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Can You Wear Red To A Wedding

How To Wear Red Without Stealing The Show

What to Wear to a Wedding As A Guest – DO’s & DON’Ts for Proper Attire + Outfit Suggestions For Men

Perhaps the best guide to whether a specific color dress is appropriate for a wedding is an imaginative exercise. Put on the dress and pretend that youre standing beside the bride. Would the eyes of everyone in the room jump directly to you?

If so, your red dress may overpower the brides white and distract from her. Just about anyone would be angry at such treatment on a day thats so important to them.

Here are some more specific tips and tricks for wearing red without looking like youre trying to make the day all about you.

Let’s Start With The Obvious: White

Itching to wear a gorgeous white dress you just purchased? Nope. Put that back in your closet ASAP. While it may sound like the number one wedding guest faux pas that everyone should know, some people forget it or ignore the rule and show up in a pearly-white wedding guest dress. Of course, there’s always an exception, so ifand only ifthe bride has called for all guests to wear white, go ahead and bust out that LWD.

Why It’s Rude To Wear Red To A Wedding

There are lots of common etiquette mistakes made at weddings each day, here’s how you can avoid making a faux pas

  • 16:21, 2 Aug 2018

It’s always nice to be invited to a wedding, to help celebrate in a friend or family member’s love story.

But it’s important to remember that the day is theirs and not yours.

The focus needs to remain on the bride and groom, so it’s crucial you don’t do anything to detract from that.

In order to help you avoid any etiquette mistakes at the next wedding you attend, we spoke to an expert to find out the most common errors guests usually make.

Philip Sykes, Principal of The British School of Etiquette , started by explaining to Mirror Online what etiquette really is.

“Etiquette,” he said, “is like the traffic lights of life, it stops us from bumping into each other.

“It is about how you hold your knife and fork, but it also goes deeper than that, it’s about understanding and respect.”

And at a wedding there is nothing more important than being respectful to the happy couple.

This is something that should begin the moment you receive an invitation to a wedding.

“The appropriate and most respectful way to respond to a wedding invitation is with a handwritten letter, written in the third person,” explained Philip.

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Let’s Settle The Whole Can You Wear Red To A Wedding Thing Once And For All Shall We

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If you’re on the wedding circuit, you’ve probably asked or maybe been asked this question more than a couple times: can you wear red to a wedding? The short answer is a resounding yes. Why not? The only real color that’s traditionally off limits is anything white, ecru, cream, ivory you get the picture. Still, red’s gotten a bad rap since it’s, well, bold and bright and maybe a little too attention-getting. And, there’s the old Jessica Rabbit comparison to contend with.

Dont Match The Bridal Party

Can You Wear Red to a Wedding?

As a guest, you dont want to blend in with the wedding party . Try to get intel ahead of time about what shades and colors the bridal party and the groomsmen will be wearing. From there, select an outfit that blends nicely with the tones or something completely opposite but not too loud.

Also, look at the invitation because its the first source of information for what colors you should or shouldn’t wear to a wedding, etiquette expert Elaine Swann says. The invitation will contain the color scheme for the wedding, she adds. Throughout the invitation, there will be a color scheme, and these shades are typically the tones used in the wedding decor and bridal party. So, if you notice a repetitive royal blue or fern green, its safe to say those are what the wedding party will wear. So choose colors that arent too close to them.

And, if youre wondering about a classic black dress, its a safe and acceptable choice. Although black might indicate sadness, Swann notes that its the appropriate attire for a formal black-tie wedding and cocktail attire.

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What Colors Are Appropriate For A Black

All colors are fair game except white, off-white, or anything else that’s even close to white. Apart from that, the only color you might want to avoid is the color the bridesmaids are wearing, as you might end up looking like a wannabe ‘maid if you accidentally wear the same color.

Other than that, you’re good to go. Often, people think black is a no-go for weddings, but that’s simply not the case. A floor-length black gown or a fancy little black dress are elegant, classy options that are perfectly appropriate. Red is another color that gets called into question for wedding attire, but wearing red is acceptable so long as it doesn’t call attention away from the bride. For weddings of all dress codes, jewel tones are excellent options and pastel hues are lovely for summer weddings.

Anything With A Casual Watches

A wedding might be the perfect place to rack up thousands of steps on your fitness tracker or Apple Watch, but that bulky piece of hardware is going to look ridiculous juxtaposed with your fancy suit. For a few hours, part with your technology and opt for a nicer watch with a leather band, or just skip the accessory altogether.

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Dont Share Your Personal News

Weddings are normally happy occasions and you may be tempted to share some happy news in your life with the rest of your friends and family. But a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner is not the place to announce your own engagement, propose, announce baby news, etc.

This is the bride and grooms special day, so its best to keep the attention focused on them and to share your news at a later time.

That being said, I will say, when Joseph Duggar proposed to his girlfriend, Kendra, at his sisters wedding reception I had all the heart eyes. The key difference? His sister was in on it and helped coordinate the entire thing- no surprises to the bride and groom!

So when you get that next wedding invitation remember to avoid white, hold off sharing personal news, but your red dress is good to go!

What Color Shirt Goes With A Red Dress

5 Countries Where Brides Don’t Wear White

Red can be paired with neutral colors like white or black quite easily. For classy outfits, go for grays, browns, or earthy tones. In summers, tangerines, blues, and mustards look vibrant. It depends on where you are headed and what your personal preference is, but heres a list with a little bit of everything.

