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What To Buy A Couple For Their First Wedding Anniversary

St Anniversary Gifts & Present Ideas

Queen reaches first wedding anniversary without late husband Prince Philip

Mark an important milestone of a special marriage with a 1st wedding anniversary gift your loved one will treasure. Our range of paper anniversary gifts will promise you a unique gift the lovestruck pair will adore. Posters filled with ideas for dates, movie marathons and even yoga poses to try together puts a unique spin on the traditional paper gift. Challenge them to complete all the squares within the next year and they can reflect on another great year of marriage, filled with memories, all thanks to you. transform the usual 6×4″ prints into wonderful keepsakes. Whether you choose a snapshot of their wedding day or a random selection of candid photos from their first year as a happy couple, you can present your first anniversary present to the pair in style. With pages of more present ideas below and gift finders to the left, Find Me a Gift are here to help with all your needs in making the happy couple or your partner bloom with happiness!

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Mr And Mrs Dessert Fork Set

Every meal cooked in the first year of a marriage is worth remembering. These cute forks celebrate love and great food with a simple yet elegant design. The little heart next to the text is an adorable touch. The text is engraved on vintage silver-plated flatware each gift set will be unique. These forks are intended for dessert, but the couple can use them for any romantic meal.

Reading Subscription 50 For 3 Months Mr B’s Emporium Of Reading Delights

Of all the book subscriptions, we particularly like the service offered by Bath bookshop Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. Your partner fills out a questionnaire about their reading tastes, and they’re then assigned their very own ‘bibliotherapist’ to choose the perfect title for them to try each month.

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St Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Her And The Couple

Clocks are also an excellent gift with modern connotations but traditional appeal. Whether it is an antique clock, a novelty timepiece or an alarm set, the tick-tocking sound will start marking off the wonderful times in your new marital relationship helping to register the many great memories since you exchanged your vows.

Gold is perhaps surprisingly a typical precious metal for those celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary. Pearls are the traditional jewellery: a smooth, lustrous gemstone representative of the first 12 months of your married lives together.

The classic pansy is a relatively small and fragile flower, which marks 1st wedding anniversary celebrations in perfect fashion. Like a pansy, the beginning of a marriage can prove to be quite delicate.

Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine

Congratulations to this lovely couple who celebrate their ...


The most common thing that couples fight about is money, so a great way to help out newlyweds is to gift them an item that helps preserve their fresh fruit, vegetables and meat, which is an easy way to save money and decrease waste. The Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine is a food vacuum sealer that reduces spoilage and can easily help to extend the lifespan of fresh food. The Geryon can even help reseal snack bags, because no one wants to have their first fight as a married couple over stale potato chips.

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Whats The Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift

Glad you asked.

Numerous sources tell us that the first year of marriage is symbolically marked with a gift of paper a material that has been the traditional 1st anniversary gift for over a 100 years.

Why paper?

Well, think about the good old days when paper was handmade and more expensive than today. Instead of going to your local office supply store and buying 500 sheets for nearly nothing, paper was a prized commodity. Sure, it was abundant, but you wouldnt just go wasting it willy-nilly.

The early years of a marriage are fragile yet withstanding. If you handle paper with love and care, that sheet of paper will maintain its written words for a lifetime handle the paper negligently and it may tear, fade, or break apart into nothing.

Moreso, the metaphor of paper symbolizing a bond and union of a new marriage can be seen in the strength that comes from the interlaced connection of the papers individual threads.

About This Term: Primary Bedroom

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “Master Bedroom” as discriminatory. “Primary Bedroom” is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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If you wrote your vows, now would be an ideal time to get those framed and display in a prominent place in the home. Even a framed marriage certificate will work. Just make sure the frames glass offers UV protection.

  • 03 of 08

    As far as jewelry goes, gold marks the first wedding anniversary. Gold as a metal symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The color gold symbolizes passion, courage, and compassion, qualities any good marriage needs to succeed.

