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How Much Is A Wedding Cake For 50 Guests

You Need To Get An Idea Of Your Finances

How to Price Your Cakes

For starters, you and your future partner NEED to start tracking your expenses.

I use a free, beginner-friendly platform called Personal Capital, but any will do!

With a free app like this one, you can look at all your assets and liabilities , and also set up a budget.

I found this significantly easier for both my husband and I to collaborate instead of just one of us being in charge of a paper copy of our wedding budget.


No joke, there will always be something that you didnt think about. So please think ahead and try to be as prepared as you can! You dont want to use up all your savings or put your parents into debt over your wedding day!

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Wedding Cakes For 300 400

For up to £400, couples should expect to get a three tier wedding cake that serves up to 100 people. “The design of a three tier wedding cake for £400 is likely to be fairly basic and often the finish is buttercream, as opposed to fondant,” says Laura. “Fresh flowers can be used instead of sugar flowers for cakes in this price bracket to help keep the cost down.”

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Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are surprisingly complicated, with more than 15 different types of possible arrangements to consider. provides some details on what couples can expect to pay for some of the different floral items at their wedding.

  • Bridal bouquet: $150 to $350
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $65 to $125
  • Boutonniere: $24 to $45
  • Pin-on corsage: $32 to $48
  • Wrist corsage: $48 to $65
  • Reception flowers: $75 to $250
  • Flower girl petals: $65 per bag
  • Altar flowers: $75 to $500
  • Arrangement next to sign-in book: $150 to $250
  • Arrangement next to place cards: $65 to $125
  • Head table centerpiece: $65 to $150
  • Sweetheart table garland: $12 to $45 per foot
  • Guest table centerpiece: $75 to $400
  • Cake flowers: $25 to $150
  • Flower crown: $45 to $125

Mixing low- and high-priced florals can help keep budget costs down, as can reusing flowers from the ceremony at the reception and choosing flowers that are in season.

How Much Does A Small Wedding Cost

Wedding Cakes, Lake District

The average wedding size is 131 guests, according to The Knot. Having so many people present for your big day is a wonderful way to celebrate, but it’s also one of the reasons weddings have such a high price tag.

With catering alone averaging $70 per person, every 10 people you can cut from your guest list could save you as much as $700.

A smaller wedding could also enable you to reduce the size of your venue and save on alcohol.

As many as 92% of couples serve alcohol at their wedding, and the average cost of adult beverages is approximately $2,300, according to The Knot.

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How To Estimate Costs

To estimate wedding cake costs, the first thing you need to figure out is how many people and slices you’ll be serving. If you are doing a seated dinner with a dessert course and the wedding cake is the dessert you will be serving, you will need a slice for every single guest. However, if you are doing a whole dessert station or family-style desserts, its safe to say that not every guest will have a slice so you are going to need less cake.

Its important to keep in mind that most wedding cakes are priced out by the slice. Typically, they run around $2.50 to $8 per slice in the U.S., according to Bake My Day Baking in Dallas, but they often get closer to $12 per size with some of the more labor-intensive designs and specialty ingredients.

We have a minimum starting point and then add price based on time to execute the design, not so much by the slice, says Jamaica Crist of Top Tier Treats in Los Angeles. The price on any two-tiered or larger cake does tend to average between $7 to $9 per slice, as a base point. It can go way over that depending on the intricacy involved.

Which Factors Impact Wedding Cake Prices

Not surprisingly, the bigger and more elaborate a wedding cake is, the higher the cost of a wedding cake will be. A wedding cake featuring lots of design elements, including sugar flowers, fondant details, many tiers, and unique shapes, will cost more than a simpler cake with classic buttercream icing, a few fresh flowers, and fewer tiers. While your flavor choice likely wont have an impact on your wedding cakes price, requesting certain custom flavors may raise your wedding cake cost a bit.

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Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake

For couples looking to end the night with something sweet, wedding cakes typically cost anywhere from $1.50 to $12.00 per slice, with the overall average landing at $540, according to Wedding Forward. Factors that affect the price include

  • ingredients,
  • delivery fees, and
  • equipment rentals.

Unfortunately, couples hoping that alternatives such as wedding cupcakes may cost them less will likely be disappointed as Wedding Forward reports that common options such as wedding cupcakes or cake pops carry an average price tag of $2.50 to $4.00 per serving — on par with a low- to mid-priced cake.

Walmart Wedding Cake Prices


Cake prices may vary from location to location or be subject to change based on your personal cake choices. However, these are the standard prices you could expect to pay for wedding cakes from Walmart.

  • A 12-serving custom sheet cake starts at about $10.
  • A 24- serving custom sheet cake costs just under $20.
  • A 48-serving custom sheet cake starts around $30.
  • A 96-serving custom sheet cake is about $43.
  • A two-tier wedding cake costs around $60.
  • A three-tier wedding cake costs about $140.
  • Custom cupcakes cost around $10 per dozen.

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Why Do We Cut Cake At Wedding

The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, although historically the bride did this act alone to symbolize the loss of her virginity. These days, the bride requires the grooms assistance and usually they do not cut the entire cake up, but instead leave that duty to the caterer.

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

When it comes to your wedding dreams versus your wedding budget, compromises always have to be made to keep the cost of your wedding reasonable. Luckily there are some easy ways to save money on your wedding cake without sacrificing much in the way of style or presentation. Here are our best money-saving cake tips:

Opt for buttercream frosting:Buttercream not only tastes better to most people than fondant, but its cheapersometimes up to a $1.00 less per slice. If youre trimming dollars, buttercream is a win-win for both taste and price point.

