can have it next to your card to use as a reference as you write.


Step One

For the hammered fresh flowers, pull the heads of your chosen flowers from their stems and place them where you would like them on the card .

Step Two

Step Three

Arrange your dry real leaves onto the card to get the right placement.

Step Two

Step Three


Step One

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Choosing Paper For Your Diy Wedding Invitations

Although it might seem unimportant, dont skimp on the paper it can make or break your invitation.

You should try to buy cardstock thats at least 65-pound, though 80-pound is even better.

I would recommend printing on the heaviest cardstock paper you can find and afford,writes Nathey. The thicker the invitation, the better it will look and feel. For her invitations, she used 110-pound heavy cardstock, which resists both bending and bleeding.

If youre printing from home , she says you should make sure your printer can handle whatever cardstock you choose. You can find this information in your printers manual, or by searching online for your printers max paper weight.

You can also choose different finishes for your paper for wedding invitations, popular finishes include cotton or linen, which are beautiful but more expensive.

For her golden snitch invites, Yates used premium linen cardstock. She felt it really added that something special to the wedding invitations, making them look elegant and sophisticated as opposed to normal card paper.

Alternatively, recycled paper is also a popular option especially for rustic or boho invites.

You can order cardstock online at or specialty shops like LCI Paper, Paper and More, Paper Source and Paper Presentation. Or you can go to your local Jo-Anns, Walmart or office-supply store.

That being said, one easy way to keep costs down is to forgo the RSVP card.

There Are Downsides To Diy Wedding Stationery Though It:

  • Takes a lot of time

When people decide to include DIY elements in their wedding, they often think of their invitations first without realising just how time-intensive this can be! You might have 150 guests, and a standard wedding invitation suite includes around six cards: save the dates, the invitations, RSVP cards, wishing well cards, information cards and thank you cards. Add in things like place cards, menus and orders of service and you end up with nine different cards per guest: thats 1,350 individual cards! It might sound easy to DIY your wedding invites, but when you repeat an action that many times it is more difficult than you might think worth it for the payoff.

  • Requires ability and skill

Even the simplest action, like folding your own wedding cards or hot-gluing something to your invites, can be difficult to do well, especially many times over. If youre not naturally crafty it can be frustrating to try and translate whats in your mind into reality. Ribbon glued to your invitations might look flawless in your imagination, but a few stray strings of glue can leave it looking cheap and nasty fast.

When you are creating your wedding invitations you also need consider how well they will travel. If pieces come loose in the post your invitation could arrive looking like a hot mess. For DIY wedding invitations UK or DIY wedding invitations destined for overseas locations you need to make sure your work is sturdy and long lasting.

  • Isnt always cheaper

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Design Tips For Diy Wedding Invitations

Now that youve covered how youll be printing or creating your invite, lets talk about how youll put your information together in a pretty way.

Designing Your Own: If youre choosing to design your own DIY wedding invitations, you probably have a good idea of what youre hoping it will look like. You might even have a grasp of some of the skills youll be bringing to the table to make that vision a reality. Or, youre hoping to learn a little more about the process and designing in general. Or maybe you just want to get a little crafty. All of these reasons, and more, are good reasons to do your own invites. Weve got a whole bunch of extra tutorials, in case you want to brush up on a few skills before you put proverbial pen to paper.

Buying/Finding A Design: If you dont have design experience, and youre not fond of pushing images and text around on pages , youre going to need to find someone to design your DIY wedding invitations for you. Fear not! Thanks to the Internet , there are tons of places to get an invitation design. Some are even our sponsors! Heres a short list of places to check out.

Making Your Diy Invitations Shine

Do-It-Yourself Bachelorette Party Invitations : DIY Wedding Invitations

If you can believe it, so far weve only covered the basics of DIY wedding invitations. Once youve designed and printed them, there are countless ways to make your invites shine.

You could add embellishments like:

  • Or whatever else tickles your fancy!

For example, Nathey used a combination of hole punches, buttons, lace, ribbon and twine to embellish her rustic wedding invitations.

We spent roughly $150 on our wedding invitations, with a big chunk of our budget going towards the craft supplies to create the embellishments, she says.

The skys the limit here. Dont be afraid to browse the internet for inspiration and let your imagination run wild.

