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What Are The Best Silicone Wedding Rings

What Makes Them Cool Rings For Men


Silicone wedding bands have exploded in popularity in recent years, in part because of the economic benefits.

The average groom wants a band thats a symbol of love. And one that commemorates an unforgettable day not a piece of jewelry that breaks the bank.

And its not just grooms who are opting for a silicone wedding ring. All of the brands below offer multiple options for womens rings as well, to include unique colors, textures, and stackable styles for brides who want a silicone engagement ring in addition to their wedding ring.

Silicone Wedding Bands Help Save Money

Looking at traditional wedding bands can seem daunting due to the price tag. Many gold and silver bands can cost hundreds of dollars, even thousands, and will still scratch and fade over time.

When you purchase a silicone wedding band, you can often spend less than $20 for a stylish and comfortable ring and use the money saved for a well-deserved vacation or gift for your new partner in life.

Replacing silicone wedding bands is also extremely simple, as many silicone rings come in bundles of 3 or more in case any do break or end up lost.

So What Should We Look For

  • Quality – Look for the silicone ring company that only uses the best, medical-grade silicone.
  • Performance – Look for moisture control and airflow technology, two of the most important features in a premium silicone ring.
  • Price – Yes, price is a consideration when looking for a safe wedding band, but it should be considered through the lens of functionality, fashion, and comfort.

Lets face it, you want the company who makes the best silicone wedding bands. Period.

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Groove Life Personalized Text Custom Ring

For a ring as unique as your love, this silicone wedding band can be engraved with numbers, monograms or icons, and customized to your preferred style and color. Besides their pieces being ultra-comfortable, Groove Life also offers some of the most durable silicone wedding rings, with a 94-year warranty that promises your ring will be replaced if it ever snaps or stretches out of shape.

Silicone Rings Infused With Metal

Best Silicone Wedding Ring in 2020

Want the best of both worlds? These silicone wedding rings from the thin elements collection are infused with bits of metal. Buy here.

Heres the metal infused silicone wedding bands we spotted in copper, gold, silver, black, and even rose gold.

rubber rings via hererubber rings via heresilicone wedding rings via here

There are other styles available. This style of silicone rings is designed to wear one-at-a-time and features a slanted brick-like design.

silicone wedding rings via here

Other popular colors include turquoise, black, white, grey, and navy blue.

silicone rings via heresilicone rings via here

These hammered style silicone wedding rings feature a ton of bold colors like red, goldenrod, and jade. Here are some top picks!

silicone rings via here

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Best Silicone Wedding Rings

Traditionally, wedding bands are made of hard precious metals however, soon after you have exchanged your wedding vows, the honeymoon is done and dusted and you get back into your everyday routine, you soon realize that your wedding ring is getting in the way.

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Not only does it clink against everything you touch, but there is also a real worry that youll lose your precious ring down the drain and your ring can be a safety hazard too, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. And, youre probably taking off your wedding band every time you wash the dishes, workout at the gym or work on your hobbies.

Youll be surprised to know that these days, wedding rings made of silicone are becoming extremely popular.

Silicone Rings With A Whimsical Design

The intricate laser-cut designs make these rings.

Looking for something a bit more elegant? This thin, etched band will fit your fancy. Sold in a variety of neutral and pastel tones, there are plenty of elegant options to temporarily replace your real band. And since the etched designs come in packs of four, youll have backups or the option to stack a few colors to create the ring pairing of your choosing.

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Enso Rings Classic Birthstone Silicone Ring

Finding a wedding band thats as unique as you and your partners bond may seem like an impossible feat, but there are a number of ways to customize your ring. Enso rings , for example, offers engraving services on all of its products, so you can easily add a personal touch to your ring.

Custom silicone rings also make for great gifts. You could surprise your best friend, mom, or sister with Enso Rings Birthstone or Infinity Collection.

