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How To Design Your Wedding

Get Every Seat Right With The Best 3d Wedding Design Software Create Accurate Professional Diagrams In Minutes

How To Create Your Wedding Design | Part 1

Easy for first-time users

Picking the best venue, finding the caterer, keeping track of the extended relatives, staying on budget – planning a wedding is a lot to worry about.

Ease your anxiety with a free wedding planning tool that you can pick up the first time you log in. Plus, save your work as layouts, and build off of it for your next wedding reception.

Everything you need to stay organized

Access all the important information for your event in one place, anytime, anywhere online. Use online storage for each event to hold your contracts, photos, videos, diagrams, guest list, and more.

Upload each new version of your guest list to consolidate the latest responses into a single, accurate list.

Successful events made simple

Personalize the experience with custom furniture, adding your clients logo, detailed color and size selections and more.

With accurate floor plans and 3D views you can even ensure everyone has a great angle of the happy couple from their seats.

Benefits Of Designing Your Own Marriage Invite:

  • You can save money by using a do-it-yourself template or design.
  • You can create a unique invitation that reflects your personality and style.
  • You can add extra wording or graphics that reflect your wedding theme or location.
  • If youre having a destination wedding, you can print maps or directions on the invite.
  • You can create a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

The Centerpieces In Your Wedding Venue

Centerpieces require a little more than a mention. Your centerpieces will either create a dramatic effect or a feeling of sparsity. A large table requires a large centerpiece. Dare to create a breathtaking experience when your guests enter the room with oversized candelabras and your favorite wedding flowers on top. Consider manzanita trees with floating candles to decorate the limbs. Add your favorite flowers to bring in your wedding colors. Whether manzanita tree, candelabra or a lantern, use beading or pearls to create an added look of elegance. Never let your centerpiece stand alone. Always fill the space with candles, small vases and flowers.

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How To Design Your Wedding Mood Board In 5 Simple Steps

If you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, you may be thinking about the design and style of your day. This can be quite a daunting place to start as there are so many options. You may have a load of ideas going around your head. To help you put all of your design ideas together I have invited Charlotte Nichols back to the blog after her fabulous advice on Colour Predictions for 2018s Hottest Weddings. Charlotte is an expert wedding planner and stylist so she is here to tell you all you need to know about putting your wedding mood board together. So without further ado over to Charlotte

Hello gorgeous brides, grooms and wedding enthusiasts! My name is Charlotte of Charlotte Nichols Weddings and today I am going to be talking to you about one of the most important aspects in executing your wedding design.

Color Trends: Its Time To Go Green

Dazzling Wedding Inspiration

As many couples move toward a more nature-inspired wedding look, its only *natural* that earth tones have a starring role. From floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses to the wedding cake itself, all signs point to green being in vogue this season.

Here are some trending shades of green for spring 2022:

  • Sea green. Think of the blue-green waters of the Mediterraneanor the light, opalescent shine of sea glass. These hues will be a great choice if your spring wedding is happening at the beach!
  • Sage green. Think of eucalyptus leaves, or a muted pistachio color. Sage green is especially lovely for a spring wedding when paired with light pink.
  • Emerald green. Think of the dark sheen of tropical foliage, or the deep tones of the gem itself. This dark shade of green will pack a dramatic punch to offset any other jewel tones in your palette.

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How To Create A Custom Wedding Invitation Design

Your wedding is by all accounts one of the biggest events youll ever plan. Sure, there will be birthday parties and anniversary bashes, but if theres an even worth incorporating one-of-a-kind details for, its definitely your wedding day. And while there are so many gorgeous wedding invitation designs and accessories out there, if youve even thought about creating something truly unique that only you will have, a custom wedding invitation design might be perfect for you. Even better? You dont have to endlessly search to find the perfect designer. Minted has got you covered.