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How To Design Diy Wedding Invitations

There are two ways you can create custom DIY wedding invites: making your own from scratch or using a digital tool that allows customization. Both options let you customize your wedding invites while saving money, but choosing the best method depends on how much time and effort you can invest. Heres a quick breakdown of the different ways of creating DIY wedding invitations.

How To Make Diy Wedding Invitations

If you want to make your own wedding invitations, but aren’t sure what’s involved or where to begin, we’re here to help! We have all the materials and resources you’ll need to create beautiful, personal DIY wedding invitations. Below you’ll learn more about our extensive collection of paper and envelopes, decorative embellishments, crafting tools, and online resources that will help you through the invitation process.

Early in the wedding planning process, make sure to see our Wedding Checklist & Stationery Timeline with an overview of when to do what for all things wedding.

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Where To Find The Best Wedding Invitation Templates

Wondering where to find editable wedding invitation templates online? You’re in luck: The internet is full of resources if you know where to look. Customizable wedding invitation templates are a great way to put your own personal spin on your wedding details. Some templates allow you to adjust everything, from positioning to font and colors. Simply follow the directions and you’ll have a personalized wedding invite ready for printing. Here are a few of our favorite sites.

Pros And Cons Of Diy Wedding Invitations

35+ Creative Photo of Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations ...

DIY weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, especially in the wake of 2020, when many couples were forced to rethink the size, location, and even date of their weddings. Backyard bashes are all the rage, and with that informality comes a willingness to forego formal floral arrangements and glitzy centerpieces in favor of homemade bouquets and candleholders designed by the bride and groom themselves. But even the most ambitiously crafty couples have to draw the line somewhere.

You may feel comfortable hiring your Aunt May to make your cake, but how do DIY invitations compare to top-of-the-line customs?

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How To Diy Wedding Invitations

To make easy DIY wedding invitations, start with this shortlist of card-components to make sure that you have all your bases covered.

  • Create a custom stampMany couples have a custom logo or monogram created for their big event. Apply this to your stationery with either ink or embossing to make a memorable impression.
  • Choose a ribbonAdding a little something extra is a pretty way to keep the contents inside of the envelope as well as tie your invitations into your theme. If youre going Rustic or Boho, consider swapping the ribbon for some twine.
  • Watch your edges Adding a stylized border moves your wedding invitations from ordinary to extraordinary. Traditional homemade wedding invitations look like a million bucks with a little gilding while more casual themes pair well with a pattern of hole punches.
  • Practice your calligraphyHandwritten wedding invitations are always recommended. Make yours look gorgeous with professional-level wedding fonts.
  • Add a splash of colorUsing watercolor is a fun way to add some subtle color. This is transparent and wont interrupt your calligraphy, but it will make it easy to create wedding invitations that are aligned with your theme.
  • Include linerThis serves no practical function but succeeds in adding a layer of impressive beauty to your wedding invitations.
  • Seal itUse the same logo that we mentioned above to seal your envelope with wax and make it seem like its an official notice from royalty.


Its In The Cards: Diy Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the biggest surprise budget-busters when youre planning your big day. A set of invitations from a big-name printing site can run you anywhere from $1.00-$4.00 per card, and that doesnt include RSVPs, envelopes, menu cards,directions, registry cards the list goes on! For a 150-person wedding, you could be looking at spending close to $1,500 just to let your guests know theyre invited. With a little creativity and the right supplies, you can shave hundreds of dollars off of your budget and DIY your own beautiful and unique wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, and more.

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Diy Wedding Invitations That Will Save You Money

Crafty DIY brides, this project is for you! From creating your wedding invitations from scratch , or starting with a printable template , were all about taking this project into your own hands. If youre thinking about DIY wedding invitations, we suggest leaving plenty of time for the process and starting several months before the wedding invitations are set to be mailed. Though this little project of yours may require more time than ordering traditional invitations, there is a surplus of inspirational resources that will make it just a little bit easier. From step-by-step tutorials on how to create watercolor invitations, to intricate envelope liners and options for tying it all together , there is no shortage of creativity. So if youre looking to save a few dollars or just put your own spin on your wedding invites, look no further. Weve rounded up 25 DIY wedding invitations and accent ideas that are anything but an art project gone awry. Just remember to have a meticulous hand. While each invitation may not look the same, its important they all have the same TLC from #1 to #201. After all, this is the first impression of your wedding! Make it great.

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