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How To Do Seating Chart For Wedding

Styles And Etiquette For A Mirror Seating Chart

How to Organize your Seating Chart using PowerPoint! | Wedding Planning

Seating charts can be formatted to list by table or alphabetically. When a guest list exceeds 20 tables, the alphabetical format is highly recommended so that guests can find their names more easily.

Should you include the head table and vendor tables? This is a matter of personal preference. I ask clients to provide those names because those extra tables can sometimes balance out a seating chart by tables that isn’t dividing evenly.

When asking for a list of guest RSVPs, make sure that your client has double checked the spelling of every name and formatted the names to exactly how they want them to appear. Make sure that in your contract or invoice, it’s clear that you are not liable for any mistakes from their provided documents. If they are unsure about how to format names, here are some typical structures:

Mr. Kanye West
, & West, Kanye & Kimberly
, , & Family West, Kanye, Kimberly & Family

Capture The Right Theme Look Or Feel With Images And Illustrations

Whether it is descriptive icons or personalized photos of guests, Canva can bring your wedding seating chart to life. You can upload any JPEG, PNG or SVG files from your computer and into Canva for free. Want to make sure that your seating chart design follows your wedding theme? There are lots of graphics, photos and illustrations in Canvas incredible media library to choose from.

Say youve chosen to do a winter-themed wedding, you can easily search for winter images like snowflakes, pine cones, wreaths, and trees to add to your design. Just go to the search tab on the Canva editor, type in some keywords like winter or snowflakes and hit enter, then click or drag any image that catches your fancy into your design.

Bride And Groom Seating At Reception

Traditionally, the bride and groom sat alone at a sweetheart table. But today, many couples feel like this is isolating, and they forgo this tradition. Instead, theyll often sit at the head table with their attendants. The head table is usually a long table that faces out towards the other guests. Typically, the bride sits on the grooms left, with the best man on the brides right and the maid of honor on the grooms right.

Head table seating is traditionally boy-girl, but you dont have to follow this tradition. You can choose to seat your bridal party on one side and the groomsmen on the other, or you can mix it up and allow your attendants to sit wherever they feel comfortable. If one of your attendants has a date, the attendant may want to sit with them at one of the guest tables. This is perfectly fine the important thing is that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves at the reception.

Sometimes, brides and grooms have their parents sit with them at the head table. Or, they will place their parents at one of the tables of honor, which are the tables closest to the head table. Usually, some of your close relatives, family friends and the wedding officiant are also placed at these tables of honor.

If your parents are divorced, you can place them at different tables of honor with their spouses. You can also have both your parents and your step-parents at the head table if you want.

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When To Forgo A Seating Chart

At a larger affair, its usually a good idea have a formal seating chart. Without a seating chart, guests may feel unsure about where to sit, and couples who arrive late may have a hard time finding seats together. Guests will often appreciate having a place to go with friends that they know. At smaller affairs, where there are less than 50 people, a seating chart isnt always necessary. Or, if youre having a cocktail-style wedding where guests will be moving around, you could choose not to do a seating chart. If you choose to have this type of wedding, be sure to have a few chairs around for older guests.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you dont feel like a seating chart fits the style of your wedding, then its totally fine to have open seating.

With a little bit of work, you can create a seating arrangement that your guests will love. As youre creating your wedding seating chart, be sure to keep these etiquette tips in mind. Dont forget to create

Seating Etiquette For Children

Wedding Seating Chart 101

If youre having a large amount of kids at your wedding, consider having a group of kids tables. These tables could have activities for the kids, like coloring books or games. Be sure to place parents at tables near the kids tables. If youre only having a few kids at the wedding, then its often best to simply place them at a table with their parents.

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Organization Of Seating Arrangements For Wedding Guests

Usually, guests are advised to sit next to those they know, but you can dilute them a little to give an opportunity to chat with new people and make acquaintances. However, try to arrange guests so that at least one familiar person is next to each of them. Remember that it is easier for people to find a common language if they are close in age or interests. It might not be a good idea to have your “alternative style” friend with tattoos and piercings and your 85-year-old grandmother seating together. It is unlikely that anything good will come of this.

Avoid mixing age groups too much. Young children should sit with their parents, but older children can sit both with parents and at a separate table.

If there is a group of people at the table who know each other well, then for a change you can mix the couples who came to the reception together, separating the spouses.

Why Have A Wedding Seating Chart

Why are seating charts important? Lets discuss a few ideas for and against wedding seating charts. The down side to using seating charts for a wedding is that they are usually time-consuming, stressful and complicated to organise . A wedding table seating chart can also seem a little bit formal for a small, afternoon, casual or cultural wedding.

However, we firmly believe that the fors outweigh the againsts when it comes to wedding table seating chart. Here are some of the reasons why you should strongly consider them:

  • They prevent awkwardness and confusion.
  • If your reception has a buffet, they help avoid a bottleneck at the end of the food table when people cant decide where to sit – or with whom.
  • Efficiency – getting everyone seated is far quicker when chairs are assigned. This saves time for more important things and your day runs more smoothly .
  • Wedding Seating charts help when a large number of guests have dietary requirements or the reception provides multiple courses/meal options.

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Consider Assigning Tables Only

If you’re still not into an assigned seating master plan, why not consider assigning tableswithout specific seatsinstead? This way your wedding guests will still have some direction but can make their own choices, too, and no one will be scrambling for seats when youre about to make your grand entrance. Just as you would with an assigned wedding seating chart, put thought into who youll be grouping together to make sure everyones got someone to talk to and will have a good time. If you forego assigned seats or tables, just make sure your elderly guests always have a designated place to sit down.