As one of the largest marketplaces for independent designers online, Minted already has an amazing collection of ready-made invitations to buy at some of the best prices youll find . But if you can dedicate more to your wedding invitation budget, you should definitely consider one of their custom designs for your big day. From watercolor illustrations to custom maps and venue drawings as well as wedding invitation suites, custom design fees start from $300-$850. If creating a design inspired by your venue or how you and your spouse met is something youve been dreaming about, read on to find out how the artists at Minted can create a custom design for you.

Make Your Registry & Wedding Website

There’s no such thing as making your registry and wedding website too early. With engagement parties, showers and well-wishing relatives in your future, everyone will appreciate your foresight. After all, weddings and gifting are synonymous. And although gifts are optional for some wedding events, like engagement parties, some of your guests may want to give you something to commemorate the occasion. We recommend setting up your registry through The Knot so guests don’t have to ask what you’d like.

Your wedding website is equally as important. This is a helpful tool for loved ones, because it houses all the relevant details about your wedding day, like the date, time, dress code, and transportation logistics you’ve arranged, like hotel room blocks or shuttle services. Beyond that, it’s a place to show off your favorite proposal and engagement photos, as well as local recommendations for those that will travel to your nuptials. Create your wedding website early, and update it frequently as you finalize more details. Then, include the link on your save-the-dates and on an insert in your formal invitations so guests know how to find it.

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Research Tour & Book Wedding Venues:

Once you have an idea in mind for your wedding style, now is the time to start researching wedding venues. As we mentioned, you will also want to consider your guest list. Ask friends and family for recommendations, search online, and pop onto Instagram. Before you arrive for your tour, review the number of guests the space can accommodate, the cost, and whether or not you can host your ceremony and reception onsite. Once you have toured your ideal spaces, book your venue!

Savvy Wedding Planning Tip:

Hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue makes the day easier for everyone, especially if youre considering not working with a wedding planner. The less movement that needs to occur between spaces, the better!

Timeless Wedding Graphic Design Trends

How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag

There are some wedding design elements that never go out of style. These timeless graphic design elements can work in a pinch if you need something quickly or function beautifully for someone who is undecided on a look or theme for wedding pieces.

  • Beautiful calligraphy: Nothing screams romance and class like two names in amazing type styles
  • Simple florals: Nothing elaborate here, simple florals from outlined icons to watercolor flowers to simple sketches add a sense of romance
  • Swashes and lines: Beautiful swashes, flourishes and lines can bring together elements in often text-heavy designs such as invitations. The same elements can carry over to other designed pieces as well for a more cohesive feel.

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How To Make A Budget Wedding Website With Tumblr

Having a wedding website or blog is all the rage, and it can be a great way to keep your friends and family up-to-date with your wedding planning for the special day.

There are lots of services out there to help, but many are quite expensive or complicated. Today were taking a look at how you can build your own wedding website in a few simple steps, using the .

Youll have a wedding website to be proud of, in no time at all . All for the price of a couple of wedding magazines!

Initial Request + Brief

First things first, fill out the initial inquiry form.

From there, a customer service member will reach out to you within 1-2 days. Then, youll be asked to create a design brief that will outline your needs, wants, preferred styles, etc. Youll have chances to tweak as you go on and finalize everything, but the brief is a hugely important step in the process. Many creatives and design folks will tell you, a project is only as good as the brief! This is your chance to kick everything off design-wise on the right foot.

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Plan Your Wedding Guest List Tactfully

Emma Cleary Photo & Video,Oheka Castle

By now, you already have a general idea of how big your wedding will be thanks to the previous planning you’ve already completed. Once you have a ceremony or reception site booked, for instance, you’re going to be limited by how many people it can accommodate. But beyond that, consider what you want the flow of the day to look like. Would you rather have quality one-on-one time with each guest or throw a once-in-a-lifetime party for all your friends and family? This will affect the exact number of people you invite. Keep in mind that including more guests in your wedding plans means higher prices, as catering costs are generally calculated on a per-head basis. So, in addition to location, your budget will have a big influence on the size of your guest list.

