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How To Pick Wedding Flowers

Be Aware Of Your Budget And That Your Wedding Flowers Might Not Be In Season

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Your budget and the season of your wedding are two very important factors to consider before you start choosing your wedding blooms. Often, flowers can end up taking up a much bigger chunk of your budget that you may of anticipated, so be clear of your budget early to avoid disappointment. It is also important to be aware that flowers can be out of season on your wedding date. Be up front with your florist with both of these factors early, so they can point you in the right direction from the outset.

Hot Tip: Remember that some flowers have lookalikes which can replace more expensive blooms or seasonal flowers you may have had your eye on!

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Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

Before you get rapped up in the magical journey of pastel hue roses and the varying types of greenery, there are some floral faux pas you really should avoid

Common pitfalls and mistakes include not booking in with your florist early enough. You can easily miss out if they are already booked up, we are taking bookings for 2022 already and COVID has meant that next year we essentially have two years worth of weddings in one year so its going to be busy .

I would always bring a florist in early with the planning as they can suggest design ideas and finishing touches to really transform your venue. I would also say that once you have selected your florist, youre happy with their style and feel confident that they are reading your vision, let them use their experience and creativity. Do your research and check their Instagram to see previous work and then let them do their thing. flowers are a passion for us florists after all!

Pinterest is a great tool when wedding planning but bare in mind that often there are images from huge budget weddings, and flowers are in season at different times of the year in different countries so use it as a guide rather than trying to recreate in all its detail. Elaine of Pesh Flowers

Whilst Im a firm believer in having what you want for your day, Id also listen to the advice of your florist and other suppliers weddings are their thing and theyve worked on a few, so trust their knowledge and experience.

How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet may come in different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Whats right for you depends on the design of your dress, the style of your celebration, your body type.

Choosing a bridal bouquet is not just about picking your favorite flowers. Its about matching it to your wedding dress, your style and even about complementing your figure!

The bridal bouquet is your most important accessory from the moment you walk down the aisle till the very end of the reception and in your wedding album as well. So how do you choose your bouquet?

When dealing with my brides-to-be I suggest the following approach:

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Do Your Homework Before Meeting A Florist

Take some time to figure out what you like, and learn what it’s called, before you start talking to florists. There are two main things you’ll want to know: the names of flowers and floral terms, like types of bouquets , arrangements and other details.

Should I Have The Same Shade Flowers As My Colour Scheme

How To Choose Flowers For A Wedding Bouquet

Image: Chirpee Flowers

Your colour palette will inform your flower choice. Play with tones and shades within your colour scheme rather than trying to match it. Consider complementary colours too. If you really want to create an impact, you can colour-block, especially with reds, oranges, purples and pinks.

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Your Colour Scheme Reigns Supreme

Theres a good chance that you spent quite some time choosing the colour scheme for your big day, so why not apply it to your wedding flowers, as well? While they dont have to be an exact Pantone match, its a good idea to stick with similar or complementary shades. Bring photos, fabric swatches and decorations along with you to your florist so you can see what works and what doesnt.

Pick Flowers That Are Locally In Season

If you are completely set on having a wedding bouquet, ensure you pick flowers that are in season and simply sourced to help cut down on the cost. There is no point in dreaming of a charming peony bouquet if you are getting married in January. Sure your florist will probably be capable to source them for you, but you will pay a premium for them when there are affordable substitutes accessible. What is seasonal will change depending on where you live, so discuss to your florist about what your top options are.

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Keep Sustainability In Mind

Along with catering, florals present one of the biggest opportunities for waste on a wedding day. If minimizing your environmental impact is a top priority, there are a few additional components to consider when picking your floral designer. Opting for someone who works predominantly with locally-grown blooms is your best bet, but if thats not possible, there are ways to mitigate additional energy consumption. Ask how they dispose of their bloomscomposting is best and what materials they use when designing, suggests Strong. Chicken wire and floral frogs can be reused, but floral foam is more of a one-time thing. You can also inquire about the possibility of donating the blooms after the event.

How Can I Make The Most Of My Wedding Budget

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Look for those blooms that are naturally in season at the time youre getting married as they are likely to be less expensive and have the benefit of being at the peak of their beauty, just as nature intended. If you are on a tight budget then trusting your florist to make recommendations on flower choices that can help you achieve the overall look and feel you want can go a long way. The other big tip for saving money is to make your arrangements go further by reusing the designs for the ceremony room at the reception venue. Youll need to discuss logistics with your florist but they will be able to advise you. For more helpful ways to save money on your wedding flowers see our blog post on the topic.

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Certain Flowers Evoke Specific Styles

Yes, even your flowers can reflect your wedding style. Tighter bunches of traditional bridal blooms such as peonies and roses fit a classic vibe, while lush arrangements of soft, big blooms will take on a romantic note. Sleek architectural varieties in minimalist arrangements are more modern, and loose clusters of vibrant flowers mixed with greenery exude a rustic feel. Work with your florist to pick the style that matches the overall look of your day. Or break away from traditional centerpieces and experiment with floral alternatives, like feathers, fruits or even wheatgrass.

Match Your Florals With Your Wedding Theme

The flowers you choose should reflect the aesthetic and style of your wedding. If your wedding is more formal, the flowers should be traditional. If youre having a more informal wedding, you can be a bit more creative.

The types of flowers you go with will also shape your weddings tone. Think of a few words that describe your style to tell your floral designer. This will help them figure out what your style is and create a plan that reflects that.

