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Where To Get A Wedding Planner Book

The Backyard Wedding Planner

10 Painfully TRUE Wedding Planning Tips YOU NEED TO HEAR // A wedding planner book that doesn’t suck

A backyard wedding can be beautiful, but the planning process can be just as complicated as with other weddings, if not even more so due to the many different variables that need to be accounted for. This pretty planner, though, has all the tools youll need to ensure that you can have the backyard wedding of your dreams. Theres even a property walkthrough worksheet, checklists for weather planning, and tons of tips for renting equipment like chairs and dishes.

Best Wedding Planner Books For 2020/2021

28 of the Best Wedding Planner Books for Brides

Is your Google search history looking something like this..? How to stay organised when planning your wedding. Whats the best wedding planner book for me? Wedding planner book, Australia.

Planning your wedding can be a tough thing to navigate. Even the most organised and inspired bride can find herself losing track of all those little details or having a hard time sticking to a planned budget. One of the best tools to solve your wedding planning worries is a wedding planner book. We not only love the idea of it helping you stay on track, but the beautiful keepsake that a tool like this becomes once youre done. Read on to discover the best wedding planner book for you and your specific wedding.

Thinking On Your Feet

During my years as a wedding planner, Ive received phone calls at 6AM on the morning of a wedding from a vendor stating they cannot fulfill their contractual obligations. Most people would panic at this point , but as a wedding planner your job is to remain calm and immediately begin problem-solving. Whatever you do, dont tell the bride unless you absolutely need to. They hired you to handle any situation that arises, not to redirect all incoming problems back at them. I have been in situations where a couples cake has melted, a brides dress has not fit, or a vendor has not shown up, and all of these issues, while beyond my control, ultimately became my issue to address.

Building relationships with other vendors is imperative, not only to building a successful referral network, but also for having key resources that you can call upon at a moments notice.

I am not a cake designer, but it was my job to smooth the icing on the cake and move it to a cooler place. I am not a seamstress, but I had to quickly pin the dress and calm the bride. I am not a DJ, but it was my responsibility to call upon a trusted DJ in my area and coerce him to step in for the DJ who did not fulfill their contractual duties. Your job above all is to ensure that the client enjoys their wedding day without a hitch, and whenever possible, occluding any problems that arise until after all the festivities are over.

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Double Down On Vendor Discounts

For Megan and Clint Rorie, hiring Simply XO for their upcoming vow renewal a year after their micro-nuptials was a no-brainer. Not only did having a team of professionals give Megan some extra support as her husband tours for work, but it also helped curb price-gouging, which was something the bride knew was inevitable.

Most vendors we worked with had between a 10 to 15 percent discount for us because we were using this planner, Megan explains. This doesnt feel like much, but when youre booking things that are thousands of dollars, it really adds up.

According to Joanna Kwok, co-founder of a Canadian company called Honour & Blessing, not every planner will be able to score you a sweet discount. However, they might be able to help stretch your dollar in other ways.

Behind the scenes, wedding planners spend a lot of time building relationships with fellow vendors, she explains. Even if vendors don’t offer us discounts, we know they will always go the extra mile for us like more flowers or photoswhich results in a great wedding.

Voted Best Wedding Planner Book

Get rerouted below Planning a Wedding How to Start ...

If you’re in New Zealand or Australia and have looked for wedding planning or budgeting help online, you’re possibly already familiar with She Said Yes wedding planning guides. Cited by national newspapers as an authority on wedding planning, the blog has helped over a million couples plan their Big Day .

In 2016 She Said Yes created the perfect wedding planner book for any journal lover, note taker and checklist-devotee to get a kick-start with wedding planning. Voted the Best Wedding Planner Book in Australia by Modern Weddings Magazine, Paper & Lace and Bridal Musings, recently featured on CNN, and included in Etsy’s best wedding planners of 2020.

The little white book is a wedding planner book and organizer diary all-in-one. You’ll take it everywhere, actually use it, and keep it forever after your wedding too.

Brides to be will stay on-track and organised with this wedding planner book, create a keepsake of memories and tick off essential wedding planning checklists all the way along.

It’s the modern, multi-tasking bride’s daily diary and organiser, compiled into one stylish, smart and easy-to-carry book – the ultimate wedding planner:

Also available as a bundle with the wedding planning pack. We ship the little white wedding planner book Australia-wide daily from Melbourne & worldwide from Auckland New Zealand.

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Elegant Wedding Planning Journal

This wedding planning notebook gives couples complete freedom to organize their planning notes however they want. The pages are lined but blank, and can be used to keep vendor contact details together or for gathering inspo from magazines. Plus, you can personalize it. Choose a monogram or initials to add to the pearl leather cover of this wedding notebook for a cool way to organize your thoughts.

Claire Magnolia Wedding Notes pearl leather journal notebook, from $52,

The Knot Yours Truly: Inspiration And Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding

If you love our first book, we have even more tips and tricks to share. This wedding planner book wants to help you find the best style for your big day. There are tons of pictures from real weddings for inspo, covering everything from the cake to place settings. We know you want your wedding to be unique, and that’s where this planner comes in. Plus, there are craft projects sprinkled throughout if you like a hands-on approach.

Clarkson PotterThe Knot Yours Truly: Inspiration and Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding by Carley Roney and the editors of, $25 for the paperback,

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Find The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Wedding Planner

For this section, lets take a look at a hypothetical scenario. Imagine that two people order the same dresser from an online furniture company. It arrives at their houses in three boxes, and there are about a dozen bags of screws, nuts, and bolts. Person A has a toolbox with a hammer, screwdriver, drill, and much more. Person B has nothing but their hands and some super glue. Which person is going to be more efficient in putting together the dresser?