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    Renew Your Wedding Vows

    Now, we’re not suggesting to renew your wedding vows on your 4th wedding anniversary. This anniversary celebration is designated for more milestone moments, like your 20th, 25th, or 50th. If you’re feeling a desire to reconnect with your partner in a really meaningful way, who says you can’t renew your vows on your 37th anniversary?

    Unique Spinning Wineglass And Decanter Set

    Ranveer Singh reveals some interesting detail about his first wedding anniversary celebration

    This unusual spinning wineglass set is a cool gift for the couple who has everything. The decanter and glasses have been carefully shaped by a talented glassblower when theyre set down, they spin for a moment on the provided platform. This spinning process aerates the beverage and creates fun entertainment for the couple and their guests. Four glasses are included this is a good present for a couple you intend to drink with.

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    Send The Best Anniversary Gifts For Couples From Igp

    An anniversary is the perfect occasion to buy something special for your special someone, or to buy anniversary Gifts for couples who are close to you. It calls for some pampering for your significant other who always stood by you even in the hardest of times. Show them that you care for them with the help of the best anniversary gifts from IGP. Our varied range of gifts will definitely have something that will appeal to you.

    Explore Paper Anniversary Gifts

    So the happy couple have made it through their first year of marriage without killing one another. Now is the time to celebrate with a wonderful 1st anniversary gift to share. If youre all about traditional wedding anniversary gifts, paper anniversary gifts are the way forward and with personalised wall art pieces which range from creating their own beautiful timeline to music memories and top unique FMAG design 10 Things I Love About You.

    If “unique” and “non-traditional” are words to describe the happy couple, there are plenty of other 1st wedding anniversary gifts to explore. Present ideas such as sentimental mementos the lovebirds can keep at home like photo cubes for memories as well as keyrings they can carry with them wherever they go are cute and affordable gifts to celebrate their first anniversary together. Plus, these keepsakes can be personalised with names, dates and messages to truly make them special first anniversary gifts. If they want to celebrate their first anniversary in style, give them with an experience day for two such as a romantic weekend away or a chance to try out a new restaurant with unique dining vouchers. Whatever your anniversary gifting needs, we’ve got you covered with our collection of present ideas, departments and price ranges.

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    An Anonymous Man Saw An Elderly Couple At A Restaurant In Port Elizabeth And Decided To Pay Their Bill Little Did He Know It Was Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa An anonymous man, lets call him Jeff, works for a company that has an allowance for good deeds. Every time the company gets a new contract, they put a portion away for random acts of kindness.

    The fund has been used to buy families in hospital waiting rooms, coffee and snacks, to pay for groceries and the most recent, to buy an elderly couple some dinner.

    Jeff was having dinner with his family at the John Dorys in the Walmer Shopping Centre when he noticed an elderly couple a few tables over, quietly having their dinner. They were unaware of what was about to happen.

    Jeff called their waitress over and asked her to bring their bill when they asked for it. The waitress came over with the bill as soon as they asked, and Jeff paid it in full and wrote them a note saying God bless you.

    The waitress took the elderly couple their bill, and they sat there stunned after being told it had already been paid. The couple burst into tears, saying they didnt realise things like this actually happened.

    They went on to explain how it was their 50th wedding anniversary, and they were celebrating with a dinner together. The couple explained how the celebration was tainted with sadness as their children all lived overseas, and they were celebrating alone.

    Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments or follow GoodThingsGuy on & to keep up to date with good news as it happens or share your good news with us by .

    Traditional Gift Symbolism: Paper

    Congratulations to this lovely couple who celebrate their ...

    When the first wedding anniversary approaches, many couples are still in the honeymoon phase and may not have encountered the difficult ebbs and flows that come with marriage. Thats in part why paper has been the traditional gift for the first anniversary for well over 100 years. Paper is both fragile and withstanding, just like the early years of your marriage. Take care of the paper, and it will maintain a story for a lifetime. Handle the paper carelessly, and it will fade, tear, and disintegrate into nothing.

