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How Much Is A Photo Booth For A Wedding

Personalizing Your Photo Booth Experience

DIY Photobooth for Events + PRINTS | Wedding Hack
  • 1Match the style of your booth to the theme of your wedding. Is your event a black-tie affair, or are you having a traditional Ukrainian wedding? Are you focusing your decorations on a color scheme or a favorite movie series? Matching your photo booth will give your event a more unified feel.XResearch source
  • Adding a fun background can make the photo booth experience even more special. Twinkly lights or sheer or sparkly fabric can add character to those photos.
  • 2Gather props for guests to use in the photo booth. Your rental company may provide props for you to choose from, but if not you can buy ones from party planning or wedding planning stores, or even make your own!XResearch source
  • Be careful to not choose too many overly-large props. They will inevitably end up blocking your guests faces and will leave you with lots of photos of disguised friends and family.XResearch source
  • Fun prop ideas are fake mustaches, oversized sunglasses, fuzzy boas, Mardi Gras beads, or funny hats. You could even get a large cut out of you and your spouse-to-be for friends to pose with!
  • 3Set aside time to visit the booth yourself. You dont want to get to the end of your reception and realize you havent taken any photos! Visit the photo booth with your friends and family at the beginning of the reception to guarantee you make it in time.XResearch source
  • Why Should I Have A Wedding Photo Booth

    While dancing is fun, some of your guests might not want to hit the dance floor for your entire receptionand some folks are just not dancers at all. Therefore, its a good idea to offer an alternative activity to entertain your loved ones so theyre not just sitting at their tables watching others dance. Photo booths are ideal because they serve a dual purposeoffering your guests with some non-dancing entertainment and providing a take-home favor at the same time. Photo booths are ideal for guests of all ages, from your littlest flower girl and ring bearer to your college buds to your great-aunts and grandparents.

    Plan A Custom Photo Booth Backdrop

    The right backdrop is essential for your wedding photo booth. Its going to be in every photo and should be beautiful and eye-catching.

    Your backdrop can be as simple as a plain color. But, if you really want your personality to shine, bring the backdrop to life with decorations that capture your weddings style.

    Just have a blank wall to work with? Here are some ideas:

    • Fun, removable wallpaper
    • Fringe curtains
    • Hanging fresh flowers

    For an outdoor wedding and reception, you can use the natural beauty around you as a backdrop. Or, hang some frames from a nearby tree to create a simple photo booth scene.

    Looking for something a bit more complex? Put together four wooden pallets and decorate it with flowers for a rustic but elegant backdrop. You can do the same with reclaimed wood.

    And the beauty of rustic elegance is that it doesnt have to be perfect. Just make sure youre not leaving any exposed nails!

    Not interested in building your own photo booth backdrop for your wedding? Consider hiring a rental company that can take care of it for you, or use a software that supports green screen to make it ridiculously easy to add any background you want.

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    What Items Will You Order Or Rent

    Finally, think about what items may just be easiest to order or rent for your DIY Photo Booth. Make a list of what you already have available and what items you want to purchase. Designate a point person to help you set up your photo booth. Youll want to walk through the logistics of how the area will operate on your actual wedding day. If you need inspiration or help shopping for your wedding photo booth, keep reading!

    Choose The Perfect Location

    Wedding Photo Booth Hire

    Put your wedding photo booth in a high-traffic area, like near the bar or dance floor. Make sure that your guests can see it from where theyll be hanging out. If your guests dont see the photo booth theyre not going to use it.

    Sometimes, a venue coordinator will try to get you to put your photo booth in a back room or closet where nobody will find it. Dont let them do it! The key to having a lot of participation and photos is for people to see other people having fun and want to join in.

    If possible, leave some open space around your photo booth. It will probably have a a line at some point and it will be more inviting if its easier to access. If guests have to fight their way through tightly packed tables, theyre going to be less excited to join in the fun.

    Hot tip: In a ballroom or traditional event space? Keep your photo booth away from the head table. Your wedding photographer will thank you.

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    How Many Employees Do You Have

    Hiring a one-man show with no backup can lead to plenty of problems on the big day. What if s/he gets sick? Has a flat tire? Whats their availability like? Will there even be an attendant to assist guests with the photo booth equipment?

    A company with plenty of employees will be able to provide backup in case the scheduled attendant is unable to make it to your event. Also, the more employees and photo booths a company has, the more events they have done and the more experience they have.

    The way a company is run can tell you a lot about the level of service you will receive on the day of your event. Find out as much as you can about how their process works as well as how they run their business on a daily basis.

    Should You Tip The Photo Booth Attendant

    The photo booth rental company should give you their pricing or package breakdown. If the costs do not include the tip for the attendant, its only fitting to provide them with even $50 for gratuity.

    You can also tip higher, depending on how satisfactory their service is. But of course, if the company already includes the tips in their price, you can skip giving a separate gratuity fee.

    Do you need a photo booth attendant? It will depend on the booth type, as some are very easy to operate and wont need an attendant.

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    Schedule Open And Closed Times

    Theres a lot that happens at a wedding reception. Toasts, special dances, bouquet tosses, and a ton more.

    Sometimes, you might want guests laughing and having fun in the photo booth. Other times, you might want them focused on whats happening on the dance floor. Make sure that your guests know when your wedding photo booth will be closed.

    You dont want wild laughter interrupting that romantic first dance as a married couple, after all.

    Your DJ or emcee is a great resource to keep guests on task. Use them to remind guests of the best times to use the photo booth: cocktail hour, after the formal program, or during dinner are the best.

    How Often Do You Purchase Photo Booths How Are They Maintained

    How to build the ultimate wedding Photobooth

    A company that still has the same, old, outdated photo booths that you used as a teenager in the mall is not fully equipped to handle your wedding or black-tie corporate event.