If you plan on having a sit-down meal, assigning tables instead of specific seats may not be your best option. Venues will often require place cards for formal dining to subtly indicate which guest will be receiving which meal.

Start With The Head Table

How to make a wedding seating chart with MS Word and a browser

Its a good idea to seat the two of you first at your wedding table. Decide if you want to sit at a traditional head table made up of your wedding party or if you would prefer to sit together as a couple at your own private sweetheart table.

Traditionally, a head wedding table is long and straight. The couple sits in the center and the wedding party fills in the rest. If you go the sweetheart table route, you can place the wedding party at one or two other tables nearby. Its up to you, but be sure to place yourselves first.

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Every Table Is The Fun Table

No matter how hard you try to mingle at your own wedding, you will inevitably be too busy enjoying your wedding day to introduce all your guests. Keep your reception flowing smoothly and do all the introductions in your seating chart! Start by grouping people by how they know each other. Inevitably, there will be a few people who may not fit neatly into a category, but dont worry! Pair these guests with a gaggle of new friends you think they might hit it off with. Not only will this take the pressure off of you and your new partner playing host, but you might find that youve cultivated a totally new friend group.

Wedding Seating Chart Poster

Instead of displaying your seating chart for your wedding on an easel, you could suspend it on the wall like a poster. Choose from any wedding seating chart poster templates that Paperlust offers and get us to print it on a sturdy foam board or on light and durable paper. If you are planning on hanging these wedding seating chart posters, you can also request for holes and eyelets in the corners for easy assembling. Hanging wedding seating charts should ideally be indoors only to avoid being blown away by any winds and like any other seating charts for weddings, should be displayed at the entrance of the reception so that guests can find their seats with ease! Paperlust offers a range of wedding seating chart posters that caters all types of weddings, from minimal and modern wedding seating charts to down to earth or vintage wedding seating charts.

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How Do You Make A Seating Chart For A Wedding

Thankfully, there are plenty of online wedding planning tools out there to help with the actual task of assigning seats. From to WeddingWire’s seating chart tool, these online resources give you the ability to look at a diagram of your reception and drag and drop to assign tables. Before even getting to that stage, it’s a great idea to add notations to your RSVP spreadsheet to help categorize attendees. Whether you add a column to signal how you know a given person or color code based on whether they’re family, a college friend or a work colleague, starting to group guests early on will make it easier to assign seats. Of course, if you’re more of a tactile person, the paper plate method is a trusted option. Lay out a collection of paper plates on your table and use flag sticky notes to decide who sits where. To save space, you could even get your reception floor plan enlarged and printed on a poster board before using sticky notes to play around with potential table assignments.

Only Mix And Match As Necessary

Reception Seating Charts 101

In theory, it could be fun to turn your wedding into a round of blind dating for some of your single friends and seat them all at one table even if theyre total strangers. But remember, everyone is here to see you get married, not necessarily to mingle. So, dont force it on them. Seat friends and family with people they know unless its impossible to make the numbers work then mix and match people only as necessary.

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Make It Easy For Guests To Find Their Seat

Now that you’ve determined everyone’s seating assignment, the final step is to figure out how you’ll tell guests where they’re seated. Tented escort cardsindividually printed with each guest’s name and table numberis a simple way to do it. Or, you could get creative with larger seating-assignment signs or charts.

Arrange guests names in alphabetical order by last name, so folks can easily find their table assignment. Also, be sure to use a large, readable font so there’s no confusion.

Photo: The Styled Soiree

Unique Wedding Seating Chart Ideas For Your Big Day

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In this post, well talk all about seating charts for wedding planning, as well as answer common questions about how to create an easy-peasy wedding seating plan.

In our recent post about escort cards & place cards, we raised the point that I will quote:

In a perfect world, an open table arrangement would be fabulous. BUT, what if you have family members who cant sit next to each other and be trusted to behave like civilized adults?

L& L Staff Writer

Place cards will ensure everyone gets the spot you laid out while you were very carefully planning seating arrangements. And well all live happily ever after.

This is true, but it isnt the only way a wedding seating chart can be your best friend, and it isnt the only reason you should use one. Lets dive in to some unique wedding seating chart ideas were sure youll want to use!

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How To Create Your Wedding Seating Chart

Now that the RSVPs are in, it’s time to figure out where everyone will be sitting at the wedding reception. Keep in mind that the wedding seating chart is one of those last-minute tasks that sneaks up on you and often takes a lot longer than you anticipate! But by following our steps below, you’ll be able to easily create your seating chart without stressing out. Here’s our rundown of where everyone should sit and how to get them to their seats.

Seating chart: “Someone Like You” by Design Lotus

Thats How To Create A Wedding Seating Chart Simplified

Do You Need a Wedding Seating Chart and Table Assignments?

At the end of the day, theres no such thing as a bad seating chart for a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but making a seating chart doesnt have to be when you use free table planning software. No matter how you plan to arrange guests, keep these main ideas in mind:

  • Start with what you know. If there are religious elements to the wedding, there will be some helpful guidelines as to who sits where. Or if youre certain grandma likes to boogie, make sure she gets a seat next to the dance floor.
  • Not everyone will be happy. But as long as the couple is happy with the seating arrangement, thats all that really matters.
  • Choose safety over style. Keeping the tables a certain width apart or adding space for wheelchairs ensures that everyone is comfortable and well taken care of no matter what.

Dont forget to check out Social Tables3D wedding design software!

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