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Where Can I Find A Wedding Florist

Start your search well before the wedding. The Interflora florist directory is a great place to begin and lists expert local florists in your area or those that are close by to your chosen wedding venue. Compile a shortlist of florists and plan to meet with two or three candidates. Take along a scrapbook of your ideas and ask the florist to show you examples of their recent work so you can get a feel for their design style. A good florist should be able to tell you whether your choices are realistic and to suggest suitable alternatives if certain blooms you have in mind will be unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

When should I book my wedding florist?

You should be looking to book your florist between six to nine months ahead of your wedding day. Remember good florists book up quickly, especially during the height of wedding season. Always get your booking confirmed in writing and be prepared to put down a deposit to reserve your date.

Wedding Flower Advice From The Experts

Setting the Scene: How to Choose Wedding Flowers That ...

When it comes to your wedding floristry depending on the day you envisage, the style you wish to create and your chosen venue theres lots of options to consider and think about

  • The Bridal Bouquet is a vital styling element of your wedding attire, consider shape, size and colours.
  • Floral Crowns or Hair Flowers are excellent considerations especially if you love boho-chic.
  • Bridesmaids Bouquets allow your best girls to get in on the fabulous floristry too! Mix it up or match exactly but make sure they compliment your bridal bouquet.
  • Groom & Groomsmen Boutonnieres generally consist of one or two flowers with added foliage, they mark a symbol of honour and bring together your wedding parties attire.
  • Ceremony and pew florals will bring your whole wedding day to life, however and where ever you decide to walk down the aisle.
  • Floral Arches are a great feature to stand by as you stay I do, you could opt for a traditional wooden arch with classic roses or go for an ultra modern metal circular design.
  • Entrance Flowers are an excellent way to invite your guests into your wedding celebrations.
  • Table Centrepieces involving floristry can range from subtle foliage to dramatic central displays.

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How To Choose The Right Flowers For Your Wedding

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be fun, yet stressful. With all the different types and colors of flowers available, its more difficult than ever for people to find the right flowers for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

We are a Kalamazoo wedding venue that goes the extra mile to make sure brides and grooms are able to enjoy their day. Be sure to check our new wedding blog regularly for updates. The types of flowers you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception should reflect the venue, your personal preferences, and the budget.

In this blog post, we explain how to choose the right flowers for your wedding so you wont look back on your wedding photos with regret. Types of wedding flower arrangements include:

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Other floral decor

Use Flowers That Are In Season

If you need more help determining what type of flowers to use, think about what kinds of flowers you see during the season when youre getting married. You are free to use any type of flower whenever you want. Keep in mind that flowers that are out of season may be more expensive.

During the spring, youll have a large selection of flowers available. Winter and fall have fewer options, but there are in-season flowers to choose from. You can also incorporate seasonal foliage, like branches and leaves.

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How To Pick Wedding Flowers

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Picking the perfect wedding flowers isnt easy. While petals play a big factor in the decision making process, you can also make a sentimental statement with the color of the wedding flowers you choose. Do you want red roses to signify or true love or daisies, which signify new beginnings? Well teach you how to pick wedding flowers that have both the color and the meaning you want for your special day.

Dont Rely Solely On Instagram

How to Pick Flowers for Pin-On Corsage | Wedding Flowers

Once youve found a floral designer whose style resonates with yours, its time to dig a little deeper. An Instagram grid is a great starting point, but its often dominated by self-selected moments of a designers best work and outtakes from styled shoots, which dont always reflect what can be created while working on a budget.

To get a more multi-dimensional sense of a vendor, Strong suggests switching over to their tagged photos for a quick look into a less curated version of their work. The next step is to peruse full galleries of weddings theyve worked on. If you fell in love with a vendors bouquet, this will help you understand what their style looks like when carried through other elements of a wedding. It will also help you understand what theyre able to create with different budget levels.

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Why Choose Your Wedding Flowers By Season

If youve never stopped to consider the seasonal availability of flowers for your wedding, you might be wondering exactly why its so important.

The main benefit here all comes down to your budget! Choosing your wedding flowers by season is by far the most cost-effective solution when it comes to putting your floral selections together.

Think about it like the local produce you buy from the supermarket every week. Its always cheaper to purchase the fruits and vegetables that are seasonally available, right? So during summer, you can purchase berries, oranges and melons for a much cheaper price than youd find during winter. This is because these varieties are readily available during this time of the year, which brings the cost down.

The same rule applies when it comes to flowers! When a flower variety is blossoming at a certain time of the year, it becomes much cheaper for florists to source, and this reduced cost is passed onto you, the bride-to-be.

If you are specifically requesting a certain flower variety that isnt in season, this is where the additional expenses start to add up. Extra labour, handling, transport and freight costs will all apply if flowers are being imported, resulting in a much higher invoice. So if you really want to maximise your flower budget, choosing your wedding flowers by season is definitely going to be the best decision for you.

Find Out Whats In Season And Pick A Few Favourites

Flowers like fruit are seasonal and perishable. Because of this if you select flowers that are abundant and in season for your wedding day you are more likely to have luscious beautiful blooms, and often for a more reasonable budget! Although flowers are imported from all over the world often their shelf life is much shorter because of the time in transit, and the transport costs add up to a more expensive flower.Once you have your colour palette nailed down, start looking at what flowers are available in the month you are getting married and pick out a list of what you like and what you dislike. Speak to your florist and stylist if you cant easily find a list online, and get googling!

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