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How To Make Cheap Wedding Invitations

How To Make Cheap Wedding Invitations Online


Paperless Post makes custom wedding invitations cheap, easy, and fun. If you have a file of your own, simply upload your own design and let us take care of the online delivery. You can also customize your affordable wedding invitation with elements like a lined envelope or stamp. If you dont have your own file, we offer affordable wedding invitations for every wedding theme — whether youve decided on a destination wedding on the beach, or a fancy yet cozy autumn ceremony blanketed with colorful foliage. Choose from our collection of classic, romantic, modern, or cheap rustic wedding invitations. Youll see that wedding invitations cheap in price dont need to sacrifice style. And when youre ready to delight mom, dad, friends, siblings, cousins or aunts and uncles, we make it easy to manage your wedding invitations.

How Can I Make Wedding Invitations Online For Free

How to create Wedding Invitations videos in 5 simple steps

  • Select your wedding invitations template from over 2,000 ready-made video templates.
  • Choose one of more than 10,000 professionally-created videos.
  • Change the colour and text of your own personal message using over 100 fresh fonts.
  • Save your newly created design.
  • Design Wedding Invites You Love

    Wedding planning is simple with Shutterfly. You can create custom wedding invites that fit with any wedding style or theme. Add elegance, romance, and style to your wedding at an affordable price with our collection of custom wedding invitation suites, wedding announcements, bridal shower invitations, and save the date cards. Every detail of your wedding day is essential in setting the mood. Choose wedding stationery that is beautiful and simple to create. Start with sending a save the date that your guest will love. Your guest will cherish and remember a sweet save the date magnet and put it right on their fridge to cherish and remember. Find everything you need by choosing from our wedding stationery designs. We make it easy for you to customize your message so it matches the feel and tone of your upcoming nuptials. Make your wedding invitations one-of-a-kind by adding a photo of the happy couple and customizing the card design to complement your style. Made with high-quality paper, you can coordinate back-of-card designs for your custom wedding invitations to include a photo or design detail that ties into your wedding theme. Get started with five free wedding invitation samples.

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    Download And Customize A Template

    I used on online template that I found at

    I used the Framed Monogram template for my wedding invitation. I loved the hot pink accents and the crest at the top of the invitation. I hadnt seen any other templates like this, so I liked that it was something different not another simple white invitation.

    I adjusted the wording and rearranged the placement of words. I also spent quite a bit of time formatting our initial in the crest/monogram at the top. Originally, the middle of the crest printed as a pale grey color. I had to create a circle shape in Microsoft Word, fill it black, and THEN place the letter G over it so that it would print all black with a G over it. It took time, but it was worth it.

    I used the Blank RSVP Card template for both the RSVP and the reception cards .

    The main reason I even used a template for the RSVP cards or the reception cards was for the cutting lines that you see when you open the template. Other than those lines, I typed up everything on my own for these templates.

    Hint: Convert your Word document to PDF after you customize but before you print. It prints much better that way!

    The Materials For Your Diy Wedding Invitations

    Affordable How to Make Affordable Wedding Invitations ...

    When you are going to DIY the wedding invites, you will need materials, and part of those will be decided during the planning phase, where you decide and envision the end product. Now, in this stage, you should acquire those very materials and have them with you. One way of doing that is by buying all the primary materials, from sheets of paper, stencils, stamps, pens, and even accessories. The other way is to search for some invitations retailers who supply DIY wedding invitations material kits so all you need to do is buy them and then you could move onto the stage of adding all the other items. Some wedding invitations retailers have options to print out the entire guest list before having it delivered which saves you a great deal of time when it comes to doing them yourself.

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    Use A Simple Envelope

    The decorative aspect of wedding invitations also includes the envelope and envelope liner as well. If there is an area to cut back on when it comes to decorative elements, itâs the envelope. A wedding guest will be more focused on the contents of the envelope. Sadly, guests are likely to throw the envelope away entirely after opening. With that in mind, consider choosing a simple yet elegant envelope without decorative elements. This will save you a good amount of money that you can apply to other areas of the wedding instead.

    Check Your Computer And Printer

    If youre printing at home, its important to make sure all of your equipment is working properly. Your computer screen may not give you a great depiction of how the design will actually print,” says Weber. Home printers tend to be a shade or two darker, while cost-effective web or local printers are usually a bit lighter.

    Spend time printing tests and adjusting the settings on your printer to get the colors you want, and invest in a sample or two if youre having your print shop do the heavy lifting so you can get the color balance to come through perfectly. Once you’re all set, it’s time to hit the print button.

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    Go With Online Wedding Invitations

    Making use of technology during your wedding invitation process can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Traditionally, details of the wedding day are expected via mail in an invitation suite. However, with a variety of digital wedding invitation options in todayâs day and age, many couples are opting for online options which not only save money, but save a few trees as well.

    When looking for a cost-effective wedding invitation, one of the best options is to send invitations online. Not only are online wedding invitations affordable, but they are also incredibly convenient for you and each wedding guest.

    Add A Wash Of Watercolour

    How I Made my Own Lace Wedding Invitations for Cheap!

    A very easy way to recreate those beautiful watercolour invitations you see on pinterest – create simple wedding invites and print them on watercolour paper. Give them a beautiful watercolour wash for an expensive arty effect! Don’t overdo the watercolour or the paper will be misshapen. As always practise makes perfect. Find great DIY watercolour ideas on, Something Turquoise and The Pretty Blog.

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    Tie Ribbon Address Envelopes Stamp And Mail

    Lucky for me, I was able to assemble an army of elves to help me tie most of the wedding invitation sets. It takes awhile, but it can be good family fun if you all do it together.

