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What Dress To Wear As A Wedding Guest

Most Fashion Forward: Dessy Group Cowl


Courtesy of The Dessy Group,

Our Lovely bridal party collection with Dessy Group has so many great fashion-forward options for wedding guests for Spring. With the weather warming up, its the perfect time to rock bright colors, modern cutouts, or unexpected details like a cowl neckline or asymmetrical hem, List says.

Vintage Wedding Attire For Men

Wrangling the chaos of an upscale vintage flea market into an orderly, coordinated event takes a lot of careful consideration. It wont take nearly as much effort to put together a look that honors the aesthetic of the day. Vintage weddings invite color and pattern in ways very traditional weddings do not. This is also the right time to bust out unique accessories, like your grandfathers cufflinks or a funky boutonniere lapel pin. Have fun, but think of your outfit like an old turntable console: Play your favorites, but dont play them too loud.

What to Wear:

Nehru Jacket Paired With Trousers

Nehru jacket is back in the fashion when it comes to attending Indian wedding. The beauty of Nehru jacket is you can get that Indian ethnic look just by wearing this half sleeves jacket. Also it would go well even with a jeans but if it match it with a kurta pajama then you are bound to get some compliments.

Nehru jacket comes in various fabrics but go with a silk or raw silk one as that would give an little shinny look which is perfect for attending an Indian Wedding.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Off

If dressing up isn’t your thing, we’ve got just the outfit for you. You don’t need to worry about planning a look with this mini dressthe ruched bodice and puff off-the-shoulder sleeves make enough of a statement on their own. Just pair it with your favorite black sandals and you’ll be fully dressed.

Spring Wedding Attire For Men

7 Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding,

Weather-wise, spring is a lot like fall, and depending on where the wedding is happening, it could be warm or chilly. If the forecast looks warm, add some color to your look with accessories, and wear a light colored suit. If it looks to be a colder day, try a grey or blue suit.

What to Wear:

Spring Wedding Attire Inspiration:

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Abercrombie & Fitch Cropped Long

It’s not a secret that two-piece sets are having a serious moment, and this one is definitely wedding-guest appropriate. With a super-flattering portrait neckline and 3/4-length sleeves, this top will make a statement in the best wayjust don’t forget to buy the matching midi skirt too.

Most Elegant: Andrea Iyamah ‘savana’ Dress


This mustard yellow dress is a must-wear for a spring wedding. The elegant floor-length look is reminiscent of the sunset at golden hour, which inspired the designer to create it. The sash on the dress is made for styling how you likeif you want to show more of your figure, tie at your waist for a tighter fit.

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Wedding Guest Should Know This:

  • The fashion magazine Vogue puts it in a nutshell: Your role as a bridesmaid is to look adorable, but not too glamorous to stand out without stinging too much a very subtle character.
  • This description applies to the outfits of all wedding guests.
  • After all, the wedding for the bride and groom is one of the most important days in a couples life, and you, as a wedding guest, contribute with your presence a vital part.
  • Be more aware of dresses to wear to a wedding.

Wedding Guest Attire: Dos And Don’ts

What to Wear to A Wedding | Wedding Guest Dress Ideas Lookbook

While theyre plenty of fun and an excellent excuse to dress up, deciding what to wear to a wedding as a guest can be tricky, with all of the etiquette and rules that come with the day.

From whether you can wear black, white or red to if your fascinator should match your dress or shoes, weve got all of your wedding guest outfit dilemmas covered in this guide of dos and donts.

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Do Consider Dress Alternatives

Dresses are the traditional answer to what to wear at a wedding, but if you feel more comfortable in trousers or a jumpsuit than a dress, then go for it. In most cases theyre a more practical choice, especially if you have small children to look after. Jumpsuits and two-piece suits make a great alternative to a dress and are super chic for modern sophistication, says Joely.

Suits or co-ords that are sold separately are great if youre a different size on top than on the bottom. Youre likely to get more wear out of them after the wedding too, as they can easily be mixed and matched with casual pieces in your wardrobe.

George Purple Floral Print Angel Sleeve Jumpsuit | RRP: £24 | Sizes: 6-24

Its all in the details with this stunning jumpsuit from the square neckline for a modern touch to the angel sleeves and the cute ditsy floral print. The elasticated waist and wide-leg fit keeps it delightfully comfy for all-day wear.

Zara Tailored Double-Breasted Blazer and Chino Trousers | RRP: £87.98 | Zara

Suits are having a moment and offer a modern alternative if dresses arent your thing. Go for a pop of colour such as this blue number and add feminine flourishes by pairing with a silky cami and sparkly heels.

Looking For The Perfect Winter Wedding Guest Dress Theres Just One Rule

Winter weddings are arguably as popular as spring and summer ceremonies, as well as abroad matrimonies, especially after some couples sadly had their nuptials postponed during lockdown.

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What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

If you’re not sure what you should wear to a wedding, we’ve got you covered. When it comes to wedding fashion etiquette, there are a few rules that’ll help you find an outfit that’s appropriate and stylish. Brush up on these fool-proof tips below before you start shopping so you know exactly what kind of clothes you can wear to a wedding.

Black Tie Wedding Attire For Guests

Cute Fall Wedding Guest Outfits

Black tie is a highly formal wedding dress code that is typically called upon for evening weddings. For female guests, it requires a formal, floor-length gown. However, you may be able to get away with a sophisticated cocktail dress. Just be sure to double-check with the bride or someone in the bridal party beforehand to ensure you dont appear underdressed.

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Final Word Indian Wedding Guest Dresses

Attending an Indian wedding is so too much fun but you need dress it right for the occasion. You need to make sure that what you wear must be comfortable as in a big fat Indian wedding you would be dancing and will be open the move, so choose something which is very comfortable.

