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How To Get Wedding Leads

Here’s Why We Think It Works:

How to Get Wedding Catering Leads From local Venues

When you are scheduling brides for consultations, it requires them to look at their schedule as well as the schedule of all the others who are coming with them. There’s definitely a positive to this: you get more solid leads. However, you’re missing out on the many who don’t want to do that. You’re asking them to do work just like the other 100 vendors at the show. With this technique, you’re letting them know that you can start the process and they just have to wait for you to contact them.

Once you have a client consultation scheduled, you can use Curate and book more brides on the spot! Schedule a consultation with the Curate team to learn more.

Websites To Get Free Advertising For Wedding Business In 2022

Which wedding business owner doesnt love free advertising?

It gets you in front of potential new customers, and its free marketing .

Wedding vendors know better than anyone that there is a very real love-hate relationship with directory sites.

They seem to bring a lot of leads . But it seems to always bring brides with big ambitions and small budgets. Can I get an amen?

So, why would you list your business on these sites then?

The answer is the SEO benefit called Backlinks.

Backlink when one website points to another website. Backlinks have a huge impact on search result rankings. Anytime you write a new blog, or include a new feature on your site, theres a chance to get a backlink!

All it take is another website sharing your content, and youv got a backlink!

Alternatively, you can share your piece on sites like Reddit, , Quora, , or others to get a quick backlink!

The more backlinks you have, the higher your website domain authority score is.

Google factors in domain authority score to decide where to rank sites in the search results

Referrals From Other Small Businesses:

In the last 12 years, weve formed genuine business connections with other wedding professionals. This includes wedding planners, florists, and other local businesses that we admire, who refer us to their friends and family. This might soon jump to our number 3 way to get new clients as weve been investing more in our community over the past few years! Connecting with other like-minded business owners that also have similar visions and esthetics as yourself can prove very valuable! Get involved in your community business groups and start developing relationships with business owners you admire. This helps expand your network larger.

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Become A Bridal Show Vendor

A great way to get yourself in front of hundreds of leads is to become a vendor at a bridal show. When you sign up to have a booth at a bridal show, youll get the opportunity to meet hundreds of brides that are actively planning their weddings in a single afternoon. Youll also be able to check out the competition and gain ideas for your own business.

Starting a wedding business doesnt have to be stressful. Find out more about the Georgia Bridal Show today and start sharing your passion with local brides across the area.

How To Get Leads As A New Planner

How to Get More Wedding Leads In 30 Days (Or Less!)

How to get Leads when you are a New Planner

You have had a little bit of experience as a planner, but just not enough that the leads are flowing yet. Youve got a bangin website, super gorgeous business cards, business plan, organized office, and maybe even a few weddings already but its not enough to pay the bills yet. You want Brides knocking on your door, like yesterday.

You are not ALONE! Every planner at one time struggled with this. Dont sweat it, Ive got you covered.

Like any business, people cant hire you if they dont know where you are or if you are even there. Your name, your business name, more importantly, needs to be seen. Unfortunately for planners, we arent like a traditional business who have storefronts with possible foot traffic. We have to put ourselves out there and get noticed!

download the freebie How to get leads as a New Wedding PlannerHERE

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Encourage Clients To Write Reviews Of Your Wedding Venue

One of the most overlooked ways of how to get more wedding leads can stem from your past clients experiences through reviews. You want to build trust with your new and former clients by having reviews.

You want potential clients to have another reason to book with you and they can feel validated with their decision through reviews of your services.

The trust you build through your wedding venues reviews will launch you into a new realm of leads. You also want to showcase pictures of past weddings to ensure your future clients like what they see.

Your previous clients words mean everything to new customers and are going to be your marketing tool to get the leads you want.

Create A Brand Identity

Brand identity essentially means how you want your customers to perceive your business. It is important that you create a brand identity for yourself as soon as you can.

Some Of The Important Elements Which Contribute To An Effective Brand Identity Are:

  • Brand Name This will be the name of your business. Consider your target audience and decide on a name that will appeal to it.
  • Logo Wedding planner logos are an important part of their brand identity. This is because the logo designs are going to be everywhere on quotes, bill, stationery, and on all other media. Hire a good logo designer who understands your brand vision and what it stands for.
  • Tagline You can choose to have a tagline or not, but having one will clarify your brand position to the customer.
  • Graphics & Color The visual elements are important, and they sync together to create a brand. You can even crowdsource to get great designs.

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Referrals From Past Clients

Referrals from our past clients are the second way we get more wedding photography leads and bookings! How do you get a good referral?

Our secret is to underpromise and always over-deliver. We go above and beyond to make our clients feel special ! And we make sure they know how grateful we are for them with booking gifts and constant communication and attention.

To help generate some buzz, you can ask past clients to leave you a review on your Google business page.

Proven Ways To Book More Wedding Photography Clients

How to Convert More Leads Into Sales | Wedding Photography

Shivani Reddy 3 years ago

In this day and age, social media has transformed the way newly engaged couples are finding their wedding vendors. With Instagram basically becoming a mutated version of Yelp and Pinterest, Facebook algorithms changing left and right, and website views reaching a new low, clients must search through a winding maze to find their perfect wedding photographer.