When it comes to growing a business, it isnt much different. Thats where Social Tables comes in. Our software can help grow your business in a variety of ways, and its used by professional wedding planners and DIY brides alike all across the world. Get started by checking out our free 3D wedding design software.

We researched several companies that offer similar services, and ultimately found Social Tables to be the best fit for us, wrote Kate Turner of Kate & Company. At any given time we could be working on over 100 different layouts. Social Tables offerings and customer service are second to none and thats why they are the best fit for Kate & Company and our family of businesses.

Additional useful wedding planning tools and software include Wedding Spot, Joy, WeddingWire, Carats & Cake, and Zola.

Perfect For Brides Seeking Expert Advice But Might Not Want To Hire A Wedding Planner


Do you find yourself wishing you had all the incredible knowledge that comes with hiring a wedding planner, but it just doesnt seem like the right option for you to do so? This book gives expert advice. A bit different from others on the list, as this is more of a guide with wonderful tips for planning your wedding. It does come with checklists to make sure youre staying on track, though!

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Bride Business By Ivory Tribeperfect For The Cheeky Bride Who Means Business

If your girlfriend just got engaged and her humour is her charm this might be the perfect gift for her. This playful planner book has a fun cheeky tone but at the same time doesnt mess around with being the perfect book to guide you in the run-up to your big day. Plus, the set comes with a wedding planner book and a pocket journal to match.

B Gregory Design Rose Gold Wedding Planner

Courtesy of Etsy

If youre an organizing queen, this planner is the one for you. The helpful book is broken down clearly into eight tabbed sections , so you wont have to worry about trying to remember where you wrote down a previous note. And with a lovely watercolor cover finished with rose gold foil that can be completely customizable, the planner is both functional and pretty. What more could a bride-to-be want?

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Your Wedding Day Will Be Filled With Countless Happy Memories Joyous Laughs And Emotional Moments

The beauty of that? It will be documented through your photographer and your guests candid pics of you and your nearest and dearest. But what about before that? Somewhere in between all of the excitement of getting engaged, your potential engagement photos, and the big day you cant wait for, a ton of things happen. When youre planning a wedding, so many happy moments youll want to remember unfold as they say, so much of the fun is in the journey.

So how can you document those special moments? Moments with your future spouse, your girlfriends, your siblings, and family. Those special times where you and your bridesmaids are dreaming about your big day and all of the details that go along with planning How can you document that in a way that you can have forever? A way to look back and smile at all the joy the journey to your big day brought you?

We recently delved deep into the best wedding planning apps to help you leave no stone unturned before your wedding day. During that process of scouting the best ways to help you plan, we also came across some beautiful wedding planner books and we couldnt get enough of the thought of having a keepsake from the period of your planning so you can look back on not only your wedding but all of the decisions and nuances that brought you there too.

So, what is a wedding planner book? What is in a wedding planner book? What does having one and using it entail?

Perfect For Gifts Or A Beautiful Memento For Years To Come

Get ready for wedding planning with this Kate Spade ...

We adore this personalised wedding planner book. It boasts a modern feel, the ability to customise your colour, and add your names and wedding date. Not only is it beautiful, making it an amazing bridal shower or engagement gift if youre a bride getting it for yourself, its so comprehensive, with sections for absolutely everything youll need on your planning journey.

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Don’t Forget That They’re Business Professionals

Aside from peak wedding season, planners usually keep normal business hours, so don’t expect them to answer your texts at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday. Better yet, swap the texts for emails instead. “Texts get lost or missed, are easy to misconstrue, and are too casual for the planning process,” says Book. “We want to keep organized files and communication records, and there’s more space to explain a question or idea in an email.” If you’re going to call your planner, schedule a time instead of just picking up the phone. “If we have you on our schedule, we can make sure to be in the office with access to any files we might needwhich means the call will be much more productive,” Book adds.

Finally, know when the wedding season is. If it’s the end of June and your planner is totally booked for the next six weeks, avoid calling or texting over the weekends. Chances are, he or she is helping another couple down the aisle and will be giving them his or her full attentionthe same full attention you’ll want on your own wedding day.

How To Get Started With Your Printable Wedding Planning Binder

A wedding planning binder is essential for keeping all of your thoughts together while preparing for the big day. Youll be coordinating with many different vendors while also making decisions about colors, decor and equipment. Whether you have a long planning timeline or just a few months, keeping a wedding planning binder will be essential to staying on top of it all!

To get started with your wedding planning binder, gather the materials below and start assembling your pages. You can pick up cute divider tabs and sticky notes from a craft or office supply store.

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Your Perfect Day Wedding Planner & Organizer


If The Great Gatsby is on your mood board, this planner will be your new best friend. The striking, unique design is inspired by the 1920s, but the inside content couldnt be more relevant to modern brides. Theres an 18-month countdown calendar, areas to mark down your thoughts on food tastings and vendor appointments, and even wallets for holding onto things like fabric swatches and magazine cutouts. Its 132 pages of wedding planning perfection.

Do Make The Extra Investment


You might be tempted to go with a slightly less expensive option so that you can keep some extra money in your budget, but the planner whose rate is $2,000 more may actually save you money in the long run. “Planners with higher fees usually have fewer clients and more experience . They’ll help you spend smarter, and you’ll get so much more out of the process,” Book explains. “It’s like the 10% – 90% rule. Ten percent of your efforts will impact 90 percent of your gain.”

Although there are many benefits to relying on your stalwart wedding planner, the planner-couple relationship is still one that begets mutual respect and, yes, sometimes, boundaries. How do you know when “making the most of your planner” becomes “taking advantage”? Here are a few things Book advises clients not to do.

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