Thunderfit Breathable Airflow Inner

Best Silicone Wedding Rings 2020 â Why choose silicone rings and which are best

Breathable Design

Does your ring bother you when you are doing handwork? If so, consider getting the ThunderFit breathable silicone wedding ring and you will barely feel you wear anything at all.

First thing first, the inner side of the ring features special airflow pro tunnels that ensure efficient ventilation and prevent your fingers from getting sweaty under the ring. It will be especially handy for those who have to wear any sort of protection gloves at work. But take note that the ventilation pattern is available on monochrome rings only.

Moving on to the sizes, this model suits people with a ring size ranging from 5.5-6 to 15.5-16. To make sure the ring sits well and doesnt move even on the wet finger, the manufacturer added special smooth corner edges. Whatever the size, each ring is quite big and will be well-noticeable on your finger.

On top of that, these silicone rings are free from latex. So, if you are allergic to this material, you still can safely wear the ThunderFit ring. In the meantime, the lack of silicone doesnt affect the durability or resilience of the whole design and the item will still be able to serve you for a long time.

Bottom line, if you seek a hypoallergenic piece of jewelry that sits nicely, looks posh, yet doesnt cause unpleasant sensations, consider getting the ThunderFit Breathable silicone wedding ring.

Additional Info

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The Fan Favorite With A Replacement Warranty

QALO rings earn high praise for durability, and this highly rated pick is great if you want a basic silicone ring in black or gray. The flat silhouette with squared-off edges is timeless and comfortable, and the ring can withstand up to 22 pounds of force without breaking, so itâll last through rugged hands-on work and outdoor activities. Whatâs more, if your ring does break, the company offers a one-time replacement warranty, no matter how long itâs been since your purchase. However, the ringâs interior doesnât have airflow grooves â just the QALO brand stamp â so this might not be the best option if breathability is important to you.

According to a reviewer: âI haven’t had one of these fade, rip, tear, or otherwise breakdown, and you can’t even tell you’re wearing them most of the time.â

  • Available sizes: 8 â 13
  • Available colors: 2

Silicone Wedding Bands Uniquely You

Silicone rings are more affordable than a metal band, and considering the cost of an average wedding today, any savings helps. They can be as much as 10% less than a metal band and are often under $50! Imagine having that much more in your pocket to go towards other wedding costs.

You can buy two or three and stack them in different colors or designs. You could match your wedding colors or get one in each of your favorites. Other options include engravings, patterns, textures, and metallic effects. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Barbell Bands Silicone Ring For Men

One of the reasons you might be considering a silicone ring is because you want something you can wear when youre working out. These stylish mens silicone band rings have been designed to go hand-in-hand with your existing gym attire with a slick, barbell grip-inspired crosshatch design and sporty colour options.

Made with 100% premium medical-grade silicone, these bands come with a satisfaction guarantee, so youve nothing to lose by trying them out .

Are Silicone Rings Strong


Whilst silicone rings can be described as strong they are designed to break under too much pressure and save precious fingers in the event of an accident. As mentioned, many of the best silicone wedding band providers offer great extended warranties so should your ring break you will be able to let them know exchange your ring easily.

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Are Silicone Wedding Rings Comfortable

If you are looking for comfortable finger rings for your sensitive skin, go with the Silicone Rings, which is ideal for you. They are made with lightweight, sturdy, and stretchy components blended to deliver comfy accessories.

These are specially made for men’s, and women’s hands give active and trendiest hands look on your occasions.

Silicone Rings With A Metallic Shine

Its sold in matte, metallic, and camo options!

This thick, masculine option has more than 12,000 stellar reviews. The flexible silicone ring, which is sold in an array of matte and metallic solid colors, measures 10 millimeters across and is durable. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if youre not happy, the company will give you your money back.

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First: Arent Silicone Rings Just Cheap Rubber Wedding Bands

In a word, no.

A top-quality silicone wedding ring is far nicer and more durable that you might think if you havent handled one.

These are nowhere near being cheap rubber wedding rings made from the same stuff as a rubber band.