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Fashion Editors Weigh In

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

“I think that all colors are okay to wear unless the couple has noted otherwise. That said, when it comes to eye-catching shades like red, I believe it’s better to go for a more minimal silhouette so you don’t take any attention away from the happy couple.” â Ashley Kiely, Freelance Fashion Writer and Editor

“Personally, I avoid wearing red to weddings because I don’t want to wear anything that’s even borderline controversial as a guest, just in case anyone feels strongly about it. It depends on the dress as well. If you just love red and want to wear it, I don’t think something like this is going to offend anyone. As a former bride, I didn’t notice if anyone wore red to my wedding, and I wouldn’t have cared if they did.” âAllyson Payer, Who What Wear Fashion Editor

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

“Before I knew there were ‘rules’ around wearing red, I wore the hue to a friend’s wedding sans controversy. In fact, the bride applauded my dress of choice. Like with black, I think the rules have essentially faded away when it comes to red. So long as the silhouette is elegant, I think it’s okay for wedding guests to give the hue a go. Besides, the color flatters most skin tones and is a lot more versatile than other bright shades.” â Laura Lajiness, Popsugar Senior Fashion Editor

More Tips For Choosing A Wedding

  • Make sure your red dress is appropriate in all other ways Don’t wear a red dress that is too skimpy, or inappropriate for the dress code, season, or weather.
  • Go with wine, berry, or burgundy instead. Since red can be eye-catching and a little more of a stand-out color, ideally a red that is slightly muted with other undertones like magenta red, like rust, burgundy, berry or is nearly always safe, and much more wedding-appropriate than a bright vibrant red. Burgundy dresses are actually one of my favorite colors to suggest for fall and winter wedding guests!
  • Pay attention to the silhouette. If you do want to wear a brighter red, make sure the rest of the cut is balanced with some tasteful style, will help make it wedding-appropriate. For instance, maybe you will select a dress that has a high neckline, some other detail, or long sleeves, and a midi skirt.
  • Consider the couple and culture. If you happen to know that the couple or family adheres to traditions or has cultural beliefs that red is not a color to be worn by a wedding guest, then by all means, please do pick another color!
  • Be comfortable. My other rule of thumb is if you are questioning the red dress and don’t feel 100% comfortable about it, don’t wear it!

If you’d like to see some red dresses that I’ve selected as wedding appropriate, check out these updated picks, which were re-selected recently. Also, see our wedding guest dress picks for other ideas for what to wear to your next wedding!

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Don’t Wear Red To A Wedding

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Do not wear red to a wedding. Just dont. Ok there is more to it, but really, dont wear the color red. And while Im at it, in case you didnt know, white is never okay either. Although these are both personally something I dislike, there are etiquette reasons for avoiding these colors as well.

You should avoid white because that color is typically reserved for the bride. Its one day in her life that is strictly ALL ABOUT HER. Dont try to steal it. Wearing white is like you are trying to compete with her think who wore it best. Not cool.

Also, try to avoid colors that look like white, cream for example, because not only does the bride reserve the right to wear that color for her special day, it also can photograph like white. And nobody wants that.

Now, red is inappropriate for a similar reason, but instead of competing, you are trying to outshine her. Red is a bright color. It stands out in a crowd. Ever hear that your car insurance is higher if your car is red? Same thing you are easily seen. People notice you. And yes, Im all for looking great and being noticed, but do it for you, not for the color youre wearing, or to take away from someone’s special day.

Besides, there are plenty of other colors out there that you can choose from. Its one day, one event, just leave the red and white at home.

Avoid Attire That Is Too Revealing

Can You Wear Red to a Wedding? This Is the Definitive Answer

Its one thing to select an outfit that makes you feel confident, empowered, and adds a touch of sexiness. However, showing up in something too exposed could offend other guests attending the wedding. Keep your selections mostly modest with little hints and playfulness of sexiness through slits, mesh, and open-back dresses. Youll want to consider the weddings dress code for guidance on how formal or casual your selection should be. From there, choose something that will make you look and feel your best, Love notes. A wedding isnt a chance to show off your body. Instead, remember that a wedding is a sacred ceremony and reflect that in your outfit selection, Swann says.

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Can You Wear Red To A Rehearsal Dinner


Also asked, what do you wear to a rehearsal dinner?

“For formal rehearsal dinners , men should wear dark suits and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns. For semi-formal rehearsal dinners, men should wear jackets, suit pants and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits or dressy skirts and blouses.

Additionally, is it OK to wear jeans to a rehearsal dinner? If the rehearsal is less formal, feel free to skip the tie. For something a little less dressy, you can wear a nice pair of pants and a dress shirt. For a super casual rehearsal dinner, like a barbecue, jeans are totally acceptable.

Also, is it OK to wear red to a wedding?

As long as you don’t wear white, , you’re good.I feel it’s acceptable for guests to wear red to a wedding if it takes place later in the evening and if the outfit has a sleek silhouettenothing too in-your-face!

Is it OK to wear black to a wedding rehearsal dinner?

If the event doesn’t specify that it’s “black tie,” but you’d still like to wear something on the fancier side, business casual is usually fine. Gray, navy, black, or dark red business-style dresses or pantsuits are appropriate for most rehearsal dinners.

Empire Waist Red Wedding Gowns

In truth, the majority of red empire waist wedding dresses can be found not among wedding gowns, but among evening dresses. They may look rather simple, but their plus is that they can be used on some other occasions.

These gowns often feature flowing skirts, for instance made of chiffon or silk. The bodice can be made of the same fabrics. However, the gown will look more festive if the top is decorated with lace, applications or features some beaded elements.

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