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How To Make Your Own Wedding Flowers

How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

If you still want to have someone arrange your flowers, you can order flowers in bulk online or at big box stores like Costco. Then, you can supplement these flowers with whatever youve grown that is blooming at the right time.

Heres a helpful article on purchasing flowers online, and heres 5 places you can buy them.

Also, dont underestimate the power of babys breath and greenery. Both these items are cheap and go a long way in your floral arrangements.

If youre lucky enough to live near any flower farms, you can often arrange to go and pick flowers and be charged by the pail. Prices are usually quite reasonable and you can get a better variety of flowers than you would find in stores.

P.S. Want to see one of the weddings Ive done the flowers for? Click here to see a beautiful coral & navy themed wedding.

Finalize And Secure With Wire Tape And Ribbon

As you finish up your design, make sure to check for any gaps or holes, and place filler flowers or greenery where they are needed. To hide the stems, you might want to place a layer of greenery around the outside of your DIY arrangement.

To secure your bouquet, tie the stems with floral wire and then cover about 2 to 4 inches in floral tape, depending on the desired length of your bouquet. Finish up by covering the floral tape in a ribbon of your choice and securing it with pins.

How To Make The Cascade

Be sure to include some naturally cascading flowers where blooms occur along the length of a stem. Using individual flowers to form a cascade is perfectly possible, but involves wiring and taping. If youd like to learn about that aspect of floristry, take a look at the links section for more information.

Orchids are particularly useful for cascades, choose from dendrobiums, oncidium orchids, mokara or aranthera orchids, all have many blooms along a single stem. An alternative is to make the cascade entirely from foliage and mix in some long-stemmed flowers. Try trails of variegated ivy Delphiniums are perfect for white, blue and violet bouquets, but watch the video carefully and youll see that florists use glue at the end of the process, some long-stemmed flowers can be pretty heavy, and you dont want them to fall out!.

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Guide To Diy Wedding Flower Supplies + Tools

While generally more cost effective, the thought of doing your own wedding flowers can be a bit daunting. This is especially true if your floral experience is limited. But with proper planning and a solid understanding of how to correctly utilize floral design supplies, it can be a productive and fun experience.

Cut Costs By Sourcing Flowers From The Side Of The Road

Follow this simple DIY and make your own wedding bouquets ...

Some weeds are genuinely beautiful. Depending on the time of the year, alfalfa, clover, ditch lilies, goldenrod, and more may be available in your area for the picking. Please stick to public property or areas where you have permission to pick.

Check out this post of autumn boutonnieres I was able to create. One of them is entirely from flowers found in a ditch near a family acreage. AKA, free!!

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How Long Does It Take To Make Wedding Centerpieces

Some wedding centerpieces are quite simple and dont need much time at all. But as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the table, the bigger the vase. And the bigger the vase, the more flowers youll have to work with, which in turn takes more time.

For large, complex centerpieces, it may take you 60 to 90 minutes per arrangement. And for smaller, easier centerpieces, give yourself at least 30 minutes per arrangement.

Add Fillers Line Flowers And More Greenery

Then, continue to build your bouquet by adding filler flowers, line flowers, and greenery at a diagonal angle. These stems are used to add volume, height, and dimension to your arrangement. As your bouquet grows, you may need to rearrange your greenery and focal flowers. You can also use your greenery to fill in potential gaps and to achieve your desired bouquet shape and size.

  • Filler Flowers: Filler flowers are the smaller blooms that make up a bouquet or arrangement. Although they are not the flowers that immediately draw your eye, they play an important role in completing the overall look and style of a wedding bouquet. Filler flowers can include babys breath, poms, spray roses, andmini carnations.
  • Line Flowers: Line flowers are tall flowers that can add height and an extra wow-factor to your bridal bouquet or bridesmaid bouquet. Some examples of line flowers are bells of Ireland, snapdragons, and delphinium.