In Hindu wedding or Punjabi wedding, you would see a lot of dances, music, drinks and flare. So go for bright and vibrant colors which represents your personality. Weddings in most of the Bollywood movies show the cultures and traditions in a beautiful way but you would see a lot more when you attend an Indian wedding in person.

Muslim wedding and most of the South Indian weddings are more traditional and its a great event to know the cultures and traditions up and close.

If you need help with accessing any of the mentioned wedding guest outfit ideas, you can bank on us! We specialize in ethnic wedding couture be it the outfit for the bride or groom, for the bridesmaid or the guests.

If you want to get a customized outfit made, you can get in touch with us. Our designers and stylists will reach out to you with a host of options from which you can customize your outfit. So get going and be ready to rock that wedding party with an outfit as gorgeous as it can get.

So, what do you think which outfit would you like to wear in upcoming Indian Wedding?

Know And Meet The Dress Code

Our next section looks at dress codes in detail use it if you need the help!

What a man should wear to a wedding is whatever will fit in with what the bride and groom are expecting from their audience.

That will almost always be printed in the wedding invitation. If the invitation makes no mention of dress code at all, assume that business dress or the higher end of business-casual would be welcome colored suits are probably fine, as are dress trousers and blazers, but you can reasonably expect to wear a jacket and tie of some kind unless the invitation specifically says not to.

For weddings with one of the different types of dress codes, wear the best example you have of the standard. That is to say, have a proper black-tie ensemble for a black-tie wedding, a dark suit with a white dress shirt and a conservative tie for a business dress wedding, and so on.

The more casual the code, the more flexibility you have. You always want to err on the side of formality though. Outside of costume weddings, a man should almost always have at least some sort of jacket. If the invitation calls for casual dress, you can wear blue jeans with a suit or sports jacket. You’ll be both within the dress code and neatened up for the occasion.

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Tiaras Or Sparkly Headpieces

If youre married yourself, you may have a tiara carefully wrapped up in tissue paper somewhere that youre just dying to wear again. Well, forget it and keep your sparkly headpiece for a Christmas party or ball. Have a great up-do instead if its an elegant evening event you can always wear a sparkly diamante clip or accessory in the back of your hair.

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

What to Wear To A Wedding – Wedding Guest Attire

If you’re wondering exactly what to wear to a fall wedding, let the experts help you decide. “Once the fall season hits, we say goodbye to summer brights and start the transition into warm but cheerful color tones,” says Blaire Walsh, Style Director of Rent the Runway. “This season gives guests the chance to play with assorted necklines, unique sleeve cuts and heavier fabrics.”

In addition to the requested dress code listed on the couple’s invitation, clues like the venue and the time of the event can offer additional fashion insight. “Location is a huge factor in deciding what to wear,” explains SuitShop co-founder Jeanne Foley. “Look into where the ceremony and reception will be taking place, because that’s the best indicator of determining the level of formality you can plan for.” While you might opt for a casual sundress with a denim jacket for an afternoon barn wedding, for example, an evening soirée at an upscale restaurant would require a more formal look, like a sleek jumpsuit or an embellished midi.

Two resounding trends to come from the pandemic include open-air settings and alternative venues, both of which give guests more flexibility when it comes to choosing an outfit that’s brimming with personality. “As more couples move away from traditional wedding venues, guests can explore prints that feel a bit louder and more modern, including bold floral and animal prints,” explains a representative for sustainable fashion brand Reformation.

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Dont Show A Lot Of Skin

Youll really be upstaging the bride if everyone cant take their eyes off of your decolletage. While weddings dont have strict dress codes as they may have years ago, its still not a good idea to bear it all.

Remember, its a wedding, not a nightclub. The same thing goes for any article of clothing that has intentional holes and rips.

Cruise Ship Wedding Attire For Men

Depending on the formality of the wedding, a cruise ship wedding is the perfect opportunity to bust out a white dinner jacket. The ivory jacket was actually invented for use in tropical climates, where, weve heard, cruise ships tend to sail. But even if youre on one of those Alaskan cruises, a white dinner jacket will stand out at a black tie optional cruise ship wedding. If the dress code is more relaxed, watch the weather and dress accordingly: Lighter suit colors for warm weather, darker suit colors for cool weather.

Cruise Ship Wedding Attire Inspiration:

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Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men

What It MeansThis is a formal, specific dress code, so stick to the list: black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux shirt. Bright colors are a no-go, as are neckties, but there are several other ways you can set yourself apart. Try a tuxedo shirt with a fold-down collar for a modern look, and take the opportunity to accessorize in small ways. Add a pocket square, suspenders, or button studs to your outfit. Black tie wedding attire for men is all about low-key personalization.

What to Wear

Mountain Top Wedding Attire For Men

Cute Fall Wedding Guest Outfits

You probably wont feel like youre climbing Everestunless youre actually climbing Everest but its going to be colder in high altitudes than it is at the base of the mountain. Even if the dress code isnt tux-level formal, youll want to stick to dark colors, and a 3-piece suit isnt a bad move for some extra warmth. And add a tie with an appropriately rugged texture to your look.

Mountain Top Wedding Attire Inspiration:

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Rustic Wedding Attire For Men

Is it required that the couple planning a rustic wedding have a passionate love of wood . What does that have to do with your outfit? It tells you that itd be a good move to incorporate varying textures, like a wool necktie, or a simple plaid linen bow tie . Itd also be wise to opt for a darker suit if youre a guesttan is a popular suit color for the wedding party at rustic weddings. Besides, a charcoal or navy suit will let those brass cufflinks shine. This is also the perfect time for a 3-piece suit, so dont forget the vest.

What to Wear:

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