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What To Wear To A Wedding Women

If Family Choose Similar Colors

5 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas | What to wear to a wedding

We often hear to avoid the wedding colors, if possible, when choosing what to wear to a wedding, but that may not always be the case. “For artfully-styled photos of the bridal party with family, dress in similar shades of the same color palette,” Head noted, adding, “This takes a little planning the colors should be compatible with, but not the same, as the wedding party. Patterns, prints, and textures in the color palette usually work well.”

Unsure if you should be doing this for an upcoming family wedding? Check with the bride and groom and see if this is something they would like and go from there.

Prepare For Multiple Ceremonies And Events

Indian weddings generally are comprised of many events that take place over the course of two or three daysand the wedding ceremony is only one component. At a minimum, your Indian-American friends or relatives will probably have a traditional Indian ceremony that represents the faith of their family back home, likely Sikh, Hindu, or Muslim. In addition, many couples who grew up in the States will want to also have an Americanized ceremony that will look and feel pretty familiar. Other common pre-wedding events include the Haldi ceremony, the Mehndi ceremony , and the Sangeet, which is a night of singing and performances for the couple, often including choreographed Bollywood dancing. The couple will let you know exactly which events you’re invited to attend, but we suggest preparing your wedding guest attire for at least these two of them just in case.

Beach Wedding Attire For Female Guests

Below is a collection of beautiful beach wedding dresses for guests. We love all of these dresses because they are the ideal length, colors, and fabrics to keep you looking and feeling great as a beach wedding guest. Click the arrow on the right to see more images. When you find something you like, click on it for more details.

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#weddingwednesday: What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

Invited to a wedding but confused by the dress code? Youre not alone. Many wedding guests struggle most with the decision of what to wear to a wedding. Different wedding dress codes include: Casual, Cocktail Attire/Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual, Beach Formal, Formal/Black Tie Optional, Black Tie White Tie and Themed.

A casual dress code is probably one of the most deceiving wedding dress codes. This dress code does not mean that you can wear jeans and a t-shirt. For women this means a summer dress and men should wear dress pants with a polo or dress shirt.

Cocktail attire, semi-formal and dressy casual are three phrases that mean the same thing. For this dress code women can break out their little black dresses or some other cocktail dress. Cocktail attire for men means a suit and tie or a sport coat.

Beach Formal is a dress code reserved for beach weddings. This dress code is typically applied to weddings at the beach as the beach is typically associated with casual dress. Formal is tacked onto the end so guests know that this is still a classy event even though it is at the beach. It is recommended that women wear a formal summer sundress with flats and men wear a shirt and tie with khakis or linen pants.

Black Tie is where men wear tuxedos and women wear formal gowns of any length.

White Tie is the most formal of all wedding dress codes. This is where women wear full-length ball gowns and men wear long-tail tuxedos.

You Should Opt For Solid Colors Or Simple Patterns

What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding: Formal Wedding Attire

While this may not be your wedding day, you know there will be cameras taking pictures left and right, so just like the bridal party and family, you want to look and feel your best. In order to do this, Event Planner Brea Carillo suggests that “most solid colors and patterns are probably fine.” She went on to add that navy is her favorite go to option in this scenario.

With that said, for years we have been lead to believe that we are best to avoid horizontal stripes and opt for vertical if we want to give off a tall, lean physique, which is safe to say is the general goal when we know we’ll be in some pictures. Turns out, the truth is actually the opposite, as studies have shown a narrower perceived width with horizontal stripes as compared to vertical. If you were planning on simple pinstripes for this wedding, switch and opt for horizontal.

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To A Formal Or Black Tie Fall Wedding

No matter the season, formal is formal. When a fall wedding invitation says black tie, that means youre wearing a formal gown or your fanciest cocktail dress. According to Lisa Grotts, an etiquette expert, you absolutely need to dress the part. “A formal fall wedding requires a man to wear a tuxedo and a woman to wear a formal gown. Women have wiggle room because a short, traditional cocktail dress can also work, or even a dressy pantsuit,” she explains.

