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What Kind Of Wedding Should I Have

What Does A Wedding Represent To You

WHAT TYPE OF WEDDING WILL YOU HAVE? Personality Test Quiz – 1 Million Tests

While we all understand a wedding to be a ceremony celebrating two people’s union, its a safe assessment that many see the cultural tradition as a sacred moment in time. For some couples, a wedding is the symbol of two families blending. Others see it as a party and joyous celebration of everlasting commitment. And to many, its a formality and step toward legitimizing a union in the eyes of the law.

When you define your weddings representation, youre more empowered to eliminate the wrong options and zero-in on the types of venues that are best for you. For example, a couple who wants their wedding to be as romantic as their love story may opt for a ceremony that feels more celestial, magical, and sweet, ultimately picking a softer color palette and hosting their wedding at a venue that is unique to their love story. Another couple who sees a wedding as a familial blending may cling to the idea of a traditional, classic style and venue. And the couple who loves easy, breezy is headed straight for the all-inclusive beach event.

How To Pick A Wedding Theme

There are just a few simple concepts to keep in mind:

  • It should be easily recognized by your guests. If its too obscure and your guests have to ask what the theme is, youve missed the mark.
  • It should be personal. Your guests should walk into your event thinking This is SO .
  • It should stand out. Even if youre so in love with Harry Potter, if its the 5th HP themed wedding your guests attend this Spring it may not get the full appreciation it deserves.

Whats Your Wedding Style Based On Your Personality

Here is a wonderful test from , which has a whole page of fun quizzes. Perfect for you if you know that you already want seriously cool wedding!.

Instead of committing to any given wedding style, why not make your own composition of style influences that resonates to you as a couple? Your wedding will be unique and a true reflection of you as individuals.

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What Type Of Ceremony Should I Have During The Year

When youre looking at your ceremony location you should also think about what time of year youre getting married in. Gardens, outdoor and beach weddings can be particularly impacted by weather at the time of year youre hosting a wedding.

If youre hosting a wedding anywhere outside in summer then a hot weather plan should be on the cards. Wet weather options for outdoor ceremonies in winter should also be considered.

If youre getting married at the most popular times of year, spring and autumn, then consider both! There is no harm in making sure you have a Plan B if the weather is too hot or cold. The more you plan in advance, the less stressed you will be!

Image by Evermotion Photography. See the real wedding.

Bohemian Romantic Wedding Theme

Yes Ill marry you todoroki what kind of wedding cake ...

If youve come this far and still wondering how to pick a wedding theme, wed like to ask you a question. What kind of shoes are you planning on wearing? If the answer is none! then the Boho theme is right up your alley. Flower tiaras, long flowing gowns, and barefoot processions are hallmarks of this style, and we love it! Just make sure to supply your guests with hand fans to keep that summer heat at bay.

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Remember That It’s Not A Competition

Just because Kim and Kanye’s wedding took place in two different European countries doesn’t mean your wedding isn’t worthy. The same thing goes for that to-die-for Big Day you saw on Instagram last week. If your top priority is keeping your wedding simple, don’t play the comparison gameit’s the easiest way to overcomplicate, overstress, and *ahem* overspend.

P.S. A wedding is as simple as you make it, but no amount of planning can prevent things from going wrong. Stay positive, do yoga, breathe deeply, and remember that just being married is what matters most! Bridezilla? More like bridechilla!

Online Quizzes To Explore Your Wedding Style

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Recently engaged and somewhat already confused over too many choices when it comes to deciding how your wedding should look and feel like? Feeling split down the middle by contradicting advice on style and décor styles on social media?

Below are some fun Wedding Quizzes that we found around the web of course we recommend to take it with a good pinch of sale but could maybe bring a broad insight of what kind of wedding elements might be right for you, based on anything from your favorite celebrity to what hashtags you follow. Ready to play games?