While premium silicone has the look and feel of rubber, it is not 100% natural like rubber is but thats a good thing.

Silicones primary ingredient is silica but the addition of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other fillers produces a durable elastomer. Think of the relationship between rubber and silicone as being similar to the relationship between raw gold or iron and a specific alloy.

No jeweler uses pure 24K gold to make rings or necklaces. Instead, 14K or 18K gold incorporates additional elements to create a finished product with improved durability characteristics. Its the same idea when distinguishing between rubber wedding bands and silicone wedding rings.

Unlike rubber, silicone is very resistant to extreme heat, cold, abrasion, and UV exposure. With most rings, the silicone will maintain its integrity in any temperature from -50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, its quick to return to its normal size when stretched or compressed.

Silicone does not absorb or react with most chemicals, and its 100% food safe. That means its safe enough that it often appears in medical devices and implants.

Silicone Rings In Pretty Pastel Colors

Silicone Wedding Rings: Better Than Metal?

Choose one or buy a few to create a custom stack.

If you love the idea of a braided silicone wedding band but are hoping for a ton of colors to choose from, Enso has you covered. These ultra-thin rings are sold in 20 colors, ranging from black and white to mint green and cherry blossom. And, thanks to their thin nature, they dont require air grooves for comfortable wear.

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Bring The Thunder: Thunderfit

ThnderFit strives to give you a ring that can handle everything your life throws at it while looking great. Their rings are designed to stay out of your way and let you live the adventures you want without worrying about damaging your ring or it making your finger uncomfortable. ThunderFit offers grooved rings, stackable rings, and simple bands with colors ranging from bright neon to subtle natural colors all to fit your style.

Silicone Wedding Rings Thickness

The silicone wedding rings thickness dictates how it both looks and feels when wearing it. The thicker ones are more noticeable, and you can no doubt feel that you indeed are sporting them.

Apart from that, they are rugged and tougher, while the thinner wedding bands are shiny and more stylish. When you put them on you can barely feel them.

Depending on ones taste, some people like wearing thicker rings while others prefer to wear thinner ones. There is, however, one advantage to sporting the thinner ones they look glossy and cute and you will hardly realize that you are putting them on.

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This Affordable Multipack Of Rings With Airflow Grooves

One of the best things about silicone rings is their affordability, and this multipack of men’s silicone rings is extra wallet-friendly. The pack contains seven two-tone rings in various colors, so you can swap them as often as you like and keep backups on hand in case you lose one. You can also opt for a single-color pack in black, dark red, and gray styles. The rings boast a rounded design with interior grooves that provide grip and airflow, but they don’t come with a warranty.

According to a reviewer: âFit perfectly and very comfortable. Worn them to the gym, working on my truck, and running a shovel in the dirt. Don’t even notice it’s there.â

  • Available sizes: 5.5 â 16
  • Available colors: 10, including black, gray, and multicolor packs

The Pros And Cons Of Silicone Rings

Silicone Wedding Ring For Women By ROQ, Set of 4 Silicone ...

Silicone wedding bands are a fraction of the price of a diamond ring and are easy to find. Not only do they help prevent theft, but they also help keep your rings in better condition. When youre wearing a silicone ring, youre not wearing your real ring as often, meaning youre preventing scratching and general wear and tear. They also fit comfortably and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Of course, silicone isnt as resilient as a metal. Silicone will not last a lifetime when worn every day, because silicone breaks down over time, Offman says. A ring made of gold or platinum will last forever if made well. Still, its nice to have the option of wearing something much less expensive when the situation calls for it.

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Rinfit Silicone Wedding Rings For Women

Available for individual purchase or in packs of three or four, these thin silicone rings were designed with functionality and style in mind. Plus, theyre ideal for stacking or doubling-up on.

One reviewer raved, Im 8 months pregnant and had to hang up my beautiful wedding ring due to swelling and tried to substitute for a cheapy silver plated ring that just didnt hold up. I found this and it instantly won me over because i didnt see anything else like a set on amazon!

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