Try to stick with fabrics like silk and tulle for an elegant look. Also, be mindful of the shoes you pair with your formal attireit makes all the difference. Opt for a sleek stiletto heel or a chic pair of slingback heels.

Be Careful Not To Over Accessorize

While it’s nice to find a few pieces of jewelry or other accessories that go with your dress, the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Schweitzer suggests avoiding “jewelry that symbolizes your own faith when attending a wedding of another faith or religion.” She went on to add, “Accessories should be a subtle embellishment. Overly large, bright, or colorful accessories can be a distraction from the ceremony.”

Looking for an excuse to buy a large feathered hat? A wedding is not the time or place.

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Find The Right Length

Bella Nashville/Frozen Exposure Photography

Traditionally, long dresses are reserved for more formal weddings. While that’s still the case, there are some ways to get around that old, tired concept.

It’s true – you shouldn’t wear a mini dress to a formal event. But you CAN wear a maxi dress to a casual affair, as long as it’s the right one.If you love wearing mini dresses, look for a pretty lace texture or a flowy A-line silhouette. Don’t do a sexy bodycon dress or a tight look with jewels and beading – save that for a night at the club.Midi dresses are ideal. You can do a simple sheath if you want to look chic or go for a breezy A-line silhouette if you want a softer feel.

And even if the wedding is casual, you can still wear a maxi dress. There’s no need for a sexy mermaid gown with a train that’s going to drag across the barn floor all night. But a pretty, floral print maxi that hits at the ankle is usually perfect.

What To Wear To A Cocktail Attire Wedding

What to wear to a Wedding| Women’s Outfit Ideas ®TomiDFTV – OFFICIAL

Cocktail attire is still fancy, but more fun than it is formal or buttoned-up. This attire is usually reserved for festive, less formal occasions. No tuxes, here, but still dress your bestand don’t be afraid to have some fun with your outfit.

Women Should Wear:A cocktail-length dress, a blouse and skirt combination, or a smart pant look with an elegant blouse. Opt for an updo or a sleek blowout to top off your look in style.

Men Should Wear:A light or dark suit, depending on the season. No tie required , but add some personality with a colored or printed shirt and refined accessories.

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How To Select Colors

You may choose to wear any color except black or white. The guest’s goal should be to blend in with the surroundings and let the bride shine. As her guest, you should avoid attire that could be considered informal or in bad taste. Pastels, jewel tones and earth tones are excellent choices, as are most primary colors.

Formal Wedding Attire For Guests

Formal wedding attire can be somewhat ambiguous. Sitting between semi-formal and black tie, the dress code denotes an elegant appearance. As such, you can wear a short or long formal dress, pantsuit or dressy separates. Like the black-tie optional dress code, formal wedding attire does not necessitate a floor-length gown. However, you can wear one if you wish without appearing overdressed.

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Acceptable Colors To Wear To A Wedding

While almost all colors are acceptable for weddings, some might make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Your attire should make you blend in with the other guests. You should feel confident without demanding attention. Some outfits may be fine for a guest but be inappropriate because of the color.

Ruby Satin Charmeuse Dress

What to Wear to a Wedding: 5 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

You’ll look like a million bucks in this sophisticated satin maxi dress. This earns a spot as one of our favorite formal fall wedding guest dresses thanks to the dramatic neckline and open back. Pair this unforgettable dress with statement earrings and a beaded clutch to finalize your guest attire.

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Use The Venue As A Guide

Olivia Christina Photography LLC

The location of the wedding can also offer some clues as to what you should wear to a wedding. For instance, your outfit for an outdoor wedding at a farm will be different from what you wear to an evening celebration at an upscale ballroom. It’s also important to plan your look around any religious ceremonies included in the wedding. “Be mindful if you’re attending a wedding in a religious facility,” Durham warns. “Be sure that your shoulders are covered and remove any hats.”