    I actually addressed all the invitations myself. I wrote my parents address on the back of the outer envelope, the front of the RSVP envelope, and the guests addresses on the front of the outer envelope. I like writing and my handwriting seems to be my only artistic talent, so I wanted to do that on my own. Plus, it gave the invitations a personal touch that labels dont have.

    At this point, I just need to purchase the correct amount of postage and play the waiting game until the invitations are ready to be mailed . I have a suspicion that I can use postcard stamps on my RSVP cards, but Ill probably need at least 2 stamps on the actual invitation. After I buy the postage and slap it on the envelopes, Ill be ready to go!

    Printing Your Diy Wedding Invitations

    Whether youre using a DIY wedding invitation template or designing the whole thing yourself, youre going to need to print it somehow.

    The most penny-hoarding option? Print your invitations at home. As long as you have a decent printer and use nice paper this will probably work fine.

    Both inkjet and laser printers are up to the job just be sure to select the highest-quality print setting.

    To save money, use black ink only if you want a splash of color, use colored paper.

    When it comes to cutting out your invitations, try to get the most out of each sheet. If youre using 12-by-12-inch paper to print 5-by-7-inch invitations, heres one brides strategy:

    Alternatively, you can get your invitations printed at a local copy shop or office-supply store. Itll be more expensive, but it might be worth it for the time youll save, as they can also cut the invitations for you.

    Lauren Lanker, for example, got 200 invitations printed and cut at Kinkos for $32, which seems like a pretty good deal. Just be sure to do a test run, so you dont end up with smudgy invitations like she did!

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    Choices Like Print Style & Paper Type Can Help Make Wedding Invitations Cheap

    If youve found a great company to buy from, youll be able to get your wedding invitations cheap by making careful choices. One of the best things about choosing a reputable company is that even their basic cheap options are guaranteed to be of a very high quality. The paper will be thick and heavy and the ink heavily pigmented, even at the cheapest level, so you dont need to worry about selecting the middle or upper range options.

    Tips For Diying Cheap Wedding Invitations

    How To Make Affordable Chalkboard Wedding Invitations ...
    • If you buy an invitation template online to print-at-home, make sure you look at the printing dimensions so you can buy the correct sized cardstock.
    • Some designs might print two designs on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper instead of printing a singular 4 inch by 6 inch or a 5 inch by 7 inch design.
  • Stick to a dark-colored, typography based design if you are going to print-at-home.
  • Not all of your invitations need to look the same.
  • Add in a decorative element like ribbon or twine.
  • Encourage people to RSVP online.
  • Invitations can really set the tone of your wedding and play into guest expectations. I think invitations are a good opportunity to introduce your theme, and set the tone of the level of formality you plan to have at your event.

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    The Secret To Cheap Wedding Invitations

    We understand how easily wedding expenses can add up, and we understand that today’s couples want nothing more than to make their wedding day an expression of who they are. That’s why we offer an amazing variety of stylish wedding invitations and ALL are sold for just 99¢ or less! The most important thing you need to know about our selection of cheap wedding invites is that there is nothing cheap about them! Even the most impressive wedding invitation design becomes dull and disappointing if not beautifully printed and presented on quality paper. You will be surprised by how well our paper quality and print quality compares to other top retailers selling online wedding invitations. Not to mention Ann’s offers a great selection of wedding invitations with rsvps for free, which means you’re saving in more ways than one.

    We’re so excited to bring you such a great selection of inexpensive wedding invitations and a hassle-free ordering experience. Shop today and enjoy the beauty of simple, all-in-one wedding invitations featuring on-trend designs.

    Diy Wedding Invitations For Inspiration

    At Greenvelope, we think wedding planning should be fun. After all, youve already found your match and now its time to celebrate with loved ones. Whether youre hosting a sparkling white wedding sprinkled with snow or a tropical getaway on a sandy beach, wedding invites are a great way to announce your theme and upcoming nuptials. Here are some of our favorite wedding invites that you can fully customize to suit your fancy.

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    Getting Down To The Business Of Diy

    If you are opting to start from scratch, make sure you consider the sizing factors, by cutting the paper to invitation sizes and also make sure you either acquire envelopes the size of standard invitations or opt to make them yourself. When making the envelopes, remember to keep some space that allows you to fit in all the invitation accessories into it. Once, you have cut out the materials, make sure you get a clean fold, have the necessary invitation wording printed or use the services of a calligrapher, and finally add your accessories.

    Can I Have A Wedding Without Guests

    EASY DIY WEDDING INVITATIONS | how much I spent and how I made wedding invitations

    Yes, you can. A wedding without guests is the perfect excuse to have a romantic or destination wedding. However, you will need about two to three witnesses for the event. Explain to the people in your life that you are not fit for huge events right now. You can choose to hold a party to celebrate with them at your convenience.

    Couples often overlook the small details which make the day unique. See some ideas on how to handle this part.

  • Make wedding favors or skip themYou have given your guests the best time, it is okay to skip the wedding favor and send them home happy. If you feel like giving out favors, prepare homemade treats and bag them for them to snack on the road. This will save more money than ordering them.
  • Do your own hair, nails, and makeupAttend a consultation with a hair, nail, and makeup technician. Document all the items that match you best and purchase them yourself. Fix your hair by yourself or have your maid of honor work on it. Use press on nails and do simple everyday makeup with a little flair. Lastly, dont wait until the wedding day. Practice in advance no matter how good you are. This way, you save money
  • Create Your Own PlaylistGet together with your partner and curate a wedding playlist. Choose songs that are meaningful to you. Start with some for the ceremony and then choose the mood appropriate ones for the reception. Hand the playlist over to the organist and DJ before your wedding starts.
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