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    Paper Plane First Wedding Anniversary Card 625 Not On The High Street

    This isnt just any card this is a paper plane first-anniversary card. Featuring your choice of design on the wings, your choice of paper and foil colour and your own personalisation, it really is a special addition to any other gift you choose to buy.

    You can even add a little wooden cube holder, so your loved one will be able to display the card on their desk or bedside table!

    Travel Guide Book From 1699 Lonely Planet

    Book a romantic getaway and give them a travel guide when you reveal where you’re going. Its two anniversary presents in one!

    If youre both dreaming of a holiday of a lifetime but you havent quite got the funds saved yet, you could still treat them to the travel guide so that you can start your planning. Lonely Planet never fails to disappoint on the travel guide front, and they have books for every destination you could ever dream of visiting. Take a look

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    What Do You Give A Couple For Their Wedding Anniversary

    Wedding Anniversary Occasion
    Linen Silk Fruit/Flowers Appliances

    . Herein, what gift do you give a couple on their anniversary?

    Extensive Collection of Anniversary Gift Ideas OnlineAlso, chocolate hampers and jewellery are perfect for giving it to your wife. Not just this, fresh flowers serve the dual purpose of spreading its fragrance and expressing your love, which can be gifted to a lovely couple.

    One may also ask, what do you give a couple for their 30th wedding anniversary? Traditional 30thAnniversary Gift: PearlsThe pearl is the most common traditional gift presented for 30thwedding anniversaries. These precious gems are sensitive and require care. Some pearl necklaces and bracelets may even need to be restrung after a few years. However, they do retain their value well.

    Regarding this, what is the best gift for anniversary?

    Anniversary Gifts & Best Gift Ideas –

    Anniversary Gift Types

    What gift do you give for 19th wedding anniversary?


    Celebratory Bottle Of Wine

    Famous Couple Expecting their First Baby on Wedding Anniversary

    A celebratory bottle of wine is a fitting first wedding anniversary gift for your husband, wife or the coupleespecially when it’s this bottle of wine. According to our friends at Wine Access, “This Crémant de Loire dazzles with the complexity we’re used to seeing only in Champagne.” But wait, it gets better: “There’s no bottle that’s more celebratory, and more budget friendly.”

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    Wedding Vows Custom Mason Jars

    A good gift for couples is one that reminds them of the best day of their lives. These mason jars feature sweet words and are customized with the names and anniversary of the recipients. The jars come with handles, so theyre perfect for sipping lemonade, wine, or the couples favorite beverage. Give these jars at a wedding or anniversary party to show your support for their union.

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    While finding a gift for couples in the first years of their marriage is relatively simple , later in their marriage, thinking of an appropriate gift idea that will be appreciated and treasured is more difficult.

    Gift-giving on the occasion of a wedding anniversary has its origins in the medieval period. In the Holy Roman Empire, husbands would give their wife a silver garland to mark their 25th anniversary, and a golden wreath when they reached 50 years of marriage.

    In the 1920s, Emily Post, an American writer, attempted to solve the issue of what gift to give on the occasion of an anniversary by drawing up lists of anniversary themes in a book titled Etiquette, published in 1922. However, only some anniversary years were included in the book, the first, fifth, then every fifth year up to the 25th wedding anniversary. In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association added additional years to the list, including all years up to 14 years of marriage, and every 5th year up to 50 years of marriage. These are known as traditional themes linked with each marital year. More recently, a contemporary list was created, and today, all the anniversary years from 1 up to 30 have been linked with a theme or material, and then every fifth year up to 75 years of marriage.

    Other Themes for Anniversary Gifts Gemstones, Colours and Flowers

    Choosing a Gift

    The Eternity Rose has a local website near you!

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