The venue can also indicate what kind of shoes you should wear too. “If you’re outside, opt for a chunky heel for walking purposes and a strappy top if it’ll be hot,” Durham adds. “If you wear a kitten heel or a stiletto, you might risk sinking into the ground. If indoors, you can never go wrong with a pump heel.”

Do some research into the venue before the wedding date so you know what to expect. Looking for photos on the location’s website or social media pages will help you understand what clothes are appropriate to wear to a wedding on their property.

Steer Clear Of Excessive Sequins

While it may be tempting to see that old gown hanging in your closet that has only been worn once, it’s important to remember that this is not the opportunity to give it a second wear and show it off. “Shy away from all over sequins,” said Carillo. “They reflect a lot of light and can be hard to photograph.”

An obvious exception to this rule could be a theme the couple has listed on the invite, but these instances are few and far between so err on the side of caution and choose something else. “Being a walking disco ball is great for a club, but not so great for a family gathering,” Carillo added.

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Most Elegant: Andrea Iyamah ‘savana’ Dress


This mustard yellow dress is a must-wear for a spring wedding. The elegant floor-length look is reminiscent of the sunset at golden hour, which inspired the designer to create it. The sash on the dress is made for styling how you likeif you want to show more of your figure, tie at your waist for a tighter fit.

Semi Formal Wedding Attire For Guests


When it comes to semi formal weddings, its best to let the time and location guide your outfit choice. For example, if the wedding is taking place in the evening, try choosing dark, formal colors and more structured silhouettes. If it is taking place during the day, opt for light tones and breezy fabrics. As this dress code sits a notch above cocktail attire and just below formal attire, it is appropriate to wear a smart cocktail dress, jumpsuit, or long, dressy skirt and top.

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Casual Wedding Attire For Guests

Many relaxed, outdoor ceremonies and receptions call for casual attire. The dress code, which is the most informal of all wedding dress codes, allows you to wear something comfortable. However, that doesnt mean you shouldnt also look chic. So, be sure to avoid jeans and tank tops unless they are stated as acceptable. Instead, opt for a sundress in a casual fabric or smart pants and a cute top if the weather is cold. When it comes to your feet, keep things laidback by swapping your usual stilettos for dressy sandals or low wedges.

Wedding Dress Code : What To Wear To 5 Types Of Weddings

Every year, more than 2.4 million couples decide to tie the knot in the US. The average wedding has about 139 guests. That means it is very likely you have a wedding invitation tacked to your refrigerator door right this instant, or you’re going to receive an invitation to someone’s wedding in the mail soon.

Depending on your point of view, figuring out what to wear to a wedding is either part of the fun or part of the stress of going to a wedding. When the wedding takes place, where it takes place and the dress code can all give you hints as to the type of wedding outfits the bride and groom hope to see guests wearing.

What kind of wedding will you be attending? Is it a formal occasion or semi-formal? Perhaps it’s even casual. Whether the ceremony you’re preparing for will take place in an upscale hotel, in a boathouse or on the beach, the type of wedding attire appropriate for the occasion depends on the formality and personality of the occasion itself.

Even if the dress code is spelled out for you on the invitation, how do you know what outfits will work for which kinds? If you’re trying to figure out what to wear for casual outdoor wedding attire or what qualifies as semi-formal wedding dress, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of wedding attire for guests.

1. A Formal Wedding

2. Semi-Formal Wedding

3. Casual Wedding

4. Outdoor Wedding

5. Beach Wedding

General Wedding Attire Dos and Don’ts

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What To Wear To A Black


Few events require as much glamming up as a black-tie wedding. When an extremely fancy wedding invitation arrives, you already know you’re in for a black-tie affair before you even open it up and see “Black Tie Required.” And with those three little words, you know you’re going to be dressing to the nines.

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