If your parents will be contributing financially to the wedding, they have a say on the guest list. Work with them to determine exactly who will receive an invitation. And, if you’re not sure how to create your guest list without drama, use this helpful guide as a resource.

Creative Cloud Express Offers Creativity Without Stress

Design Your Own Wedding Cake With New Online Tool

When youre putting a wedding together, the most useful resources are the ones that give you choices without adding any cost or stress. Creative Cloud Express lets you create wedding invitations in a straightforward process that doesnt require any technical knowledge. Creative Cloud Express puts the power of creation in your hands. Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to design and create a wedding invitation exactly how you want it to look. Our intuitive, easy-to-use functions mean you spend less time trying to figure out how to use the program and more time creating the perfect wedding invitation. Best of all, Creative Cloud Express is completely free to use.

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Create A Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a key component of modern weddings. While you might not consider it on your list of wedding essentials, its a huge help in terms of sharing all the relevant information with your guests. If you want to avoid being a stressed-out bride by answering dozens of the same questions over and over, creating a wedding website is the ticket! From listing your registries, hotel accommodations, the starting time of your wedding ceremony and reception and more youll give your guests all the important info they need to attend and celebrate your special day. Its also great if you use a site like Joy that allows you to restrict certain details to specific guests so you can inform and collet RSVPs for various wedding events like rehearsal dinner information, engagement parties, day after brunch and more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Your wedding vendors should be your go-to, most-trusted experts during the planning process. When working with them, you should feel free to really explore what it is you wantmaybe it’s serving a late-night snack instead of a first course or doing a bridal portrait session rather than an engagement session. The bottom line is that you should feel like you can have an honest conversation with them about what it is you want. Their job will be to tell you what you can and can’t make work given your wedding budget.

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+ Best Lightroom Wedding Presets 2022

Designing a beautiful wedding album can be tough when you also have to go through hundreds of photos while enhancing and editing them as well. Thankfully, Photoshop introduced a solution to that painful process with Lightroom.

Now, all you need are a few Lightroom presets and you can instantly enhance your wedding photos in a way that looks professional and consistent. We hand-picked a few of the best wedding Lightroom presets for optimizing photos of your special day.

Were also featuring a collection of tips for editing wedding photos, to help out with using these presets and creating stunning wedding images!

23 Jul 2021

In Your Experience How Does A Wedding Budget Get Derailed

How to Design Your Wedding Planning Logo

If you have a hard budget number for your wedding, its essential to keep it on the rails! The biggest factor determining wedding costs is always going to be your guest count. Some things dont scale down as easily, but with the guest count, your food and beverage, rentals and decor costs will. The more guests you have, the greater the overall cost will be. Adding custom details will also send costs soaring. Things like custom clothing, custom installations and personalized elements are expensive because they require more labour.

Another factor most couples dont budget for is taxes, fees and built-in gratuities. When reviewing pricing, it can be confusing to navigate generic per person estimates and hourly packages when you dont even know how much you need. Thats why I always suggest asking for a detailed pre-quote. Choose a menu or a package to get the ball rolling and once you have a formal quote in hand, it will include all of those extra fees, not just a generic base price. Then you can properly weigh the options.

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Slowly Begin To Create Your Timeline

Next, begin building your timeline by thinking of your wedding. Start by asking yourself questions and begin making decisions about your weddings logistics. Every little detail is important, from planning how long it takes to get ready, to deciding if you want to make a special exit. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Will there be a rehearsal dinner?
  • Where will you be getting ready?
  • How many bridesmaids will be getting their hair and makeup done?
  • Are your ceremony and reception in separate locations?
  • Will you do a First Look?
  • How many family photos do you want to take?
  • Do you want to enjoy your cocktail hour and mingle with your guests?
  • How many people are giving toasts?
  • What time is sunset?
  • Are there any games or entertainment items you want to include during your dinner reception?
  • Do you want to toss your bouquet?
  • Do you want to make an exit or dance until the last song?

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