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Wedding Themes For Summer

Summer is a great time of year for a wedding and a theme unto itself. Not just a season, summer represents warmth, and light, and growth, and abundance. These are the perfect sentiments to back into your wedding and youre Happily Ever After.


The beach is a fantastic wedding theme because it merges a destination and a season. Put out any vintage wedding decoration ideas that you can imagine, mix any colors you like and just like the sunflowers the sun and sand will tie it all together.

Pro Tips:

  • There are three main features that need to be considered when planning a beach wedding: seating, ceremony backdrop and location.
  • Seating should be somewhat shaded or planned for a late afternoon event to avoid hot sun.
  • Even though you have the ocean as the background you should consider a ceremony backdrop to create a focal point.
  • The location is key since some beaches are public so you will want to make sure you select a location that takes into account some privacy.

Nerdy Fun Wedding Themes

What kind of wedding should you have? Pick one style

So video games and movies arent your things, but a traditional wedding isnt quite right and you still want to let your inner child shine through your wedding styles. Be a nerd! Celebrate your passion for incessant learning and worldly culture by displaying it for the world to see on your big day. Heres how.


The simplest way to describe Kawaii is a love for Japanese Pop culture. Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, Pink and blue hair, and babydoll dresses with oversized bows can make their way into your table toppers, desserts, and J-pop playlists. Swap the bridal gown for a babydoll dress with oversized bow, and add a Mask to the grooms Tuxedo to pull off this look sure to result in a fantastic photo album. Oh, and dont forget the Japanese photobooth!

Pro Tips:

  • Do think about serving classic Japanese food at your wedding
  • Do have your bridesmaid dress in bright colors
  • Do have a cake that shows off your favorite Kawaii character
  • Dont assume all your guests will know the theme
  • Dont forget to add bright colored sneakers to your wedding day attire

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Simple Wedding Themes For Winter

With winter, you can either dive in and embrace it or warm it to its core. Either way, you have yourself a great wedding theme and some fantastic photoshoot theme ideas on your hands. And one thing that this season has that others dont more options! Since its cold you can bundle right up with cute cardies, fur stoles, or long sleeve anything.

Would Your Family And Friends Be Angry If They Weren’t Invited Would You Be Able To Cope With That

With the Covid restrictions on weddings, many couples have reassessed their wedding size. We’ve heard from lots of couples that the majority of their guests have been very understanding and accepted that they can no longer attend the wedding with grace. After all, they’re still happy you’re getting married whether they’re there to see it or not. However, that sentiment may not continue for all of them once weddings return to normal.

We have to acknowledge that not getting an invite can be seen as a snub by some people. You can either choose to avoid any arguments by having a bigger guest list or have a smaller list and accept the fallout. That choice will be up to you and your partner as you know your family best.

Do not be afraid to be honest about how Covid has affected your situation. From having lost a loved one to having lost your job, many people’s situation have changed. The wedding they thought they wanted may not be the one they plan anymore.

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Narrow In On Your Style

The more specific you get with your vision, the easier it will be for you to choose your details and convey your ideas to your prosthe tighter your theme, the better. Instead of stopping at “glam,” decide whether you want art-deco glam or old-Hollywood glam. Your theme can be anything from a favorite era, hobby or place to your heritage or culture. To help shape the style, think of interesting hobbies you and your partner have in common. Maybe you both love golf or share an appreciation of art. Or perhaps there’s a place you two hold dear, like the mountaintop where you got engaged or the vacation locale where you fell in love.

A word of caution: Don’t load up on too many ideas. It’s great if you love Broadway musicals and your spouse-to-be is into drag racing, but trying to combine both on your wedding day will likely lead to a disjointed affair. Do your best to compromise on one concept and stick to it.

Which Details Do You Hope Come To Mind When You Reminiscence About This Day Years From Now

What shoes should I wear with a sundress?