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Stock Up On All The Accessories

Flowers are just the first half of the battle. Dont forget to build your flower arranging tool kit: Get a good floral knife, blocks of foam and floral tape, and more buckets than you think youll need. Start collecting containers, too. Salvage pots and vases are great for a rustic wedding, and elegant glass is somehow affordable at craft stores if youre planning something higher end. If you can, carve out a big work space where you and your pals can be flower artists for a day.

Wedding Flowers Diy Tutorials To Create Your Own Beautiful Wedding Flowers7 Lectures 1hr 20min

DIY How to make your own wedding bouquet with white amelia roses
  • Introduction
  • Wild Flower Style Bridal Bouquets14:19
  • Wedding Flower Summary and TipsPreview04:28
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 855 Students
  • 1 Course

Hi, My name is Kat Watren and I have been in the floral industry for over 39 years and I am a Certified Master Floral Designer. I have won many awards for my designs and have created thousands of weddings and now I want to share my knowledge with you. I love working with creative people and I have created a series of videos for the brides that want to experience creating their own wedding flowers.

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Create A Fun Project For You And Your Loved Ones

Before the wedding, you can have a fun day of creating personal flowers and centerpieces with your nearest and dearest. Creating flower arrangements can be a ton of fun and is a great bonding activity for you and your loved ones. Make a day of it with those who love you enough to take on this fun project!

Working With Silk Flowers: Some Golden Rules

  • Remember that plastic stems are usually straight. Natural stems are rarely straight. If you want your bouquet to look natural, take warm hands and bend the stems, perhaps a little to the left, then a little to the right. Gentle bends will make your faux stems and flowers look far more like the real thing.
  • Beware of one-flower, one-color bouquets. Because the flowers are fake they will be identical, and this will be very obvious. If you create the sort of bouquet where only the flower heads are visible it will look stiff and fake unless you buy the very very best real touch flowers. These look convincingly real, but sadly still identical, so when working with fake flowers, try to mix varieties to make your bouquet look more convincing.
  • Consider painting your silk flowers. Take a look at some genuine roses and youll find the color often varies within a flower, within a bush and even within a petal. You can mimic this by painting white silk flowers with silk paints, and as soon as you do, your flowers will lose their artificially identical appearance. Pale blush and shell pink can do wonders for a white rose, and you can add bright red accents to tulips to create the amazing colors of the parrot tulip.

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Dont Let It Stress You Out

Flowers, Gail Vander Laan, Photo by The Jon Hartman Photography Co. via Bridal Musings

The main reason most people dont DIY their wedding flowers is because, well, its a lot of hard work and stress .

Only embark on your own wedding flowers if youre laid back, not too picky, and creative enough to make it work, no matter what.

If you know youre going to be panicking on your wedding morning, and trying to paint you own nails, bake your own cake AND tie your own bouquet, dont give yourself the hassle.

There are plenty of other ways to trim your wedding budget, without causing you to pull your hair out and toss your bouquet before the ceremonys even begun!

Have you any tips for DIYing your wedding flowers? Wed love to hear them!

A special thank you to Jo from Columbia Creative for giving me such great advice!

Oh, are you getting married in Ibiza next year? Jo is moving over there next summer with her DJ hubby, so if you want cool London-esque flower for your Ibiza wedding give her a call!

Discover Ways To Save Money On Diy Wedding Flowers

Make your own wedding bouquet with beautiful silk wedding ...
  • Avoid purchasing flowers or materials 2-4 weeks before major holidays .

  • Use your most expensive flowers in the bridal bouquet. Then, use a smaller amount of those in your bridal bouquets. After, limit your centerpieces to the least expensive blooms that appear in all of the bouquets. Everything will still look great together but youll spend less on the pricier pieces.

  • Use your wedding bouquets as centerpieces. Simply leave empty vases on your tables and instruct your bridal part to place them on different tables before the reception starts.

  • Fresh flowers are your best bet since faux flowers are often made with silk which makes them more expensive. If youre not comfortable buying them online, try looking at bulk stores like Costco. You may even have some luck working with a local flower farm if you speak with them a few months out.