    Experienced photo booth rental companies will set up their equipment at dozens of events every week, which means these machines see a lot of action. Dont just ask whether the machines are maintained and replaced, but how. If they cant tell you what they do to maintain their machines, then they arent doing it at all.

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    Your Guests Will Enjoy The Photo Opportunity

    Some brides wonder about the guests who wont use the photo booth. Would they rather go dancing than wait for their turn to the booth? To give you an easy answerthey will love it! There are two types of people at your wedding those who will dance and those who will not. A photo booth is great for those people who dont like to be on the dance floor. You can always ask the DJ to make an announcement to visit the booth as simple a reminder and you can print some reminders for the tables on photo strip paper. Place them in frames so people have a reminder at their tables or sitting at the bar. After the night is over, youll be surprised by the outrageouslyhilarious and fun photos your family and friends have come up with. Who can resist a photo opportunity when everyones looking their best?

    Best Value > Cheapest Price

    Unfortunately, the lowest price doesnt always mean the best deal.You have to consider everything youre getting out the experience before you can determine whether or not an expense is money well spent.

    Your photo booth rental cost is one of those expenses. As you may already have seen, youll run into a wide variety of prices in this industryfrom $200 all the way up to $2,500.

    Whats the deal? Why do photo booth prices vary so much and how do you decide which one is right for your event?

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    Its The Perfect Wedding Favor

    Compared to typical wedding favors, wedding photo booths provide the perfect blend of personalization and intrigue for guests as they capture interesting moments inside the photo booth. Aside from providing prints on the spot, photos can also be customized with additional graphics and other options both during and after the event. Forget about wedding favors that will quickly be thrown away after the big day a photo booth is one of those great ideas for a wedding thats often a big hit!

    Complete Guide To Photo Booths

    Wedding Photo Booth Hire

    This is the complete guide to photo booths! Whether you’re a first-time renter or an event professional, this guide includes everything you need to know about renting a photo booth.

    HOW MUCH IS A PHOTO BOOTH? The photo booth kit is $299, which includes the photo booth, 15 props, unlimited digital photos, live sharing via text, email, and social media, as well as a 5-day rental and free shipping both ways. Add a printer for $149, which prints 200 full color photo strips.

    HOW TO SETUP A PHOTO BOOTHSetting up a photo booth is easy – no experience required! It takes about 10 minutes to setup your photobooth. 1. Setup tripod stand.2. Attach Monitor.You’re done!

    Simply press the “Start” button to begin. The screen will prompt guests guests to take their photos. No attendant required!

    WHAT DOES THE PHOTO BOOTH LOOK LIKE? Here’s a picture of our photo booth system:

    HOW IS THE PHOTO BOOTH SHIPPED? The photo booth arrives in 2 small packages, making it super easy to transport!

    HOW DO GUESTS USE THE PHOTO BOOTH? Using the photo booth is simple! No attendant is necessary. Just tap the screen to start, and follow the prompts to take a photo. Check out the screenshots below to see exactly what you’ll do when using the photo booth.

    Step 1Traditional Photo Booth Animated Photo Booth

    We’ve developed our own propriety photo booth system. This unique new photo booth product is brought to you by RENT MY WEDDING, the nation’s largest online event rental company.

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    Con: There Are More Costs To Consider Than Just The Actual Rental

    There are often additional expenses beyond just the product and service. You’ll need to provide a meal for the vendor running the booth and you may need to cover the cost of transportation and mileage, web hosting fees for photos that are available for digital download, and any extra printing or album costs. If your booth doesn’t come with props or lighting, you’ll likely need to save some money for these expenses, too.

    How Much Space Do You Have To Set Up A Wedding Photo Booth

    Your photo booth will need to be located in a place where your wedding guests can easily find it. Allow for enough space for guests taking the photo to not feel crowded. You should also allow enough room when people start to gather around to wait in line. Consider setting up the booth in the following areas:

    • a corner of the reception area
    • in a lobby or the hallway outside the reception, so your wedding guests see the setup when they walk in.

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    What Are Wedding Photo Booths

    A photo booth is any designated unit or space that takes and prints photos right on the spot. Wedding photo booth companies make transportable stations, like the kind youve seen at other events and some nightlife spots. They can either have a small curtain for the door or be open air. The company you choose to rent one from will take care of set up and takedown. They may even offer some props, special printing or digital features, and background options.

    Questions To Ask Before Renting A Photo Booth

    How to create your own DIY Photo Booth! All you need are 4 Things! DIY Wedding

    Of course, not every photo booth rental company is the same. They all offer different packages, different types of photo booths, different add-ons, and a completely different experience than the last one. How can you possibly decide which one is right for your event?

    Dont get caught up on money without taking a look at the whole picture. Here are some questions to ask that cover more than just your photo booth rental cost.

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    Is A Wedding Photo Booth Really Worth The Splurge

    seem to be ubiquitous with modern weddings, but they’re certainly not a requirement. Whether you’re considering a vintage booth, an open-air setup by your photographer, or a DIY backdrop that guests can pose in front of, you may find yourself considering whether this is an expense that’s really worth the splurge. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make the decision that’s best for your wedding and your budget.


    S Are The Best Wedding Favors

    Your guests will love having a take-home memento, whether its in digital or print form.

    Setting up one photo booth sure is a lot easier than tying hundreds of ribbons around bottles of bubbles that probably wont make it out the door.

    Most cliche wedding favors end up in the trash, but people tend to hang onto a great photoespecially when they can simply text it to their phone from a touch screen photo booth.

    Most modern photo booth companies also provide access to an online wedding gallery after the big day, making it easy for you and your guests to relive the memories.

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