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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Wedding Tux

Where To Buy A Tux

Wedding Q& A: Renting vs. Buying Tuxedos and Suits

There are several different places where you can buy tuxedos today. Most department stores such as JC Penny, Nordstrom, Kohls, and Sears offer a small variety of tuxedos to choose from. However, there are also warehouses that you can purchase from to get a good deal. Mens Warehouse is available online and locally in many states. They offer an extensive catalog of different tuxedos at reasonable prices. However, one of the best options for buying a tuxedo may actually be to buy from a tuxedo rental company. As new styles are introduced the old styles are sold off to customers or second hand stores. Call around and ask if your local rental company has any tuxedos available. The cost of tuxedos that were previously used as rentals is in most cases very reasonable.

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Why Are Tuxedo Rentals So Expensive

Have you ever wondered why tuxedo rentals are so expensive? After all, its just a suit, right? Well, there are actually a few reasons for the high cost of tuxedo rentals.

First, tuxedos are generally made from higher-quality materials than regular suits. Second, they require special care and cleaning to keep them looking their best. And finally, tuxedo rental companies have overhead costs that must be factored into the price of the rental.

Here is a list of the primary factors that contribute to the high cost of renting a tuxedo:

Research Both Local And Online Tuxedo Rentals

Check with the bride to see where she purchased her wedding gown. Quite often, bridal shops will offer wedding tux rentals as a service to the guys in the wedding party. A local menswear store may also be a good option. And if youre willing to do a bit of measuring, online tuxedo rentals can be convenient. Some will even send you a sample for sizing beforehand to ensure a perfect fit.

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What Pieces Are Available In A Wedding Tuxedo Rental

The first things that come to mind with a wedding suit rental are the jacket and pants. Of course, its natural, as these are the traditional pieces that encompass what a tuxedo is all about. However, there are other pieces that you can rent for a complete ensemble.

When youre dealing with your wedding tux rental company, check to see what pieces they offer. Basic rentals may include the tuxedo solely, yet other companies may have extra accessories included in their rental price.

Detailed Pricing For National Tuxedo Rentals

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tux for a Wedding?

Our package prices include your tuxedo and all basic accessories everything that makes a complete suit. All for one price!

  • $149 Our Mayors collection. Affordable style & quality.
  • $159 Our Governors collection. Mid-range prices, higher-quality styles.
  • $179 Our Presidential collection. Highest Quality, Designer Names & More.

Beware of other companies who advertise similar prices but charge even more for basic accessories like shirt, vest, tie and more.

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How The Process Works

Find your perfect suit/tux

To start, you can either visit a local brick and mortar store or if you prefer, you can choose your look online, where youre able to select the style, from the items to the suit colors. The company offers multiple brands, with hundreds of combinations available. The company carries popular brands such as Vera Wang, Joseph Abboud, Calvin Klein, Pronto Uomo, Joseph & Feiss and Wilke-Rodriguez.

Get measured

Next, the company highly recommends you visit a location to get measured or again, if you prefer to stay online, you can answer some questions online using the companys Fit Evaluator, which only takes 60 seconds or so. Even if an item doesnt fit when using the online tool, the company will send you a replacement right away if need be.

Place your order

Once measured and a package is chosen and customized, then your order will be processed and you will be able to pick up your rental at one of the companys 700+ stores or even have it shipped to your home for free inside of the companys proprietary wrinkle-resistant packaging. Your rental should arrive at least seven days before your event or about two days if picking up in store. When it does arrive, the company recommends you try it on right away to ensure it fits properly.


Upon completion, you can either mail it back to the company or drop it off at a nearby store. The company asks that you return the order the day after your event completes.

Why Rent Than Buy A Tuxedo

The best answer to that is because you dont have the money to buy the real thing for the occasion. Plus, if youre that type of person who doesnt go to parties quite often and see no fitting reason to wear a tux anytime soon, renting is the best option. Besides, fashion styles change over the years. If you can just rent, at least you get the tux of the latest trend!

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How Much Does A Tuxedo Rental Cost

If you only look at the average tuxedo rental cost, youll pay the price. Find out how fabric quality and tuxedo accessories impact tuxedo rental prices.

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Whether youre planning a wedding , or gearing up for a big event like prom, youre probably trying to stay on budget. Getting an idea of what a tuxedo rental costs can help you plan accordingly. But renter beware: you may be paying the average price for a below average tux.

If you havent worn a tuxedo in a while, you might want a refresher on the difference between tuxedos and suits, or what goes into a full tuxedo outfit. Once youre up to speed, find out how the cost of a tuxedo shakes out below.

What Are Some Of The Factors You Need To Consider To Decide On Renting Or Buying A Tuxedo/suit

Using The Black Tux for my Wedding.. Best Tuxedo/Suit Rental – Review

Although this might seem like a simple decision which you can take by looking at its pros and cons, the reality is that it is a bit more nuanced. Renting and buying a tuxedo or suit for a wedding has equally significant disadvantages and so must be a decision you take after a good amount of deliberation. Here are some of the most important factors to consider before making that decision.

  • Budget Perhaps one of the most significant factors that end up tilting the decision in one way or the other, your budget is something you need to look at before deciding. A good wedding tuxedo or suit is often very expensive, especially when you get to wear it only once or twice. Renting it may be lighter on your wallet but buying one will be more cost-effective if you know that you will be wearing it more than two to three times. In most cases, buying a tuxedo or suit for a wedding pays for itself by the second time you use it. Renting one makes more sense if you only do it once or twice due to rental charges, stain removal, and other hidden fees.
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    Should I Wear A Tux Or A Suit For My Wedding

    Although it mostly comes down to preference, there are a few key aspects that you might want to consider before getting either one of them. A tux is considered to be an evening wear no matter what the occasion may be. A suit, on the other hand, is considered to be better worn during daytime events. If you are having a black-tie wedding, then a tux will of course be the one to wear but if its a less formal affair, you can go for a suit. Another important aspect to consider the type of dress your bride will be wearing. If its a gown or something equally formal, a tux would be a better match whereas if she is wearing something like a tea-length dress, a suit would be an ideal match.