  • Lean on faux and fresh greenery! It looks elegant alone and can be used as extra filler around more expensive blooms. Here are some great greenery wedding bouquets to prove our point.

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Stunning Flower Fields To Visit On Your Summer Staycationyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Well, we’re in luck, as it’s the Flower Farmers’ Big Weekend from August 13-15 – an invitation for flower lovers to meet growers from across the UK, explore their fields, pick an arm full, where allowed – and generally learn what goes on behind the scenes to produce these incredible blooms.

Huffington Post UK

Pyo Appointment Large Buckets Of Flowers And Foliage

£80.003 hours

Our large buckets of flowers and foliage are perfect for events and parties not just weddings and can be picked Monday-Friday, by appointment. We are open for pick-your-own from April until the end of October.

  • When should we pick? We recommend picking your flowers a couple of days before your event so that they have time to stand in water overnight before arranging. But the day before works fine too, if youre short on time
  • What does booking involve? We just ask you to choose a date, approximate time and number of buckets. . We will then confirm your booking and send an invoice. It may be possible to pick an extra bucket or two on the day though this cannot be guaranteed, if extra buckets havent been booked. We can take cash or card payment on the day.
  • How many flowers can I fit in a large bucket? You can fit a lot of flowers & foliage into one of our large buckets. We estimate that one bucket is enough for approximately 10 small table arrangements, 3 hand-tied bouquets or one large pedestal arrangement.

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My Diy Wedding Flower Plan

I planned to create the following floral arrangements for our wedding.

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 14 Centerpieces with assorted flowers
  • Assorted flowers for a fireplace mantle and side tables

I didnt want to spend a fortune on flowers. Every quote I received from a florist was between $1,000 to $2,500.

I figured if I could do them myself, I could do them for much less.

Now my mother hated the idea that I was going to DIY the flowers but I knew it was the right thing to do for our budget.

My husband and I were paying for the wedding ourselves by choice and we needed to keep the entire wedding under $15,000 which is difficult to do for a wedding in the Boston area.

There is no way we could stay in our budget without attempting to put together the flowers ourselves. I also thought that this could be a fun project! Im not crafty but I was optimistic about being able to do this and I thought it would be a fun activity to do with the bridesmaids.

Secure With Floral Tape

How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet with Fake Flowers

Floral tape is the glue youll use to hold everything together. You dont want to wrap too close to the buds, or the spacing between the flowers might get disrupted. However, you also dont want to tape too close to the ends. This will lead to a floppy and loose bouquet.

Instead, wrap firmly with green floral tape a few fingers lengths below the flower buds. This should fall where you naturally grip the bouquet to ensure the tape will be covered. Youll also top it with ribbon, but that comes after this.

To secure the ribbon, you can pin it or use double sided tape for a seamless look.

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Diy Wedding Flower Disasters

We did not have a DIY wedding flower disaster but I did have a few lessons learned that I can share with you.

  • We didnt start early enough and were a bit rushed and stressed at the end trying to make it to the rehearsal dinner since we arranged the flowers on the same day. I recommend starting very early in the morning. We started at 10AM since we had a leisurely coffee run and breakfast. That was too late to be comfortable.
  • We left the stems too long. Shorter bouquets just look better to me for some reason. Use your phone and take a picture of yourself from the front holding your bouquets when you are figuring out what the arrangement should look like. Do this for the bridesmaid bouquets and your bouquet. If the stems look too long, cut it. Now dont cut too much off but dont leave them crazy long either.
  • The bridesmaids forgot to tie on the ribbons. You leave the flowers in buckets overnight so you cant wrap it in the burlap and tie the ribbons on until the day of the wedding. With wedding and hair going on, its easy to forget to take the bouquets out of the bucket and finish them with burlap and ribbons. This wasnt a big deal at all and I didnt remind them to do that but everyone forgot to tie the ribbons around the bouquets.
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