We asked 20 of our award-winning photographers where their #1 source of client leads stems from and received a variety of sources, some more surprising than others. Now, strategies for client lead-generation vary depending on location, years of experience, and so many other factors. These 5 ways to get more wedding photography clients are designed to help you tweak and perfect your marketing strategies to get the clients you want.

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Spend Money On Facebook Ads

Buying ad space online can feel overwhelming at first, but if you take your time and research the best tactics, it can bring in major revenue. Facebook is a great place to start because so many people spend a lot of their time on the site. You can narrow your ads to only reach the audience you know is ready to buy, and you can set a max for your daily costs so you never go over budget.

Chad & Beth Winstead Website

I built my local wedding photography business off of word of mouth. Over 71% of my bookings come from fellow wedding vendors, venues, friends, or past clients raving about us. On average, I book 20% of these leads that come in this way. The remaining percentage of bookings come from Facebook, Google, or Wedding/Bridal shows.

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Why Do You Need An Seo Agency

We wont bore you with some long-winded spiel to sell you on this, well just list of some interesting stats and if you still arent convinced, at least we tried!

If a customer searches for a business within 5 miles of them, they are 72% likely to visit.

Near me searches have increased by 900% over the last couple of years.

Almost half of all searches on Google are local.

Just under 80% of local mobile searches resulted in a sale.

3/4 of people dont click to the second page of search results.

People visit a business with 24 hours of searching 76% of the time.

The first spot of local search rankings gets almost 25% of all clicks.

Customer reviews influence buying decisions on 97% of consumers.

Showing reviews on your site can increase conversions .

How many people trust online reviews as much as word of mouth? 88%Google dominates on mobile even more than desktop, 84.36%

Brand interactions happen twice as much on mobile than anywhere else.

Using the word best in mobile searches have grown by 80% over the last couple of years.

Almost 90% of people search for a business with their phone once a week

Ok, hopefully, you are starting to get the point by now!

What Is Search Engine Optimization

How to Get Leads When You are New to the Wedding Business ...

Wikipedia says Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

But what does that really mean? Well, considering Google owns > 70% of all search traffic, it basically means making sure your website is optimized to rank as high as possible in the SERPs .

Isn’ that what we all want? Free traffic from Google of people that we know are interested in our products and services.Of course, but since everyone knows this, some keywords can more competitive than others.

SEO is the process of playing the Google game, making sure follow all of their recommendations using white hat techniques so that you can get a page on your website to rank in the top 10 .In general, this means producing high-quality content that answers your visitors questions better than the competition as well as getting links from other authoritative sites to help show Google that others trust you.

Local SEO is much different, however, today we are going to dive deep and well get to that in a minute but first…

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I Am Ready For More Wedding Leads

Are you a company looking for More/New Business Leads or Customers? Just Starting out a NEW shop and need to find Customer Leads?

Youre not alone Many Business owners are unfamiliar with SEO techniques, strategies or just plain dont have the time or skills to dedicate to constant upkeep of Search Engine or AdWords Optimization.

Enter Quantum Leads! Let the Quantum Digital Consulting Team take the entire load off your shoulders so you can focus your energy on your Business and Customers! We can help you generate more Leads with our many Affordable Wedding Planning Leads program.

Unless youre a marketing expert, chances are you didnt start your business just to dedicate your time to chasing after Google to get your business noticed. Hire the Professionals at Quantum Lead Generation!

If youre looking for Local Wedding Planning Leads we can help! Our Team has many years of experience that helps us get the upper hand over your competition.

Just click one of the black boxes on the page to schedule a call with one of our wedding planning lead generation professionals.

How To Collect Leads

Collecting your own leads isnt all that difficult, either. You can easily create a form online to have interested couples fill out on a tablet or laptop at your booth. If your website host like WordPress give you the ability to create a form that links to your website and emails you a list of every interested bride. That way, you can keep that page up at the show and will also be collecting brides information after the show when they visit your site! FYI Check on your wifi situation at the show you are participating in, or make sure you can connect to a hotspot that day.

If youre not a huge fan of using technology, you can always go back to the trusty pen-and-paper tactic. Create a form where couples can write down their information. At Todays Bride Shows, we actually instruct brides to bring along address labels that have their name, wedding date, address, and email on them so they can pass them out to vendors they love. On the back, write a quick note about them so you can recall exactly who they are when you go back to write a follow-up email.

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Optimize Your Web Pages For Conversions

All your online lead generation efforts must start with your website. Its no good generating traffic to your site be it from Google, social media, or word-of-mouth if those visitors then decide to leave without taking action.

Your website needs to be optimized to persuade individuals to do something whatever that action may be. When it comes to lead generation, typically you are trying to capture a prospects contact information, such as their name, email address, phone number, and other qualifying attributes that will aid your selling process.

How do you do this? Well, as easy as it is to set up a website in this day and age, that doesnt automatically guarantee that your website will be optimized to collect leads. There are certain best practices that all of the pages on your website should follow in order to maximize the number of leads you gain.

Not an expert?

No worries. There are several tools, such as Leadpages, available that make the creation of high-performing webpages as easy as writing an email. Leadpages enables you to quickly create and publish web pages based on a proven formula of success. Their extensive marketplace and library of page templates help even the biggest novice convert more leads.

TIP: If you are too busy to generate leads, you can always hire an expert or a freelancer on Fiverr.

The kicker? You dont need to have any design, development, or marketing experience to get great results.

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