    Should You Buy Or Rent A Tuxedo

    There is no easy answer to the question of whether or not you should buy or rent a tuxedo.

    On one hand, renting a tuxedo can be a great option if you only need it for a single special event. Not only is this a more cost-effective choice, but it also saves you the hassle of having to clean and store the tux afterward.

    However, buying a tux may be the better choice if you want to ensure that you have a quality formal wear outfit that matches your style preferences. Additionally, if you plan on attending multiple special events in the future, it may be more economical in the long run to purchase your own tux instead of repeatedly renting one.

    Ultimately, whether or not you should buy or rent will depend on your personal circumstances and priorities. But with so many great choices available, there is sure to be a tux thats perfect for you!

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    The Case For Renting Vs Buying A Tux

    Below: Mike in a tuxedo he purchased.

    As we said above, we generally advise buying a tuxedo. This is particularly true if you attend at least one black tie event a year, as rental prices will add up over time and youll actually save money in the long run if you buy.

    On the other hand, if you never attend black tie functions and are a groomsman in your buddys wedding, rent. This is also true if youre headed to prom or if your young son is going to be involved in a wedding as, say, a ring bearer. Either way, these bodies are not yet done growing and it would be a waste of money to buy an expensive garment that theyll definitely grow out of.

    You Rarely Need A Tux

    How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost?

    Whens the last time you wore a tuxedo? Or, how many times do you expect youll need a tux in the next few years? We ask because trends and styles change, as do waistlines. A black tuxedo is a good investment if you dont get too trendy with the fit or design, but for most of us, renting a tux thats on-trend now is a safer bet than those longer odds.

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    What Do Grooms Parents Pay For

    The grooms family is traditionally responsible for the brides engagement ring and wedding ring, all groom attire, groomsmen gifts, boutonnieres and corsages for appropriate wedding party and family members, the officiants fee, the marriage license, rehearsal dinner costs and transportation and lodging for the.

    Is It Better To Rent Or Purchase A Wedding Tuxedo

    If you have several friends getting married at black-tie events, investing in a tuxedo can save money in the long run. Renting a tux over and over again can get pretty pricey. Consequently, if youre in the wedding party, it may be best to forgo purchasing. Each couple may require a different tux style, so dont get stuck with both purchase and rental costs.

    P.S. If youre in the market to buy a tuxedo, our tuxedo pieces are very economical.

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    Additional Costs To Expect

    A wedding tux is so much more than a shirt, jacket, and pants. A full tuxedo with all of the extra pieces will cost upwards of $100 on top of the base suit price. Any alterations will also cost around the same, depending on the type of adjustments needed. Be sure to factor these costs into your budget before you start seriously shopping around for a wedding tux. Supply or warehouse stores will typically have a set price list regarding alterations, so be prepared to spend around $50 to $100 on these adjustments, says Carlson. There are a small handful of places that will do these changes for free.

    Custom suits that fall outside of the standard black and white color palette and fabric will likely cost you extra. This is especially true for fabrics like wool and velvet, which are a popular choice for winter weddings. Renting these custom suits may set you back around $500 or upwards of $1500 if you decide to purchase the suit outright.

    If you’re renting a tux, be aware of any hidden fees like a security deposit or damage fee that you may incur if you somehow spill something or rip your tux on the day of. Many formalwear companies also have a return window for rented tuxes, which may also have late fees attached. Make sure to ask what these fees will look like so you can avoid any unexpected costs.

    Is Buying A Tux Worth It

    Tux/Suit Rental: The Black Tux vs Men’s Wearhouse | My Experience & Review

    Buying a tux would be worth it if you often expect to attend formal and black-tie gatherings. If you compute the costs of rentals, which is at least $100, renting often equates to the price of a tuxedo.

    Youll save more in the long run if you own it, and it will be altered for you specifically. But if youll only use the tuxedo for the wedding, its more practical to rent one.

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    How Much Is It To Rent A Tux For Prom

    $69$100-$160$10 off coupons on our Tuxedo Special page and other locations online.

    How much does it cost to go to prom?


    The dress. The shoes. The flowers. The jewelry. The makeup. The transportation. The photo package. Who knew prom had the potential to cost as much as some peoples weddings? Youve got a little bit of time to plan, think, shop and save.

    Prom season kicks off around mid-April and continues through early to mid-June in some parts of the country. Most prom nights will fall some time in May. The following tips can help you prepare your budget in advance of the big night. For the ladies its about picking the right dress, shoes and make up and accessories. Guys, your lucky!! Its about picking out a nice designer tuxedo rental at a great price that wont break the bank. Most rentals come with shoes and a fashion full back vest to match the color of your dates dress. The ladies could easily drop $150 or more to get yourself professionally ready. The expense of hair, makeup and nails could easy cost as much as one Tuxedo rental for prom.

    Formal prom portraits can be nice to have, but they can cost $25 to $75 depending on the size and number of photos you buy. Since many digital cameras take great pictures you maybe able to save on this and not stand in line early to get photos.

    To rent a limo or not to rent a limo?

    Shop around for a tuxedo thats all I can say.

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