Couples will likely receive the good advice early into the planning process, no one will remember the small details except you. Often, couples will feel a tremendous pressure to select the menu, floral arrangements, and location based on public perception. But for better or for worse, years from now, few will remember if they had salmon or chicken, but they will recall if the day felt inviting and welcoming, over-the-top and otherworldly, sweet and unassuming.

A helpful exercise to do with your partner: sit down and close your eyes together. Allow each partner to speak about their vision of what a perfect day looks like and what kind of memories they hope to cherish for years to come. Partners who previously thought they wanted the classic limousine and ballroom venue may come to realize their greatest hope would be to honor their affinity for the outdoors and originality, instead opting for a camping trip with mountainside nuptials. This question should liberate couples from the pressure to overspend in the areas that they are more apathetic. Similarly, it could inspire an entirely new vision that feels more authentic to the couple overall.

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Wedding Quizzes You Should Take

Is your wedding celebration style rustic, breezy, or sophisticated? What about your wedding dress? Do you imagine a fairytale gown, a glamorous mermaid sheath, or a simple cocktail dress?

If youre not sure wedding quizzes are a fun way to pinpoint your wedding style. Answer the multiple-choice questions with your beloved and a clearer picture of your ideal wedding will begin to emerge.

Chic Wedding Themes For Fall

Elegantly fashionable is just right for the bride who wants a little something above and beyond the traditional wedding theme. This means staying ahead of trends and taking bold risks. To pull off these modern wedding themes you have to be confident and inspired.


Couples looking forward to an elaborate and vivacious event are going crazy for the Moroccan theme. This wedding theme is defined by rich, vivid colors, intricate lanterns, flowing fabrics, and riches. If you love the idea but its a little bit much for you, minimalist versions of this theme are also very popular right now.

Pro Tips:

  • Do make use of as many Moroccan rugs as possibleChoose pouf seating vs traditional chairsTassels and tapestries are iconic and must be included
  • Pampas grass is beautiful, symbolic, and should always be in view
  • Choose pouf seating vs traditional chairs
  • Tassels and tapestries are iconic and must be included

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Y Cool Wedding Themes

For those couples that believe a wedding should be a true EVENT, this is a huge step in planning a wedding! This is something that your guests will look forward to. As they attend theyll be hypnotized by all of the sensations, and be taken away with the interactive nature of the evening.Guests should be well-prepared for an event like this. Make it very clear that theyll need energy and enthusiasm to truly appreciate whats in store.

Also, make sure to provide them with suggestions for attire and a basic itinerary for the day/night so that they know how to pace themselves.


Print your tickets, post your lineup, and treat your guests to the coolest wedding theyve ever seen. Anchor your wedding to a rock concert theme and expect a lot of leather, loud music, dancing, and light show. Step it up a notch with some vintage microphone decorations, a glorious pyrotechnics show, and swap cutting the cake with lighting a guitar on fire. Certainly not traditional, but absolutely spectacular!

Pro Tips:

  • Do hire a live band especially one that plays rock music
  • Do send out save the dates that look like concert tickets
  • Do add guitars and other instruments to your decorations
  • Dont have a seated dinner
  • Dont have the music so loud that no one can talk

Has My Style And Wedding Vision Changed Over The Years

Which Wedding Style Fits your Personality? (Who Are You Really Quiz #1)

Some newlyweds-to-be have had an idea of their dream venue with their dream color scheme since the dating stage however, other couples may be trendy and into a new fad every few months. If the former, lean into your style in the decor. Should you be the latter, consider a more classic, clean, and streamlined style that youll appreciate no matter what youre loving in the years to comeor go bold and tap the trends with abandon.

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Give Your Bridal Party Fashion Freedom

Take advantage of the mix-and-match dress trend by giving your ladies the color palette/event style you’ve chosen, along with the freedom to pick their own ensemble. Your bridal party will appreciate your flexibilityand they’ll feel better about spending money on an outfit they’ll likely wear again!

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