Serve half-servings instead of full slices:Since guests often only eat a few bites of their cake, opt to serve half-servings . Thus if youre having 200 guests, youll only need to order a cake that serves 100. This is an especially great option if youre serving an additional dessert alongside the wedding cake.

Combine a display cake + sheet cake:Display a petite version of your dream cake, complete with metallic paint and fondant roses, for your guests to ooh and ahh over. This will be your cake for photographing and cutting. Then order sheet cakes in the same flavor to be cut and served from the kitchen, which will save you big bucks.

Simplify your flavors:Check with your local baker, but often basic flavors like vanilla and chocolate will cost less than complex flavors like carrot cake or espresso.

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Whats The Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can vary in price depending on cake size, serving sizes, and what decorations are included in the design. Will you be serving coffee sized portions or serving your cake for dessert? How many guests do you need to serve? Do you have a topper or do you want fresh flowers in your decorations as well? Before deciding how much to spend on your cake, consider what is included in that cost.

The average wedding cake around Australia costs $537. Couples in Western Australia and Victoria can expect to pay a bit above average for a cake. Those in other states will come in below average with couples in the Northern Territory spending the least amount on their wedding cake.

  • Victoria $553
  • Tasmania $498
  • Northern Territory $429

Dont forget to factor delivery in with your cake cost as well. It may be tempting to save costs by having someone pick it up yourself, but many suppliers dont allow this. Dont run the risk and pay the extra for delivery, and you wont regret it!

Plan For The Unexpected

How Much Does Wedding Cake Cost In 2019?

Tiered cakes normally require a special set of utensils. Make sure you have a cake knife, easily accessible plates for you and your partner, two forks, napkins, and your drink of choice.

Ask your caterer or baker to bring a couple of extra cake cutting sets in case either of you forgets your favorite set at home.

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What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Cake

U.S. households spend an average of $900 annually. The price of wedding cake is around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals in your area. Couples typically spend between $125 and $700 on average, with the higher end often exceeding $1,000. The couple will decorate their wedding cake with this message.

How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost In Australia

The cost of a wedding is getting more expensive each day, from the reception, the flowers, the cars, the photographer and so much more its hard to stick to a budget.

So when it comes to a wedding cake, how much does it cost?

Like all trades, you are paying for a professionals skills. I have been decorating cakes since I was ten years old, and like many other people with a passion, I have also gone through the hard yards of completing my apprenticeship and getting my qualification. Now 16 years on, the wedding cake business has changed so much with so many cake flavours available and different icings to choose from, its never been easier to get your dream wedding cake at the right price.

With quality comes a price, wedding cakes are a work of art, and they can take anywhere from 8hrs to 100hrs to complete! The ingredients themselves are the least of the cost with every rose and every layer having been handmade by a professional cake artist.

So how do you keep to your budget? Things to consider before you set your budget. How many guests are you having? Is it for dessert or to take home? Do you want something modern or vintage? Would you like lavish detailing or simple but elegant?

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How Do You As A Couple Cut The Wedding Cake For 50 Guests

The cake cutting is seen by many as the best part of the reception. You should consider when and how you’ll be cutting the wedding cake. For a 4 tier wedding cake, it’s usually customary for the married couple to cut the first piece from the bottom tier. Follow these steps when cutting your wedding cake for 50 guests:

  • Before cutting the cake, you should ensure there’s a plate and two forks ready.
  • The guests will usually be seated and the married couple will be called in front and pose with the cake for photos. Family and friends can also take photos at this time.
  • Usually the bride picks up the knife and the groom puts his hand over the bride’s hand. The traditional positioning of the wife is standing to the right of the groom, but either way is fine.
  • The newly married couple will cut the cake, and more photos are taken.
  • While the bride and groom take the first bite. There are a couple of different ways this is normally done:
    • Simultaneously – get a bite on the fork and feed each other.
    • After each other – the groom feeds the bride a piece and vice versa.
    • For some cultures – parents have to cut the first piece of cake and give it to the couple.
  • You could end the ceremony with a kiss.
  • Trained staff members of your wedding venue usually cut the remaining slices for the guests. The cake can either be served by waiters, or guests can get a piece of cake themselves.
  • What Flavours And Trends Are Popular

    How Much Cake Should I Serve at My Wedding?

    5% of couples have a fruit cake for their wedding despite it being the traditional flavour for wedding cakes in the past. 69% of couples are instead opting for a mud cake in a chocolate or vanilla flavour.

    21% of couples opt for other flavours such as lemon or raspberry. 5% have a flourless or gluten-free cake. Were seeing a rise in mixed flavoured cakes with combinations like raspberry and champagne definitely getting us in the mood for a cake tasting.

    Naked cakes and rough icing are still very popular with couples stylistically. Rustic, vintage and bohemian themes will be well suited to these cake designs. White and mixed metallic cake designs that add that luxe factor come in on the other side of the wedding spectrum. Were seeing more of these in traditional, elegant and modern weddings.

    Were also seeing couples who dont like sweets go for a cheese cake for their wedding. We are 100% on board with this trend!

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    Avoid Cutting Into The Top Tier

    You may feel like cutting right into the top where your cake topper is but its important to note that this is the least stable part of your cake. For your cakes survival, cutting your first piece from the bottom tier may be your best choice. Then, if you and your partner want, freeze the top tier for your first-anniversary celebration.

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